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  1. I thought the sunrise this morning was nice.
  2. It is an aluminum Ranger…. I’m assuming it’s the Ranger part that makes it a douche mobile to you. Bass fishermen have more fun.
  3. I stay in Anoka with a friend. I work wherever the contracts are; mostly the Cities though. Been doing both since March! Consulting on the other while focusing on this one. That’s why I don’t have any fish or bunny pics lately.
  4. On the way to another night of work. Can’t wait! At least this station has a higher limit. Thanks for posting fun stuff to look at you guys!
  5. Yeah that’s the lake. Why do you put stop there?
  6. Yes and yes. Wife is pretty much over Ely. I’m working on getting something else placed up there for whenever I get to go back.
  7. Meh, not in the way one would think of “lake” property. Big Rice Lake. I like the hunting possibilities in the area. She likes campfires and cocktails with her friend. You’ll have to let me warn her! I’m not around much these days so I don’t expect to be there much either. She needed a place to go for the weekends while I’m working.
  8. Friends in Remer had an extra spot with power on their property so my wife wanted the camper put there for the summer. So that’s what we did yesterday in the heat! Had to clear some trees and brush to make the corner. Oh, and move a couple boulders out of the way too. Its in there and level. She’s happy. That’s good.
  9. Has anyone here ever replaced theirs? Checking for experienced advice. Our camper just turned 11 and the decals are failing from sun exposure. The front one suddenly looks like it melted off. I’m assuming I could buy new and attempt to apply it myself but don’t know if it would be worth it over just taking it in and having it done professionally.
  10. I thought we we’re painting pics with the stories. I got nuthin but work stuff from the past couple months. Sorry, man. Oh, wait... some lunch pics too. Here’s today.
  11. Thanks for the recap on the pavilion. In the case of the people I mentioned, they knew exactly what they were doing. They continued to deny it was a muskie but after knifing it they wrapped it in a towel and wouldn’t show it to us. Kept saying it was a northern. We watched entire catch happen; it was 100% a muskie. Off to the trunk of the car it went. That’s when my buddy lost it.
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