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  1. Maybe. That’s what I would think too. Moose come in smaller sizes too.
  2. Bonfire Me explaining Sillytown to a neighbor
  3. Best of luck to your Dad and your family!
  4. On the way to the SCI shoot at Wings North in Pine City on Saturday morning.
  5. Great bear @Archerysniper! How much of a lead did you use from your bike @chaffmj? Hope you didn’t fall off! Great pic.
  6. Congrats on the new bow! Did you get new arrows or change your draw weight? Other than tuning I’m wondering if the spine and weight are right for your new set up if you’re having worse groups at 20 yards then 30. What draw weight are you set at? If it helps your shoulder, can you lower it a bit?
  7. Build your floor in sections that can fit in your car and sized the be completely inside the hub. Use 2x2 instead of 2x4’s and thinner plywood. Roll some indoor/outdoor carpet over the top and you’ll be happy. Otherwise get a cot if setting up on bare ground and keep stuff in totes inside. Bring a bathroom floor mat or two for your feet in the morning when you wake up and get out bed. And to stand on to put your boots on. A little buddy or buddy heater would be enough to heat it quickly in the evening and morning but I’d snuggle in without it on. Bring a stocking c
  8. I had a reminiscing trip today. We kayaked the Pine River from the dam in town to the 15 bridge just before the Whitefish. We used to have a family cabin along that stretch back when a kid could wander the woods and logging roads through Potlatch land and other parcels before anyone really gave a rip if you were there. Just don’t mess things up. Now most of the ground is posted and Potlatch sold out as well. That’s where I learned to hunt and we spent our summers catching rock bass in the river with occasional pike and walleyes. It was heaven for us. Now I’d have to get per
  9. @rundrave you put that fish on a board and pinch the tail, it’s going 10. Nice!
  10. Didn’t notice you caught lightning until I zoomed in a bit.
  11. Haha! Thanks Mike! Nice to have deer in the yard. Ive been checking in and trying to get some good pics to share but been kinda busy. Decided to buy a business and am still working my regular job. The new ownership transition has been interesting, I’ll say that. Ill drop a few even though they’re not the quality I was hoping for. Dinner for a few days A little serenity for the weekend And bird watching
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