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  1. oh Yea you were really close. When you took the bend just past the old school, we are just up 29 a bit and a right into the woods. South side of Jessie, gotta be close to Riley's.
  2. Fishinstar, when those dang things star showing up I put out wasp traps. I got them at fleet farm years back. Just put some hummingbird juice in them. I usually have to redo them about every 3 days now.
  3. Love that bear in the tree picture. We are up by jessie and bowstring lake in Itasca county and haven't had issues with bear with the sunflower seeds or suet cakes in a long time.
  4. awesome pictures as usual chaffmj!!!!!!!! still have hummingbirds around. had 5 morning doves under the feeders this weekend. and the feeders are getting hit hard with purple and yellow finches!!!! pretty sure most are just on the way through headed to warmer destinations.
  5. That old dog gordie still around?? I miss that guy on here. Say hi to him from Glenn. Last time I seen him was when he was helping sell bait on a fishing tournament our union sponsored
  6. I was up in Itasca county this past weekend, well since Tuesday. I think the hummingbirds are heading south. There sure weren't many around. Plenty here in cold spring yet. Think the loons are headed south to. I was on 5 different lakes and one seen 1 adult with 2 youngins!! I heard the crackles and red wing blackbirds already left. No loss there though.
  7. Hate to go another direction but charcoal is on sale again. Lowe's for 16.99 and home Depot 19.99.
  8. Boobers, whatcha got in the cast iron?? Vegan burgers??? looks good though!!!
  9. I was drawn last year so it will be another 4 years. I'm fine with it. I'll be retired then and play in the woods all the time.
  10. Bad, no license. So no baiting.
  11. picked the last of my green beans and pulled them last nite. the beans did well this year, tomatoes and cukes, kalarabi not so much!!!!!!!!! good carrot crop also!!!!
  12. All that bacon is for only 2 people?people???
  13. Those are sweet pictures.
  14. I've seen alot of hummingbirds in trees, unless it's early spring with no leaves or you litterly follow the hummingbird pretty tough to spot them little buggers!!!!
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