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Arctic Armor......Is it worth the money?

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looking into getting a Arctic Armor suit.....is it worth the money?



[Note from admin: Here are a few more AA Consumer Reports from last year on temps at -30 below zero usage.

Arctic Armor News Footage Videos Provided below for Your Convenience

Eyewitness News Report on Arctic Armor:

Watch more videos here at HSOshow

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I just got a suit for my father and myself. I have several friends that want to order them now that they have seen ours.

They are just a very warm, very comfortable suit and the piece of mind you get knowing the suit floats is well worth the price.

[Note from admin: You can find the HSO Arctic Armor Suits and Gloves here - FREE GLOVES and shipping!!.]

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The green suit has some type of insulation in it, otherwise I believe it's nearly identical.

the difference is the (plus)which is brushed tricot lining.

I've had a few other suits and they pail in comparison when it comes to weight or floatability although they are not life preservers.

They are also very warm.

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One question you really should ask yourself is what kind of ice fishing would you really like to do???? Not what you do now, but what would you like to do in the seasons to come?

If your fishing consists of sitting in the wheel house, heat blasting, tv on, tunes cranked up all weekend, then in all honesty, AA may not be what you need.

If you are like me, and like to move around a lot, run and gun, or sit on a hot hole outside, then AA is worth it's weight in gold. Warm and dry baby, that's what it's all about for me. Wearing AA instead of carharts and 5 sweatshirts has given me the ability to move around much more because I'm that much more comfortable. If it's nasty out and the other guys are willing to sit in the portable on a non-existant bit cuz they don't want to move, that's their deal. I want to catch fish and wearing my AA makes me lightweight, warm, dry, and keeps the wind off me.

Plus, if you break through, you will float. That in itself is a huge plus if you like early or late ice.

[Note from admin: You can find the HSO Arctic Armor Suits and Gloves here - FREE GLOVES and shipping!!.]

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An unexpected bonus that I’ve found is how much I’ve used my AA in the open water season. I spent approx 12-14hrs on the water this weekend driving several miles in the freezing temps, and I was always comfortable (except for maybe my toes, time for new boots I guess). It’s amazing how wind proof the material is.

So if you do any early or late season open water fishing, the suit will come in handy.

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I'm over in north/central Wisconsin, but one of my local baitshops has the Arctic Armor Plus suit. What is the general feeling of the green black suit vs. the red/black suit. The green suit has some type of insulation in it, otherwise I believe it's nearly identical. Appears his price for the green/black is the same as the red/black in MN - no free gloves though...

I sold my Red and Black suit and picked up the Green and Black AA Plus. The plus I see with the Green and Black is the inside is a fleece material which should help wick away the sweat as we all know these suits are warm and make you sweat.

The other thing is if you leave your suit out in the cold and put it one, the Red and Black was always a bit chilly to put on cause of the inside material. With the Green and Black I can see where this won't be an issue anymore. This could be a good selling point as most of the time I had a t-shirt on underneath my suit.

happy fishing!

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How does Artic Armor compare to the guidewear that cb's in Rogers sells? I looked at the guidewear today and it looks like they are about $500 for bibs and jacket. I also want to wear them in spring and fall open water fishing and maybey even in the summer if its raining. Would the Artic Armor be to warm fishing out of a boat?

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I use it 3 seasons, during the summer I already had a good set of rain gear. But great for spring, fall and winter, plus it floats, not so sure about the guide wear for what 200 bucks more that AA?

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