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  1. Jim Almquist

    What's on the grill

    A lot of good looking recipes on Old Bay's s i t e : Old Bay Recipes
  2. Jim Almquist

    2 cycle oil

    I learned the hard way about 2 stroke oil. Threw in some Cenex 2 stroke in the fall for my Yamaha 50 hp. The next spring when I finally got to burn the oil I took out my top end. It was the only time I did not use Yamalube 2 stroke oil.
  3. Jim Almquist

    Ants, what do i do?

    I use the water moats on all of my hummer feeders. Works good as long as you keep them filled. The Chickadees like to drink out of them for some reason. Keep the birdbath full but they prefer the moats.
  4. Jim Almquist

    Smoked Pork Loin

    I would use either beef or chicken broth but maybe make up the broth in a tin foil pan and put it in the smoker to get some of the smoke/pork flavor while the loin is smoking. Might just make a real nice aujus
  5. Jim Almquist

    Spring Is Upon Us

    No Hummers yet but did have a nice Male Rose Breasted Grosbeak at the feeders.
  6. Jim Almquist

    Cub Cadet xt1 LT42

    I can't speak for that model but I have the LTX 1046 and really like it. Seems to be well built and works like a charm in my yard. I bought the bagger and use it to clean up the yard in the spring and fall. Works great for picking up pine cones. Mine is going on 4 years and has not given me any trouble.
  7. Jim Almquist

    Hitch lock won't open. Any ideas?

    Spray some penetrating oil in it and let it work for a day. Then spray again and try the key very gently working it back and forth. Mine is lubed up pretty good and it spends most of the year on the truck. Lube it up a couple of times each year just for that reason.
  8. Jim Almquist

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Had our first Junco at the feeder and a Honker on the St. Louis river
  9. Jim Almquist


    If you have a thistle feeder they will hang around much longer. I have a flock of 30-40 that come in most everyday with a mix of Pine Siskins and a few Goldfinches thrown in.
  10. Jim Almquist

    New kind of "bird" at my feeder

    Cool to have one around. Not sure if I have ever seen one,
  11. Jim Almquist

    Air Fryer?

    The Air fryer XL was 120.00 and the Air Fryer Oven was 160.00. If you Google Power Air Fryer or put a .com at the end you should find it. 3 or 4 easy payment of $39.99 depending on model and free shipping.
  12. Jim Almquist

    Humminbird Ice 55 problem

    Your sounds like a power connection. When you changed out the batteries something loosened up. I would just double check your connections.
  13. Jim Almquist

    Best electric fillet knife?

    Honda cordless ? Tried Google and came back with no results.
  14. I could see cooking ribs with the Sous Vide method with a little liquid smoke and throw them on the grill to add sauce.
  15. Jim Almquist

    Air Fryer?

    I was watching a infomercial on the Power Air Fryer. I really liked the bigger model and all of the extra attachments. Anybody own one ? Would like a review of sorts before making 4 easy payments and free shipping.