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  1. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Yea well ya implicated me!
  2. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Oh what a comedian. just so ya know outta the 40 or so jars I have a 100% seal rate. oh wait add the 23 jars of pickles I did earlier.
  3. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    yep..........its what i say!!!!!!!!!!!! well spend some of dat moldy cash!!!!!!!!!!
  4. smurfy

    New Sod

    some people swear by this milorganite fertilizer, doesnt burn. i used it in my garden and i like it. its less spendy and apparently some golf courses use it. just a thought, if your watering 3-4 hours each nite, that may be to much????????????????????????
  5. smurfy

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    What these guys said. He was one awesome story teller.
  6. smurfy

    Canning time

    Well the 13 pints of salsa is put away. Today it was 14 qts of stewed tomatoes, 7 pints tomato juice. Also did a double batch of summer cukes and a different cuke recipe. If that wasn't enough I mowed the lawn also. I'm [PoorWordUsage]ed!
  7. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Not katchup???
  8. smurfy

    Canning time

    Cookin salsa, drinking beer, listening to rock and roll. Don't get no better then that!
  9. smurfy

    Shredded Turkey

    dang they look like state fair turkey legs!!!!!!!!!!!! nummy!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. smurfy

    Who Made This Heater?

    i have 2 of those that are built very similar but there a smaller version. i still see the ones i have in fleet farm now and then. i bought 1 there and my first one at reeds in walker and i believe i paid around 90 bucks for them. for $20.00.....................if i wouldnt have 4 fishhouse heaters already...i'd scarfin on that!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. smurfy

    Just Food and Drink

    Fried skin on sunfish, fresh mater's, cukes and cabbage outta garden.
  12. smurfy

    Canning time

    Figured as long as I'm filling jars, I'd fill a few more. Made 2 more 2 gallon jugs of pickled cukes, 4 qts saurkraut, and 2 batches of frig pickles.
  13. smurfy

    2018 gardens

    I pulled a tomato plant today as well as 2 pepper plants, they weren't jalapeno or green pepper so they had to go.
  14. smurfy

    2018 gardens

    well, i do have a watermelon cut up in the frig!!!!!!!
  15. smurfy

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    I drive thru outing every time I go to the cabin also. Is that right on 6?