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  1. Anyone get out yet for some grouse that can share any reports? I don't hunt in the woods so I am limited to prairie grouse. Unfortunately my new pup isn't far enough along yet and not big enough for the rattlesnake vaccine so I will not be out on the grasslands any time soon with him. We are also dealing with above normal temps so I don't want to take any chances because I know the snakes will be out yet. Plus I don't like running dogs in this heat anyway let a lone a puppy who doesn't know how to pace himself yet.
  2. Finally picked up one yesterday. Getting it seasoned this morning just have to figure out what to cook on it now Going to try some cheese steaks tonight. Breakfast tomorrow morning and then some hibachi. I already see myself getting the bigger unit. But this little one will be perfect for tailgate meal after a long hunt this fall and in the ice house this winter.
  3. I would think most smokers would have a hard time not getting too warm for cold smoking. But you could get a pellet tube and put it in your smoker and see where your at temp wise and just leave your smoker off and just get the heat from the pellet tube.
  4. the team is a shell of itself with all the injuries but other teams are dealing with the same thing. We get Pineda back along with Buxton and Donaldson the next few days so hopefully things improve. Need to get back on a winning streak now.
  5. scary stuff glad all is well reminds me of the time one of my GSP's ate an entire bag of hershey kisses including the wrappers. Called the vet in a frantic and he asked if dog was acting hyper or high strung. I just laughed because its a GSP and they are always that hyper and high strung lol. Did some hydrogen peroxide to get him to throw up as much as we could get out and then dealt with foil laced poo for a couple days lol Dogs we dont deserve them
  6. Twins get absolutely stomped by the Tigers coming off a two-day break. Total domination by one of the league's worst teams. This is brutal.
  7. Back to the dog days of summer heat I’m ready for fall
  8. Great day on water this morning. Kept a few eaters before lightning and storms pushed me off. Released some really nice gills also. Still trying to crack 10” I’m not sure this guy could get any closer lol. I think if I measured it on a flat surface it would get there. The gunnels on the bottom of the kayak are not the best to measure on. I probably could’ve made a better effort and found a better surface to measure on but I wanted to get the fish back for a quick release. Water temp still 77.8 degrees
  9. Is Dan still guiding? I hope with his medical stuff recently his phone is ringing off the hook if he is still able to take clients out.
  10. Yeah I am afraid with the pandemic and lots of new people resorting to outdoor activities. Are we going to see that transition to hard water also? I think its great to see people enjoying the outdoors. I just hope it doesn't turn into a zoo at every lake like it has this summer on the lakes and rivers that I have been fishing. The thundering herds could be interesting this year.
  11. Does he have dew claws removed? Next time he jumps if the knee to the chest doesn't work grab both front legs and apply hard sharp pressure with the tips of your thumbs to where the dew claw were removed from. Give a firm command "Down!" as you do it and pull his legs to the ground. It wont be pleasurable for the dog and he will get the message loud and clear that jumping is not tolerated. As for food I agree lots of options. Like I said I didnt have any issues with Diamond. I more so switched to Purina just because I have seen how much they support the industry. Huge sponsor to p
  12. I have been feeding multiple GSP's the last few years with Purina Pro Plan Sport with good results. Prior to that I also had good experience with Diamond High energy in the maroon bag that runs a little cheaper than Purina
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