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  1. Seasoned up burgers and smoked cheese for a topping.
  2. There appears to be enough venison laying on the roads, gonna add a bit of that too!!
  3. same here!!!!!!not many birds right now. the wrens sure are noisy. catbirds are about the only thing eating the jelly. i'm going to be pulling the mealworm and jelly feeders soon. my frustration is not having any morning doves around. and them gosh darn friggin sparrows.
  4. seen my first fawn dead on the road. 94 no less not far from clearwater.
  5. now leech, why couldnt you come up with a positive spin on this like GB did?????????????
  6. and NOBODY'S messin with my katchup!!!!!!
  7. thanks. yea I like asparagus raw also. or its gotta be cooked fresh on the grill. pickled asparagus is good too!!!!!!
  8. nope!!!!!!! just as you see it!!!!!!!!!
  9. no katchup was harmed in this meal!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Grilled asparagus, venny steaks marinaded in a Korean marinade along with spuds fried in butter and onions.
  11. smurfy

    2019 Gardens

    2nd picking. Done with asparagus and all the rubarb is in the freezer.
  12. more like they are fertilizer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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