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  1. And after Oakland its the Yankees! After this Mets series they must have a thing for being intimidated by NY logos on hats. Wish we could get Buxton back but looks like he will be out for a bit now. I think he brings a lot of energy in the field and on the basepaths. Would like to see him pick it up at the plate more but he certainly brings an edge to the team that I think the other players feed off of. Early on the team was deep and with a big division lead you could afford to shuffle out players and let the starters rest and heal. And those players were all stepping up. Now the lead is almost gone and injuries are piling up. Lots of errors and un-earned runs have been ugly lately. We have seen Baldelli stay pretty composed so far this year. I will be curious to see what will cause him to snap or how he will handle all of this from a managing aspect. Still a lot of games left which I am not sure if that is good or bad lol. I hope they make some moves but also dont want them to give anything up.
  2. Did 2 racks of ribs yesterday for the holiday. Cleaning out the freezer and decided to go with one baby back and one St. Louis cut just because lol
  3. Fish fry tonight with some other artery clogging stuff:
  4. He cut the cord on comcast cable tv but still uses the same company as his ISP. That is how I interpret it.
  5. I think your ISP is the issue. I just ran a speed test on mine and I am pulling 60mbs down and 12.5 up and I live in a rural area in South Dakota. I would expect you to get better numbers in a metro area, or maybe I am just lucky with my ISP?
  6. I say give Sano this series against KC and their AAA pitching, if he cant get it together at the plate send him down. This team is too deep on hitters to keep him in the games. Kepler was able to get out of his slump recently hopefully the bats start picking back up for everyone. I think when they are scoring runs it takes a lot of pressure off the pitchers. I dont want them to panic or start playing not to lose but would be great to see them make some trades to strengthen up the bullpen.
  7. Right now its so easy to look far ahead to the end of the season. At this point I just hope they don't end up like the 2001 Mariners. Week after week I keep saying they cant sustain this pace they are playing at but they just keep on winning. The Kimbrel and Keuchel additions are intriguing for sure. On one hand I say go for it, but on the other hand if they haven't been picked up yet they maybe they are not worth the asking prices. I would prefer if either sign with the Twins they do a pro-rated deal for this season instead of a big money multi-year contracts.
  8. I never found a clamp for mine either and I just ended up drilling. I then went ever further and installed a helix 5 on my kayak as well. its just a couple drill holes, nothing to sweat for the convenience it adds
  9. anybody miss Dozier or Escobar? lol been a fun ride so far. Its going to be hard to sustain this pace and keep winning like this but I hope they can keep it up.
  10. I know there has been lots of lift discussions in the past on here. Especially the guys building their own houses. Saw this today and it looks pretty slick: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=414635765755766&id=541312869277226&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fyettifishhouse%2Fvideos%2F414635765755766%2F&_rdr
  11. so many new posters from Cali.....hmmmmm? and they only post in each others threads and one has a link to another site. Where is @leech~~ when you need him to call out the SPAM
  12. Garver got lucky on that busted bat to the neck last night. That thing rotates to a different angle and trajectory things could have been much worse. We are heading up to some games this weekend. My wife wants to spend mothers day at the game so there wont be complaining on my part lol
  13. decent crowd today for a day game midweek. They are putting up some runs today also, been a fun game to follow. I would never cheer an injury, but Kluber going down for Cleveland is pretty significant in terms of the AL central race.
  14. Needed to use up some pheasant and decided to go with a pheasant stir fry tonight. Also wanted to try some rice in the instapot. Used a 1:1 ratio and set it for 3 mins with a natural release and it gets just about perfect. Kind of disappointed we didnt have any left overs for work tomorrow. My kids love this recipe: Please don’t judge me for the plate lol didn’t want to wash any more dishes.
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