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    Double ugly

    He has a broken thumb.


    Not quite, it goes back to when you said you weren't going to be a fan of the Vikings anymore because of the Wilfs and how you are gonna jump ship and root for the Packers because they run a classy organization. Oh and how do you like Zimmers Defense compared to the Cover 2 you loved so much and didn't want to get away from? IALTO I'm sure you started this season neutral, then were a Vikes fan when we were 5-0 but turned back into a Packer fan the past couple weeks.


    Still gotta give props to PurpleFloyd for lifting the curse he brought the Vikes and bringing it to the Packers when he jumped ship to get on the Packer bandwagon a couple years ago because of how corrupt the Vikings owners are LMMFAO.....thanks bro!!
  4. I don't mind the subject matter at all. I really do enjoy the good humor you post around the football forum. Sorry to break it to you, the QB that can throw the ball the farthest or the WR that can run the fastest straight line speed doesn't make them the best football players.
  5. Funny how you thought Johnny Foosball was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now THAT was some good humor that gave us all a lot to laugh about for years!! Keep up the grea....goo....mediocre work Big Dave!!
  6. Best Combine Presser ever!! It gets real good about 6 minutes in lol http://www.vikings.com/media-vault/videos/Mackensie-Alexanders-Must-Watch-Combine-Presser/c740ff8e-1c3f-4ef9-967c-4bb0e1d30157
  7. Bummer, that's some bad luck getting all those lemons.
  8. I'd upgrade to anything that has a zoom feature for sure. The FL-18 is a nice unit I've had mine for over a decade with no issues, my Ol' lady and friends without flashers still use it to this day while I take the LX5.
  9. Only time I ever see this issue with the Marcums or the Vex's is when the transducer is moving/bouncing in the hole. I really only fish in zoom mode on either unit so not sure if that is a reason why I never see it but I'm really big on making sure I know right where bottom is when I'm fishing so I'd notice if bottom was moving on me for sure. First thing I do when I turn on the Marcum is hit SFL then ZM to find bottom. I've had my LX5 pretty much since they were first released and haven't had any issues except when I got a slice in the transducer cable, I actually just wrapped it up in electrical tape and continued to use it through the rest of that season then bought a new transducer in the summer and still have the sliced one as a spare.
  10. Yeah I'm interested, I'm sure others out there are too. I've always done the blade exchange or just buy new but I'd like to learn and I also have a decent knife collection that I never sharpen but I should. I've looked on Youtube but there isn't very much on auger sharpening on there...especially not Lazer Blades.
  11. Well when your buddies don't own augers and yours turns into a community auger you don't have much choice lol. That's why I said in the past, now I try not to let anyone use my auger except me then I know how it's being treated. What do you mean by stone/oil/hone? Can you demonstrate what you are talking about? Sometimes you can have razor sharp blades but hit some dirty ice and chip your blade and it's game over no matter how sharp your blade is.
  12. I thought that game was pretty good, who don't like to see Clam getting smeared repeatedly and then pouting like a baby? I suppose people that are in the camp that you need elite QB's going neck to neck in an offensive shootout it wouldn't be that great. Half time show was horrid but that is pretty normal.
  13. More then likely Clam's numbers will regress because they had the easiest schedule in football this season, this will probably be his best season ever. He's only having fun, smiling and mocking other teams when the competition is easy or they hold a big lead, when the competition is tough he folds. Everyone loves football and is having fun when they are winning, his true character was revealed when nothing was working and they lost the game after he took a beating. I wouldn't of ever wanted to punt there either, it's too easy this day and age to draw a penalty to keep the drive alive. They were pretty much waiving the white flag at that point.
  14. What a beat down, Carolina looked like dung against that pass rush.
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