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  1. Hey!! I might not always no where I'm at but I'm never lost!! sweet pictures by the way!
  2. smurfy

    2020 gardens

    and Mike's happy hours last longer than an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. smurfy

    2020 gardens

    i still have a snow drift in mine!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dang you eat well boober!!; Does the wife reward you for that fabulous cooking.
  5. I PUT THE BIRD BATH OUT LAST NITE and took a whole 15 minutes before a robin found it!!!!!!!!!!
  6. it sure was cool to hear this morning the robins just singing away at daybreak!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. yep...…..back when I was a kid, the town I lived in had guys going around shooting them.
  8. been seeing a few robins and morning doves. going to pick up some meal worm today to try and keep the robins around. I would think these morning doves will find the seeds under my sunflower feeders pretty soon.
  9. heard a robin this afternoon..never did see the bugger though. had lotz of geese fly over also!!!!!!!
  10. smurfy

    2020 gardens

    anyone know if that greenhouse fire in monticello is the green house that supplies fleet farm??????? i've had good luck with ther plants, and like to support them because there close to home!!!!!!
  11. smurfy

    Dave Gentz

    i just read in the st cloud times, the wife of legendary ice fisherman Dave. his wife passed away!!!!!!!!
  12. yep.ya cant beat a good bed of cabbage weeds for sunfish!!!!!!!!
  13. smurfy


    Pics look fine to me.
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