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  1. No, but I have tee time at 9:30 this morning
  2. Bruce Jean at Rainy lake Guiding does a great job. www.rainylakeguiding.com
  3. I am going to buy a crossbow. I would like to stay less than $500. Any advice is appreciated. Ref
  4. I have a roller trailer. I have to make sure that my taillights are level in the water. If one side is higher than the other I might have to back my trailer in at a slight angle to make sure that it is level. The cement slabs that are in the water aren't always level.
  5. Just took the survey. Thank you Rick for posting the link.
  6. Can someone post a link to the panfish survey on the DNR site?
  7. How about lowering the limit AND putting a slot size on?
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