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  1. Any chance the blades flipped back over pulling the arrow out of whatever it was stuck in? So the blades open by hand before using? It doesn’t look like there should be an issue just going off the pic since they’re partially deployed.
  2. Mine was ordered on Amazon by the person I got it from. It was a birthday gift after I tried his on a fishing trip. @ozzie Used it when I got home!
  3. I wish I had it right now though. Looked at it but didn’t pack it.
  4. Mack’s Prairie Wings Roger’s Waterfowl Fleet Farm in Baxter is still pretty good.
  5. That’s one conditioned bear...
  6. @birdswacker I was curious enough to see if there was info on the web about air horns for bears. Sure enough there’s chatter about it. People that have used them on bears (brown and black), coyotes, wolves and dogs swear by it. Those who doubt it in favor of more conventional tactics haven’t tried it. I found it interesting but not surprising at all. Good luck.
  7. Small cubs are what I pictured in my mind when I read your post. Makes sense. I haven’t researched the air horn idea - I experienced it first hand while drop camp fishing on Kodiak Island with actual bears. They weren’t phased by anything we did to deter approach including firing 12 gauge rounds over their head. One blast stopped them and they would shake their head. The second blast sent them back the way they came from.
  8. Interesting situation. I’m no bear expert but I’d have to believe the food is right or she’s got a den going nearby. If it’s a den, you might have an uphill battle there. She could find other food if she gets spooked off enough. Just ideas. For safety, get a couple pocket air horns for you and your son. They’re the best bear deterrent I’ve ever used or seen used. Sounding the horn hurts their ears and will send them away when all else fails. This was proven on Kodiak bears. If they don’t leave the area after getting blasted once, thy’ll At least learn to associate the pain when encountering you and likely move off before you even know it. Or, hunt a different area yourself? No quota tag area?
  9. Field of Dreams Book of Eli Good Morning Vietnam Shawshank Pulp Fiction
  10. Wanderer

    Vikings 2019

    Anybody lose any touchdowns today?
  11. Yah Mike, it’s REALLY hard to look at great fish pics more than once... I think I’m really close to being done with open water this season. Hard to say that but I’ve got hunting in the head pretty good. The river weeds are blowing out right now. Lots of heavy mats that I hate fishing in. Going out for deer in the morning; ducks next weekend.
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