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  1. seen your pic in the outdoor news!!  looks like you're having fun!!!   

  2. Taking bout steaks or burgers. Hot and fast we love on the gas
  3. ?? I guess maybe my gas grill is so old that I get good flavor on burgers and other stuff.
  4. interesting I am usually around 400 for red meat.
  5. hmmmm, I thought campers and hunters did it this was. gotta be a way to make it work.
  6. Rope and pulley system hanging from a branch maybe?
  7. On my Bradley smoker a lot of smoke comes out top vent. Was wondering if tat happens on traeger. When I do ribs for example I will do 6 bisquettes. Cost is about 40 cents each.
  8. Question on the pellet style. Does it get a lot of smoke or do the pellets supply the heat and a little smoke. I have never seen one operate. Thinking of going that way if the Weber ever dies.
  9. Lol. I would hate the mess from ashes since the grill gets used so much. Life is good. ?
  10. had masterbuilt for years then got a breadley summer of 2018. really like it. never have tried pellet but hear great reports. Also have gas weber on deck. No charcoal for many many years. smoking crappies in about 90 minutes.
  11. Gotta love the wood peckers
  12. get lottsa oil sunflowers out. they will come. Just has a fox sparrow fly in. White thoats and song sparrows should be close behind.
  13. Usually first part of may they get here. Tons of finches here yet. And juncos and the regular wood peckers. Hopefully see some cool new ones soon.
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