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  1. guess i havent paid much attention lately, but have had some bees working my wifes flowers a couple weeks ago. we have some friends, she is a flower nut. i stopped there last year and she had bees up the wazoo. the flowers they were on what called sediums....i went out an bought 3 to plant .
  2. yeppers.........we use a scaling pail, or i believe the ones we use were called a cyclone. scales 20-30 sunfish in 3 minutes. just gotta watch it a bit so it dont beat the fish up.
  3. wonder if that boat has an ejection seat??????????
  4. yea, unfortunely i know all to well..........and about the only thing still green!!!!!!!!
  5. i got back today also today after being gone since tuesday fishing. i have no deer issues but before i left the garden was weed free...only to come back and see weeds all over!!!!!! my readishes were done before i left and i pulled out the lettuce and spinach cause they turned bitter. but they sure were tasty before i left!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I know, I haven't been exactly a weekend warrior heading north since last June. We'll figure something out.
  7. Is that like right off hwy 6. I make a pit stop at the access frequently. Or do you gotta snake around back roads
  8. NOW i got 2 people to bother on my way to the cabin!!!!!!!!!! well 3 if i make a short detour through merrifield!!!!!!!
  9. Glad someone has them!
  10. look like man eating spiders!!!!!
  11. Jerry Carlson had an interesting article in the st cloud times today about bluebirds. it explains why there arent many bluebirds around. there blaming the polar vortex...or the massive winter storm they had this spring down south. they were finding dead bluebirds all over in the bluebird houses. that and the lack of food........aka bugs, alot starved. the article also said that weather took a hit on robins also!!!!
  12. These came to visit at the cabin.
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