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  1. Not sure what this is from but it is bigger than any deer bones I have come across. Moose maybe?
  2. I don't know mushrooms that well. Are these lobster mushrooms? This was a big one.
  3. Pulled our hummingbird feeders tonight after 3 days with out seeing any. Can't wait for the bears to go to sleep so I can put out sunflower seeds and suet again! Ran into this guy while biking yesterday. I told him it was time to take a long nap soon!
  4. I shot this one while riding my bike!
  5. Still getting hummingbirds up here in Ely but with the cold temps we are having I don't expect to see them much longer.
  6. Flicker White-throated sparrow
  7. I am going to quit paying attention and maybe they will go on a wining streak!
  8. Unbelievable! Thank God (sorry Big Dave it is just an expression) I didn't listen to any of it.
  9. Oh my god I love peanut butter and bacon sandwiches! drool So you want me to try peanut butter, mayo and bacon sandwiches?
  10. I like butter on all my sandwiches. Especially a peanut butter sandwich!
  11. Sax-Zim bog area. Sandhill cranes
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