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  1. palisade1kid

    Thorne Bro Noodle vs DH Customs Noodle Rod

    The Jason Mitchell Meat Stick is glass and being a factory rod they really have it down for reasonable money. Sure there are other choices for avid anglers but for the average guy wanting to work my mind you can't beat the price for what your getting.
  2. palisade1kid

    Share your Favorite Ice fishing Photos

    With ice just about ready to be walked on I'm getting restless.
  3. palisade1kid

    Trouble with tungsten jigs

    if tungsten baits are to be used the proper removal tool is a nessesary item to have.
  4. palisade1kid

    time for a new portable.

    Flip overs have their place but to get one big enough your looking at close to a grand. I would suggest a Jason Mitchell 5000. I have one and it seats 4 nicely and a bit snug with 6...talking adults here....At Cabe;as they are like 460 something but list around 600$....still way under a grand...heck room enough to pick up a FL8 ....packs easy and does not require a truck or trailer.
  5. palisade1kid

    Zercom Clearwater Classic

    I get the " want to help my buddies cheaply" but that unit will pick up so much interference it would be near impossible to ice fish if any other flashers were near by. I would pick up a used vex for a back up and then you'd have one for them. If they get the ice bug then maybe sell it to them or suggest they go buy one as a flasher is a must have tool for ice fishing...why fish blind these days?
  6. palisade1kid

    Spring bobbers are a waste of money

    I have several rods with the st.croix springs and I love them.There are several springs out there and most are not the best. Now that I am moving to using more tungsten I have been searching for a good rod. In my opinion the Jason Mitchell Meat Stick is the real far as factory rods go. Then even make a 4 has my attention.
  7. I wonder how you can make an opinion without 1st hand knowledge....just saying.
  8. palisade1kid

    Rod combos

    I have to agree...I have been buying custom rods for a decade but these new factory rods have my attention...Meat Sticks...they even have a 4' panfish model and the Legacy Series are the real deal.
  9. palisade1kid

    Arctic Armor......Is it worth the money?

    I had a red suit...very warm and light weight.
  10. Well said and I agree Corey... I started out with an FL8 years ago before making a switch to Marcum...that old LX3 is still working although the leading edge bounces here and there...which is when I went and bought a new one. Took it back and went to 2 more...all had bouncing leading edges....called a bud to gripe and he was going through the same thing and said another one of our friends was too. it was end of the season so I searched around and I saw the FLX28. Needing depedable gear is foremost in my world...the 20 IR levels caught my eye and so did the 1/4 seperation not to mention several other atributes so I wnt back...all flashers show bottom and show fish. Dependability...not getting shut down was the main trigger for me..Vexilar has stepped up features which I plan to utilize and share to help others do what I love to do....catch fish.
  11. palisade1kid

    Ice Armor Suit: Insulated or Uninsulated?

    I have the gray /ulta suit and it is warm and comfortable. Had it on this weekend in the boat. With a few layers on I took off the jacket mid day....I do a ton of runninin & gunnin on ice...being warm is everything. You can always take clothes of but if your short then your cold and it is day over. Clam also makes a grey extreme should look at all 3.
  12. palisade1kid

    Panfish Photo Gallery

  13. palisade1kid

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    hey guys...been awhile since I have posted...hhere are a few pics from this year
  14. palisade1kid

    Help Choosing between Otter Cabin & Lodge

    I would have to agree. Having lodge for years I would say a lodge over a cabin unless your not so tall. I have switched brands but knowing otter like a pro staff should I'd point to the taller more roomier shack. The only other thing is too fish from both if that was an option but you'll miss the show deals.