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  1. Also remember that the Gophers didn't have to play Ohio State or Michigan this last season which made rowing the boat a bit easier.
  2. Interesting note that Donaldson has worn #20 for the majority of his career. He would need to get that from Rosario if he wants it in Minnesota. I like the signing at 3b, good upgrade on defense and some nice power at the plate. Now I would like to see the Twins go get a quality pitcher somehow via trade.
  3. Also here is a really nice video someone you may recognize put together that shows the refill process:
  4. Wanted follow up and report that after a few refills couldn’t be happier with this kit and I still haven’t burned my house down. the refill process has been super easy. And with them being vented easy to identify when they are full. I’m out on the ice now and fishing is slow but staying warm with it:
  5. I will try to provide some more specific details as it gets closer. I just wanted to see if this would even draw any interest and it appears so. But wind and snow could really affect access etc. so I don't want to put any pins out too early. Lets just hope the weather cooperates. A super cold snap looks like its on the way, just need to keep the snow away now.
  6. Hard to say, I would hope vehicle traffic would be ok. But your guess is as good as mine. If we get any big storms or nasty wind could change things in a hurry. The good news its a long narrow lake so can cover some ground via road if needed to get to another area of the lake. Southern side would be ideal as its close to Ortonville but you need to get a mile North to get to some good basin depths. We will see what happens but could just fish the flats and weeds and see what happens.
  7. hey @Rick can you make this thread a sticky? Is it possible to cross share to FM? I did make another thread over there but not sure if you could link them in any way?
  8. I have had a few people reach out to me wanting to meet up on the ice. So thought I would see what kind of interest we can generate getting some members on here together. Maybe I will even make a post on FM. Nothing too serious just meeting up on the ice for a casual day fishing. I picked Big Stone as its a border water so it works for SD and MN residents. Right now it also has a good class of fish for multiple species (Perch, Walleye, Blue Gills, etc) Before I get into too many details thought I would throw out a poll and see what I get for responses and feedback. Let me know your thoughts, would be fun to make this happen. Its been a long time since we have had a get together on HSO. I have 9yr old boy girl twins, they may come or not. Might depend if we get some other kids there? Lets make this happen!
  9. I see a 1995 ARCTIC CAT PUMA DELUXE 340 - $550 that just showed up on CL over night down in Canton. Looks like it needs a little work but might be what your looking for? LINKY
  10. If I was building new I would skip the conduit. As suggested run the wire right along the studs with these I am not sure what the advantage of doing EMT conduit would be? Just seems like the receptacles etc would get in the way or risk being bumped or hit with something. And I would get tired of looking at all the lines. I would run the wire along the studs and get all the receptacles flush with the wall just like a house. After the new garage get gets framed, just run all the wire, get it pig tailed and then get it inspected. Then get the walls and interior insulated and finished. I would use 12 gauge wire with a 20 amp breaker (outlets etc), and 14 gauge wire with a 15 amp breaker (lights). Also since the receptacles are in a garage, they'll have to be GFCI protected.
  11. https://fishingminnesota.com/forums/topic/213038-dakota-lithium/#comments From the Dakota Lithium website: That doesn't mean you have to buy the one on their site, The chargers that came with vex and marcum units to charge SLA (sealed lead acid) battery will charge the lithium batteries but not charge them correctly.
  12. Wrapped up my pheasant season today. Started the day of with super strong winds and was able to sneak up on a few but they were all hens. Mid day the winds calmed and the temp got to almost 40 degrees. Was really warm and birds were just out scratching in the fields. Walked every type of cover I could find and it just wasn’t productive. Resorted to a little road hunting and picked up 2 birds. Not my preferred style to hunt but prior trip out I went on a really bad shooting slump so was was good to bag some birds to end the year. Going to be a long wait again now until September to get out again.
  13. I forgot about this thread I never did follow up but the oven directions I followed above worked out perfectly. The middle was just right and the ends were done well enough to satisfy those that are scared of a little redness lol
  14. They basically replaced him for a pitcher with the same stats. If Homer Bailey is a starting pitcher for the Twins in a Postseason series, they haven’t done enough this offseason. Would love to see them sign Donaldson at 3b and then make a trade for a quality starter.
  15. rundrave


    Well woke up to see Webster got 18” and with the wind last night and today that should about do it for that area for a while. Bummer
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