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  1. Nice pics eyeguy thanks for posting.
  2. Ok leech I was confused by your first remark but then when I saw the second one it all makes sense.
  3. How about those Twins! Finally beat those dam Yankees in NY!
  4. Yes I just picked it up today at the post office because I was gone this week' I grilled some beef tenderloin on the smokey joe tonight and used your world famous horseradish on it. Very, very good. Thank you!!!!
  5. How about those Twins!
  6. Sounds great! No rush and thanks.
  7. I tried but it wouldn't let me send you a message. Thanks any!
  8. Here is a couple of pics of a pileated.
  9. I love horseradish so tell me more. I know nothing about making it.
  10. So do you make your own horseradish?
  11. My rule of thumb is take the number of people and time it by at least 2 for the size tent you want.
  12. I use have used pellets to smoke things on my weber charcoal grill. They work great with the charcoal.
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