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  1. What a great day of baseball! Didn’t see that coming! First game had some pucker factor lol and the 2nd game was a great comeback and absolute dagger.
  2. Going to need the starters to step it up. I don’t feel good about things and this division is far from decided. Rosario really needs to snap out of his slump and get it going again. I also didn’t like Rocco’s decision to leave Garver on the bench as the potential tying run for the at bat in the 8th. Not sure what he was saving him for? Especially when you have the chance in that spot and don’t know if you will get one in the 9th.
  3. rundrave

    Vikings 2019

    The other thing to keep in mind is I think this Kubiak system is going to highlight Dalvin Cooks skills more than it will highlight Cousins. I could care less how much it costs per play etc, just win.
  4. rundrave

    Vikings 2019

    I wouldn't get too caught up in one game, its a small sample size. The way the game started out and getting up early and with the defense getting turnovers there was no need to dial anything up. Diggs was questionable to even play prior to the game. I don't know what more you want him to do in a blowout that wouldn't risk injuring him further? Run the clock, and get out of there with no injuries and move on. If we all we see is dink and dunk and Cousins under pressure scrambling for his life at Green Bay then I would get worried. Hard to call anything pizz poor after one game that was a beat down right out of the gate.
  5. rundrave

    Vikings 2019

    Despite the contract I am ok with Cousin's game yesterday. Asking Cousins to try and do too much didn't work well last year. Diggs already has hamstring issues and no need to set him back when the game is already in control. Especially with a big road game coming in week 2 against a division rival. With how the game started they didn't have to get fancy and expose their offensive scheme. I am hoping they were trying not to reveal too much and keep the Packers guessing. No idea how the Vikes o-line was able to generate the running yards but they also showed they are going to have trouble protecting Cousin's again. Honestly going into the season opener I was more worried about yesterdays game than the Packers game next week. Would be hard to start the year 0-1 and potentially 0-2 after playing in Green Bay. After yesterdays win and how bad Green Bay looked in their first game I am hoping the Vikes and go 2-0. Was a good start to the season but as a Vikings fan I am sure they will come full circle and blow it none the less it was a much needed good distraction to a poor Twins weekend.
  6. Not to mention injuries really starting to pile up. Really puts a damper on things after such a fun year so far. This team has exceeded my expectations and I’m content with them not winning anything in the playoffs if they even get there now. I hope the window for success is just opening. Lots of to team friendly contracts and hopefully some good off season moves and they can keep improving after this season ends.
  7. GFP brood survey is out as of today, you can find it here: SD GFP brood survey My take on the numbers being down %17 is pretty good considering the winter we had and wet spring/summer. I typically don't read too much into the numbers as I will be out no matter what. A few observations that I have seen this off season is that we did have a wet spring and that caused a lot of issues for farmers getting crops planted. But just about every rural area across the state had issues with too much moisture. On one hand you know that's bad for nesting conditions. But another factor we know has been lack of conservation and losing habitat at a significant rate. Well this year a lot of acres that were typical row crops didn't get planted at all. What I am seeing is that instead of fields being turned over this spring, many were left sitting and they just ended up as acres and acres of weeds what ever else could grow there. These are prime areas for nesting and cover that typically wouldn't be. Out where I live none of the fields near me in SE SD got planted. I have heard and seen pheasants in places I have never seen them in before. I saw some of those fields got disc'ed up late summer and some sort of cover crop was planted but there still is a bunch of weeds and grasses growing too. I am hoping that there were some late hatches, and I am still seeing young broods of birds that are not very old yet and were likely missed in surveys. Going to be a late harvest regardless have to factor that into your early season hunts also. Prairie grouse numbers are about the same as last year, no decline but not a big increase either. Should be able to shoot a few if your willing to put in the work to get them.
  8. 8 games into this stretch and the Twins are 7-1 and Cleveland is 4-4 The Twins are 34 games over .500 for the first time since 1970, let that sink in.
  9. Two big turnovers for Minnesota tonight and both were basically gifts. Tough to survive that if you're SDSU.
  10. Halftime, Jackrabbits should be up by a point and have the ball starting the second half but terrible holding call on that return. Could make a holding call on Minnesota’s big RT every play. He’s a huge guy that gets beat on almost every play.
  11. This should be a fun game. Lots of unknowns for both teams, first game of the year etc. Both teams playing young QB's with little to no experience. I think the Gophers win this game but SDSU will be competitive and I am rooting for them to upset but don't think it will happen. It will be a good measuring stick, I don't expect them to control the line of scrimmage but they will grind it out. Hopefully take the cash and get out of there injury free. Its a big ask for a young QB's first game to step in and beat a BIG10 team on the road. I also don't think SDSU has the element of surprise anymore with their FCS success. Sometimes that's a benefit to catch a team off guard but I think the Gophers will be prepared. For all the Hype that Fleck brings and all the row the boat hoopla, its still embarrassing that a big 10 team in a major metro area has to reduce ticket prices to $10 to fill the place up. Go Jackrabbits..... sinktheboat!
  12. https://www.mlb.com/news/details-announced-for-2019-mlb-players-weekend
  13. Twins about to start their longest road trip of the season before they come home to play Cleveland on Sept 6th. The Twins and Indians have 10 games to play before they face off again. Each has 7 games vs White Sox and Tigers. Each team has a critical 3 game series on the road against solid opponents. Twins vs Red Sox and Indians vs Tampa Bay Hang on and enjoy the ride lol could get a little bumpy yet.
  14. Ben Affleck - Dazed and Confused Keanu Reeves - Speed Brad Pitt - Sleepers Robert Redford - The Natural Chevy Chase - Nation Lampoon Christmas Nicolas Cage - The Rock
  15. ok I got it figured out, not sure its the best solution but it works. I thought the 3.5mm jack on the jbl speaker was an output, but its an input so completely scrapped that. I was hoping to go that route so it would charge my phone at the same time. So instead I opted for this option instead: It works and I have left and right stereo and its not mono. It sounds ok but I may splurge for a 3.5mm to digital input cable and see if its worth it.
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