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  1. I've had this old hand auger laying around for more than 30 years, funny the blades aren't all that bad. Chopped the handle off, found up a grade 8 bolt and had the shop that does most of our work machine it down to fit my 3/8 drive. I havnt tried it yet just hoping the drill doesn't melt the first time out.
  2. That is cool, any other critters looking to get a chunk?
  3. That's great advice, both of you guys. I'm kind of a newbie when it comes to it yet. Heres a pic that's coming down ( 5yrs old) not much sun anymore but sure was a nice working height. It's made of cedar so I spose I could piece out the 2 ×4's for a border. No shortage of bunnies here too but its them friggin squirrels and chipmunks that get in my pots and the raised bed, as long as they cant climb fencing I should be good. Dont own a tiller yet but I'll be looking. So do you guys just fertilize once in the spring or do you give the plants a little help during the growing season?? Really appreciate your input..
  4. A guy at work said the same thing about round up, but I wasnt sure. What about all the freshly killed grass just blend it in with the raised bed dirt and fertilizer with the tiller? Thinking on running some kind of treated edging around it , we have some pretty stiff metal products at work I can zip tie hardware cloth or something to it. Maybe a homemade gate to get in and out...good thing one has time yet before the spring.
  5. Ouch, it was a while back since I did them but after looking at the pics the pcs didn't get much heat until they were in the pans. If I remember right the one end of the belly had alot more fat than the other so I trimmed it some. But the break down process in the pans pretty much took care of rest.
  6. Really leaning on doing the same thing, already have all the batteries might as well get the 1/2 drill to boot. The old model 30 still runs great but it would be nice to have another lighter option for local lakes.
  7. I'm taking all the dirt out of the raised beds for the new garden, should one kill the grass, dig it out or just cut it real short then blend in the rest?
  8. Looking forward to it, going from waist high raised bed and a patio full of pots to cutting in a big o regular in ground garden. It was nice weeding the raised bed but it doesn't get the sun it once did. So if you guys got any pointers I'm all ears.
  9. I had to look back but it's on page 13 of the smoke thread. Did 10 lbs 2 different ways with different pork rubs. After getting some smoke time they went in the pans to break down with different sauces.
  10. Looks great eyeguy. So you must not even mess around taking the rib bones out..
  11. Good lord rl_sd, you have more seeds than me that's for sure. My first thought was to put it on the rack seasoned the way you want and go as low as you can with smoke for what you think is enough. Transfer it to a dish that will take the heat and crank it up to crispen and do the shut down method. If I remember you have no shortage of temp probes, the thing is is the start to finish time one needs to figure out. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Lots of great ideas here, speaking of bacon you can always cut up a belly for burnt ends. Another perfect toothpick grub. I didnt hve my pellet smoker at the time so the charcoal unit did the job. These were a hit..
  13. Last time I looked at this thread my pick up was brand new. I've always been old school up until this truck, ignored the door and ran the psi at what the tire was rated for, also rotated myself in the driveway front to back. Ended up getting 70 k on a set of bfgoodrich at's. Now back to this truck, stock Firestone Transforce at's, stuck with the door ( 60 psi in the front and 80 in the rear) and barely got 40 k out of em and that's with having the dealer cross rotate twice a year. Just put a set of cooper AT LTX I believe they are, pretty aggressive but comes with a 60 k warranty for an E rated tire. They are set to the manufacturers specs but leaning on running the same psi all the way around.. your thoughts?
  14. Yep think I'll brine it, I'd probably have to do the same thing Leech if I spatched it...looks good!!
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