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  1. yep thats how i understand it too. i just secured some private land to hunt s i be getting a license this spring. still think you need to select a time frame however!!!!!!
  2. smurfy

    NFL playoffs.

    these games are hard on my football pools!!!!!!!!!! all 3 home teams and all 3 favored to win went down...... hope stafford wins it all now!!!!!!!!!
  3. smurfy

    NFL playoffs.

    Oh my the Rams are takin it to them. not good for my football picks though. I can't watch that game, dish nixed channel 11 turds!
  4. smurfy

    NFL playoffs.

    Hey I gotta keep my chick magnet body up
  5. smurfy

    NFL playoffs.

    naw thats the empty beer can collection bin for tonight!!!!!!!!
  6. Ish they taste like everything artificial. I'm a homemade cookie conisurre.
  7. awesome picture leech........ i miss them days!!!!!!!!! and i aint gotta clue what you fellers are talking about with that plate thingy?????/
  8. Grilled burgers, yep Velveeta cheese, fried onions and beans.
  9. well garden magazines are coming. last week went to the house of bargains and they had the seed packets out.........so i'm ready!!!!!!!!!
  10. we have the same thing at the cabin...usually at night, at least when we are there. here at home my feeders have been really busy with finches!!!!!!!!!! we arent by Ely.......but we have close to 24 inches of snow in the talmoon, Marcell area!!!!!
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