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  1. Interesting points @Lals I’m heading that direction this Saturday for a week and have been thinking about what to throw. I’ve picked up some glides but haven’t really used them much. The smaller blades is the direction I planned on going as well. Hope to have some pics again this year.
  2. I understand the DNR casts a wider net than my neighborhood but for us since November, we went from 18 to 0 in 2 weeks till April this year. 1, then 3, 5 and now back to 3 in June. It took 3 years to go from 6 or so to 18. Hope they keep coming in but I’m not holding my breath for many more “new” resident deer. So, I get what you’re saying Del but I’m not on board with overpopulation being the problem at MY place. Young deer and a possible lack of attention are getting my betting money
  3. Geez, now you’re picking out stuff like a leech!
  4. Myth buster: they’re on the road system; they’ll be OK.
  5. Just got a text from the SIL - the other buck he “brushed” when he hit the spike is now laying dead next our driveway. What the heck... We’ve been hoping the neighborhood would get re-populated after last year’s FA season slaughter. They’ve been coming back in this spring but apparently it’s these youngins that don’t really know what they’re doing or where they’re going! PSA: Slow down and pay attention in deer country - especially now!
  6. That makes sense. I’ve been seeing a huge uptick in numbers of deer sighted while driving around the Brainerd area in the past couple weeks. It all coincides with new fawns on their feet and the mosquito horde getting lively. Sounds like enough to get em a little confused! I almost hit two and my SIL hit one spike buck (killed it) and brushed the other one that was with it. Bummer. Yah, there’s a lot of em laying around now.
  7. @Getanet Did you check on Scotty rod holders? They’re sturdy and can clamp on quite a few different ways. When I first read your post I thought you were talking about sit ON kayaks, which usually means bolting something on. With the sit IN yak, clamping to edge of the cockpit shouldn’t be a problem. Two types on their site:
  8. You should be able to look up the model and serial number on the MK HSOforum. I’m assuming you can read at least the model name.
  9. Very nice, Mike! So all that smoke yesterday came from your place, and not the prescribed burn on the North Arm Narrows?
  10. Agreed but Johnny must see it differently. Bass do have a good yankee following though. I figured he has his partner companies that have national contracts with BPS and you get what they got. Still had problems with placing my order on Tuesday but they said they’d process and ship anyway. Should have my stuff tomorrow. We’ll see.
  11. From the little bit I’ve researched morel harvesting, back when I actually DID hunt them, the common advice was to not over-harvest a spot, cut with a knife above the ground, and carry in a mesh bag so spores can disperse a little while you’re hauling them out of the woods. It always seemed to make sense to me.
  12. Congrats Minky! I’m at a small lake in da middle of nowhere and haven’t had time to look and hardly enough signal to even view the forums.
  13. It won’t take 5 years to change the signs, IMO. 2 tops and my money is on 1 more. I did just get offered a club member deal on a “vintage” Cabela’s cap when I tied placing my order. The thoughts that went through my head... Yes, tried to place my order; use up the last of my points and move on. Oops, system error, we can’t access your points at this time. I can see em there, just can’t touch em. OK, I’ll call back another time. Still can’t spend money there when I try...
  14. The only thing left to do there is change the signs. I’m in the process of closing out my club card and burning up the last of my points and gift cards. It’s been a struggle for me to spend “free” money there for almost a year now. They never have what I’m looking for. It’s gotten to the point I won’t risk driving there to see if they have what I want so I try calling. 4 long ring/no answer sessions so far. Gonna have to finish my business with them on line I guess.
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