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  1. elkrivermn

    Drum Brakes Or Disks?

    I would go electric, you should not have run the wire thru the walls. Run your wire to your harness plug at the hitch on your trailer.
  2. elkrivermn

    Ice Castle Spare tire carrier

    That is the Best option but expect to pay$150 and up
  3. elkrivermn

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Be sure you use synthetic grease.
  4. elkrivermn

    Ice Castle vs Firebrand vs Yetti

    Diesel dually with 8' box 1 ton second to none for pulling and fuel economy blows the doors off a gasser! Engine will outlast the truck!! Half tons are for city slickers that use them to commute to work and haul groceries
  5. elkrivermn


    Skandic or Tundra
  6. Go with a Skandic, they will outlast the U S piece of junks!
  7. elkrivermn

    Best electric fillet knife?

    Best luck I have had is with the Honda cordless, you can charge it with your Honda generator . Super sharp blades and fits like a glove in your hand! Highly recommended!
  8. elkrivermn

    Atv for towing shack

    Can Am. Second to none
  9. elkrivermn

    Wheel House build

    On an. Top of the line, now many Hondas do you see in a coach or Rv?
  10. elkrivermn

    How many years on cables? I'm curious.

    Has anyone had experience with the web strap for winches instead of cables? I believe Yetti used them in 2018 models.
  11. elkrivermn

    What heater are you using

    Skip foam board and spray foam the entire house, that way the efficiency will allow you to use a smaller BTU heater.
  12. elkrivermn

    Generator on ice

    Always keep mine in the back of the truck with the topper door open for ventilation and make sure it does not overheat. Every Night at bedtime I turn it off as well as during the daylight when lights, tv, microwave are not needed as a courtesy to others nearby.
  13. Just curious how much snow is to much for an ATV with chains?
  14. elkrivermn

    Get a CO Detector!!!!

    Always have a licenced plumber or HVAC install your heater! Too many cowboys think they sre capeable of installing themselves in order to save money Do not be cheap kids!!!