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  1. bobberineyes

    Cooking the perfect steak.

    I tried that years ago, sear frozen then put off to the side. Worked in a pinch but I'll sear my steaks thawed. I wonder if big d has an expensive toilet to go with his expensive grill??
  2. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    Good and good for ya vermilionfox, thanks!!
  3. bobberineyes

    Jerky making

    180°?? That's a very well done piece of meat. I pull mine off the smoker in the upper 150's.. beef that is.
  4. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    Sounds like hugs to me!! Our ribs used to come out of the foil for saucing and crisping but now the sauce gets added when foiled and don't see day light until my plate.
  5. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    Not sure of the size of belly you have their otterman, but 10lbs of burnt ends made a bunch. The ends turned out mint, the fat melting at 200 , I sure did like the pepper jelly honey combo, the bbq sauce honey seemed a bit much with all the seasoning that was put on but all in all we chowed and the boys at work gobbled the rest up. I'll definitely do again, as far as makin bacon do what you gotta do but I usually hit that hard in the cold weather months, cold smoking reasons.
  6. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    I had a feeling you were gonna get an approval from big D on that PF. Sounds good!! I didn't feel like dragging the smoker out in the rain so the big rig had to do. 2 Different hog spices on 10lbs of pork belly for burnt ends 1/2 getting honey and pepper jelly and the other topped with honey and a lousiana bbq sauce while smoked with cherry chunks. Took some baby sitting, but nothing else to do besides have a beer and watch it rain.. Good stuff!
  7. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Nothing toxic here, well maybe the cold ones consumed.. Swans stuffed cheesy tots n brats.
  8. bobberineyes

    2018 gardens

    I was starting to believe it was from being in buckets, 2 years in a row the leaves turn yellow with brown spots and look horrible. Last year dealt with some bottom rot but surprisingly so far the plants look ugly but the maters look good...
  9. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    How does the cold smoke accessory work? I wouldn't fathom doing any this time of year or does it have a built in ice tray to keep foods cool?. If not any grill or smoker would do the trick in the cold. I'm with others, having room to hang for long smokes works the best. It is a nice concept though.
  10. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Gotta love wings!! Had to see what this reverse searing is about. Pork chops off to the side grabbing natural hardwood smoke then over the heat... tasty.
  11. bobberineyes

    Time for a smoke

    What the.... didn't you just get that for x-mas? A great read on pellet grills gents, call me cheap or old school but I'm still stuck on open pit and charcoal on the big rig.
  12. bobberineyes

    Pork belly bacon

    My slicer works well yet at 130 and it's not almost fully cooked.
  13. bobberineyes

    What's on the grill

    Looks good to me rundrave. Is it just me or my phone, but the pics are on roids and I need glasses to read what's typed all of a sudden...
  14. bobberineyes

    Pork belly bacon

    I've done both wet and dry brines with much better results with the dry. As grainbelt stated you can mix up whatever sweetness you like. Here's a simple one but pretty good. Its ALL per pound of meat. 1- Tbsp of tenderquick 1.5 Tbsp brown sugar 1/4 tsp black pepper 1 tsp garlic powder ( optional) Mix all the spices together and coat the belly , depending on the size you might have to cut it in half, this is when you do that and stuff em in two 2 gallon ziplocs. You can add some maple syrup to the bags as well,flip them every day for 6 or 7 days then rinse them off real well, put them on a wire rack and place back in the fridge uncovered. Next day smoke , and like grainbelt said your target internal temp is around 130, let them cool off and wrap up in plastic wrap for the next day of slicing. It might sound a lot of steps but its not that bad, with great results!! Good luck.
  15. bobberineyes

    Pickling Pike

    Thanks cooperman, I was considering that, maybe I'll try it with one jar today and if it works I'll repack the rest.. Thanks.