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  1. Been using a percolator for years. It started about 13yrs ago, we rented sleeper shacks on Upper Red and used a percolator to make coffee. It's a blue enameled one, that matches a blue enabled Colman 4 person camping dinner set. We talked about going to an electric coffee maker when I got my ice castle. We decided against it for these reasons. It is simple and works Uses stove burner so no electric/genny won't rev up to high causing more noise. It is easy to heat/use/store/reheat coffee No glass to Break It can make a pretty large pot It has kinda became a tradition over the years
  2. Ran the champion for a couple hours today to warm everything up. Did the regular maintenance on the unit. The magnetic oil dip stick was worth it, The tip was holding a lot of fine particles. The spark arestor was fairly dirty, but cleaned up great after soaking it in rubbing alcohol. Air fillter was clean. Refilled with 13oz Mag 1 5w30 synthetic oil......should be good for another 100hrs.
  3. It would be a rattle snake that lights up .
  4. I've got an 8x16 Ice castle Daredevil. I've got 9 holes in it. I've fished all of them at once, but usually don't. 2 along the folding couch 2 by the left side counter 3 by the right side counter 2 in back bay seat area under the removable table fishes 3 comfy.....4 fits but gets tight.
  5. I did a little refining with my setup. Wanted to try the venom rattle reel......e mailed the guy on utube said he does not make them anymore. I got rid of the productive alternative clamp ons. I ended up going with 6 rattle snakes, 2 northern lights, and one lacko. I plan to run both northern lights off an accessory plug with a splitter. The Lacko I riveted two round magnets on the back, and magnet it to the KS bunk rail bracket above one hole. I think I will like this setup. I also talked to catch cover.....they maybe bringing a rattle snake/northern lights style rattle reel next year.
  6. Second the extended run........I figure a gallon of gas runs the Ginny for about 9hrs......5 gallon tank......1gallon in the Ginny runs about 54hrs hrs or so before refill/switch is needed.
  7. Wow kinda a crazy thread. To to answer the OP's question.......here IMO. 1st you don't need to spend $1000 for the Honda or the Yamaha. Both are great units, but plenty of other generators that preform similar or close enough that it doesn't matter for 1/2 the price. The main thing is to check the DB rating on the off brands to make sure they are quiet. I've used and been around the Honda, Yamaha, and I myself bought a champion 2000 inverter generator. After reading multiple reviews. It ran $420 delivered to my door today they can be had for $380. I decided to go with it because it was either $1000 Honda or $1000 for a champion and my direct tv tailgate package satilite for my ice castle. I've ran the champion for a few years and it's been great. I got the extended run tank and run it 3-4days non stop on my ice trips. Been to upper red and ran in -20/-30*f temps and was fine. We we tested the Honda,yamaha, and champion side by side. They all ran and worked well. The only noticable difference in them when we checked them is the Honda runs about 30seconds longer then the yamaha & champion when an overload occurs. Also the Honda has a fuel pump so it will suck up gas from the extended run tank. The Yamaha and champion need to be gravity fed from the extended run tank. Regaurdless of what brand you buy, I would suggest these tips. Run a 5w30 synthetic oil....it has a wide temp range for running and is perfect for the low temps we see when ice fishing. Also, get a magnetic dip stick for the unit. The magnet grabs all the fine metals that occur from the unit running and keep them from floating in the oil and putting additional wear on the generator. Also keep the maintenance up. My uncle kinda neglected his Yamaha, and it ran ruff and wouldn't kick into full throttle from Eco mode without dying......he was about ready to dump it. Finally took it in and had the carb and stuff cleaned up and it worked top notch.
  8. Anyone ever come across the venom rattle reel?
  9. I just use tip up line with a 3-4ft fluro leader
  10. I always hate when guys tell you in the winter time that fish are in x feet of water......do they take into account the 1-2 foot of ice on the lake .........or is it what the sonar reads when fishing.
  11. Been using my adaptor for years no problems. Easy to use.
  12. I would have thought the 6gallon bucket would have solved the issue with ease
  13. This is kinda crazy.......I use all three of those. the catch cover rattle snake is the best all around the wooden ones I have clips I clip on my counter top to put over the holes. the orange one I riveted to magnets to the back to use over my bunk hole. I do have one of the northern lights......love it. just a heads up to you guys, ther is an adaptor that the northern lights rattle wheel makes which allows it to be used with the catch cover puck system. It is a plastic wedge and hook. What I did was picked up two of the extra adaptors to use with the catch cover puck system. I can use my wooded productive rattle wheels & northern lights all with the catch cover pucks. Simply just take the clamp off the wooden rattle wheel and use the hole with the hook adaptor.
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