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  1. Leech, I mailed it to them from Ely through the USPS. They sent it back from Minneapolis through FedEx.
  2. I had to send in my old FL-18 to get the motor replaced. It was delivered to them on Wednesday morning. I got a call from Vexilar Wednesday afternoon with a quote for the repair. Got my FL-18 back today! I was pleasantly surprised to get my unit back today. Can't beat a one day turn around! Thanks Vexilar.
  3. Looking at picking up a Clam Lift Suit. Anybody have one? Pros and Cons? Thanks, Mike
  4. I was just taking a shot in the dark. 20 holes could be possible. The only time I drilled a lot of holes with the 10" was on the Red River in Manitoba. That was early ice with a max of 12" of ice. I drilled quite a few holes before the battery went dead. I mainly use the 10" for inside my house or if I'm setting up for the day and not drilling a ton of holes. If I'm hole hopping I throw on the 8".
  5. The only issue I have had with the 10" is the amount of ice it throws while drilling. It will throw some chips. That is only a minor issue to me tho. I don't know exactly how many holes you can drill through that much ice. I would think you could drill around 10 or so. I bought a second battery so I wouldn't have to worry about the number of holes I could drill. The reverse feature is nice too. You can clear out 90% of the ice left in the hole.
  6. You might have already seen this but I will post it again. The 10″ ION is great at opening old holes. I use it for opening old holes in my fish houses. The reverse feature is really nice for clearing out the holes. Hold it in reverse for a few seconds and 90% of the ice chips are gone. Couple scoops and your good to go. The only down side of the 10″ ION is that it throws some ice while you drill. So there is some ice to clean up when your done. Well worth it tho! It’s so nice not having to run a power auger inside the fish hous
  7. Just got this house in the mail yesterday. This thing is NICE. It has tons of space. Easy set up and take down. Eskimo has come a long ways since their first insulated house. They beefed up the poles and made an over sized bag. Now we just need some ice!
  8. Thanks Gill. Great info. I'm think I am going to get one these. Thanks again.
  9. Hey Gill...how is it getting back into the bag they provide? When they first came out with the insulated shelters they were a bear trying to get back into the bag. Also how easy is it to heat? Thanks.
  10. Anyone have any other reviews on this shelter? Just saw the post below about the 6120i. Thanks.
  11. Ions can drill a lot of holes through thick ice. I use an ion up here in Ely. Buy a spare battery and your good to go. You would have to go with the 8in for hole hopping and the 10in for the house. I have the 10in drill for inside the ice castle. No fumes. Its really nice. The Ion is light too. Easy to punch lots of holes.
  12. NOAA came out with there winter predictions today. Looks like they are calling for a stong El Nino as well. NOAA Winter Outlook
  13. Farmer's Almanac says something a little different. Only time will tell! Farmer's Almanac's 2016 Winter Weather Forecast
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