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  1. Love love love the 1999 shot.. looks fake.. way too cool.
  2. Like B24 says.. it really depends on the cover. A lot depends on the plastic and hook you are using too. If you are using a narrower worm and a flipping straight shank hook the 3/4 should be fine. But if using a larger 4/0 or bigger offset hook and a brushhog or beaver type plastic you may want bigger at times. Personal preference, never a bad idea to be prepared and have 1 or 2 of each weight.
  3. as pike said, your fine whenever.. its either going to sit on a spool in the store or your reel, same difference. Just keep it out of direct sunlight.
  4. Hi Cret.. Texas rigging may be one of the most versatile ways to catch bass. Great advice in the post above mine. Your hook is a little small for the lure you are using. Also, shape, as stated can make a difference. As for why you catch them some days and not others.. Well, the fish move depending on seasonal patterns and weather patterns. Some days they are on the weed edge, some days they are in the weeds. and some days they are IN the weeds. And this all can change throughout the day as the weather changes. Your job is to find out where the fish are and then the most effecti
  5. When using the AMAZE tray, where do you put it? Ive been putting it along side the heating unit on the bottom, fits about perfect, but have a hard time keeping a good smoke going. Might need to pull tube out further.
  6. As JP Mentioned, many booths had a hard time with stuff walking away. More this year that I heard of than any other, and I have been working the show for 20 years.
  7. Thanks The Nature Boy.. Its actually a Sunrise pict of the Gulf Of Mexico from a 6th story balcony on Galveston Island, Texas. Actually all those above are from Galveston except the graffiti shot, That came from the HOPE Outdoor Gallery in Austin TX.
  8. A few shots I took recently while on vacation..
  9. 7'MH is about the most versatile rod you can get. It really is the do all.. I prefer a softer tip for spinnerbaits, but thats just me. The above advice is very solid, for the frog rod you are going to want at least 50lb braid, I prefer powerpro. Texas rod 12-16lb copoly or floro is good!
  10. It was a pretty typical sport show. Plenty of good deals on electronics and rods and reels were had.
  11. As others have said.. great start.. thanks for sharing.
  12. Craigums, you can get a better snap/action
  13. Another Vote for Floro.. but again as RK said.. has nothing to do with how invisible it is in water. Usually when fishing a jig you are fishing cover of some sort.. those fish are much less able to see the line anyway. For me its because you can feel the bites better. And the line doesnt float, so it doesnt wind drift.
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