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  1. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Pork, the other white meat. Just the aromas have the foreheads running for cover this way!! Is that politically incorrect or...
  2. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    Gotta love smoked peppers n eggs with heat!!
  3. bobberineyes

    Squirrel That Likes Yellow Tomato

    Color blind my arse, been finding half eatin red and green ones in the yard from dem fence jumping no good fer nuttin varmints. Skinned with a mater on the grill I say..
  4. bobberineyes


    Now that sounds fun, probably great training for a young dog, just not sure if I could get the family to eat em..
  5. bobberineyes

    Smoked eggs

    Try em with the tube next time, no heat.
  6. bobberineyes

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    Just pray before leech and all will be foregivenith.
  7. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Too warm out for the oven so its outside. A cute little spiral ham , au gratin taters, sliced and fried gold zucchini.. not bad!
  8. bobberineyes

    Smoked eggs

    I cold smoke mine with the tube, after an hour they will start to turn a light tan color and I'll yank em. No gold color or rubbery from the heat.
  9. bobberineyes

    Smoked eggs

    Good question Mike, although eggs take on a lot of smoke fairly quick it might be worth trying it both ways. Whatta got too lose, eggs are cheap!!
  10. bobberineyes

    2018 gardens

    Everything is going strong now. Been making salsa for the last week or so, have been doing abt's with the jalapenos, thinking on letting them go red to spread it out a bit. The early girls are kicking em out but the big boys have a bit. Canned two jars of pickles with more coming down the pipe, but I'm gonna hafta start grilling some zucchini, can only make so much bread. Bell peppers seem to be running a little on the small side, starting to change colors but was hoping for some better sized ones for stuffing. Snap peas did good out of the gate but are trailing off already, ya gotta love this time of year!!
  11. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Thanks big d, I wanna give it a shot as well!!
  12. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    That's an impressive pile o meat smallie!! Wow did I start a ruckus with a misspelled word, I'll be more kareful next time!!
  13. bobberineyes

    Cooking the perfect steak.

    I tried that years ago, sear frozen then put off to the side. Worked in a pinch but I'll sear my steaks thawed. I wonder if big d has an expensive toilet to go with his expensive grill??
  14. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    Good and good for ya vermilionfox, thanks!!
  15. bobberineyes

    Jerky making

    180°?? That's a very well done piece of meat. I pull mine off the smoker in the upper 150's.. beef that is.