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  1. I’m seeing some states are suspending the use/sale of Non Resident hunting and fishing licenses. That might be a deterrent for some?
  2. He’s got a few posts out there that seem odd for an Aussie.
  3. Just signed up - why not, eh? I don’t have big or old birds around my place but it’ll still be fun! The last time I joined this contest we were on big, old birds in southern MN. It’ll be an interesting season.
  4. Hung this house a couple weeks ago and today the No Vacancy sign went up.
  5. I haven’t seen many sleds being trailered in the past couple weeks through central MN. And sadly I haven’t been in the northern half of the state much at all the whole winter!
  6. Um, no... I didn’t even make the drone footage when I paddled out in my kayak to chat with Al and Mark when they were filming a show a couple years ago.
  7. Pretty much the same for me too. MN icons. I’ve met the Lindners a few times: Al, Ron, and Jim at shows of course but a few times out in public and fished a few of the same tournaments as competitors. I’ve only met Babe once. A day on the mine pits by Crosby. We exchanged info we knew about the bass and pike bite and both learned from each other. But he turned our bass tips to him into an episode.
  8. I’ll be bummed if it’s not reopened by June. But then again bigger things could happen between now and then.
  9. Sheesh, ‘bout time. Forgot to add - hope you’ve been well!
  10. Well that’s a bummer for him.
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