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  1. kinda on the same page with Dave...a sled or trailer!!!!!
  2. after further review i see that now!!!! like your taste in sleds!!!!!!!
  3. Hey I'll give you credit . Nice bunch of walleyes.
  4. are you guys not concerned that the way thats mounted with no support on the head of the auger that its gonna bend something???? I've spent years thinking about some type of auger mounts........but that is my biggest fear. oh and Leech........that pictures like 25 years old.......got any updated ones????
  5. You gonna eat that all by yourself.
  6. i see the wolves have a new head coach!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. shouldnt there be fish in there???????
  8. Yea well some of us can't afford Keurig. and I drink most of a 12 cup pot of coffee every day.
  9. like the guy with the biology degree told me, used coffee grounds are a good score of nitrogen........there is nitrogen in all lawn fertilizers!!!!! we dumped coffee grounds in worms as kids when we sold worms.....kinda like worms on steroids!!!!!!!
  10. not sure how good the trails are........ last time north they looked pretty beat up. even the road ditches. have fun!!!!!!!!
  11. So Dave, when them are done cooked up, take a piece of bread and rub it in the bottom of the pan. oh man that's good, but pretty sure that why my moms died died of a heart attack
  12. Burger, garlic, onions, tomato paste, celery, 2 cans pork and beans, peas. Biscuit is simply the frozen bread dough with a cup of the ingredients rooled in it.
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