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  1. chaffmj

    Timberwolves 2018-19

    All's they do is win without Butler!
  2. chaffmj

    Wild 18/19

    I just got done watching the highlights and I thought they looked sharp. Next up Buffalo tomorrow.
  3. chaffmj

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    Fine looking buck. Congratulations.
  4. chaffmj

    Turkey Day Ice?

    Yes, if they had I would have recognized them.
  5. chaffmj

    Wild 18/19

    I didn't watch the game last night but seeing the highlights and the score it must not of been too pretty.
  6. chaffmj

    Turkey Day Ice?

    I was down in the Twin Cities yesterday and saw two guys ice fishing on Lake Owasso off of Victoria and north of county road D. They were out in front of the New Perspective Senior Living building.
  7. chaffmj

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    You guys crack me up or maybe it is the alcohol.
  8. chaffmj

    Wild 18/19

    I have this feeling that Granlund and Zucker are going to get hot. Who would of thought that the Wild would have the 3rd best record in the NHL.
  9. chaffmj

    Trail Layout

    I don't know what all the work is about. I just walk out on my deck and call them in.
  10. chaffmj

    That Should To Do It!

    You are so right, at least on this. Carry on you two. Hey now!!!
  11. chaffmj

    That Should To Do It!

    You two should swap phone numbers and call each other! Ha ha ha lol
  12. chaffmj

    Bird Id Help?

    I found this strange bird eating my sunflower seeds last week.
  13. Early morning bucks playing around in the back yard.
  14. chaffmj

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    To you people that have nice blue jays and like them I'm happy for you. For me they rank right up there with red squirrels and those things that have their own thread going called horrible people!