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  1. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    nope..........havent graduated to posting meme's yet!!!!!!!!!
  2. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    World famous. Browned pork, Italian seasoning, onions, garlic. Then hash browns with cheese.
  3. smurfy

    New decoys

    is there a specific date set????????? i need a deadline to get my butt in gear to get them turtle shell clocks done!!!!!!!!
  4. smurfy


    of the 8-9 dekes i use, only 2 are wod with lead to sink, the rest are plastic that needs to fill with water. and they happen to be my fav!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. smurfy

    New decoys

    somewhat baised are we!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. smurfy

    New decoys

    oh and i found that at the Alexandria decoy show last year. $20.00. its tough finding good old dekes like that one!!!!!
  7. smurfy

    New decoys

    might be cheaper in the long run from buying real live suckers!!!!!!! as far as all them little snot rockets i finally found a good pickling reciepe that works for me and i love pickled nords. a long time ago i tried grinding fillets and made fish burgers......they werent bad but when the rest of the house curls there nose............................. i still am an avid believer in each lake is different. if its a lake i fish alot, i know if its got alot of snakes or not and i will not take 10 little fish out of it. personally, depending on if you fish for pike regularly or nor, pike get a bad rap!!!!!
  8. smurfy

    New decoys

    I mainly spear in northern Minnesota, the Winnie area. I will occasionally set up in central Minnesota, Stearns county for the most part. Personally I think the new regs are a joke. Each lake is different, even a 1/2 mile apart. I really don't see Fisher people wanting them under 22 inch fish unless you pickle nords. As far as size and population, I can speak for that yet, however a member here has had the 9 under 22 for a while before this reg and seems to think it is working. I did help some!
  9. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    ok, I just might of had that coming!
  10. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    And t thought I was behind the times!;
  11. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    isn't this the food and drinks thread?? morning Mike!
  12. smurfy

    Who Has Winterized And Stored The Boat Already?

    I got mine done this past weekend. got summer stuff packed in monday nite and covered. will put it in storage by the weekend.
  13. smurfy

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    really?????? the bluebirds i had this summer left a long time ago.
  14. smurfy

    New decoys

    My newest addition to the arsenal!
  15. smurfy

    2018 gardens

    so ends the 2018 garden. pulled the last of the kolarabi and the annual flowers, cleomes to be exact. they look like they got bit by frost. little cleanup and it rests for the winter!