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  1. Sorry to hear @smalliehunter it’s always hard to lose a good bird dog. hopefully another bearded lady is in your future soon...the dog kind
  2. Last day of pheasant season yesterday. Fall 2021 can’t get here soon enough:
  3. Pheasant season still going strong but winding down. Took this at sundown last night:
  4. Officially jealous. My dream WFH situation would include a rattle reel to going off while I am on a conference call just to see the responses I would get on the phone.
  5. your links are not working for me? what is the year of the machine?
  6. Went mining for some South Dakota gold yesterday:
  7. So 2 of us were walking a narrow drainage channel about 10 yards wide full of sporadic bunches of cattails with a 10mph wind coming from our left to right. Sent my gsp down the middle with each us walking a edge. My dog who is only 10mos old locks up solid. Give him a min to just soak up what I believe is a pheasant. I go to flush and nothing moves, absolutely nothing. So I am now immediately thing skunk, racoon, etc. Small panic attack and pull my dog off the scent who is still locked up rock solid. Then I hear something start moving and its big. 1 coyote jumps out and we pepper it but it kee
  8. Don’t party hunt often but guided some relatives and friends from Tennessee past few days. Kind of fun to get pics of me out in the field and they turned out amazing:
  9. hunted in a t-shirt yesterday and did not enjoy it one bit. I had to stop and water my dog down on December 5th, what a weird year! Birds were hard to come by I think they were out scratching in the fields. Lots of hunters out yesterday I may have had better luck playing the license plate game than hunting. Bring on the snow and cold please. Need to get these birds bunched back up and some frozen water to walk on.
  10. Its hard to say, 1k miles in mud and beaten on could be worse than a well maintained machine with 5k that saw easy use. I always look at the seat, the exhaust pipe and tires. If the seat is worn, has holes etc it been ridden hard. If you can still read the logo and it doesn't have any rips or tears that says a lot. If the exhaust header pipe and muffler is rusty its seen a lot of mud and water. If the tires are not OEM it had the original tires worn off. What did they replace them with and why? If they replaced it with big mud tires they rode in mud etc. Talk to the owner, make s
  11. what's your budget? any of the newer machines in the last 10yrs will be reliable regardless of brand. get power steering if you can swing it I am actually shopping hard right now myself. Looking to spend $5k to $7500 but prices are crazy right now. If I go any higher I might as well get a SxS. New prices are ridiculous for both. I am just looking for that low mileage machine that someone never used and wants to get rid of. They are out there someone just keeps gets to them before I do.
  12. shut down facebook I miss the glory days on here and seeing these builds
  13. I sold the last of my ATV's in Sept while the used market was hot with intentions to upgrade. I figured there wouldn't be any better time where the price on old beat up machines would be higher. I couldnt believe what people were willing to pay for 15-20yr old ATV's that had seen some tough use. My plan was all these people were buying stuff and realized they would never use it and sell it when they didnt want to store it for the winter. I figured with a saturated market we would see some good deals to be had this time of year but people are just buying everything up at absurd pric
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