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  1. dave, can you explain the butter bath process????????? sounds artery clogging to me but dang tasty.
  2. your package went in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Num that looks awesome. Bet the carcass would boil up to make a mighty fine tasty soup too!
  4. Ok, do those have skin on the backside? I don't see any tail ends, so I assume there not full fillets?? Oh and we don't have a membership card there!
  5. Now your just trying to stir the pot.
  6. A homemade box pizza. Pepperoni on both and one with mushrooms and onions.
  7. hey no problem!!!!!!!!!! I like sharing my horseradish!!!!!!!!! but I heard it might cost me another one!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I don't knownly do business with any wallworld affiliated business.
  9. man now i gotta make some like that. gotta wait till costco opens though!
  10. i need to find a box to put it in, and i'll have my wife send it off on monday so by chance it doesnt sit over the weekend. it wont hurt or affect it getting thawed out then refroze.
  11. that's right I must still be in the penalty box from 2 years ago.
  12. heck i could even send ya some starter roots if you'd like!!!!!!!!!!!!
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