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  1. bobberineyes

    2019 Gardens

    Spose it all depends on the spring. I like to do a couple of rounds and rotate em from the grow light to the bay window then bring the young plants outside to hardy em up on nice days. What's the old saying, plant around mothers day?
  2. bobberineyes

    2019 Gardens

    Looking out da window it might be a bit smurf!!! I might get a round started by the end of the month , we'll see..
  3. bobberineyes

    ‘nother New Boat Question: Lund Or Alumacraft

    Been a Lund guy myself for many years as well but I've also been eyeing up the competition. I dont know if there's any truth to this since I haven't fished with this guy, but a fella at work picked up a new Alumacraft last spring ( not sure which model) and he claims he cant shut off the back live well from filling up everytime he puts it in the water. It's a sharp looking boat, but that to me doesn't seem right..If I think of it tomorrow I'll have to ask him if hes figured out yet.
  4. bobberineyes

    Home Depot Charcoal Sale

    I should've snapped a pic, but then again they're usually out of stock bout now with nothing coming in until March is what I usually get for an answer. Must be a bunch of fair weather grillers at headquarters..
  5. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Asian zing wings n philly cheese steak stuffed peppers. Sliced up chuck eye and all the fixings. Not sure why momma used sliced cheese but who am I to argue..
  6. bobberineyes

    Just Food and Drink

    Dynamite smurf!!
  7. bobberineyes

    Home Depot Charcoal Sale

    I couldn't believe the HD near me had it let alone on sale this time of year! 9.98 2 packs of 18.6#. Told the wife to start the car I'm coming out!
  8. bobberineyes

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    They must have a wall on the other forums, cuz they dont have the spams this place has. Might need to give Trump a call..
  9. bobberineyes

    Jiffy Extreme

    I'm going off of past experience with machines not sealing properly, lp is dangerously cold and frost would build up at the metallic fitting every time. The only unit here that uses lp is an old mr heater with a metal male connecting to the tank, and yes if it's not secure it will frost over instantly when not sealed. Were all well aware of that, but the post was of an auger sitting idle not burning anything and leaking, so if ya wanna give it a bubble bath go ahead , I just stated look for frost as sign..
  10. bobberineyes

    Jiffy Extreme

    Ya if its natural gas, here I thought propane was a liquid that frosts up at leak points..
  11. bobberineyes

    Jerky Recipes And Cooking Methods?

    Wowsers, now I'm gonna hafta do it myself to see what all this hype is about!! Great fish house candy fellas!
  12. bobberineyes

    Just Food and Drink

    Sorry no drink, but swedes, taters with bacon and side of cap'n Ken's beans in the wave.
  13. bobberineyes

    Problem With Site Access

    Good to see your back up and running thunderlund!!
  14. bobberineyes

    What's Up? Spooling, Spooling, Spooling!

    Good thing you get paid by the hour! Try holding the computer up high, it seemed to help with the phone..
  15. bobberineyes

    Masterbuilt Electric smoker questions

    Figure he got the answer he was looking for..