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  1. Well I would have to agree with the weather people. Up here in Ely it is still coming down and at least at my house we have over a foot already! Thank god and leech that it didn't start till 7:00pm last night.
  2. Wow excellant trip Tracy! Thanks again for posting all the pics.
  3. chaffmj

    Vikings 2019

    Ouch! What was in that Kool-Aid! First time all year I watched the whole game. Sorry I did that.
  4. Uncle Bill, That fish looks a little sadder bud wiser! I never did like that beer. Growing up in St. Paul I was a Schmidt guy
  5. Back in the day before plastic liquor bottles we brought in whiskey and tequila in any plastic container we could find. Last night of the trip we were sitting around a nice fire doing some heavy drinking and one guy pretends to take a sip out of a plastic container that had cooking oil in it. He then hands it to a very drunk member of the crew who immediately guzzles it down. We head home the next day and the guy who drank the oil says, no more drinking water straight out of the lake for me I think I have giardia! Laughed so hard I wet my pants! Also the wine boxes were great because once you were done with them you could take the inside out blow into the nozzle and make it into a pillow.
  6. chaffmj

    Vikings 2019

    Wow smurfy, way to back the Vikes! Drink the Kool-Aid, good things can happen!
  7. Don't you wish that would happen to us! Looks like you are having a great trip Tracy! Thanks for posting the pics.
  8. chaffmj

    Vikings 2019

    Oops! You like that!
  9. chaffmj

    Vikings 2019

    I got three words for you leech. You like that?
  10. chaffmj

    Vikings 2019

    That was why I said with help from leech. That throw to Thielen was pretty good also.
  11. chaffmj

    Vikings 2019

    Vikings win 26-20 with help from leech and pass to Kyle Rudolph in overtime!
  12. Same to you Rick and everyone else!
  13. This is what we had for Christmas dinner.
  14. Wander, I do believe the season just opened. bobberineyes, we have not seen any other critters but the woodpeckers and chickadees sure like it. leech, my friend killed it and yes it was tagged. smurfy, my wife thought the same thing. She was expecting a rib cage with some fat on it and at first was thinking it was too gross to hang up. We thought about leaving it on the ground for the wolves but she got used to it pretty fast once the pine marten showed up.
  15. Here are a couple of pics from early Dec of a pine marten on a deer carcass that I have hanging in the backyard.
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