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  1. SledNeck

    I wonder

    Well then that shows how little you know about baseball. Back up the statement as the worst contract as compared to someone like a Ryan Howard or Barry Zito. Mauer not putting up the numbers in recent years is as much of a result in the twins not fielding a good enough hitting team around him as just skills decline (be it injury or age). While his numbers dont match up with contract size as per % or twins payroll. Other teams are far outpaying players based on their production.
  2. SledNeck

    Brand of motor

    Merc has a new 115 proXS 4 stroke now. Good option in the little motor category. Plus the satisfaction of buying American. https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/engines/outboard/pro-xs/115-pro-xs-fourstroke/
  3. If it's gonna be in a boat isn't the boat going to be covered with some kind of blind? Dog has to be able to see the ducks, keep in mind.
  4. SledNeck

    Who will do it?

    Billions of dollars in betting and marketing. You'd be foolish to think that the outcomes arent manipulated. Pats win after 9/11 Saints win after Katrina Crippled Peyton goes out a winner Lights go out on the ravens to stop a blowout. Do teams just come back like yesterday? Falcons ran the ball 4 times after being up by 25. They had 1st and 10 from the 22 and a FG would would sealed it but.. Facemasks with 2 hands are hard to see...
  5. SledNeck

    Who will do it?

    cant help but think that the NFL is scripted
  6. SledNeck

    Arkansas 2017

    If it's not a mallard it's not a duck......
  7. SledNeck

    Arkansas 2017

    Twas a good last weekend. Saw every mallard in North America, I think...
  8. SledNeck

    Arkansas 2017

    Ugg, waiting 2 weeks is gonna suck
  9. SledNeck

    Arkansas 2017

    Then there's the IPAs, spotted cows, yuengling, Sweetwater...etc.... I need more naps down there as I age
  10. SledNeck

    Arkansas 2017

    I like whatever is expensive, lol.
  11. SledNeck

    Arkansas 2017

    5 mins from the landing to 15mins. Then sometimes u can drive to the hole and sometimes u have to drag boats 600 yards We don't mess around
  12. SledNeck

    Arkansas 2017

    As far as setting up in the woods, it depends where the ducks want to land that particular day. If it was a clear day, we saw thousands of mallards flying.