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  1. Find this on Amazon and you can use Bluetooth. It has 2 different outputs. 3.5mm and RCA: Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming
  2. Because slide divers are such a pain to rig I have dedicated 2 rods for them. I also bought the weight kit to make them heavier if I want or need to go deeper but mostly keep on the lighter version. I have caught fish on them but don't feel that they are a better option then a Dipsy diver. The fish on Superior just don't seem to care about the hardware. Colors maybe but I run all clear for the most part.
  3. Dang that looks good ! Should not look at food pics before supper!
  4. Thanks for the tip. When you look at how much rolls cost this ends up being a really good deal. Will have to pick some up when my rolls run out.
  5. Just have to make sure its not treated. Bought a 1/3 of a square for about $15 years ago and still have plenty.
  6. My Weber gas grill is right out the door and is connected up to my natural gas. It gets used a couple times a week year round. I also have a Weber charcoal and a gas smoker. Time and a place for everything.
  7. If your Boveda packs get dry all you need to do is stick them in a Tupperware type container with some distilled water. Make a tray right above the water and the Boveda will take enough water to get back to it original %
  8. Another thing is to wait till it gets warmer. Need the temp to be at least 60 before the flavors will taste right. Any colder and the cigar will taste lousy and it dose not matter what cigar you choose.
  9. If you can find them for a reasonable price a Oliva Master Blend 3 is a nice smoke that dose not need a lot of rest. A Crown Heads Jericho Hill or Arturo Fuente Hemingway are also a nice smokes that should not need much rest. If you can pick up a fiver from JRs or Famous and keep them in Tupperware with a 65% Boveda Pack you can let them rest until you want to smoke. The prices on line are better then most shops, and most shops keep there cigars a little too wet for smoking right away. All of these are more of the medium type smokes so they are a little easier to take on when you don't smoke often.
  10. Bet the cigars tasted darn good after the taste test !
  11. They have Dewalt USB ports that are made by different company's on Amazon that cost right around $17. Made for either 12 or 20 volt batteries.
  12. Can you get into the unit ? After a firmware update you may need to change the configuration back to the way you need to have it. Just a thought....
  13. I have not but it really sounds interesting. The video I watched used garlic, butter and thyme sprig when they seared it. Looked perfect when they cut it open.
  14. I guess I love the taste of a rib-eye and do not feel smoke will make it better. Very hot grill and 5 minutes a side and pull it. I always bring my steak up to room temp before putting on the grill.
  15. I really like the idea of the rotisserie. Coals on both sides and throw in a few apple chunks for smoke and let it spin. I guess I look at it in a way that I would not smoke a rib-eye steak.
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