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    I used my canoe this year to access a remote area that payed off! I am truly grateful and humbled by this experience!!!
  2. 7 points

    Just Food and Drink

    Shore lunch on Basswood Lake. Fish, potatoes, onions and sliced polished sausage.
  3. 5 points

    Pork belly bacon

    My bacon is cold smoked for 12hrs and has rested overnight. Time to slice some and get into the oven for a nice treat. I coated with real maple syrup before smoking this round.
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    Just a quick post to say how great the people are who you can meet here. Rkhinrichs offered to help out my son this bear season- never met him and other than posting back and forth I've never talked with him. What a kind and generous dude who gave us a heck of a nice offer. It didn't work to take him up on it but I thought I'd mention that he had some seriously good mojo coming his way and it sure worked out like it should have. Congrats Rob!
  5. 4 points

    Big 43.5 Inch Pike Video

    Were back!! After a long summer up north here is a video of my big pike. It bit during the middle of July on a yellow bucktail spinner. We were fishing a thick weed bed on Edmund lake, an outpost operated by Elk Island lodge.
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    This is what it looks like when the walleyes bite. This video shows how walleyes react to slow trolling and fast trolling. We were trolling for walleyes using an X-Rap (Rapala). We were fishing in shallow water where the water was not the clearest.
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    Flying W/ Vexilar-flasher Battery

    Just got an answer from the Dangerous Goods Manager at Delta. Because the batteries are 9 Amp, 12 Volt they exceed the allowable watt hours permitted in passenger carry-on or checked baggage. The battery voltage must not exceed 12 volts and the battery watt hour rating must not exceed 100 watt hours. By multiplying the Volts and Amps it comes to 108 watt hours. However - If I use the 7 Amp 12 Volt batteries that would work. And I would be allowed to take one battery in the unit plus one back-up in checked bags. But since there are 4 of us with 4 units we would each have to pack an extra bag just for the units. Renting the units vs. taking our own looks like it will be about even when you consider extra bag fees. Looks like we will rent instead of dealing with the hassle. Just easier. Just thought I'd pass on the info in case its helpful to anyone else. THANKS!
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    What's on the grill

    Charcoal grilled chicky, sweet corn, mater's and rice a Roni.
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    European Bear Mount?

    Ha, I thought I did.
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    Thank you Scott! I have learned a ton from you about archery! Also, Love hearing your hunting adventures that you go on with ryan! I joined this site to meet people, share stories, but also help them out!
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    Last Days Of Summer

    Tried something a little different than my normal photography. Camped just outside the boundary waters and enjoyed the night sky after long days of fishing/exploring. Long exposures and lots of mosquito swatting. Even found some blueberry from a few weeks ago. Sad to see summer coming to an end but fall is my favorite season just ahead.
  12. 3 points

    Squirrel That Likes Yellow Tomato

    VICTORY-My cat put the squirrel on my garage step about 15 minutes ago, she was proud of it.
  13. 3 points

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    I just do my own roadside counts and don’t worry about the GFP numbers This pic was from last night at sundown, I am loving the cooler temps we are finally starting to see. The bird I flushed was pretty young yet though he could barely fly and didnt have much color yet.
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    Big Dave2

    Cooking Bear Meat

    Seems over priced when you could just cook it caveman style......
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    eyeguy 54

    Smoked Fish Chowder..

    smoked these this morning. not going in chowder!
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    Bug ‘em. It’s their job to answer your question and it could be of major significance to your potential project.
  17. 2 points

    Canning time

    Picked up some sweet corn from Becks Garden and greenhouses, bi colored and it's tasty. Boiled, 10 minutes, cooled in cold water, cut off the cob, chilled in frig overnight, now in the freezer!
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    Fir out the walls with 2*2's so you have a thicker wall and use the r-19. It will pay for the cost of lumber with the additional energy savings. Jmho
  19. 2 points

    What's on the grill

    Chuck roast tonight. Two will be braised with onion, garlic chives, sage and thyme from the garden. And one for burnt ends.
  20. 2 points
    Make sure to singe the hair off with a propane torch in the back yard before grilling! Gutted or ungutted!
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    Well remember to process it quickly and cook it on your super expensive pellet grill. I like it cooked well done and with a side of asparagus wrapped in bacon.
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    Cooking Bear Meat

    We did a lot of roasts and stews with the Bears we got. When my daughter was about 6 years old I made a really good stew. A few days later she said "Dad when are you going to make some more of that salty Bear soup" At least she really liked it.
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    Canning time

    Last nites project. 15 pints Sala. Tomorrow morning stewed tomatoes and juice then canning done for 2018.
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    Isle Royale 2017

    Well it's that time of year for our annual trip to Isle Royale ,,, I'm bringing a camera this time and have my waterwolf underwater camera with too ,,, Hope to have another video of this years trip,,, the weather is not looking promising but the wind forecast doesn't look that bad
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    Which Way To Go With New Bow?

    The whole reason behind getting a new bow is that my 17 year old son is now standing 6'3" and the little bear bow he has is too small for him. He likes to bow hunt, but with sports and school activities he doesn't get out a ton, so i am going to crank down the poundage on my Elite and he wants to shoot that. So Dad is in the market for a new bow. I can't say a bad word about the Elite, its been a great bow for me. I have always shot a double cam bow and was just looking for opinions about what other folks like. Not sure if a solo cam will be smoother with the draw or not. Soon as I have time, I want to get out and shoot some bows and see what I like.