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  1. I would love to buy a few more Winchester M1 Garands from WW2. Awesome rifles with a lot of history. Just got my suppressor for my 22-250 and Ar15 in 223 or 556, now I would like another suppressor, they are awesome. Also looking for another Luger. So many guns now but always looking for more.
  2. I went out about 11 days ago to check out a few spawning areas but the water was 55.1. Went out again on Tuesday and now the water has warmed up to a whopping 56.3. NO gills shallower than 15fow that I could find but finally some shallow weed growth is happening. I have heard people say that the spawn is going but in the lakes I have checked to date, water is way too cool. Anyone find warmer water yet?
  3. I agree 100% Steve, I had one and It was a very user friendly auger. Another HSOer now has it and I have a Strikemaster . Kind of wish I still had the gator.
  4. I have an extra dish and I was thinking of putting it on my fish house. Would it be better to go on the roof or use a tri pod on the ground? Can I use one of the boxes in one of the rooms in the house and connect in the wheel house and get a signal? Anything special I would need to do? Thanks
  5. Sounds like I will be going the route of w10, thanks for all the replies. I know 2 fellows that use their computer's a lot and said don't get 10, did no ask why. Guess maybe they simply do not like change.
  6. Correct JB, typed the wrong class. Those HWY weights were bangers but neither ready for the likes of Deonty Wilder, not sure who can beat that giant yet.
  7. Great fight last night with Danny Garcia and Guerrouo, now it will be interesting to see who wins between Porter and Kieth "One Time" Thurman and then the fight with Garcia. This class is loaded with talent.
  8. I agree with what you said Del , my biggest concern is a few friends who said they really did not care for 10 and then said get something else. I could go with 7 or something else but like XP, they will go away. Might be I just have to go the route with 10.
  9. Going to either be buying a new desktop or have one built. I have heard some say Windows 10 is good and other who say otherwise. I simply use this desktop for photos , surfing the net and not much else, few things in Word and Excell. Am I better staying with 7 Pro or Home premium or doing the Windows 8 o 10? Thanks for any direction.
  10. I remember the picture Scoot, it was a very fun weekend of opening rifle at your place. I was pumped for Ryan.
  11. Don't remember the brand but I changed my winch cables on my wheel house to synthetic rope 3 years ago and it is still in use and looks good. Just make sure you have no areas where it can rub on metal. I use a sleeve at the bottom by the pulley so it is protected there. very happy with it after 3 years of usage. I know I did buy in on the big online bidding page.
  12. Well, 9 months down the road, I could not be happier with my 2014 Chev with the 5.3. Truck rides quiet, smooth and the mileage is fantastic. Hwy mileage at best was 28.8 on a 150 mile run. When I went up to Rainy Lake over Memorial weekend, 350 miles towing the boat, got 16.8, was overjoyed. This truck has been nothing short of awesome.
  13. Good luck everyone in the drawing, should be either the end of this week or next.
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