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  1. i've been watching this for 4-5 years now, maybe longer. back when the DNR cut back even some northern minnesota zones not have anterless drawings.
  2. Nice looking spear. oh yeah fish too.
  3. anyone follow this for deer?????? the severity index really took a jump, and not in a good way the past few weeks, especially in northern Minnesota. up in the Duluth area its really bad. pretty simple to get to it, hey if I can anyone can!!!!!!! go to the MNDNR site, go to deer, type in winter severity index in the search box, then click on the top topic.
  4. that camera must be stuck on the same frame, for like the past 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least when i posted pictures with my old phone....it wasnt the same one!!!!!!!
  5. no...........i'm already very concerned!!!!!!!!!
  6. and someone to write it down?????????????????? new technology is NOT always a good thing. i had my old phone down pat!!!!!!!
  7. i usually head north to spear chuck, and with the conditions of the lakes up there.......nope..........as it sits now i probably wont even buy the license and go out. first time since i was old enough to have to buy a license.
  8. I gotta figure out this blasted phone first.
  9. You ain't got that picture wore out yet??? Well I drove up to rapids via brainerd this morning. If the lakes up 371 are anything like up hwy 6 UFFDA! THE AMOUNT OF houses that are out is the least I've ever seen in 40 plus years of driving that route.
  10. smurfy


    I did see saban on one of the sidelines. He must wanna see a championship team!!
  11. I seen them 3 times. Yea pretty sad. Dealt with brain cancer for 3 years. Kept it pretty quiet.
  12. smurfy

    Vikings 2019

    i really really have no faith cousins can take us to the promised land!!!!!!! but i'm working the reverse physcology angle................................ worked last week!!!!!!!!!
  13. smurfy

    Vikings 2019

    cousins blew his crowning moment last week............ he's gonna stink up the field and the vikings lose by 10!!!!!!!!!!
  14. smurfy

    In Concert

    RUSH, the nite after we went to the chili feed in Prescott and seen great white with Jack Russell. Gawd did I pay for that on Monday
  15. smurfy

    Vikings 2019

    Yea crow is tasty. off to San Fran.
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