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  1. i got room for maybe 1 more sedum................................... maybe 2!!!!!!!!
  2. my garden is pretty thin right now. only thing left are tomatoes and kalarabi!!!!!! yesterday ieven cut down a bunch of my wifes flowers that are done blooming. but them honey bees are sure working over the sedums!!!!!!1
  3. i got a 5 lb potato bag full of jalepenos i could send ya!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. first time with a new brine recipe and on the electric smoker.
  5. is that a good thing.......or bad???? some people hate them things due to the fertilizer they leave behind!!!!!!!
  6. anyone else notice a decline in hummingbird activity???? i've noticed a decline hear in stearns county the past week!!!!!!! debating on wether or not to bring juice up to the cabin next week????
  7. My granddaughter first deer with bow, gun to for that matter.
  8. Did this yesterday and today. 1 more project, doing a bunch of pickled green tomatoes.
  9. i dont either but was seriously thinking about getting a pair for water shoes to load the boat!!!!!!! i was thinkin hot pink though!!!!!!!!!
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