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  1. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Plantenbergs in Richmond mn. My kid gets some to. I sometimes give some to the other kids too but only if they behave. Your looking at #255.00 worth.
  2. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Didn't cook much but wrapped all my venison trimmings. Sticks hot dogs and summer sausage
  3. smurfy

    Am I Alone Or.....

    well I've seen ya fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry leech dared me!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. smurfy

    2019 Gardens

    I know I just spent the better part of 2 hours out there. I can never remember when to start seeds that's why I ask.
  5. smurfy

    2019 Gardens

    So those of you who start from seed, when do you usually stick them in the starter soil?? Looking at peppers mainly?? A few cleome flowers also
  6. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Baked taters corn and meatloaf. Momma gets the credit.
  7. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    What fun would that be!
  8. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    No refreshments for me tonight. Work tomorrow.
  9. smurfy

    What's on the grill

    Think I can get there by halftime!!
  10. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Made some Tex Mex deviled eggs for the big game.
  11. smurfy

    Birds Everywhere!!!!

    We got a pile of these around today!
  12. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Looks good. Leech come over??
  13. smurfy

    Pastime Project

  14. smurfy

    Pastime Project

    Got them from mike89. And I wish they were of previous dinners.
  15. smurfy

    Pastime Project

    Made these for something to do.