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  1. Spent the day in sharptail country today. No tailgate pics because I didn’t realize it would get dark at 4pm this far west lol.
  2. so first impressions of the little blackstone. I love it, I still need to pick up the bigger model. Everything I have made on it has turned out awesome. I dont quite have eggs dialed in yet but not being able to set the temp different on each side makes it a little difficult to cook eggs and say bacon at the same time unless I just scramble them. That's about the only down fall of the 22". I do have some issues with it igniting some times but once its up and running no issues even in the wind.
  3. I’m pretty sure the rut is on? this guy wouldn’t run away from us for nothing. then I realized as we got closer he had a doe bedded down with him. he was pretty curious about my dog for a minute there I thought he was going to charge us and finally the doe got up and ran off and he followed
  4. Sorry to hear, its always tough. Just had to do it in April with one of my own. Will give my new pup an extra scratch behind the ear today in honor of your little guy.
  5. that win today justifies the whole crappy season lol
  6. Another fun day hunting in the snow. Had a blast with the pup. Found this car out in the middle of nowhere thought it would make for a great pic:
  7. Where’s all the pheasant reports? Thankfully the heat is gone and even better the snow is here! The birds this morning didn’t know what to do in this fresh snow. My 8 month old puppy is coming along nicely.
  8. Anybody go out today in this heat wave? I debated all afternoon with the heat and left home at 445 drove an hour west and went north and stopped at first piece of public I could find with nobody on it Saw 8 roosters 2 hens on one walk Only had a shot at 1 and missed badly. Way way too hot today. Made the dog get in the water 4 times in our only walk and he still struggled. Won’t go out tomorrow as it’s going to be even warmer. New puppy is progressing nicely though. I like what I see so far:
  9. If I had a bunch of feathers and was trying to get fat for winter I wouldn’t be sitting in the grass on a hot day like today either:
  10. I'm honestly glad they just made it through the season. It provided some much need entertainment with covid going on. Playoff disappointment yet again still sucks. Romo, Clippard, Hill and Odorizzi all signed 1 year deals last year. Does Cruz come back? Was Rosario's last contribution to the team getting thrown out by the ump? With the Polads missing out on 81 gates do they cut payroll? I would like to see them go get Trevor Bauer.
  11. 17 straight playoff losses and they have earned every last one of them !$#@!$#!$# pathetic....
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