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  1. so many new posters from Cali.....hmmmmm? and they only post in each others threads and one has a link to another site. Where is @leech~~ when you need him to call out the SPAM
  2. Garver got lucky on that busted bat to the neck last night. That thing rotates to a different angle and trajectory things could have been much worse. We are heading up to some games this weekend. My wife wants to spend mothers day at the game so there wont be complaining on my part lol
  3. decent crowd today for a day game midweek. They are putting up some runs today also, been a fun game to follow. I would never cheer an injury, but Kluber going down for Cleveland is pretty significant in terms of the AL central race.
  4. Needed to use up some pheasant and decided to go with a pheasant stir fry tonight. Also wanted to try some rice in the instapot. Used a 1:1 ratio and set it for 3 mins with a natural release and it gets just about perfect. Kind of disappointed we didnt have any left overs for work tomorrow. My kids love this recipe: Please don’t judge me for the plate lol didn’t want to wash any more dishes.
  5. Well Looking at the Cedar Shore tournament results from yesterday and knowing what the weather was doing it likely was a tough go this weekend.
  6. Did well fishing today. Pitching jigs to the rocks in town produced fish. Also headed north up river and picked up some fish there. Released the females and kept a 2 man limit of males. Couldn’t have asked for a better day of weather to be on the water.
  7. Made it out to Chamberlain tonight after work and got a nice 19” and a 20”. Caught a couple others under 15” in just a couple hours of fishing. After a terrible ice season felt really good to wet a line in open water. Lots of people out and shore lines were crowded, can’t imagine how bad the weekends are. gonna hit it hard from the boat tomorrow, so more to come.
  8. the armature plates (part no 5211148) can also get worn down and keep it from working and engaging/disengaging correctly. Its cheap fix, but if you replace one side I would just go ahead and replace the other side as well. It also very important to torque down the castle nut correctly when you put everything back together. I believe the manual says you need to torque it to 165 in/lbs then back off then take it to 124 in/lbs
  9. put my ice gear away yesterday. Was a horrible hard water season for me. I spent most of early ice pheasant hunting and not taking advantage of good ice and lake access. Then when we had great ice we got a ton of snow and wind and pretty much made any fishing impossible unless you had a sled or tracked vehicle. Definitely regret not getting out more during first ice.
  10. cut the cord a few years ago and havent looked back. we have few amazon fire sticks that work fine. My kids can get by just with youtube alone lol. I have had to get a little creative to see some of shows and events I like to watch. HINT HINT Its too bad when a relative comes to visit and forgets to log out with their cable provider. I like to watch AMA supercross on Saturday nights. Years past I could get fox sports go app on a device and it wasn't an issue. Now NBC sports bought the TV rights and you have to buy the NBC Gold app ($49.99) to watch everything. With out the gold account I am unable to watch some races at all and some I cant even see live and have watch them on a delay. Still not going to pay the money for gold though. I feel that is going to be the future of anything we watch. $50 for nbc gold, another $50 to watch something else, and another $50 to watch something else, and next thing you know I am paying more than a monthly bill for any provider. I am all for paying for stuff I want to watch, I just don't think the prices they offer are worth the content so these providers wont be getting any of my money for the time being.
  11. It’s a truck, dents and scratches add character. I wouldn’t sweat it. have you priced out truck prices lately? Even new or used they are high across the board. Won’t see me buying another for the time being with where the markets at. If what you got is reliable and your confident it will get you to where you need to go I would keep it until it starts nickel and diming you. If anything parts to keep it going will be cheaper than buying something else.
  12. where did you find the hinges for this? I like the concept of this also, how does the luan material hold up to moisture?
  13. I hear you completely and see your points. I guess I am coming at this from the smitty sled perspective. Regardless of how heavy it is, if its on skis, and if I incorporate some sort of hitch or rope, and if I can pull it with an atv I think I am still ok. The areas where I fish rarely get and see the snow we have seen this season. This year is the exception not the rule for sure. I dont see the snow plowing issue or struggles pulling it with a atv. I have a 2 man flip over that I run and gun out of, but wanted to see if I could come up with some way to run and gun with the hub and get some more room for my entire family to fish. And for the most part the hub is easy to set up and dis-assemble but on windy days it can be adventure. I just want to be able to move quickly from one spot to the other with out having to pack everything back up and repeat to set back up. The flip overs are great for moving and I probably am guilty in some aspect of bringing too much stuff on the ice. But the hub with out a sled makes it difficult. Or you guys can just keep shooting holes in my theory and I can use those to convince the wife for a permy lol. Just trying to come up with something to pass the time as mother nature has me going stir crazy not being able to get out on the ice right now.
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