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  1. havnt seen a cardinal like that and hope I never do. Probably think I was having an acid trip! LOL
  2. house sparrow chick. they are usually next door where the millet is.
  3. All jay chics I have seen look like that. Not for long tho
  4. A rare treat. A black and white warbler. not very good pics but I got it
  5. cardinal and chipping sparrow chick. lotta variety today.
  6. pretty sure that's a house finch chick.
  7. a few from today. red bellied chick was yesterday. raining out lightly so might be a busy bird day. the goldie chick is neat.
  8. gotta love wind and trail cams. so much fun looking at a couple hundred pics of grass and then 1 deer. LOL moved that camera!
  9. LOL! I was gonna pop a pic of one last week but it flew away. yesterday one flew in and it was getting some color.
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