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  1. Jim Almquist


    Can you get into the unit ? After a firmware update you may need to change the configuration back to the way you need to have it. Just a thought....
  2. Jim Almquist

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    I have not but it really sounds interesting. The video I watched used garlic, butter and thyme sprig when they seared it. Looked perfect when they cut it open.
  3. Jim Almquist

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    I guess I love the taste of a rib-eye and do not feel smoke will make it better. Very hot grill and 5 minutes a side and pull it. I always bring my steak up to room temp before putting on the grill.
  4. Jim Almquist

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    I really like the idea of the rotisserie. Coals on both sides and throw in a few apple chunks for smoke and let it spin. I guess I look at it in a way that I would not smoke a rib-eye steak.
  5. Jim Almquist

    Big Buddy Heater Won't Light

    You said you changed the LP tank. Was it using a hose or a direct connect 1lb ? If it is a hose it can take a few minutes to get the gas into the heater. I like to heat the thermocouple up with the heater set on 3 to get the gas to move faster. Even that can take a while if you are using a 10' hose.
  6. Jim Almquist

    Jerky Recipes And Cooking Methods?

    eyeguy, I would use my charcoal smoker and add chunks of hickory to dry out my jerky. About 2/3 of a coffee can was all I used and a few chunks of hickory tossed on top. Started the coals in one of those Weber starter cans. Smoke for and hour then switch the grates around so they would both cook even. My favorite blend was High Mountain pepper blend. It was Osseo meat that got me to make my own. There stuff was great but at $15.00 a pound...
  7. Jim Almquist

    Cat5 Vs Cat6

    It is hard to say if the cable is the bottleneck. It could also be the NIC card in the old computer but... since the TV is getting the same speed it sure seems like the feed cable is the bottleneck. Wish I was closer cause it would take no time to whip up a new cable vs what it cost to buy one. Cat 5 is smaller gauge wires and less twist per inch then Cat 6
  8. Jim Almquist

    Thick ice, go to auger gas or cordless

    Give it a year or two and you will have a few that will go back. Those that use Milwaukee drills will start to have the clutches start slipping and will find 30" of ice is no fun. Not to say it won't happen to other brands but I use Milwaukee's everyday and have seen it in a lot of that drills at work. As little as I use my Nils it will never be sold.
  9. Jim Almquist

    Nils Master Usa

    I have not seen anything written anywhere but that means nothing. Lack of common sense and misuse can make most anything look bad. Almost impossible to make stuff fool proof and still work and not cost a fortune these days.
  10. Jim Almquist

    Nils Master Usa

    Always love when someone joins a forum only to post multiple copy and paste complaints. I guess he never thought to ask what others thought and where would be the best place to buy said product. The way he used his Nils sounds even more questionable. Wing nuts on a drill head sounds plain wrong. My Nils came with nylon nuts on both my 6" and 8"drills. Mine fit tight so I took some paint off and also put some grease on it so it would be easier to take a part when it needed to be sharpened. Also noticed this person signed up on another forum and made this his first post with the SAME copy and paste. Funny he could find the forums to complain but not when he should have been asking advice. Another thought might be that he works at a company that is tanking due to Nils and K Drill winning the market of drill adapters and no one wants to buy a gas auger. Really hate when people post once and then they are gone. Who wants to respond when you are not even sure your advice will even be read or in this case it is never even asked. Plenty of members on this site who would offer advice if asked. Rant over !!
  11. Jim Almquist

    Master Toasting Bread

    Keep forgetting to check out SuperOne to see if its on the shelf.
  12. Jim Almquist

    Master Toasting Bread

    I did a search ans it seems a shortage happens once in a while. That search came from 2013 and it was the same problem. Hope it just a temporary thing because it makes such great toast.
  13. Jim Almquist

    Ribs Done Right!

    Leech a buddy of mine was cooking there as well. Big bald guy that is right around 6'6". Have not seen anything on FB on where he placed or if he did.
  14. Jim Almquist

    Pork belly bacon

    Last weekend I noticed that our Sam's club in Duluth now carries pork belly's. The price was $3.79lb and the size looked to be around 4-5lbs. What are you guys paying per pound?
  15. I guess it depends what you are looking for. I just picked up 2 pairs of jeans for close to 50% off but this was also online and not a store.