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  1. Noticed today the squash and zucchini were starting to rot at about 4" long, Google says they are lacking calcium. Had some gypsum pellets on hand that i worked in and watered. Anyone else run into this, maybe the whole garden could use some?
  2. The wife says I'm not cool enough but gonna try it anyhow!! Thanks for the idea!
  3. When we pulled in they said we wouldn't fit, I paid the 8 bucks anyhow. Just wanted to see what the hype was about driving thru trees in the Redwoods. I had a little more room yet..
  4. Wish I had canon's camera on this trip.
  5. No protesting otta the kids tonight on dinner.. Swedes n fried taters.
  6. Yep, been wrapping spuds for years with bacon over charcoal, I can't see why not on the smoker. Let us know how it turns out..
  7. Marinated or not, I bet that tri tip didn't stand a chance, right along with Borch's pulled pork!!
  8. Looks good, we've ben dabbling with the pre mades as well, finding ones that don't shrink up so bad is key. Those look like they held up pretty good.
  9. Definitely a tough day rundrave, sorry to hear it...
  10. I bet it was tasty, was that a cheese stick ? Ours usually seepes out a little too but still good. I'm gonna haveta try it with bacon tho..
  11. I think it all depends on what your planning on smoking. Me, i hang bacon slabs, homemade bologna so I went with the pit boss vertical 5 series which gave me plenty of room. If your not planning on any of that just go with a pellet grill.
  12. So the new garden is getting cut in next week but today I'm fertilizing the yard ( turf builder and gypsum pellets) might be a dumb question but should I fertilize that area thats getting tilled up next week or use something else before planting? Looking like a while before anything gets planted anyway..
  13. Cubs brand, they're not to bad, better than some of the other ones..
  14. Wayyy too windy on the patio tonight, hanging in the garage is a good option.
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