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  1. eyeguy 54

    Found the new rbw home.

    Interesting. I have used it in the past and have better results with nutty butter. SOn in law shot doezilla last week and the fat was unbelievable on her. I saved a few nice chunks and will put it out to see what happens.
  2. eyeguy 54

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    yep. first cut them off with the meat saw. Then cut again with hack saw. Then a little bit of filing. Takes a while but no mess.well, not much anyway. lol
  3. eyeguy 54

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    SO much easier than boiling!! Mountain Mikes. 20 bucks at Mills.
  4. eyeguy 54

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    be nice to me, I am the only one you could get to photoshop deer and fish pics for you the last 4 years.
  5. eyeguy 54

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    stop by and double check the racks that I am putting on plastic euro skulls made by mountain mikes. really like them. did 3 already and sure beats boiling!
  6. A pic of the creek where we hunt, my deer, son in laws deer. Blended all 3 to 1. Ended up kinda neat for us.
  7. eyeguy 54

    Walking Dead

    LOL, Don't p i s s Carol off!
  8. eyeguy 54

    That Should To Do It!

    same here. had 3 different 10-22. Have a Marlin now. Shoots sweet.
  9. eyeguy 54

    That Should To Do It!

    Leaving later today, long johns packed. Ate a few snowshoes when I was in the army in Alaska. I used a 22 and had a friend that used his bow. Ptarmigan also.
  10. eyeguy 54

    Deer Heart

    I guess my favorite way has been to just slice and fry in butter, then on a white bun with a little miracle whip and pepper.
  11. eyeguy 54

    That Should To Do It!

    I have thought about keeping a few but then I wake up. Ate fox squirrels years ago, never have tried a gray. Season open all year here. Couple neighbors zap them also. And chipmunks and rabbits. Brought a rabbit in once and skinned it. FUn time stabbing a few fleas that jumped off. lol. It was very good in the crockpot.
  12. eyeguy 54

    That Should To Do It!

    I go to click on the topic and sometimes it pops to the poster and zip zap, how did I get here. Cant be me, gotta be the FM site... LOL
  13. eyeguy 54

    That Should To Do It!

  14. eyeguy 54

    Deer Heart

    used to like it on the grill with a little lowrys mmmmm
  15. eyeguy 54

    That Should To Do It!

    I already have his # and address @chaffmj heehee