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  1. eyeguy 54

    Smoked Fish Chowder..

    first batch of fish in the Bradley and really worked dandy. ribs twice, eggs once. I like the way it feeds the bisquettes into the burner.
  2. eyeguy 54

    Smoked Fish Chowder..

    this too https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/smoked-fish-chowder-11524
  3. eyeguy 54

    Smoked Fish Chowder..

    this looks good https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/smoked-fish-chowder-amelia-oreilly
  4. eyeguy 54

    Smoked Fish Chowder..

    smoked these this morning. not going in chowder!
  5. eyeguy 54

    Smoked Fish Chowder..

    interesting. I make crappie chowder and soup. Smoked would be interesting. Smoking crappies Friday
  6. eyeguy 54

    Smoking rock bass

    never have. crappies for me.
  7. eyeguy 54

    Finally.... hummingbirds...

    I cant see vid
  8. eyeguy 54

    Smoked eggs

    Amber colored eggs have been going in my gut for 30 years. Never saw an orange one.
  9. eyeguy 54

    Smoked eggs

    Nothing wrong with smokey flavored gas!
  10. eyeguy 54

    Smoked eggs

    Forgot to mention, I always close the vent for eggs.
  11. eyeguy 54

    Smoked eggs

    They get such good flavor not sure why you would want to cut in half. Would need 2 trays when I do a dozen also. Just upgraded to a bradley last week and did eggs in it. Worked nice just running the smoker and unplugging the main chamber. It still got up to 120 after an hour. They were still a bit rubbery but I actually prefer that as have all that enjoy them. Egss were not as amber as they were with the masterbuilt but the flavor was a bit smokier. Took them off after an hour. The masterbuilt I would set at 150 and always put eggs and wood in and turned smoker on. Started everything cold with vent closed. On the bradley I need to warm the smoker box up 20 minutes, then put the eggs in the chamber and advance the wood briquettes. works nice. LOve them in salads, deviled and whole.
  12. eyeguy 54


    I get the big bags of freeze dried at mills. They gobble them up after soaked in rain also. I have them out year round. Cardinals love them. As do chickadees. Robins are pretty hard on them when raising the youngsters. I move it around and they go wherever it is
  13. eyeguy 54

    Jerky making

    I dry at 160 till its the right bend. DOnt want it crunchy. Starting with 1/4 inch whole meat usually takes about 6 hours or so with my american harvestor snackmaster pro. Ground not as long. Its probably 15 to 20 years old and still works dandy.
  14. eyeguy 54

    Gutter covers?

    Leag Guard. its a gutter and cover together so wont work if you already have gutters unless you want to replace them.
  15. eyeguy 54

    Grackle problem

    RWBB chicks were destroying 3 suet stations o not putting any out for 4 days now. Havent seen them on the oils. Lotta different chicks showing up. A fun time of the year.