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  1. No leftovers??? leech was over wasn't he!
  2. Yup!!! I bought me a super soaker, I'll be getting that nice scented grease way up in the trees, er I mean wind!!
  3. smurfy

    2019 Gardens

    yea pretty much same story here. but i'll never not not plant maters. those peppers are cool.
  4. smurfy

    2019 Twins

    not really.......wasnt hard at all. since dish and fsn are still peeing on each other!!!!!!!!!
  5. anyone hear from Dave????????? he stranded????????
  6. MEH, Dave is going to come back saying he got it running like a champ. But couldn't catch any fish!!
  7. I just seen an ad in the fleet farm flyer for a weed killer made by roundup that doesn't kill the grass. that's what I would be trying!!!!!
  8. smurfy

    2019 Gardens

    man that stuff looks like its on steroids!!!!!!!! I got a new phone and cant figure out the picture posting thing!!!!!!cukes are coming good, tomatoes slowly. pulled my green beans and dill. onions will be out in a week or so.
  9. my money is some fresh gas and a good run in the lake under a load for a good period of time will do it. oh and oars!!!!!!!!!!
  10. bring oars!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. thanks for having faith in me!!!!!!!!
  12. tried new plugs?????? played with or adjusted the high/low speed????? have you actually had it running in a lake ???? maybe just needs some use????
  13. HEY!!!!!!!! how'd you know!!!!!!!!!!
  14. the winter/summer fishing skills was actually for Dave!!!!!! but now that we know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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