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  1. rundrave

    NFL playoffs.

    offseason will be great too lol, they probably need a new special teams coach now also haha
  2. @Wanderer sunset on the ice pic requires sunrise pics also right?
  3. It’s the 570SP It’s already heavy enough as it is I can’t imagine having 850cc or 1000cc atv on early or late ice
  4. Been a major $hit show trying to buy an ATV in the last two years finally back in the game, found a deal I thought was fair enough to pull the trigger on Been sitting things out and not wanting to pay what sellers were asking but also getting frustrated just seeing prices increase and increase. Dealers not willing to find or sell anything been awful experience. Patience finally paid off and scored this new to me unit with less than 200 miles and came with five year warranty. Tits still on the tires, plow had never even had been used on it. Already has winch, hand warmers, mirrors etc. Was owned by an old man who bought it as a tax write off for his business and never used it. got tired of looking at it and sold it to me today. Was exactly what I was looking for:
  5. I agree, the Vikings ended up 8-9. Could have easily been 13-4 and it felt like they were 2-15 lol
  6. Hopefully the inexperienced Kubiak kid will be right behind them. Rebuild from ground up is the way to go.
  7. If Jefferson couldn't break Randy Moss's record with an entire extra game he didn't deserve an extra play for it during garbage time. It’s just a Vikings team record, I am not sure anyone cares. However If your throwing the ball up 14 with under a minute left you can’t be surprised if/when you start seeing some cheap shots from the defense.
  8. I have the small black stone and use it for tailgating, ice house etc it gets a bit tight for cooking space at times if your gonna just use at home and can spring for a larger model do it and you won’t regret it. hibachi at home never gets old on the blackstone, close 2nd is Philly cheesesteaks
  9. Huron huh? Im taking a break from walking now. Im currently south of you a ways.. The birds are cooperating and the warmer temp today has taken the crust off the snow and they don’t hear us coming a mile away. Got 2 so far should be done if I could shoot better:
  10. My son had a tournament out of town today so I was obligated to pheasant hunt on the way home lol:
  11. I’ll take a hard reset rather than 3 to 5” of crappy slushy ice covered in snow as our initial base. I hope the rain finished off what little ice was left and the wind got it all blown up. hopefully this cool down coming gives us a fresh restart of good ice. At this point I’m more concerned about the upland birds. Rain immediately followed by a quick freeze would have been devastating to those birds. Hoping they had some good cover to hunker down in and wait out the weather.
  12. Yeah I am curious now also. I just bought a new one a couple days ago but obviously there can’t be a lot of customers using them yet. How do they know if an auger manufactured after last years ice season and most likely not used yet before this years season is bad? Here is the reply I got when I registered mine a couple days ago:
  13. Only 2-3” here in SD and most is now covered up with fresh snow I know few guys getting out. I’m gonna hold off and keep chasing pheasants for now. I’m on vacation until January 3 after I get done putting in a few hours this week. Hopefully the mild weather this week will put a dent in the snow and then we get some cold temps to make a good base of ice. good news with all of this bad ice is the thundering herds are not out yet around here. I can only imagine what the crowds are further north in spots with good ice.
  14. Hard to believe I hadn’t chased birds for over a month. With the snow flying Friday I took a much needed day off and finally was able to get out. Birds were stunned and held great in the fresh snow. Had some epic flushes, I still need to get GoPro footage edited hopefully I was able to capture some of those black sky moments. Best part of it all I didn’t see another hunter or vehicle out the entire day.
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