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  1. Yep think I'll brine it, I'd probably have to do the same thing Leech if I spatched it...looks good!!
  2. Sooo, we have a 15 lb. Honeysuckle Turkey going in the pit boss Thursday morning. Does one brine or not ? I always thought these commercially grown birds were injected already. The package calls it "basted" with a salt and sugar mix. Just starting to look into different rubs and ways...Anyone else doing the same thing?
  3. If you guys hurry you could have some. Ham , green bean casserole and scalloped taters. The grand biscuits are going in the oven soon!!
  4. Bacon , shroom and cheese burglars again.. they just dont get old..unlike smurf.. j/k pal!!
  5. Wind whipped snow didn't keep the orange army from going out in the area we were in. Pretty much all the state land was surrounded by pickups early. The kid dropped the only rooster we flushed but did flush several real small birds. A couple of spots had some standing water but it was the snow and wet grass that got one wet.
  6. Yea so, dont you have a phone you need to out smart on postin pics..
  7. Exactly, ya never know maybe Kubiak had a say over Zimms run run run approach. Hopefully Cousins keeps the confidence going from here on..
  8. That's great news! I have a Cashmans pooch as well , usually pics and the background they sell pretty fast..
  9. Thanks del, you realize you quoted me from almost 5 years ago? Dont let reb see this he'll call you del bot..
  10. Looks good to me !! That's a great idea on the temp probe!
  11. I check in from time to time, sometimes even in the shadows but it's always the same thing, kinda boring to me. This place needs a makeover if you want a new crowd Rick..
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