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  1. chaffmj


    Sounds like a win, win. If we should just happen to lose to Bama no big deal but if we should win look out Big Dave!
  2. You are right I can't relate to that post. Also if I was a deer hunter I wouldn't have to go out to the woods to bag a deer. I would just open the sliding glass door to deck, calmly step out, give a whistle and when the big boy comes running into the yard I would blast away.
  3. Leech on the last weekend of deer hunting reminds me of Jethro Tull! (snot running down his clothes, greasy fingers smearing free sweatshirt)
  4. chaffmj

    Vikings 2019

    30-8 Niners with just under 3 minutes left in the 3rd qtr!!!!!!!!!
  5. chaffmj

    Stream Therapy

    Tell us where you are hunting leech so we know where to stay away from to be safe!
  6. chaffmj

    Stream Therapy

    Looks very relaxing. Some of the people in the Outdoor Discussion forum could use a little therapy like this!
  7. Did you happen to notice the price of there beef tenderloin?
  8. Wow, take that Big Dave!
  9. Admit it Big Dave you are feeling that heat just a little. Just make sure you and your team pay attention to LSU before you start to worry about playing the Gophers a bowl game!
  10. Now ranked 17th! Look out Big Dave!
  11. Are you still up north on Vermillion Del? I have to wait for the bears to go into hibernation before I can put any feeders out yet. I have sprinkled a few sunflower seeds on the railings of our deck and have gotten chickadees, rose breasted nuthatches and blue jays but I just don't feel comfortable with feeders yet.
  12. I just became an Astros fan! Go Houston!
  13. Not for me when I went to Virginia to care of some business. If someone was coming up to the range to see the fall colors they could toss one or two in the cooler. They are great on a weber cooked whole or an over priced pellet grill!
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