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  1. smurfy

    2020 gardens

    Been doing this for 15 years of better. It adds extra nutrients to the plant and tomato itself. I've been told it's basically the same as miracle grow. I usually start putting it down at ground level by the stalk every 3-4 watering. I also believe it helps avoid the stem rot the tomatoes get now and then.
  2. smurfy

    2020 gardens

    Pretty quiet here lately. Garden is doing good considering the heat. Going to need to pick some dill today. Cukes have lots of flowers and showing good signs of tomatoes too. Time to start adding Epson salt to the mater's.
  3. smurfy

    2020 gardens

    I thought maybe like tomatoes it was inconsistent watering??? I've reduced that by putting a tablespoon of Epson salt around the stalk at ground level ever third to forth watering.
  4. Apparently your reading comprehension is lacking. Didn't I make it clear I don't do venison roasts. And no I have no interest in it. Don't need another contraption in the house either.
  5. not ignorance...........its my personal preference Del.......... i will choose a fry pan or grill 100% of the time. biggest question would be gas or charcoal!!!!!!!!!
  6. just what i do.............i usually dont cut up my vension for roasts. the better parts i cut up for steaks. the rest i leave in chucks for jerky or trimmings for other things. but. you could do this, and i do this with the necks. put in a roaster, add the dry lipton onion soup, onions some bay leaves along with water of course and ley bake till it falls apart. you would be surprised how much more meat you get from the neck doing this. when its fall apart done break it apart, make gravy with the juice, put meat back it, heat and serve over spuds...........nummy!!!!!!!!!
  7. NOOOOOOOOOO.................. not boiled meat..........specially vension.
  8. this is a trick question isnt it?????????
  9. Maybe??? No bugs for the birds to eat. There also nesting. Haven't had alot of birds either!
  10. middle tine, little far back????? aim a little off??????// J/K!!!!!!!!!!! NICE picture!!!!!!!! with the ice conditions last year up in northern mn I never set up a spear shack, noe bought a license!!!!!! so yea i'm itching bad to hit the ice!!!!!
  11. smurfy

    2020 gardens

    picked an ice cream pail full of cleaned radishes today. also had my first spinach/lettuce salad from the garden. nummy!!!!!!!!!
  12. That looks like my olive garden special.
  13. i still have 1 full bag but am also looking to score on a deal. we dont have a Lowes close by and i havent seen a home depot ad in like forever????????????
  14. The one thing I've noticed alit lately is paparika in alot of recipes. I knew it was out there and live the flavor. Started using it more. Really like it on chicken.
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