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  1. cool. have had a house finch feeding one here but no pic yet this year. funny looking when the chic is twice the size. lol
  2. papa C brought 2 chicks by
  3. can you post a pic of that feeder please? thx
  4. Been hearing 2 pileated woodpeckers in the trees for a few days. Was hoping there was a chick around. It just flew in and I got a quick shot. Male chick. First time I have captured one.
  5. Don't know yet if there are more.
  6. you using millet? if so get rid of it. sparrows love it
  7. flyers are cool, we have them also. bug eyed rascals we call them. lol nice that you saw an indigo. 28 years her and I think we are at 5. a treat to see them. only the second scarlet tanager for us.
  8. indigo bunting. squirrel scared it before shutter clicked, grrrrr lol
  9. Scarlet Tanager just flew in. Got a couple pics then it took off. I put some meal worms out and it came back. Sure hope it stays a bit.
  10. blackburnian warbler just flew in. not a clear pic but I got him.
  11. hostas are left and right and all around, just not in picture.
  12. American Redstart was back and catching bugs by the hostas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those ! are for you smurf ) He let me get pretty close.
  13. Field Guide to the Birds grab one of these books. Really a great aid to help identity them
  14. red with black wings probably the scarlet tanager. had a couple here 4 or 5 years ago. such a beauty!
  15. Thats a cape may warbler. Had one here for a few days. it really liked the nutty butter suet. interesting. I posted a pic back on page 4.
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