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  1. The laker that got away until the sun came out! Ely Whiteside park.
  2. Steam punk raven in Whiteside park, Ely for the Winter Festival a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Kawishiwi river falls falls near Ely two days ago. Not sure why but a goldeneye duck was floating around at the bottom of the falls. Was to cold for me to take a dip.
  4. Last Thursday the pine marten came back and was helping himself to some sunflower seeds. Here is another pic.
  5. These guys were cold but not frozen at -32 yesterday!
  6. It's back. Licking it's chop after a good meal.
  7. I gave up on the thistle a few years back.
  8. It has a new official name of Canada Jay. It was called a Gray Jay. Also known as camp robber.
  9. Smurfy was right they are pine grosbeaks. Here is a photo of an evening grosbeak. In the summer we also get rose breasted grosbeaks. In the summer we also get rose breasted grosbeaks.
  10. I have been there a few times and have always caught fish. Not a bad place to stay. I do go during the week when it is quieter.
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