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  1. smurfy


    just out of curiosity, do you guys feed mealworms year round? or just through the summer months.
  2. smurfy

    2018 gardens

    yea she is...…….thanks guys!!!!!!
  3. smurfy

    2018 gardens

    Here's what I got.
  4. smurfy

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Same here. Birds were awful scarce yesterday.
  5. smurfy

    Woodstock nests

    Those are Cornish game hens leech cooked!!
  6. smurfy

    The Love Birds

    Great pictures eyeguy!! but I didn't think seks pictures were allowed!!
  7. smurfy

    MN bear lottery dates?

    Think I read June 4.
  8. smurfy

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Orioles and red breasted grosbeaks found cold spring says momma!!
  9. smurfy

    Woodstock nests

    Totally awesome picture minky!!!
  10. smurfy

    Fishing Preperation

    Beer iced down in cooler, check, plenty of firewood, check, lawn chairs, check. Yep in prepared for opener. Now to find an access to watch the show. Seriously I be ready just gonna wait a weekend.
  11. smurfy

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Have the first hummingbird and bluebird tonight. Cardinals are going nutz!
  12. smurfy

    Spring Is Upon Us

    no orioles or hummers in cold spring yet! them head diving tree swallows are back though!!!! no bluebirds yet either.
  13. smurfy

    2018 gardens

    over the weekend planted onions, radishes, kalarabi dill, lettuce, spinach, green peppers and some tomatoes. also planted cilantro and savory!!!! left on the to plant list is carrots, green beans jalepeno peppers, cabbage, and more mater plants.
  14. smurfy

    Bait for the opener

    In all reality, I'm passing on the first weekend. Let the cookies at it first. not a fan of crowded lakes and hiways. Headed north the following weekend.
  15. smurfy

    Bait for the opener

    what time do you go ni-nite?????? i'll be over!!!!!!! i'm a minner guy the first part of the season!!!!!!!!