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  1. i thought it was a bird pic and cooking site.
  2. the roof is nice. cardinals found it yesturday but no pics of them yet.
  3. I might have to put some chips out for fun. Got a new meal worm feeder and its a big hit. Saw 2 redpolls yesturday.
  4. 3 pound micro ice in the flo green has been good to me 2 winters now. I can see it! Havnt been using the spring bobbers much this year since I like them for the 3mm tungsten. Mainly 4 this year. I needed a new one tho so grabbed another a couple weeks ago. Strange! Was out fishing and it would not hold the 3 mm up. Got home and checked in the house and it was just fine. Hmmmmmm, twilight zone?? Checked it again next time out and same thing. So when i got home i did a side by side test outside the patio door. Pic has a 3mm on each set up. Come back inside and it goes back to normal. WEIRD! lol WIll exchange it but mills is out of them so gotta wait till next winter. Sent frabill a note but havnt heard back yet.
  5. good day to fly a kite
  6. it takes some practice. I was skeptical at first also but friends did great on them so made the switch and I use them 95% of the time for gills and crappies now. Still learning
  7. interesting, twilight zone??
  8. sheesh, glad you and he are ok. scary
  9. First time seeing these 3 on the feeder at one time. Pretty neat. Goldie, house and pine siskin.
  10. you betcha, 1 woodpecker and 2 nuthatches is all today. brrrrrrrr
  11. dont drink so much beer when you take pics
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