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  1. Agronomist_at_IA

    See Through Hole Covers

    Interesting is a pic.
  2. Agronomist_at_IA

    See Through Hole Covers

    I bought the glow inserts. Here is how I cut them down. I dropped my house down on level cement. Measured what to cut them to. Then once I cut them, I took the bottom part and put it back in through the top. Then when I drop down, the hole sleeves are adjustable for length so you get a tight fit.
  3. Agronomist_at_IA

    Jiffy E6 Lightning Electric?

    I know with the first generation Ion guys were not having the best of luck turning the 10in auger. Has the ion X or recent ion power heads fixed that issue?
  4. Agronomist_at_IA

    2005 Wheelhouse Update

    Dang looks nice......I'm jelly.
  5. Agronomist_at_IA

    Ic Nuts

    Here are some EZ up pics.....just and adaptor between drill and winch...the adaptor is like a drill bit for removal and insert.
  6. Agronomist_at_IA

    Ic Nuts

    Have you looked at the EZ up adaptors
  7. Agronomist_at_IA

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    I doubt it. For $100 I can get a bare Milwaukee drill if I need to. Cheaper then getting my old jiffy model 30 gone through at the small engine shop. 30in of ice isn't a big deal. Cut plenty of holes with my Milwaukee/clam plate/8in nils in 30in of ice. To be truthful....the setup is way better then my jiffy model 30 8in for cutting 30in of ice. Its faster drilling, lighter when moving, and cuts smooth without all the noise.
  8. Agronomist_at_IA

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    Lol...I was really hesitant about selling off my gas auger.....but did last season since It hand n't seen the ice in over a year. I can't believe more guys haven't switched yet.
  9. Agronomist_at_IA

    2017 Fish House rv Build

  10. Agronomist_at_IA

    K-drill roll call and update

    It is supose to be a new k drill style auger for the drill. Not much info yet.
  11. Agronomist_at_IA

    K-drill roll call and update

    Now......what about the new Eskimo pistol auger?
  12. Agronomist_at_IA

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    I'm not trying to come of has a duche, but people take things way to personal. If you are getting all bent over this you are taking it to personal. This was never about a d*ck measuring contest, nor was any disrespect intended. I get it that when people disagree with something they don't tend to want to hear about it. No need to act like a snowflake over it. I guess if you don't want to believe that a 1500 truck can,will, and does pull the load. That is fine. However, it is a fact that it can. Now, if the driver is comfortable or not doing it more then likely depends on the driver. There are plenty of people who go both ways.
  13. Agronomist_at_IA

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    I never disagreed that a bigger truck was nicer for towing things. Wanderer pretty much hit the nail on the head. Exactly how am I wrong in that a 1500 pickup can't tow the trailer? It like the argument of a 22mag and a 223 for tote hunting. They both work, but a 223 is a bit nicer to use. I think your taking these discussions a little to serious. I up for discussion, where am I off or wrong on a nils or champion generator?
  14. Agronomist_at_IA

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    I might be wrong here, but it looks to me like you've never trucked or had to haul heavy loads with equipment. It sound like you went with a diesel & a heavy truck so you don't feel the load & drive it like an everyday car for stopping and going. An experianced drive shouldn't have issue and the weight is well within a 1500 limits.
  15. Agronomist_at_IA

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    Well, having overkill for pulling something is fine, but not needed. There is no need for a diesel to pull a 7,000 lb house. The reason those trucks are in the ditch is more then likley because they are inexperienced at towing with a pickup. While a 1/2ton can do it. A 3/4ton truck would be a little nicer and more than enough. A diesel is way overkill. Now if somebody prefers overkill that's fine, but a bunch of people making claims that it is needed is down right idiotic. Is there a difference pulling and stoping. Yes, but that's the difference a driver needs to accommodate for when driving. N I had a guy tell me that a 1500 pickup wasn't enough pickup to pull an 8x16 ice castle........ok.....I laughed.....I asked him why he thought it wouldn't work when I hauled seed around on an 18ft flatbed trailer. 3-2500lb minni bulks on it. 7500lbs of wieght + the trailer weight and it worked fine. I've even hauled more then that with a 1500. perfect truck to get to the bottom of the lake. Lol. If you need to use a diesel duality for other work I totally agree/get it. However, those city slickers don't need one to pull a wheel house on a lake.