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  1. Picked this up about a month ago. finally had a free night to cook on it this evening. Went with the premium model. I was going to get the master touch but didn’t think I would use any of the extra features it has. only complaint so far is I wish it was taller lol
  2. these stupid birds outsmart me in the hills and prairie and then I come home and they bring traffic to a stand still on the interstate Almost had turkey pancakes for breakfast on my way to the lake this morning
  3. This thread is making me want to smoke some brisket now:
  4. If I had bought a Weber charcoal grill years ago I’m convinced I wouldn’t need to be buying another one now because the original would still be going strong. I bought a big Weber gas grill on Black Friday a couple years ago and it’s head and shoulders above any of the big box store gas/charcoal grills I have owned the last 15-20 years. None of those lasted more than a few years before they started falling apart. This threads got me craving some meat grilled over charcoal. Probably pull the trigger soon. Now I just need this rain to go away.
  5. yeah I think I would prefer it not to blow ashes all over the food so that feature is probably worth it. I also now see the premium comes with a thermometer and the original basic does not.
  6. I’m looking to buy a new charcoal grill. At this point I’m pretty much set on the 22” Weber kettle. Anything else I should consider? I’m not interested in a big green egg or anything similar. Just a basic charcoal grill for grilling only. I won’t be doing any smoking it will be primarily used for poultry, burgers, brats and steaks when I feel like using charcoal. Also is the premium kettle version for $165ish worth it compared to the basic kettle $120ish? I think the ash catcher is about the only difference?
  7. We left for the Black Hills of South Dakota last Thursday hoping to go snowmobiling while I was out there for my son’s basketball tournament. The trails had very little snow so we didn’t get any miles on the sleds. Ironically I wasn’t supposed to come home until today but I had to drive home in the middle of the night last night or risk getting stuck in the snow storm that hit out there today. At my family‘s cabin last year at this time they had gotten over 300 inches of snow where it’s located near Lead. this year I don’t think they’ve had more than 50 inches prior to today.
  8. Sorry to hear @smalliehunter it’s always hard to lose a good bird dog. hopefully another bearded lady is in your future soon...the dog kind
  9. Last day of pheasant season yesterday. Fall 2021 can’t get here soon enough:
  10. Pheasant season still going strong but winding down. Took this at sundown last night:
  11. Officially jealous. My dream WFH situation would include a rattle reel to going off while I am on a conference call just to see the responses I would get on the phone.
  12. your links are not working for me? what is the year of the machine?
  13. Went mining for some South Dakota gold yesterday:
  14. So 2 of us were walking a narrow drainage channel about 10 yards wide full of sporadic bunches of cattails with a 10mph wind coming from our left to right. Sent my gsp down the middle with each us walking a edge. My dog who is only 10mos old locks up solid. Give him a min to just soak up what I believe is a pheasant. I go to flush and nothing moves, absolutely nothing. So I am now immediately thing skunk, racoon, etc. Small panic attack and pull my dog off the scent who is still locked up rock solid. Then I hear something start moving and its big. 1 coyote jumps out and we pepper it but it kee
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