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  1. Made a little investment/addition to the yak this weekend. The fish can swim, but they cannot hide! I might even try to find my auger in the bottom of Lake Koronis.
  2. IMO, decrease in wildlife such as pheasants can be blamed on many aspects. 1) Weather. Snow/ice pack in feeding areas. Our winters have been something else lately. We may only see 6-12" of snow here or there but when there's a warm-up or even rain followed by a re-freeze, it locks up food sources making it harder for birds to scratch through to food. 2) Farming practices. Modern machinery has become exponentially more efficient, leaving less spillage in the fields. Fence lines have been removed in favor of more crop land. Many farmers have moved away from using chisel plows and have gone back to mold-board plows, burying any food source. Insecticides also diminish a small portion of a pheasants food source. Especially for young chicks that rely on insects before grasses and other plants have gone to seed. 3) Access to private lands. Many land owners don't want the hassle of just anyone entering their land. Many fear legal issues in this sue happy world we live in. Others have been wronged by disrespectful sportsmen and have been permanently burned by people who just don't give a @#$%. 4) Public hunting lands. Yes, I said it. Too much public hunting land doesn't create areas where pheasants can flourish. It's an area where they die. As hard as public lands are hunted, there's literally nowhere for them to hide. They may be pushed from a cornfield during harvest into a public hunting land where's there's the orange army waiting to pepper them. In many areas such as Lincoln or Lyon Counties, public lands are in close proximity to each other, allowing for bird populations to be decimated in a 20-50 sq. mile area. Just my two cents!
  3. Dave S

    Spring plans?

    I'm just hoping to get out. The land I hunted in my old stomping grounds is either being hunted by the owners grand kids and the other piece is in the middle of a family dispute, of which I'm staying as far away as possible. Now that I've moved north of the metro, I'm searching for areas. The areas I hunted the last 2 years see a lot of hunter traffic or there's been a few birds taken off a 40 acre parcel so that's going to get a break this spring. Maybe the local hens will coax a long beard onto my 2 1/2 acre piece.
  4. We've been seeing 4 turkeys every day along with Dark-eyed Juncos, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Gold Finches, 1 Mourning Dove, Purple Finches. I think I saw a Northern Shrike or 2 the other day as well. Up to 6 Black Squirrels too.
  5. Leech, He was sitting in an SUV with the door open. It was only short blurb of the incident. They then cut to Whittington apologizing for the incident.
  6. I saw the movie. Honestly I think it was terribly written and came off as being a total smear on Cheney. It also seemed to be a sequel to the Dubya movie. They portrayed Cheney as somewhat of a bumbling fool with little to nothing to say throughout the majority of the movie. If this is the best the left can come up with, just wait until the 3rd rendition comes out about Trump.
  7. I've had 2 Magnum Research Lone Eagle pistols. The first was a .308 with right handed grip and no muzzle brake. The second was a 7mm-08, ambidextrous grip and a muzzle brake. I shoot left handed so the .308 had to go. In comes the 7mm-08. I topped it with a scope. They can be a hand full if you don't hold on but once you figure them out, they're a blast to shoot. No pun intended. I always shot factory ammo through it with good results. How good? 3 shots covered by a dime at 100 yards good. They're incredibly accurate. I used a friends chrono to find that I was still getting 2700 fps at the muzzle. T/C seems to be the only one making hand cannons anymore. I've been considering getting another since I sold my LEP several years ago. Extra caution does need to be used if using in a slug zone. High power is legal state wide in MN as long AS LONG AS IT'S IN A PISTOL.
  8. I'm actually in the process of preparing my home for a sale and have wondered about the process of FSBO. One thing that has bothered me about some realtors is commissions up to 7%. Meaning $15k plus taken off the top that could go towards another home. What a person puts into it seems to be a matter of perspective and what value does one put on their time of doing their own leg work. We're doing some of the updating ourselves and other projects are being left up to a contractor for some of the remodel. We're not sticking a large sum of money into it but enough to make it appear fresh or updated. Turnkey, if you will. We're fortunate enough to have interested parties now that word has gotten out that our house will be available soon. When the housing market crashed, we took it in the shorts on the appraisal when we initially wanted to sell. Now that things have stabilized and recovered some, we're making our move. No pun intended.
  9. I know he said this is a carbed model and not sure that this would apply on this machine but.... my brother in law has a 550 EFI Sportsman that was acting the same. I believe his was a throttle position/speed sensor that caused the issue. I'm not sure that a carbed model would do this. Just thought I would add to the list. Macgyver or rundrave would know more about this possibility.
  10. Cant go wrong with Bear Claws. Another that is comparable but a little more expensive is the AMS Swamp Fox. The AMS also has an option for a deeper tread and no change in tread design. The tread design changes on the Bear Claws when you go to the deeper lug.
  11. I haven't been out yet. I think my first trip is going to be SE MN to Snake Creek and Trout Valley. A friend that I haven't seen in 15 years is moved down in the neck of the woods but on the sconnie side. Getting closer to building my ramps. Once I get my sketch into the engineer at work so he can load test them, it will be all systems go.
  12. Dave S

    Arctic Cat ATV

    Respective displacements are 443cc and 545cc. It's a marketing thing when they're referring to a 450 class machine as a 500. IMO, false advertising. Polaris is reluctant to release their displacement on their Sportsman ETX. Speculation says because they don't want to scare people away by calling it a "300" or a "325". They are more than happy to let everyone know that it does have 30 hp though.
  13. If it's an early, and I mean early model Polaris, I believe no registration is required (25 years or older). Otherwise registration is required. Local DMV can give you specifics on what you need. You'd be surprised how requirements change based on different offices and who's working any particular day.
  14. If it's anything like the Impala, it could be a throttle position switch (?) by the gas pedal that is malfunctioning. Jeremy can confirm whether or not this switch exists or it's proximity on the vehicle. My mother inlaw had the exact issue with her Impala.
  15. I'm a little late and you probably have it fixed by now but you could just as well take it to an auto parts store and they will have something that will cross over.
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