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  1. skeeterpro1

    Starting 5 Lures on Bass Opener

    Cant go wrong with those five
  2. skeeterpro1

    new boat

    the trolling motor
  3. skeeterpro1

    Minnesota DNR Clarification on Alabama Rigs

    I dont think you should exactly say catching two fish at once is that easy. Its still hard to catch two on the a-rig. and the whole point of tournaments are to win so why would you not fish the a-rig when it gives you the best chance to win. -1 bobbymalone
  4. skeeterpro1

    culling illegal in MN

    I heard now that the minnetonka lake association is now done. So for the major groups wanting to fish out there, they dont have to worry about getting an ok from them as well the DNR
  5. skeeterpro1

    just wondering what you all fish!

    Raider4ever, Obviously you have a hard time winning. But after a tournament you would think a guy would reflect on how it was and what you could've done better, all of that helps a guy learn the fish better and then is able to go find fish faster. Also tournaments are a way to link up, meet new people and a way to get yourself out there for more experiences.
  6. skeeterpro1

    just wondering what you all fish!

    To me i feel like finding a good circuit that is a good price and has a good payout. I believe that fishing new lakes is one of the best parts about tournament fishing. How do people find fishing there same area lakes over and over fun when the best is going out figuring the bite out and beating people based on what you can find out!
  7. skeeterpro1


    basccially the rule is no cell phone use unless in case of an emergency just to do that fact of telling other ppl fish tips or spots or thats basically the jiff of it.
  8. skeeterpro1


    Anyone hear you won? The only thing i heard was someone got DQ'd for using facebook and twitter tourney the tournament. Really who has time for that during a
  9. skeeterpro1

    Sumo or Mad Maxx

    yeah i think so too VERY VERY nice east rules rules...yeah
  10. skeeterpro1

    Need help catching a 4lber!

    ha waconia...there all over the lake hehehe
  11. skeeterpro1

    Need help catching a 4lber!

    Hey...I would just say slow down and itll come get a little better feel of what your fishing and your start catching them
  12. skeeterpro1

    broke out the bare legs!

    im not getting that whole berkley thing but ok lol that was cool i guess nothing like showing those really cool carp.. Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.
  13. skeeterpro1

    broke out the bare legs!

    [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  14. skeeterpro1

    broke out the bare legs!

    Wow!! Must be cool stocking carp and catching some true real great fish lol great fishing jake [Post edited by Admin]
  15. skeeterpro1

    Bassin gloves

    i agree with sledneck Cant stand them no matter how cold it is