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  1. bird feeders are awefully quiet lately around home. not sure if no snow on the ground has something to do with it or not??
  2. Yea got one, nuttin to brag about. Worse part I hit and tracked a buck for 4 hours sunday opening weekend and lost blood and I searched the whole area and didn't find it.
  3. dang awesome pictures Chaffmj!!!!!!! i went through almost a 40 lb bag of sunflower seeds the 12 days i was up at deer camp......and no i wasnt baiting deer!!!!!!!!!!! about thrusday i had roughly 20 of the evening grosebeaks arrive but have not seen the pine grosebeaks yet. we have had 2 black squirrels for quiet some time all of a sudden there where 2 more...4 total!!!!! was fun watching them chase each other around. kinda bummer though as i havent seen the flying squirrels in a while!!!!
  4. awe man i feel your misery!!!!!!!
  5. i agree, we have 8 regulars at the cabin, they make a mess, but its help feeding the juncos, and squirrels. enjoy watching the 2 black squirrels we have there. here at home same thing but only a couple blue jays. the other day we had a big old pileated woodpecker hanging from the feeder, it was hilarious watching him try to hand on that feeder. he had the feedbag on!!!!!!!!
  6. Robins are gone as well as most other birds. Think only the locals still here.
  7. You can see new activity, posts if you scroll all the way down. It shows up on the right.
  8. where to put this but i have a question???????? when you go to the minnesota forums under the north americian tab, why does it say there's no topics here yet but there obvioisly is?????? am i doing something wrong getting there????? seems like a hassle to go look through all the forums??????
  9. Sweet looking bird. Never heard of them.
  10. i finally figured out why i have so many robins hanging around yet. the neighbor has a couple of them mountain ash trees, i think??? LOL! that has the berries on them. they sure are hanging around that tree. some even act like there a little loopy!!!!!
  11. mailman musta not delivered my invite!!!!!!!
  12. about the same mix of birds here in cold spring as you got Hawg!!!!!! still a few robins hanging in there too. couple days ago musta had 40 to 50 robins out back. thinkin they booked there flight south.
  13. They don't need data!! Just a way to collect more feed. I personally believe it is B.S.
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