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  1. fishinlocal

    Regs clarification

    Awesome thanks! Just out of curiosity what is the reasoning behind the catch and release only? I can't imagine it is a numbers thing? Health reasons? The couple walleyes we did catch were very healthy looking and their color was excellent! We had a great time on pool 2, walleyes, bass, catfish, sheephead galore. Gorgeous day yesterday for sure.
  2. fishinlocal

    Regs clarification

    What are walleye/sauger regs just south of Wakota bridge on the Mississippi? It looks catch n release only correct?
  3. fishinlocal

    Quanity or Quality

    Quantity for sure. I love to eat fish.
  4. fishinlocal

    Gas Pump Etiquette

    IMO I think you need to calm down and worry a bit more about things we should worry about. I am sure there are extenuating circumstances...for instance maybe they are pre-paying which they would need to park there and go in and pay. Maybe they aren't paying at the pump and they are going inside to pay after the fact. I think back a few years before the "pay at the pump" and there were always cars and trucks parked at the pumps. Just calm down, slow down and be happy :-)
  5. fishinlocal

    Arctic Armor......Is it worth the money?

    I sold my Red and Black suit and picked up the Green and Black AA Plus. The plus I see with the Green and Black is the inside is a fleece material which should help wick away the sweat as we all know these suits are warm and make you sweat. The other thing is if you leave your suit out in the cold and put it one, the Red and Black was always a bit chilly to put on cause of the inside material. With the Green and Black I can see where this won't be an issue anymore. This could be a good selling point as most of the time I had a t-shirt on underneath my suit. happy fishing!
  6. fishinlocal

    Ice fishing/smomobile suit ?

    Just got an Artic Armor Plus suit! What an awesome addition to my arsenal. It is the same as the normal suit but has a fleece lined inside, that baby made me sweat just looking at it!
  7. fishinlocal

    Arctic Armor Trivia Contest Winner!

    Congrats C Train! What were the correct answers out of curiosity?