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  1. Dynamite rl_sd !! , we've done them before but not quite that way, I'm gonna give those a whirl... thanks. Oh ya I like the after dinner mint you have handy near by!!
  2. Skewer night, the Mrs marinated a pork loin with pineapple, peppers and onion. For backup thought I'd do some slyvee shrimp as well, just in case ya know. But dang she did good..
  3. Are we spose to guess on the amount of soy and Worcester sauce????? I've been a dry brine kinda fella, but I'll hafta try da wet next time I stop at the salmon pond..
  4. No olives here smurf, so you can come out of hiding... Beef kaboobs and nekkid taters just waiting for some butter and top the tater on a Dixie plate. Side salad with all the fixings..yummy!
  5. Spose adoption is out of the question. I had no idea that grays thru red /rustic tails. Shot many of em years ago but tgat was later in the year so i spose they had grew out of it.
  6. So what a ya figure that causes the red tail ? I cant say I've seen any fox squirrels in tge area, but then again I haven't looked for em either..
  7. We've had black, white , grays and reds around here, not sure if it's just a phase but this one I haven't seen before..
  8. Flipped once then add cheese to burgers tonight . Bacon, onion and smurfs fav.. olives. Paired with old Dutch tater chips n dips..
  9. Really wanted to do these outside but the oven will have to do. Bacon, onion shroom cheese burger stuffed peppers. A dash of of garlic, gourmet burger seasoning a another dash of Montreal seasoning and cheese . These were really good!!
  10. That's one cut I need to do on the pellet smoker. Everything so far has turned out real moist and tender, I'm guessing since the door seals up so tight. I prefer as well to slice that day, the leftovers can go in the crockpot for shredding.. I better go get one.
  11. Looks good big d, how'd it turn out?
  12. I'd start looking for sales at Walmart, fleet farm etc. Not only the tent but air mattresses and everything else you'll need. REI is spendy but they have some nice equipment. We camped out of big tent for years duck hunting, rain fly, porch and it took 4 guys around 30 minutes to set up. If you do go cheap get some descent stakes, Cuz they usually come with skinny metal ones.. Gotta remember the bigger the longer it takes to air out.. Good luck!
  13. I guess my question big d would be how even it cooks. You know how some of them electric griddles can be, or even a small portable grill gas grill with the with a small flame down the middle. We have a cast griddle like was mentioned at the cabin that gets used either stove top or grill that works great. Just a thought..
  14. 35 years ago, crazy.. I bet that popcorn was tasty!!
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