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  1. Not sure how that would work going to a cell but you can do that Magic Jack. Used to do that when I still used land lines. It's cheap.
  2. Come on now, we all know walkers have soft, fleshy skulls that bullets easily pass through while Carl has Ricks hard head.
  3. I think mine was the original Police Academy.
  4. Hello Friends,Little Lejla is one of my neighbor girls, she lives down the street from me. While I know many folks in our office aren’t ice fisherman, you can make monetary donations by sending to:Village Bank, C/O Pray for Lejla Bekric Benefit3350 Bridge St. NWSt. Francis MN 55010Helping those in need is a big part of my life, but more than that I can’t image having a child going through something like this. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  5. I don't know for sure if he did it or not but I lean towards him not doing it. Everything I saw and have read they produced no DNA on her. If he killed her there would have been blood and he's not smart enough to clean it up to the point where they would find nothing. I don't think he should get a pardon but with the way this case was mishandled he sure should get an appeal trial. Brandon for sure needs a new trial. A blind man could see his confession was a lie and he was pushed into it. I have a bigger issue with Brandon's trial. They were horrible with that. His original lawyer should be disbarred for what he did.
  6. Yea, I binge watched it. I work the Public Defenders office as IT. It's pretty disgusting what WI did to this guy. I don't know if he's guilty or not but he sure didn't have a fair trail. His nephew's first defense attorney should be disbarred for what he did. Horrible injustice done throughout this show.
  7. I don't deal with the cost. However, I believe all but the cost of retrieving your vehicle through the ice is covered by emergency response. It's built into your taxes. We are paid by tax dollars. So when we are called it's tax dollars at work. 90% of fire departments in MN are volunteer (paid on call) and most don't make much. We don't do it for the money anyway. There are no cut offs for saving lives. That being said, when you go out and there is an illegal burn (burning something without pulling a permit) you run the risk of being fined. You can be charged per vehicle used and per firefighter on the scene. I'm sure there's other situations where this can play a role but I haven't seen them yet. For instance, if police or continually called out for something that isn't really anything they could possibly charge. I doubt that happens much though. Most agencies are happy to answer a call to help no matter what.
  8. With the "winter" we are having there's just no reason to head out. I don't know what it's been that far north as I haven't been checking the weather up there but I sure wouldn't feel safe on ice. Weather's been in the 50's. Even when it's in the 30's it's not making real good quality ice. As a first responder, I'll go out and rescue people whenever a call comes in. However, I have to ask people to please think before you go out. First, your life is NOT replaceable. Nothing, no fish, is worth risking your life for. Second, I'm sure all of you have family. Think of them. They will be missing a son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, or worse, father or mother. Is it really worth that? Now when you go through and call goes out for help you are risking the lives of the first responders. Yes we train and we have gear to get out and help but that doesn't give us a 100% guarantee we are going to make it. We didn't ask to go on that ice, but we gladly do it because that's the life we chose. So we put our lives on the line because of something you chose to do. So was the possibility of a fish in the pan with risking your one life? What you mean to your family? The lives of those coming out to help you?
  9. Vikes O-line was horrid. Kalil is a failure. Patterson needs to be shown the door.
  10. Who woulda thunk the Vikes would have the #1 D in the league? Crazy!!
  11. All they do is win on the road. Last year the won seven on the road total. This year it's been four in a row to open the season! Sure they haven't won at home yet, but they will. They blew a big lead last night but they came back and won. Nice road run so far puppies, keep it up.
  12. Nice to see the tied at first. However, what happens now really depends on Teddy. If he can't come back right away they won't sit there very long. Hill has proven he's not going to be able to hold the team. If Teddy hadn't been taken out of the game it may not have gone to over time. That was a brutal and dirty hit on him. We'll see how he comes back.
  13. Anyone watch the pregame and the tribute to Flip last night. It was a tear jerker for me. He might not have been born here, but he was a Minnesotan for sure. For all accounts he seems like he was a great guy through and through and always down to earth. As a fan I miss him. When he was fired I missed him sitting on the bench and I will forever miss him sitting on the bench. The team played great for a couple quarters and then went south. We'll see how the season goes. I doubt they'll hit the playoffs but should be better than last year.
  14. Patterson should go. Could care less if he gets a 24 yard return when he gets to the 16 yard line. Diggs is awesome. Wallace needs to figure out how to play in this offense. The line needs to do a better job but a win is a win. Best part of a Vikes win is a Pack loss to go with it!!!
  15. Walsh is looking like he's got his mojo back. Teddy was off but did do well when it mattered. Diggs looks to be the real deal. AP had a very solid game.
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