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  1. I have heard of places having a coyote hunt competition over night before. teams pay an entry fee. Go out and hunt over night, and meet back up . Payout is based on how many coyotes shot. Can also receive money or prizes for biggest or smallest yote taken.
  2. rundrave

    Need A Polaris Fusion 600ho Primary Clutch.

    do you need a primary or secondary clutch? whats wrong with the clutch? maybe it just need a spring, weights, button or do you need entire assembly? go to this site: Polaris Industries Microfiche primary clutch is part no 1321928 secondary clutch is part no 1322368 once you get the part #, you can also cross reference other models or years on that polaris site that may also share that same part, since its a clutch I bet there are several. then get on hsolist or google for that part no and see if you can find it. you can also try sport wheels in jordan perhaps they have one in stock? do you have a clutch puller etc to get the old one off? if its secondary your going to need to get something to wind the spring etc. if you need to re-assemble
  3. rundrave

    Perch Photo Gallery

    Found some South Dakota gold yesterday:
  4. rundrave

    2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 Fuel Issue

    Do you have the fuel petcock turned to reserve? is this a carb or efi machine? what engine, 500-800cc?
  5. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    Well here is about 15mins of footage I edited and uploaded to youtube just from this year. I have hours, and hours of footage but its a lot of work and time to get it all rendered and edited down. Tons and tons of shots I didn't get recorded that I wish I got. I always get caught up in the excitement of the hunt, and its easy to not hit the record button. I typically don't start recording until dog gets birdy or goes on point and even then I still manage to not get a lot of stuff recorded. So here it is, not sure if I will put some more out there, I really hate the video editing part. Be sure to watch in 1080p:
  6. hey @Rick both HSO and FM have been slow for me also, started yesterday and into today. regardless of device its painfully slow.
  7. rundrave

    Problem With Site Access

    Your not the first this has happened to. Hopefully @Rick can get it squared away for you.
  8. rundrave

    Color Shading

    I have the app and a helix. there is pros and cons for sure, but the fact that its such a resource hog on your phone and really eats up your phones battery and having your phone exposed to the elements is a huge factor for me. my humminbird came with a free navionics chip, its waterproof, not affected by the cold temps, great battery life and I don't expose my phone to any dangers. Still get the color shading with my helix also. The phone is also difficult to use with gloves on etc. and I don't have that same issue with my helix. I move a lot on the ice chasing perch, the phone can get the job done but the helix unit simplifies it so much better.
  9. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    well the season has come and gone.but I did shoot my first birds of 2019! Didn't go out yesterday, but did pretty well this Saturday, saw a ton a birds everywhere we hunted just had a hard time keeping them from busting out way in front of us. There was no wind Saturday which is unheard of, and crunchy snow made it hard to mask any noise. But still got some birds to hold on point and made for some easy shots. Missed a bunch of others and lost one in the cattails. Brought home 5 birds for 2 guys. Snow really made it difficult to not only walk in but to access areas. Many of the east/west roads are untraveled or not plowed out. After burying my tundra in a drift and dug it out we opted to walk and just get as close as I could. In some cases if it was a 2 mile section we still walked over a mile knowing that the birds hadn't been hunted recently and it paid off for us. Saw many hunters walking private land but didn't see anyone else walking public and any areas we drove by. Nothing better than a late season hunt with no one around to compete with. All in all this was easily one of my best years I have had in LONG time. I have pheasant hunted every year in SD since the early 90's and this ranks right up there. Decided to get all of my gopro footage in one long montage for the year, instead of a bunch of short ones so will try to get it all edited and uploaded soon.
  10. rundrave

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Hey @eyeguy 54 caught this fattie on a polka dot lure this afternoon from widow maker jigs. Something about that paint scheme just triggers these fish:
  11. rundrave

    2019 Twins

    Not sure what to make of this signing yet, just seems like the typical “has been” Twins signing a guy on the end of his career. with that said he does come across as a guy that can be a clubhouse leader and that’s exactly what the Twins need and have lacked since Hunter retired. also this, Home runs last 5 seasons: Nelson Cruz 203 Twins DHs 97
  12. rundrave

    Flasher Lunch Bag

    Here is some pics of my setup. Nothing fancy but gets the job done:
  13. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    Another limit and short day hunting. Was really windy early on and birds were really skittish just couldn’t get anything to sit in gun range. wind died down around noon and just started walking edge of sloughs facing the sun and started picking off birds. Or I just flushed them and went after solo birds where they sat back down. Divide and conquer lol. the old gsp is pretty tore up gonna let him heal up before we head out again. Just 2 weeks left for the season and I would love to get some snow to hunt in.
  14. I think most of us know and respect who Hank Shaw is especially when it comes to preparing wild game. Came across this article this morning and thought I would share: https://honest-food.net/sous-vide-wild-game/
  15. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Report

    Good hunt in SD today: