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  1. I havent hunted out of an elevated stand in over 20 year. For me the key to ground hunting is mobility. I hunt public land and the first thing I do if i'm hunting a new parcel is hit google earth for a airiel view to identify food sources and bedding areas, followed by a walkthrough of the property to find trails. On opener I get out there well before sunrise to get set up on promising spots. All I bring with is my trigger stick and a folding chair. I have only eaten tag soup once and that was not for lack of seeing deer. If I were to get a ground blind my choice would be a Ghost blind.
  2. Looks like I touched a nerve since you quoted me. I take it that you spend time and money planting food plots. A simple question, if you were not allowed to hunt over a food plot would you spend the time and money to plant one? I don't bait, even though it's legal where I hunt and don't have a problem with people that do, or that hunt food plots. Simply an academic question.
  3. Food plots vs. baiting are different sides of the same coin. Both are put in place with the same goal, to draw deer to a specific location in order to shoot them. One can argue the merits of long term vs. short benefits but in the end it comes down to this. If they outlawed hunting over food plots how many do you think would still be planted? Very few would in my opinion, food plots are baiting by another name.
  4. I hope they got the issues they have with the originals fixed. I bought a set last year and they dont work for [email protected]#t! Read a lot of reviews before you drop any money on them. I'd go with boot blankets or the shake up style heater pads before I will ever get another pair of these things.
  5. I'm just looking to get the opinions of a few other people on a situation that happened to multiple times opening weekend. I was hunting small parcels of public land, both an acre or 2 wide and 10 to 15 acres in length. These areas where obviously being hunted by more than a few people as they could clearly seen on stand and could their cars were parked in the provided parking areas. At about 2 pm each day, a party showed up and decided to do a drive through the areas, ruining the areas as prime time approached. Would you do this to others?
  6. I don't belive the group hunting reg you posted would impact this instance legally. Only 2 people, the father and the son would be affected by this reg. both groups were part of separate parties, both having made shots on the same animal. Had a warden been forced to resolve it, I believe it would have been in favor of who put the deer on the ground the final time. I would have given it to the kid myself. I don't hold to the whole "first blood" camp. If your hit is non lethal, you have no claim to the animal at all.
  7. I hunted in pierce and peppin counties. Opened up in peppin east of Stockholm and I didn't hear the first closer shots until almost noon. The total shots heard opening day numbered less than 8, no deer seen. Sunday was much of the same, but I did take a doe about 1:30 that afternoon. I took Monday off then went out Tuesday. Tuesday was started the same as the others only this time i was sitting on a nice piece of public land in Pierce County. just after 7:00 I looked over my shoulder at a nice sized 6 pointer staring at me from about 15 yards. I tried to stay still, but he had me col
  8. The star and sickle had the story about a week ago. If I remember correctly they are expecting a total take of about 120,000.
  9. I was out Monday morning checking stand sites and the bucks were chasing the does around. In about 1/2 hour time period I watched 3 different bucks following does. The closest was about 20 yards away in open territory and he was oblivious to me being there.
  10. I was out Monday looking for a decent tree to use my climber on and the Bucks were dogging does pretty hard. I had one buck come within 20 yards in open land and he didn't even notice me. That was one of 3 I witnessed in about a 30 minute time period (between about 9:30 and 10am). This was not Northwoods, but about 40 minutes east of Minneapolis, the rut is on now.
  11. I was out this morning to check some stand locations and saw several nice bucks chasing does. Makes me wish I had a bow.
  12. I'm hoping they work well. I pick a pair up at FF in the spring for $49, at that price I just couldnt pass them up.
  13. It also depends on what you expect from a zoo. If you are going to just go walk around the Mn Zoo is the place. If you want to see zoo animals you would normally expect from a zoo, go to como. Mn zoo primarily offers more domestic type of animals: bears, wolves and such whereas Como you get more exotics than the Mn zoo has to offer unless you consider asian cows a big draw.
  14. The Isulation sheets do work. I bought a Floating MOJO mallard when the spinning wings were first coming out and thats what they sent me. A mallard shell with foam cut out the shape of the bottom of the deek. I've never had an issue with it.
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