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  1. Jim Almquist

    Master Toasting Bread

    I did a search ans it seems a shortage happens once in a while. That search came from 2013 and it was the same problem. Hope it just a temporary thing because it makes such great toast.
  2. Jim Almquist

    Ribs Done Right!

    Leech a buddy of mine was cooking there as well. Big bald guy that is right around 6'6". Have not seen anything on FB on where he placed or if he did.
  3. Jim Almquist

    Pork belly bacon

    Last weekend I noticed that our Sam's club in Duluth now carries pork belly's. The price was $3.79lb and the size looked to be around 4-5lbs. What are you guys paying per pound?
  4. I guess it depends what you are looking for. I just picked up 2 pairs of jeans for close to 50% off but this was also online and not a store.
  5. You can but it would be much easier if you had some help. Biggest thing is to open the clamps up so it can sit on the boat quicker and give your arms a break. I swapped out an 18HP for a 35HP and it was like trying to carry a 100lb sack of potatoes. Got it done but heavy. Today I would not even think of doing it myself but back then I was a little more hard headed. I am also assuming its a tiller with no controls to hook up. I would guess it will be around 125lbs according to Yamahas site.
  6. Jim Almquist

    What's on the grill

    Might just have to make a little extra for breakfast this weekend and use a little self-control and not eat it for a mid morning snack.
  7. Jim Almquist

    What's on the grill

    As much as I love bacon I feel the same way on how I prepare asparagus. Just coat it will olive oil and some sea salt and grill till a little char and its ready. Need to make some this weekend with some some CSR. Never hurts to have some bacon for a snack on the side.
  8. Jim Almquist

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    So sorry to hear that cancer took another good person. He is in a better place and I am sure God has a plan for his talent.
  9. Jim Almquist

    Who Made This Heater?

    Come to think of it I believe I still store mine in the box it came in. I will have to check in the rafters and see if I can see the name/brand.
  10. Jim Almquist

    Canning time

    Sounds like a plan Smurf !!!!
  11. Jim Almquist

    Who Made This Heater?

    I still have one like that. Great heater!! I would cook on the top all the time. It made perfect omelets in the morning. If you put it on the List I would ask $50 and if it dose not sell quick you can drop the price.
  12. Jim Almquist

    What's on the grill

    A lot of good looking recipes on Old Bay's s i t e : Old Bay Recipes
  13. Jim Almquist

    2 cycle oil

    I learned the hard way about 2 stroke oil. Threw in some Cenex 2 stroke in the fall for my Yamaha 50 hp. The next spring when I finally got to burn the oil I took out my top end. It was the only time I did not use Yamalube 2 stroke oil.
  14. Jim Almquist

    Ants, what do i do?

    I use the water moats on all of my hummer feeders. Works good as long as you keep them filled. The Chickadees like to drink out of them for some reason. Keep the birdbath full but they prefer the moats.
  15. Jim Almquist

    Smoked Pork Loin

    I would use either beef or chicken broth but maybe make up the broth in a tin foil pan and put it in the smoker to get some of the smoke/pork flavor while the loin is smoking. Might just make a real nice aujus