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  1. rundrave

    Helix 5

    I have a Gen1 Helix 5 and love it on the ice, but also use it on my kayak. If I were to do it over again I would have got the 7" or bigger. Its not so much an issue on the ice but DI/SI is hard to fully utilize on a 5" screen.
  2. rundrave

    New Gsp Pup

    lots of exercise, they are a ball of fire don't ask me how I know. Having had 2 males, they have lots of energy and just go go and go some more. I have just an 11yr old dog now and he hasn't slowed down at all and still hunts like a young dog. It just amazes me the energy they have. Hopefully adding another one to the mix soon in the next year or so. congrats on the new pup!
  3. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    well this wet weather pattern continues, as it was a wet weekend in the south east part of the state anyway. Spent my weekend just jumping around all over in the Mitchell, Spencer, Salem areas. Lots of public land that way and just felt like scouting some new areas I haven't hunted before. The bird numbers and counts were a little higher in these areas than others, but that also seemed to draw lots of other hunters to the area. If you could get to a spot at 10am and nobody was there, you better walk it. After that it was just roulette the rest of the afternoons as I saw hunters coming and going from all over at every piece of public I drove by or scouted. Lots of different license plates, small groups of hunters, to big groups, guys pulling big dog trailers etc they were all over. I was hoping the rain would keep some guys away but I guess if I drove across the country to hunt I wouldn't be sitting in my hotel either. Saw plenty of birds this weekend it was just that the hens outnumbered the roosters about 10-1 in my walks. Saw birds on every piece of public land that I walked. Unfortunately lots of corn in yet, and as most know when it gets wet the last thing those birds want to do is sit in wet grass. Its hard to hunt them but there are certain types of cover I was able to find some. Any cattails are full of water so they are off limits to walking right now. Most crp and other tall grasses were too wet but you could still find a few birds here and there. But if you walked some dry timber or dried out cockle bur patches I was finding lots of birds hanging out in those types of cover when it was wet out. My sundown golden hour walks were very productive when I did it along areas with corn still in. But its was always just hen after hen but the numbers were very encouraging to see in several spots. It was unfortunate that most of my walking during the day was pretty slow in terms of finding roosters but did pick up some birds. But the best method this weekend unfortunately was road hunting. It was about the only sure bet with the rain and its not something I typically resort too but it was about the only way to get some birds in my vest. I walked about 10 miles each day so wasn't like I was not out there working for them either. Nothing frustrates me more than walking mile after mile and then seeing this lol: Got a tired hunter (me) and wet smelly, tired bird dog. Good news is that wet damp cover doesnt tear the dog up as bad. Gonna rest up next couple of days and get out next weekend sounds like it will be really cold which I am looking forward to.
  4. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    Here is an update on harvest: I have yet to get out since resident opener but hopefully that changes this weekend. Although it looks to be wet I will probably go out anyway because both my dog and I are getting a little antsy. good luck, don't be afraid to share some reports or tailgate pics
  5. We have a Scheels here but they know they got a monopoly and prices reflect it. I wont set foot in Dick's or give them my business online. We used to have Sportsmans Warehouse but they closed here a number of years ago. We are getting a Fleet Farm in the near future I welcome them to town and hope they give Scheels some competition. I buy most of my fishing equipment from the local shop instead of the big box stores but I hope they don't suffer with fleet farm coming in.
  6. Having recently visited both the Rapid City store and Mitchell store here in SD I cant quite put my thumb on it but I completely dislike the layouts of both stores and anything outdoor related has taken a backseat to women's apparel and other casual clothing. Got a Cabela's 2018 Christmas catalog yesterday in the mail it is 180 pages. The first 70 pages is household and casual wear. Other than some smoking equipment and a few pages of camo and fishing stuff its basically got nothing related to hunting and fishing. I gave up trying to find anything related to ice fishing. Welcome to Dick's 2.0 where they sell a little bit of everything and specialize in nothing!
  7. rundrave

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    I don't think anyone is questioning if an electric drill can drill through thick ice. We all know they will and do it effortlessly. But you are still limited to your battery life. Not everyone has the means to charge batteries on the fly or wants to. There are pros and cons to both. Here is what some of the "pros" have to say
  8. rundrave

    2018 Twins

    not sure what to make of the new manager yet but will give him a chance. Just glad to see the Twins went outside of the organization. No chance of signing Escobar back now since he signed with the Dbacks. And Dozier's numbers don't look to be doing him any favors either. Will be interesting to see if he still gets offered big money despite his bad performance in a new contract year.
  9. rundrave

    Vikings 2018

    Biggest concern is the o-line and Cousins hanging on to the ball to long. Granted they aren't giving him enough time, but he is also careless in the pocket and needs to get rid of the ball quicker. But with this o-line he has to know hes not going to be able to sit back in the pocket long. That is probably the reason you don't see Diggs and Thielen go deep because they don't have enough time to get there before Cousins has to get rid of the ball. I am hoping Griffen coming back will give the defense a spark. They will get a good test on Sunday night with the Saints.
  10. rundrave

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    I will still haul my jiffy model 30 around when I take the truck out and when ice gets really thick. It's just to heavy to run and gun with in the portable when I walk out early ice and late ice that's where the electric works great. When ice gets to be 30"+ inches nothing beats a gas auger. I know some still swear by electric but I run and gun too much for them to be effective for an entire weekend or multiple days out away from home. The batteries don't last forever but I can still get plenty of holes. Its always nice to have a gas backup if you need it. And I think for sentimental reason I just cant let my model 30 go lol
  11. rundrave

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    Had to modify my setup because I finally found an extension in stock after desperately searching for one all of last season. I’m 6’4” so no more back issues lol. FYI the clam extension will work on the lazer, bolts right on bring on the ice now!
  12. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    Any reports from the weekend? Still a lot of crops in. Finally starting to see some beans getting harvested. Got a long way to go yet and unfortunately some rain in the forecast again will probably set them back.
  13. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    youtube was down last night so wasnt able to upload video. Maybe I will get it done later today. Here is an update on harvest:
  14. I love my Helix unit also, and GPS has been a game changer for me. No more fumbling with my phone in the cold with apps eating my battery and trying to keep it out of the elements. I miss the simplicity of my Marcum VX-1 but after getting my Helix dialed in I have no complaints.
  15. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    SD resident opener was a wet one. Saturday I didn't go out. Sunday morning woke up with 4.5" inches of snow at my place a few miles south of Sioux Falls. Never would I have imagined we would be able to hunt in snow this early! The other odd part is that none of the weather people even hinted at any accumulation or even predicted any chance of precip. It literally just came out of nowhere. Yesterday I hunted the entire day from noon to sundown and was fortunate enough to still have some snow stick around in areas.. My only summary is swamp country. I wore the wrong boots, wrong pants etc. Should have just wore waders would have been able access things better. My biggest mistake was not going far enough west and not far enough north. But there is a ton of public land where I headed and I hadn't been able to scout that way yet this year. Everything that looked walkable was wet it didnt matter how high or low it was. If it looked good at knee level it very likely had ankle high standing water under it. Ditches were full of water, some roads were underwater it was just wet everywhere and I don't see any signs of any harvesting starting any time soon. The water just made things difficult to walk as some areas I am familiar with. I could walk one side and work it good, but then get land locked because of water and have no way of getting to the other sides and ended up back tracking and walking a lot of same areas twice which usually isnt productive. I only managed 1 bird all day. I missed 1 bird my first walk probably at 12:01pm right after getting out of the truck. Just was slow to get the gun up and was way behind it. Typically early season lull, I think I just stared at the bird before I even realized I should be trying to shoot it. I downed another bird early afternoon and I knew it wasn't hit hard. Made a good mark on it and then my dog got a good track and pinned it down. As I went to grab it with my hand the dog released and the bird took off like a bat out of hell and we never were able to recover it because of all of the water. As soon as I put my hand on it, it just exploded and was gone. Was just an odd scenario. Saw a few other hens but otherwise a very very slow day. I had spotted a bunch of birds coming out of some CRP earlier in the day that headed for corn. I came back an hour before sundown and hunkered down hopefully to get some pokes at them during the golden hour and they never showed up. I know the birds are around but all the crops in makes it difficult to hunt during the day. I dont know what to suggest for people coming for the big opener this weekend. Its going to be difficult with so many crops in. I would say anywhere north of HWY 14 should be a little drier in areas but they have still seen some moisture the last couple weeks. Up near Brown county they are basically in a drought and down in the south eastern part of the state we are breaking yearly precipitation records. Harvest is off to a slow start all over. I know this weekend is the big opener everyone gets fired up for but if it were me I would be coming back for late season hunts and skip the circus this weekend. I wont be hitting it hard any time soon will probably just stick to some sundown hunts closer to home for now. I have some gopro footage I need to get edited from yesterday got alot of good stuff on video including the bird that got away. Good luck to those heading out this weekend!