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  1. chaffmj

    Wild 18/19

    Yes, I was surprised to see them back in a playoff spot.
  2. I have never heard of this before. So TOM7227 tell me more about this.
  3. chaffmj

    What Killed This Fawn?

    Here is a wolf kill from 2 years ago in my yard. It is quite a bloody mess. Nothing was left but tufts of fur, the [PoorWordUsage] sack and some bone pieces. What? Since when is po op a bad word!
  4. chaffmj

    Birds Everywhere!!!!

    Hawg go to this site. It will help you id them. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/
  5. chaffmj

    Lunar Eclipse

    It looks like you were using my cell phone to take those pics. I'm also surprised an old guy like you could stay up that late! Just kidding!
  6. chaffmj

    Just Food and Drink

    Both look great bobber and smurfy!
  7. chaffmj

    Just Food and Drink

    Pizza and beer.
  8. chaffmj

    Artisan Breads

    Only if Leech promises to keep his shirt on!
  9. chaffmj

    Artisan Breads

    This white stuff is not bread!
  10. chaffmj

    Artisan Breads

    God that looks good. Give me a pound of butter and I could eat all that in a day or two!
  11. chaffmj

    Snowshoe Hare Hunt

    Lots of tracks but only a couple of sightings up in the Ely area the last couple of years.
  12. chaffmj

    Grindstone / Trout

    Sorry for your loss Leech!
  13. chaffmj

    Lets Be Honest. Eat While Ice Fishing Is A Must

    Just keep your shirt on ok?
  14. chaffmj

    Lets Be Honest. Eat While Ice Fishing Is A Must

    Oh, so you are one of those that actually fish!
  15. chaffmj

    Wild 18/19

    Ouch. Didn't see the game last night, but the 0-4 score doesn't seem like it went to well for the wild. Anybody watch it?