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  1. rundrave

    What's on the grill

    How long and what temp did you cook this? Looks really good I want to give it a try now.
  2. rundrave

    2018 Twins

    At the all-star break and man did I blow it with the predictions lol. Other than Rosario and Escobar not really much to get too excited about. Nice home-stand before the break but its already been a big disappointing season. Of all the late 90''s teams that were just awful and then the recent 90+ loss teams repeatedly over and over, this years team has to be the most frustrating of them all. Definitely a regression. Buxton/Sano I dont want the team to give up on them but good grief. After some progress last year I think everyone was expected big things from both of them. I would say give up on them but players like these always go on to shine somewhere else when the Twins let them go. Mauer has been ok, nothing great but good to see him back hitting again after his stint on the DL. Morrison dug himself too big of hole to get out of with a terrible start at the plate. A few signs of power but not enough. Dozier is losing millions with a bad first half. So much for him signing a big deal somewhere else and the Twins getting something for him if he is traded. The new pitchers Odorizzi and Lynn haven't been great. Gibson has been better than expected but too bad he cant get any run support he has pitched well all year. I like Berrios, good young pitcher still making improvement. Its too bad Santana hasn't been able to get back up and contribute yet. I hope they don't make any foolish decisions and trade and try to make a run. They don't have a chance at the wild card and even though Cleveland isn't completely dominating I don't see the Twins overtaking them in the division.
  3. rundrave

    Gun dog training with pigeons

    I do it, have experience with both homers and shooters. I am not a die hard as I was a few years ago but will get back into more when I get a new pup here in the near future. The birds are not to bad to care for just need food and water. My experience and most troubles have been trying to keep critters out of the pigeon loft. Mink etc like to wreak havoc and it sucks when you lose all your birds to a stupid rodent. Especially the homers after you put in all the work to get them coming back. I haven't had any issues keeping birds at home by the dogs. Best part with the homers is if I train away from home, most times the birds are back home in the loft before I get back lol. As for working the dog, you probably want to invest in a bird launcher as well especially since your dogs a pointer. Not sure how steady your dog will be or what kind of prey drive it will have. Hopefully you letting it chase birds already didnt cause any issues. I would just slowly introduce them to the pigeons. Might even start with just clipping some flight feathers and throw it in an open area and see how your dog reacts and go from there. It should point naturally but just use the launcher to steady the dog up. Just look up methods with a check cord etc. when using the launcher. If you want them steady to flush or steady to shot that's up to you but that's way down the road yet. Some of that pointing should come natural but with this dog being a little older you never know what your gonna get but never too late to start either I guess. good luck
  4. Same areas again overnight in SW Mn and now parts of South Central SD got hammered with rain again. I know for sure some of my honey holes here in SD area got dumped on with 5+ inches of rain last night. Then you barely go an hour or 2 north and Beadle country area is hurting for any moisture they can get. The areas that need rain are not getting it all all, and the areas that don't need any more rain keep getting it.
  5. rundrave

    Clean meat

    Is it still safe to boil meat in a bag if your meat is grown in a petri dish?
  6. I drove up to the cities this weekend from Sioux Falls and it just looks awful everywhere in SW Mn. Lots of flooding especially in the Windom area. Saw 2 birds the entire way up and back. My way up was at sun up and my way home was at sun down both which are prime time for seeing birds along the roads. Did some hiking at Blue Mounds a week ago and same thing just lots of standing water and flooding. Farmers have to be hurting bad also. The bright spot maybe all the of the flooded fields spots that dry out could hopefully grow into some weedy grass areas. Those birds are going to need every bit of cover they can get. Still heard a few roosters crowing but not many.
  7. Most chicks should be hatched and on the ground by now. Unfortunately Mother Nature has given them some tough wet conditions. This image is from the National weather service. It shows parts of South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota have seen 600% of their normal precipitation values over the last 7 days. keep that in mind when you start planning your fall trips. Hopefully a good 2nd hatch happens.
  8. rundrave


    Lowes was running this deal again when I was in one of their stores here in Sioux Falls this evening
  9. rundrave

    What's on the grill

    Did a bunch of wings in the steam pot for 15 minutes yesterday. Let them cool and then brushed with oil and rub. Left uncovered overnight in the fridge. Tonight I grilled them indirectly over some charcoal and apple pellets in the smoker tube. Finished them off over the coals to get them crispy:
  10. rundrave

    Time for a smoke

    I am not sure what happened either but we lost all of the posts last couple days not just this thread. And it looks like the same thing happened over on FM site as well. I know the site was down last night while I tried look at it.
  11. rundrave

    What's on the grill

    that makes 2 of us. Not sure what the deal is but going back and looking at old posts its doing the same to those pics as well. and there were no issues with those prior. maybe has to do with the site being down over the weekend and some changes were made? @Rick
  12. rundrave

    What's on the grill

    Reverse seared a big thick 3lb cowboy ribeye for Father’s Day over charcoal. The novelty of the idea was fun. Then after cooking you realize you pay a lot of money for bone and fat and not a lot of meat. Lesson learned to just go with a nice thick regular ribeye steak instead next time.
  13. Well this weekend certainly wasn't ideal for fishing weather. Between strong winds and storms every day Friday-Sunday it made it hard to get some good quality fishing time in. Just kept getting chased off the water with thunder and lightning in the area every day and night. Never saw a lot rain but plenty of storms in the area to keep us off the water. Did manage to catch some fish regardless just nothing big enough or worth keeping. Not a keeper walleye caught and lots of skinny 8-9" perch which were all released.
  14. I get that and I am still undecided. I am not sure where my confidence ranks yet, and who knows where that all goes when you get buck fever lol. But in all seriousness I think I could make a good shot if I got a deer in range. I would have good deer hunting on private land minutes from my home. No desire yet to trophy hunt for antlers if anything I would be out shooting a doe for some meat in the freezer. I also have never taken any big game ever in my entire life outside of turkeys. Biggest animal I have shot has been coyotes. Just never been a big game hunter. Any free time I have in the fall is dedicated to my dogs and hunting grouse and pheasants. Someday I could see me catching the deer bug but right now with a young family athome I am already limited on any outdoors time. If I get any free time outdoors my #1 passion outdoors before anything else is shooting a bird over my dogs on point. Maybe bow hunting will replace that but as of right now it hasnt perhaps that will change
  15. just north of Lake Alvin right off of 273rd street