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  1. Try their smoked bacon as an appetizer sometime - very good. We go in there with a group of guys and buy it by the pound. The bartender thinks we are crazy... Very nice place and fun bartenders to talk to. I believe they have the prime rib on weekends. That is very good also.
  2. You should try Timber Jacks north of Nisswa on 371 before you get to Pequot Lakes. They do their own smoking of ribs, etc. there and have great food. I've had their steak sandwich there and that was very good. I've had their prime rib there and that also was very good. Ernie's is ok but mostly just for drinks and sandwiches. I've had some lousy dinners there. Just my opinion. Happy BD...
  3. And Treadwell is only 20 years old so he has time to grow into his body and hopefully take some time to learn from his coaches unlike Cordarelle. Doctson is 23 years old so that is a plus for Treadwell.
  4. Surprised they are offering him a 5/yr deal worth $10 million annually. Don't know if it is true but that sounds like a lot of money for that position. I believe Flip was making $6 million or so if I remember right.
  5. I say put them on a stick and sell them at the MN State Fair... I would think you have a winner for us egg lovers.
  6. I think the Vikings brass are just hoping Walsh makes it through this year without many other issues. Once he gets into a dome for 9 or 10 games a year (8 home and 1 in Detroit) he should be really good under a controlled environment. His kickoffs are still really good and deep - he just needs to figure out the shorter field goals.
  7. pegleg

    Is it worth it?

    JMG, I would recommend you keep the tube the rod came in just in case something happens to the rod and you need to send it back for repair or replacement to GLoomis. I have a number of GLoomis rods and friends of mine have broken them in the past so I needed to send them in for repair. GLoomis will replace a broken rod for like $50. Just sent one in last week after my sisters boy friend got the line caught in the motor and put the rod tip too close to the prop.
  8. pegleg

    Spring Training

    Heading down to Orlando next week and taking my daughter and friend to a spring training game. Just so happens the Twins play Pittsburg in Bradenton next Friday so that is the game we will take in. A lot closer to Orlando than Fort Myers. Looking forward to see how Molitor handles the team along with seeing Tory Hunter again. My daughters favorite player. Anybody else going to a game?
  9. Boy does that look good and sound easy to make... Might have to do that this weekend. Make it in the morning, go ice fishing, come back at night to eat it.
  10. That was very funny... I might need to buy his book if it is still around.
  11. I had the same issue and the old Strikemaster took care of me by giving me a metal auger as a replacement. Also use high octane gas in it and it starts on the first or second pull.
  12. For you guys around the cities that cook, you might want to check out Nordic Ware off of Hwy 100 and Hwy 7 in St. Louis Park. They have an outlet store and you can buy cookware, bakeware, serving trays, etc. for very reasonable prices. A lot of it is restaurant grade type of product so very good quality.
  13. I believe I bought it at Fleet Farm. I have had it going on 4 trucks so over 10 years old and no rust. Well worth the extra $$ for the receiver and ball both Stainless.
  14. I'm also concerned about it being stolen in a parking lot or on the landing for a lake. Had that happen once on Gull Lake in Brainerd. Pulled the fish house off after dark with my 4 wheeler to find my stainless hitch was stolen. Where do you find a hitch and ball at 9 p.m. at night?
  15. He can't be traded anymore this year. They are stuck with paying him the balance of the year whether he plays or not. If they don't play him but he is reinstated by the NFL the Vikes still have to pay him. If he is suspended the rest of the year by the NFL I believe they still have to pay him - he could be suspended by the NFL for the dope he admitted smoking when he was on probation.
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