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  1. naw...........i was making egg coffee longgggggggggg before i knew Del and his meat boiling operation!!!!!
  2. your exactly right, thats kinda what it looks like. but dont knock it till ya try it.
  3. my guess super cheap and a poor grade of coffee!!!!!!!!!! if anyone uses on of them pots papadarv has pictured, try making egg coffee. man thats good stuff. simply put the coffee grounds in a cup, and an egg, no shells, mix good and put in the boiling water. you do need to pay attention, it boils over easy. when you think its done, just add a bit of cold water, this makes everything settle sooner. and enjoy.
  4. Can't taste as bad as hotel or gas station coffee. I've never minded perked coffee.
  5. smurfy


    I do know this,......we may give Dave a lot of grief about Bama, and gloat about the gophers right now...……….but if they met up in a bowl game this year...………….the gophers wouldn't have a chance...………………..
  6. so Del you saying your friend shot all those bucks at nite!!!!!!! hunting farm country is a whole drifferent animal then up in the big woods!!!!!!!!!
  7. awe gawd…...ya don't have to tell me...………….its on a lot here!!!!!!!!!
  8. They didn't. Poor Dave.
  9. smurfy


    DOINK.... Oh my.
  10. why. There's been a deer shot there the last 7 years. And a few mounters.
  11. I know exactly where that is!!!!!!!!!! I call my deer stand venision ridge!!!!!!!!
  12. don't feel bad leech, I felt the same way the 3rd weekend. matter of fact I'm pretty sure the deer where taunting me. walked out at dark Saturday nite, go back where I was sunday morning, had deer walking all over in my tracks.
  13. you feeding CBD oils to the birds now??????????
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