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  1. In my experience banks want collateral that can be liquidated quicker than the actual land itself, but sometimes the local bank in the area might be more forgiving than your own local bank. Not much but some, in the interest of investing in their own area. The other reason for more collateral is to make you have skin in the game making it harder to walk away from the debt if you change your mind on your want. Either way, raw land can be tough on credit alone. I’d start calling your bank, the local bank up north and a credit union to start
  2. Yep, yours is plumed out better. Nice one! Those mixed bags are always cool to see!
  3. Geez, I feel for ya @fisninfool! Sounds like a nice place where you’re staying. Management can get a little funny about things like that for either good or not so good reasons. I’d think they’d be more concerned about the salt burning out some of the manicured lawn and maybe the deer making a mud ring around it, not just the droppings. Those lawn guys can run over [PoorWordUsage] in a heartbeat but mowing and trimming is a time sensitive thing they probably didn’t want to explain because it sounds petty. Grounds guys hate mowing around things and like to see they’re work look li
  4. I’m surprised to hear comparable Polaris and Can Am machines are also comparable in price! I’ll admit I’m not a knowledgeable shopper on the current models but will be hopefully soon! Ive always been a Polaris fan but have heard nothing but good about Can Am’s except they usually cost more. Sounds like a tough choice.
  5. At my start to bow hunting I had a co-worker who often said things I didn’t like even though he was also often right. He told me I was going to go in this order: miss, wound, then kill. The thing that annoyed me the most about it was I was practicing a ton and on 3D ranges as they were first developing. From tree stands, through shed windows and hole in steel plates. I thought he just didn’t realize my capabilities. Low and behold, I missed, then wounded and then finally got my first kill in my first year with a bow. Up till that point I’ve taken scores o
  6. Yah, they dun did good! I didn’t watch the first half and was about to leave in the fourth under the assumption they would finish the Lions off BUT they looked like they were going snatch defeat from the hands of victory again so I stayed. Nice win. Keep taking your Sunday walks.
  7. If you think that deer was bedded when you bumped it, it would be wise to look at its bed if you haven’t. Best of luck to ya. Hard to accept that loss but sometimes you have to.
  8. The crack you heard was either a rib or the bone the broadhead stopped in. Looks like meat blood, not organ blood to me. If it’s a high entrance and no exit the body cavity will have to fill with blood before you get a good, reliable blood trail. Also in that case when the deer is moving fast what little blood comes out will be spread over a long distance. You almost have to predict where the deer is going and look ahead. Take a string/thin rope or whatever you have (The longer the better) and leave one end at first blood, then play out the string at any blood, hair or l
  9. Nope - I forgot to add and nearly deprived you of squirrel Dick!
  10. Fox squirrel stopped in to ask what I did to that deer. Two wounded does came my way. 1 stayed. Show me your nuts!
  11. Dang! That’s a huge bummer! Sorry to hear that. Still a puppy? Yes?
  12. Gotta raise that lead just a bit!
  13. Saw a couple robins on Sunday.
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