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  1. Hi guys. Wifes car. 06 Malibu. 3500. 135 K miles. There is a fairly signifigant thump coming from the rear end while driving. Seems worst at around 40-60 mph, but doesn't go away at higher speeds, just isn't as noticeable. The steering wheel also has a slight wiggle to it all the time. At any given time it will pull slightly to either the left or right, depending on the day. New tires aboot 10,000 miles ago. This car has been through quite a few recalls in the past year. One of them being the the electronci power steering. I didn't notice a steering wheel wiggle after that repair. Just tossing it in for troubleshooting. I put the car on jack stands and the rear passenger side has movement when you wiggle it around. Feels like a wheel bearing. No noticable wear in the struts, mounts, or any bushings. I've never done a rear wheel bearing on a car like this. Is it fairly straight forward or are there alignments afterwards? I've heard my share of horror stories about this version of car and suspension problems. Just want to make sure I"m not overlooking anything. Thanks.
  2. My 90 chev, 1/2 ton, 5.7, with 140-ish miles recently started doing the same thing. I would run just fine by itself but once under load, (towing, up hill), or if I really put my foot into it, it would spit and sputter and backfire out the throttle body. I've seen a couple similar posts in here recently with the same issue. So, here's my story. I went in to replace cap, rotor, plugs, and wires. I couldn't get the old rotor off without a bar. Once off, imagine my horror when I saw this. Yuk. I'm really surprised it even ran. Anyhoo, I replaced the distributer, cap, rotor, plugs, and wires.....all OEM. Broke the oil pressure sensor nipple in the process so now that's also new. (That thing really spits oil) Bypassed the electronic timing advance and timed to 0 degrees TDC as the book says. Re-connected electronic timing advance and down the road I went. Ran like a champ. Then I hooked up the fish house and down the road I went. Ran much better until I really put my foot into it. Then came the spits, sputters, and backfires......and what sounded like a ping. I'm thinking the electronic timing advance isn't working properly, but honestly not sure how to troubleshoot. I should add, check engine light does not come on and no codes. After some interweb research I found others with this similar problem had faulty idle air control valve.
  3. Down here in dixie.......SW MN, it's touch and go. The lake by my place was 1/4 open a couple days ago. Warm temps and high winds the past few days I'm sure it's more open now. There is still fishable ice to be had down here but it's 50 degrees right now and rain forecasted for tonight. Not good for us. I'm thinking a trip up nort may be in order.
  4. Tom, it really depends on how you want to roll. I built a wheelhouse years ago and use it often. Not yet this year cuz not enough ice. My wife would much rather fish out of the wheel house as it offers creature comforts not available sitting on a bucket. It's a toasty place to sleep and I like the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. When my son in law comes to visit we spend a weekend in the wheelhouse and have fun times. How often you would use it is totally up to you. I like to roam around the lake and find fish but I've noticed as I get older there are times I just want to sit and see what happens. Ice thickness? Depends on the weight of the house. Mine isn't huge and is aluminum so I've put it on 8" of good ice using my 4-wheeler to pull it. I've seen some huge ones that I wouldn't even think about bringing out if I can't drive a full sized pick up. Moving around- Yes and no. Mine sets up real easy so moving isn't a problem, if I feel like it. If I'm in a bad spot I'll move. If I'm in a decent spot I'll stick around. Access- Here on the prairie of SW MN the landings can get drifted up pretty good. It's definately an issue. On Lake Shetek there's enough traffic and always a guy with a plow that will clean it off. On Bloody lake, you better get some fishing in early as things wil get so drifted you need a snowmobile to get on the lake. Some guys love wheel houses while others hate them. You'll definately catch less fish sitting in one spot all weekend in a house than you would running and gunning. It really depends on your mood and what makes you happy.
  5. Quote:Anything more than 12 hours though, and I’d be out sweeping the area for a generator to buy or borrow. I have one you can borrow. I bought it aboot 10 years ago just cuz I got it for a good price at a tool sale. Couple years ago during the infamous SW MN ice storms I was without power for 6 days. I also had 2 trees come crashing into my kitchen, living, and dining rooms but that's a different story. It was late April so not real cold. For refrigeration I literally put the fridge in the garage and opened the door. It's normally aboot 10 degrees colder in the garage than outside so everything in the fridge was good. Most of our cooking happened either with the coleman camp stove and 1 lb propane bottles on the regular stove, or just fired up the weber outside and we were good. We have city water, but city had no power either. There is no water tower here, it's a big asssed bladder tank in the old fire hall so and when it went empty no one had water. Knowing this was going to last a while I filled up some 5 gallon pails so the wife could bird bath. We also melted a lot of snow on the weber. Good friend and neighbor of mine had an empty HUGE (and heavy) chest freezer we put in the garage and connected to my generator. We put many peoples frozen stuff in it, and had a couple small block parties eating it. Again, it was April so the beer stayed cold. In the evenings I put my big buddy on a sheet of OSB on the floor of my living room. Remember, I had a lot of new ventilation so dying of CO wasn't a problem. A couple times I hot wired an extension cord to my furnace and cranked er up to make sure pipes and stuff wouldn't freeze. Lots of other little things, but we got by just fine with the exception of some pretty major home remodel projects to follow. The pioneers lived for a long time without power. When you don't have it, you get resourseful. Wife and I kind of looked at it like, we've spent that long in a fish house before without electricity and got by. We was smelly but got by. I should add, wife went to work every day through this all but I took time off to keep things going around the house......and have some beers everyday.
  6. Quote:1970 GTO Judge A good friend of mine in High School had one. OMG what a car.
  7. It's been a long time....Like this is the first time in my life that I"m in the market for a newer truck. Not brand new cuz I'm not dropping 40 large for a truck. So I've been looking around the interwebs at different Chev Silverados years 05 to 13. What in the heck is the difference between the LT, LT1, LT2, and LTZ?
  8. That Hellcat is quite a car but I'm still old skool in a kooky kind of way. I currently own a 68 Fury III. It's no muscle car but it sure is fun to drive. Floats like an aircraft carrier down the road and that power steering is to die for. She's far from showroom but she's all original and I gotta dig that. I can't really say all original. I did replace the starter and I took out the points ingnition and replaced with the electronic conversion. Having said that, my bucket list..... 67 GTO with the Pontiac big block 400. Good lord those are beautiful cars. 68 Camero Z28. To quote Chevrolet on their ad posters, "Closest thing to a vet yet." Beautiful lines with power to boot. 72 VW Beetle. I know, doesn't fit well with the late 60's muscle car theme but they're just so stinkin cool. 48 Willys. Unstoppable.
  9. Kahlil better buy Wright a new car. Missed block = safety. Stupid unsportsman penelty = no touchback, good return, Jets score. Holding = pin the Vikings way back to punt. He needs to be promoted to water boy or jock washer.
  10. Quote:There is a plastic coolant elbow right above the water pump. Make sure that the leak is not coming from that. Very common failure on the 3800. There's actually 2 plastic elbows. One of them you can't see very well. To replace both take off the idler pully arm and you'll see the other. Most auto parts stores will sell both elbows as a kit. Do yourself a favor and get the aluminum ones and not plastic. I just had to replace mine a few months ago on my 02 grand prix. Costed aboot 15 bucks.
  11. I've wondered aboot this myself. In the end what you have is a dead deer. Does it really matter if it was shot archery/slug/muzzle loader/over a pile of corn/on top of some smashed up pumpkins/in a hay field/over a food plot? A dead tagged deer is just that. A dead tagged deer.
  12. Possibly shift solenoids????? I'm not real familiar with Ford transmissions tho.
  13. Help me understand. People are against party hunting/cross tagging because of the fellas out there that do it illegally?
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