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  1. drop the steaks off here, I will tenderize with my teeth.
  2. yep.. I am rich and have all the lures I need already so I get the birdies the good stuff
  3. Still a few juncos here. The regular crowd was busy feeding yesterday during the light rain. Slinky’s are really helping the suet feed mostly birds. I stopped putting it right on the trees and changed to plant hangers. Flying squirrels don’t bother it also. Now they last a week or two instead of a day. The cardinals love the meal worm feeder with the roof but I just use oils in it. Daughter finally got a feeder in elk river area and filled it with oils. Had 4 cardinals on it an hour later. Then the squirrels found it. lol.
  4. lotta juncos last week. a few here today.
  5. these 3 still hang out a lot together. the slinkys on the feeders work sweet. once in a while one will get to the top but pretty rare. took 3 suets off trees and put on plants hangers. Much better keeping squirrels off. loaded one of the old ones 2 days ago on a tree for fun to check and gone in a day.
  6. Thief! Young bluejay fills up with seeds and heads to the back log fence to hide them. Squirrel watches and steals them. LOL
  7. the young female is looking good.
  8. make it and they will come...
  9. He is funny. Grabs a seed and hides it in then bark then comes and gets another. Back and forth.
  10. the young cardinal posed for a bit 2 days ago while I stood on the deck. Got a twinkle in his eye.
  11. Lotta birds again today! Young male cardinal is looking good. Mama cardinal is gorgeous. Lotta white throats.
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