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  1. Just saw this on Facebook. Would love to pull one of these up through the hole in a couple weeks:
  2. 2 weeks from today! @Rick can you offer any HSO swag or any other prizes? I will start putting something together and will offer up and bring a variety new lures and plastics to sweeten the pot. Ill propose a casual contest and offer prizes for biggest perch and blue gill for the day on Saturday. Would love to see some more people commit to coming. It’s always great to put some faces with some names on here.
  3. Do you bake this to get the cheese melted? What temp how long?
  4. Thanks for the report smurfy. Sounds like Big Stone was spared with this last snow system. It pretty much shut down all the other SD lakes I like to fish, likely for the year. Fingers crossed we can still get on Big Stone in a couple weeks. Not looking great on a lot of other lakes.
  5. Low of -9 for Ortonville forecast tomorrow night. 2-3" of snow forecast on Saturday. Then the temps dipping back well below zero again late next week and no more snow that I see in the 10day. Maybe we can get "do we need to add an extensions to our augers?" trending on HSO again?
  6. Well there’s the trade, but was it a good trade? I think Graterol for Maeda is fair given the salary and control of a starting pitcher. Maeda makes just $3.125MM per year through 2023. That's a really, really good pitcher for next to nothing. Short-term gain. I like the mindset to trade a future piece for win-now piece. Still don’t think it’s enough to beat the Yankees but it’s an improvement.
  7. I know it was warm and sunny up there this weekend no idea how the fishing was I haven't checked. Hopefully some traffic helped get access onto and around the lake looking better. This cool down should firm everything back up. Some light snow in the forecast for this weekend and middle of next week up that way. Nothing significant so far being predicted so lets hope it stays that way.
  8. I updated my initial post in this thread with the calendar item. Also created a map with some access points to the lake: Map: Big Stone Map access these are all subject to change with the weather FYI I will keep adding more info as the date gets closer.
  9. Heard about the bad loss, and then went and watched the highlights. Watching Fox intentionally miss that foul shot and then see KAT just stand there and watch is exactly why until things change I will never follow this team close again. Bet Saunders doesn't pull his starters like that again.
  10. Done, only have a phone with me at the moment. Will add more details when I get back to my laptop.
  11. bumping this to the top. Made some good ice up that way after this cold spell and the snow last weekend wasnt too bad on Big Stone. Now just have to keep the big snow storms away for a few weeks. You can check Artie's Bait and Tackle Ortonville on facebook for other updates and how to access. Some other pay options out there also. I will try to keep this thread updated as we get closer and try to form a plan on where to meet up.
  12. Also remember that the Gophers didn't have to play Ohio State or Michigan this last season which made rowing the boat a bit easier.
  13. Interesting note that Donaldson has worn #20 for the majority of his career. He would need to get that from Rosario if he wants it in Minnesota. I like the signing at 3b, good upgrade on defense and some nice power at the plate. Now I would like to see the Twins go get a quality pitcher somehow via trade.
  14. Also here is a really nice video someone you may recognize put together that shows the refill process:
  15. Wanted follow up and report that after a few refills couldn’t be happier with this kit and I still haven’t burned my house down. the refill process has been super easy. And with them being vented easy to identify when they are full. I’m out on the ice now and fishing is slow but staying warm with it:
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