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  1. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Yes my wife does!!
  2. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Steak fajitas tonight.
  3. smurfy

    Girls Are Trouble

    holy moly rocky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did the other feller survive??????????????????????
  4. smurfy

    Vikings 2018

    yepper.............super bowl here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well let's see, there were 3 maybe 4.
  6. I can stop by every nite after work.
  7. Don't remember how long ago it was, but back then the spearing thread and women's thread was the busiest.
  8. Oh it has, had it!! Hmmmm neighbor lady??? she helping with the decoy show?? And I best get invited.
  9. that looks good already!!!!!!!!!!! was thinkin of doing that too, why did you cut the dark meat off?????? just asking for future reference!!!!