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  1. eyeguy 54

    Jerky making

    I dry at 160 till its the right bend. DOnt want it crunchy. Starting with 1/4 inch whole meat usually takes about 6 hours or so with my american harvestor snackmaster pro. Ground not as long. Its probably 15 to 20 years old and still works dandy.
  2. eyeguy 54

    Gutter covers?

    Leag Guard. its a gutter and cover together so wont work if you already have gutters unless you want to replace them.
  3. eyeguy 54

    Grackle problem

    RWBB chicks were destroying 3 suet stations o not putting any out for 4 days now. Havent seen them on the oils. Lotta different chicks showing up. A fun time of the year.
  4. eyeguy 54

    Backcountry Bluegills

    lol at your comment.
  5. eyeguy 54

    Ants, what do i do?

    I keep the hummer and oriole feeders about 10 yards from the black oil feeders. middle of yard in the grass.
  6. eyeguy 54

    Ants, what do i do?

    try the raid spray on grass at bottom.
  7. eyeguy 54

    Caught Some Air

    got knocked out more than once back in the day. Dr Butzon who was the town eye doc took this pic. Friend of mine and I ran the small ski patrol. I built the jump, set my ski poles there and the sign. Bears Den Ski Hill, Fort Ransom ND.
  8. eyeguy 54

    Caught Some Air

    rules suck! lol @leech~~ me back in 1978. lol
  9. @leech~~ CWD sampling results for the disease management area Updated @ 6:47 p.m. on Tuesday, March 16, 2018 CWD Zone view mapSamplesPendingNot detectedSuspectedConfirmed DPA 603 1,185 0 1,179 0 6 Late hunt 275 0 275 0 0 Landowner shooting 19 0 19 0 0 I hunt in 603. our 2 bucks were good.
  10. eyeguy 54

    Wing It Quick Swap weights

    used the quick swap bobber for the first time yesturday. really like them. line slips thru fast. fishing a foot off bottom in 14 FOW for gills.
  11. eyeguy 54

    Pickling Pike

    a good trick is to have fish in cold liquid constantly. even when rinsing get that water cold first. reading this thread makes me want to make some!
  12. eyeguy 54

    Backcountry Bluegills

  13. eyeguy 54

    Dyi kayak rack ideas

    i see, my rod holders are holes.
  14. eyeguy 54

    Dyi kayak rack ideas

    i bought a 4 x 8 trailer at mills. when hauling 4 yaks we just tip on sides and lock them down with straps. easy peasy. plus i can use the trailer for other things if needed. piggy back works with the yaks also.