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  1. bobberineyes

    2018 Pheasant Report

    Season is young yet fellas, hopefully it stays dry for a while, we ran into lots of water and crops as well. The kid dropped the only rooster we saw on Saturday , lots of hens though. The neighbor out that away saw a small brood of chicks 2 weeks ago, real late hatch but hopefully they came out ok in the rain last week.
  2. bobberineyes

    Just Food and Drink

    No ketchup needed here, unless you want it on apple crisp. Beef pot pie just hit the oven and crisp waiting for some ice cream a bit later. I call it adding on my winter coat..
  3. bobberineyes


    Not a big fan of spiders either. Spotted this fella dangling from our maple bout head high. Not sure what kind he is.
  4. bobberineyes

    2018 gardens

    Poppers have been pretty popular around here the last couple of months, going to have to pick up maters for more salsa to burn up the last of the serranos. This is the first year I've planted gold zucchini , which doesn't seem to wanna stop producing..
  5. bobberineyes

    Cooking Bear Meat

    Think at that point steak on a stick came about.. I would definitely do roasts and burger.
  6. bobberineyes

    Lyme disease shots.

    I do the lyme shot as well. Every spring I pick up a new collar at fleet farm, I believe they run about 64 bucks. Just make sure you take the collar off before Finn goes for a swim, or you won't get the 8 months out of it.
  7. bobberineyes

    Lyme disease shots.

    Thought I would bring this thread back to life. We were ( a few years back) frontline fans but since this thread came out been hooked on seresto collars. No ticks or fleas on the pooches, here or at the cabin. What are you guys using ?
  8. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Not sure how thick of bacon your using but heres my take. Tried it your way tonight on abts. So instead of wrapping thin cheap bacon that's manageable I pre nuked it first. Instead of wrapping each abt with a third piece of bacon I ended up fighting a 1/2 a piece on each. Think I'll stick to what works. A bundle of asparagus is no different.
  9. bobberineyes

    Just Food and Drink

    Still it looks great. I've gathered that about buckboard being like CB but just a little different. What kind of rub, wet or dry you try? Us guys need to know cuz it looks fabulous!
  10. bobberineyes

    Just Food and Drink

    Wow, great work PF. Tiring for sure, how did the backboard turn out? That's on my list this upcoming cold smoking season.
  11. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Are you that picky on what goes down your toilet? Turned out marvelous del!
  12. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Pork, the other white meat. Just the aromas have the foreheads running for cover this way!! Is that politically incorrect or...
  13. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    Gotta love smoked peppers n eggs with heat!!
  14. bobberineyes

    Squirrel That Likes Yellow Tomato

    Color blind my arse, been finding half eatin red and green ones in the yard from dem fence jumping no good fer nuttin varmints. Skinned with a mater on the grill I say..
  15. bobberineyes


    Now that sounds fun, probably great training for a young dog, just not sure if I could get the family to eat em..