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  1. rundrave


    I disagree, I was just in Houston a few weeks ago. I can tell you first hand the starting pitcher played a role in what Astros game we chose to see (Verlander)
  2. rundrave

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    The problem is the Wolves have no leverage now in regards to trades. If Butler wanted out why did he wait so long, that's just going to make it even harder for him to get to the teams he wants to be traded to? He really left the Wolves in a bad predicament with the timing of all of this. They have to keep him at this point don't they? And man Thibs is as good as gone if they don't get anything in return. This quickly went to a real promising future to disaster. And that huge deal Wiggins got looks worse and worse by the day. The wolves cant build around that deal and Wiggins either.
  3. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    starting to ramp up the conditioning and putting on some miles with both the dog and myself lol. Bumped 2 really young birds again last night at sundown. They sat while my dog was on point forever and even me stomping in the grass couldn't get them to flush. One finally did and I thought that was the only bird but dog was still locked up. sure enough another bird sat even longer despite the first flushing and all the commotion from that. Both of those birds are going to have a hard time surviving the winter as young as they are now. Trip last week out west was really dry if I could sum it up. Around Huron the corn was really short and already brown, where down here in the SE part of the state its green yet and very tall. Hopefully that means early harvest for some areas. Grass in the area is really short and dry also. Drove through FT Pierre national grasslands and same situation. Prairie grouse numbers look like they are up a bit according to GFP from last year but still not a boom year. Grasslands look like they are survivng ok but again very dry. I think any grouse or prairie chickens are gonna be pretty spooky and hard to get with not a lot of cover around. They are gonna see us coming a mile away. Going to have to hunt the hill tops and be quick on the draw. pic from lastnights bird encounters:
  4. Just visited the Cabela's out in Rapid city over the weekend. I am not sure what it was specifically but I didn't like the layout of the store and it just felt like they were missing lots of stuff. I wasn't impressed with the changes that Bass Pro did to that store. It is a little smaller compared to others but I just felt it was lacking. I will try to visit the Mitchell, SD here in the next week or so and see if I feel the same way. Hopefully its just the case with the Rapid store as I have always found what I needed at the Mitchell store.
  5. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    I just do my own roadside counts and don’t worry about the GFP numbers This pic was from last night at sundown, I am loving the cooler temps we are finally starting to see. The bird I flushed was pretty young yet though he could barely fly and didnt have much color yet.
  6. rundrave

    What's on the grill

    According to who? We make bacon wrapped asparagus on the grill, the air fryer and in the oven. Never had any issues and we never have any leftovers. There is tons of recipes all over the internet for bacon wrapped asparagus. We do bacon wrapped green beans also. You could say lots of foods cooking instructions are incompatible but have you actually tried it? I suppose chicken and waffles was deemed incompatible also? Or how dare someone put an egg on a hamburger.... you could go on and on. But I guess that's what makes cooking great. If we cooked and never got creative I think a lot of us would be missing out on some great food.
  7. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    Most of central and north central SD is still in a drought. They were dry last year also, didn't get much snow to replenish and now enduring a dry summer again. Meanwhile down in my neck of the woods we now have the 3rd wettest summer ever as of this mornings rain. I am heading west through Huron and Pierre late this week and plan to scout out some public land. Hopefully I still see standing grass and not a bunch of round bales. The pay to play places don't need to go to Wisconsin to get pen raised birds. Plenty of places to get pen raised birds around here, but I wish they would quit buying them all so us little guys could get some to train dogs at a reasonable price.
  8. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    my take on all of this is if you focus on 10yr avg were are still down in population significantly all over the state. We will never see the numbers we saw in the 90's and early 2000's again. its not doom and gloom but birds will still be hard to come buy. I noticed a significant drop in non resident license numbers from last year, will be interesting to see if that trend continues to get lower. The State of SD will spin the numbers to dry to get those license dollars back but I feel its too late. I will still be out chasing birds already looking forward to prairie grouse season coming up.
  9. rundrave

    2018 Pheasant Reports

    Pheasant Survey Indicates 47% Increase for South Dakota’s 100th Hunting Season This year's pheasant brood survey shows a 47 percent increase over last year. The 2018 statewide pheasants-per-mile (PPM) index is 2.47, up from the 2017 index of 1.68. The full report provides an overview of upland habitat; which remains a concern for all wildlife across the state. Just as changes in landscape-level habitat conditions have produced peaks and valleys in the pheasant population for 100 years, habitat will again be the key to preserving pheasant hunting for another century Can get a better idea of numbers per location here: https://gfp.sd.gov/userdocs/docs/2018RingneckOutlook.pdf And here: https://gfp.sd.gov/userdocs/docs/PBR_2018_FINAL.pdf
  10. rundrave

    Shotgun Problem

    Dealt with Tristar customer service with my O/U and they were great to deal with. They made everything right and their turn around time was exceptionally fast.
  11. rundrave


    I have trapped and caught many pigeons for training dogs, over the years. Not sure I could ever get past the idea of trying to eat them though? You should try to get them with a net or trap and sell them on hsolist or get in with some dog trainers, you could make some $$$
  12. rundrave

    2018 Twins

    Dozier with another HR, is salt in the wound. happy to see him doing well despite not being on the Twins
  13. rundrave

    2018 Twins

    I don't see it like that at all. Terry Ryan and Gardenhire were notorious for not holding players accountable. They stuck with their guys (Nick Punto is a great example) and how dare anyone from the media question them. Gardy repeatedly tolerated mediocrity. I like that the new leadership isn't tolerant. Like I said before in an earlier post, this team had over 100 games to prove they were contenders and they failed in every aspect. It got to the point where the Twins didn't have any leverage at all. They were lucky to get what they got. That's an awfully small sample size? But you have to tell the full story. That game doesn't go extra innings because of his error earlier in the game that cost them a run right? Cain tripled to right, Cain scored on throwing error by second baseman Dozier. It sure is weird seeing him in that uniform though lol
  14. rundrave

    2018 Twins

    I don't understand why some Twins fans are upset about these trades and moves. Escobar and Dozier were free agents in just a couple months. They can sign anywhere they want this off season, including back with the Twins. Better to trade and get something its better than just letting them walk away. The Twins were out of the playoff race. These moves were pretty standard and in my opinion good moves.
  15. rundrave

    2018 Twins

    In fairness the Twins had over 100 games to prove they were relevant. If anything it’s good to see mediocrity isn’t tolerated anymore. Dozier: "It sucks when you put together a good team, and you're right there, can taste it, still a little ways to go and all of a sudden this happens. I don't know a better word than disappointing. I'm just a firm believer in 162 games. Just a sucky all-around day." Maybe if he shows up the first half they don’t become sellers! I get others on the team stunk but being frustrated by the front office blowing the team up because you and others played poorly is not taking responsibility for your part in the process.