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  1. Leech mentioned I might use the gun rack style, and I do. There was a time I put the auger in my flip over tub but quit doing that for a few reasons learned on longer runs: With gas I had a leak once. You don’t ever want to repeat that, especially under a travel cover. Thankfully mine was on top. But on top you need to have a head cover and strap it down. More time and hassle. Its a lot of extra banging dealt to the auger or depth finder and even tackle. The tub takes more of a beating than you might realize. In the rack, on the snowmobile (and mounted
  2. I suggest ALWAYS write up a bill of sale when buying or selling anything that needs registration. 2 copies; one for each of ya, signed by each of ya. I always add the VIN, serial or registration number also. You just never know if you’re gonna need it and it’s much easier to get it all on the front end then going back to get it. If the seller won’t sign their name to it, don’t buy it.
  3. Depends on where you’re fishing I guess. Some lakes you’re better off filling them yourself. Take a look at this hole... my jigs name is Waldo.
  4. Never seen the falls in winter. Pretty cool! That goldeneye - makes me wonder if he couldn’t migrate or just didn’t. Good thing there’s plenty of food for him there.
  5. It never patterned as well for me so I stuck with what did. 3.5 inch Winchester #5. I told a buddy that blended shot was made for him ‘cuz he could never make up his mind. It’ll kill but you should pattern it before making up your mind.
  6. In better shape than that chipmunk. That was just crazy. Going by the south fence of Camp Ripley there are always deer wintering over. Heavy pines to the north with a sunny south facing exposure they bed and browse the winter away. Today we saw a yearling actually leaning up against a tree, basking in the warm 2 degree temp sunlight. Looked like it was sleeping on it’s feet.
  7. All looks great guys! We had Thai Peanut duck for our dinner. No pics, we ate it too fast.
  8. Just not the day for a chipmunk stroll. Stopped too long to smell the roses?
  9. @leech~~ Neighbor_guy carved up some battle coots this year just to needle people who figure you have to have the most ultra realistic decoys to get birds. We put em in the kill hole (surrounded by ultra realistic looking decoys ). Battle coot for the win is the motto.
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