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  1. DTro

    Kdrill or Nils

    Before anyone goes out and buys an ION.... Also Dewalt has a 9ah battery now too. http://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-FLEXVOLT-20-Volt-60-Volt-Lithium-Ion-9-0-Ahr-Battery-Pack-DCB609Y/300610594?cm_mmc=Shopping|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-D25T-PowerTools|&gclid=CjwKEAiArbrFBRDL4Oiz97GP2nISJAAmJMFah6JUW7Wlbuw6Pzzf6CZFbYHwv3JOUaeQnfyiJpPemhoCm_Xw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  2. DTro

    Kdrill or Nils

    Are you in it to win it? If so get the Nils. A sharp Nils is going to be faster than anything else out there of the same diameter. Where the KDrill shines is that it’s super lightweight and the way it cuts is pretty consistent across any kind of ice conditions. You will get more holes per battery with the Nils but keeping it sharp will be very important. The KDrill will probably dull much slower and has a free sharpening for the life of the blades. The Nils will probably have a hand attachment so if the drill dies you have a backup, but if the blade dulls then it doesn’t matter what attachment you have. You have tradeoffs with both. I don’t think there is a clear winner.
  3. Here ya go. 8" KDrill with 996 DeWalt and 5ah battery in 15" of ice: For comparison sake the the DeWalt 996 has 820 UWO (Units watts out). This converts to an estimated 900 in/lbs.
  4. Donovan is a great guy that stays on top of the bite and has a crew keeping you on fish they best they can. Winnipeg is sort of like URL, get away from others and find the roaming fish. Good luck on your trip and be sure to ask Donovan about the Red River Cats too.
  5. There may be a time when web based message forums make a comeback, but I doubt it. It’s just evolution. Eventually something will overtake Facebook as well. You can either go with the flow or stand your ground and get washed out. People are even starting to do live streams from their boats. It’s pretty good entertainment! Oh by the way, yes the big cats are very active and it’s in full swing. I’m still looking for a giant, but I had a pretty good night the last time I was out.
  6. DTro

    Private Ponds

    First of all there is a difference between a “private accessed” body of water and a manmade lake made for the sole purpose of profiting. Most places in the South call the latter “Paylakes”. On the surface I don’t have an issue with them, especially for people who cannot access traditional public lakes (small children, elderly, and handicapped. Fish is a good source of food and we all should be able to catch our own and eat them. However….. a lot of Paylakes are evolving from catch and take establishments to trophy and tournament “jar” fishing (winner gets the money in the jar). What this has created is a massive black market for trophy fish that are being caught and sold to Paylake owners by any means possible (legal and illegal). Large catfish are bringing hundreds of dollars each and these people are raping the public resource. The good thing is that it’s not legal to do this in MN, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit of fish have been taken from this state and sold to places where it’s legal. Can you imagine people going out and catching trophy Muskies, Bass, and Walleye by the truckload and selling them to these ponds? That’s exactly what is going on right now in other states. I say the more public water the better.
  7. Hey Motown, I hear ya on the forums, things sure have changed on the past few years. I check back here from time to time, but not very often. Most all the catfishing traffic and chatter that I participate in has moved over to Facebook groups. I’ve been out a few times this year and there have been some nice Flats caught but on the slow side so far.
  8. Sort of a good idea, but without the connector the sinkers are worthless. Why not just use a sinker slide clip and then you can utilize most any random sinker that has a hole in it. If you want it to break it free you can just tie a loop of smaller mono on it. http://www.amazon.com/Sea-Striker-QSD-6P4-Sinker-Slides/dp/B002QG51IW I do like the concept of quick and easy push on and pull off design though!
  9. My switch never moves from the "On" position, I just hit the decompress button to kill it. If I remember right, I think SM actually recommended shutting it down this way.
  10. We all know what lives under a bridge right? As far as location goes, the river is full of Sturgeon from the High Bridge North of Stillwater all the way down to Prescott. I mostly fish the stretch from Stillwater to Hudson, but there are some areas down towards the Kinni narrows that I’ve had fantastic nights too. The fish move around a lot in schools, you can either move around a lot to try and hone in on them, or set up and wait them out. We have a dozen or so spots in which we know we can just wait them out, it makes it much easier to ice fish that way. There is a lot of down time and skunks involved, but when they come through and hang around a bit, its pretty chaotic especially when a big girl finds you bait an eats it. We did all right last night with 8 fish in 4 hours. 1 of which was an very nice one and probably bigger than all the rest combined.
  11. Like I said….we are fishing for these on the St Croix. Honestly, it doesn’t matter where; they are spread out all over in the river. It’s definitely a type of fishing that takes a lot of patience though and you have to sort through quite a few smalls to get a couple big ones, but the chance of hooking up with a 100+ pounder is always there, which makes every hook set pretty special. Not only that, but the smalls are going to be bigger than anything else you can catch through the ice.
  12. Holy Cow I haven’t stopped by in quite a while. Just thought I’d share a couple vids from the past few weeks. We now have a catch and release sturgeon season here on the St Croix and a bunch of us are taking advantage of it through the ice. They are a blast to catch, and while I will admit it does take a lot of patience, once you get on em, there is not much else like it in the State (we caught 35 one night). If you decide to give it a shot, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, be prepared with a med/heavy or heavy rod with at least 20lb test and enough line spooled to accommodate a few long runs. Baits we use are crawlers, fatheads/rainbows, suckers, and shad. 25-35fow is a good starting point and we drill 3 overlapping holes so that the bigger fish are easier to land. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_05v2BbNck0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjEi19qedf0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwWjgjlCzmk
  13. No, that 20” fish isn’t part of your limit it IS you limit. Catching a 22”er that you can’t keep is NO DIFFERENT than catching a 19” than you can keep. At least based on all the boogeyman logic of accidental catch. I say go out have fun, catch all the fish you want, just don’t keep more than a limit. Worry about bigger things in life like what you are going to have for a side dish or what flavor beer to wash it down. End of story.
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