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  1. That’s about right. I figured 5 inches of new powder. Glad you’re getting out and enjoying your sled.
  2. @leech~~ We got about 9 inches out of the last system and still have maybe 6 of it left. Forecasted 100% chance of new snow tonight 5-8 inches. I saw groomed snowmobile trails around Brainerd last Friday. Of course people have been running the ditches too. The snow has seemed kind of greasy to me this past week though. Kind of weird. Today it turned a little sticky.
  3. We use a single cup electric brewer. So, yeah, you need a generator but we’re running one most of the time anyway. We have a perk pot too for back up but chose the electric. Gotta have coffee! If you chose an electric, make sure it doesn’t store any water in a port or valve or something. It’ll freeze and break. I tried a Kuerig we didn’t use in our house anymore. Even dumping the reservoir, the valve in the bottom had residual water in it and broke.
  4. I’d find appropriate parking. Us ticks bury in and are hardly noticeable.
  5. This St. Paul thing is in the Cities, right? Um, none for me thanks.
  6. I JUST got done talking to my wife about this. Keeping smoking as an option but will have to keep my eyes open for something new as well. Otherwise I’ll brine and smoke like I do my geese with apple wood, maybe mix in some cherry. @Mike89’s pork loin sounds like it’ll be fantastic!
  7. Wanderer

    Vikings 2019

    It’s called D V R. I finished watching last night myself
  8. @fishkid Looks awesome! How do you prefer to prepare your sea ducks? I hope to have some of my own soon.
  9. Wanderer

    Vikings 2019

    Appropriate... Just watched the second quarter. Gotta get back to something enjoyable. Or at least productive.
  10. All the corn I have starts with an A. And I have plenty of them. A couple houses hung too. Spose I should put the Free Food and Lodging sign And get some more takers.
  11. The hen seems to have left but the drake stayed put for some reason. He should’ve left with her.
  12. I can’t remember for sure but I think my earliest bird report of the season was for crazy early wood ducks in the spring. I get to close the season (I think) with a report of a pair of woodies in my creek behind the house tonight. River is icing up big time and I shot what I thought would be my last mallard for the year Sunday evening at the creek. Couldn’t get a good, clean shot at these woodies though so I let em be. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe they are my nesting pair and leave them be...
  13. Wanderer

    Ice Reports

    Skogman. Pick your lakes to try carefully.... I think dark house spearing opens next weekend. Yes it does. The story criticized for being on a lake before the official start of winter and pay attention to the DNR recommendations. Yet the DNR opens an on ice sport before the official start of winter, Dec. 21st. Just pay attention and be prepared.
  14. Wanderer

    Stream Therapy

    Get some good browns in there? Great pics.
  15. Wanderer

    Stream Therapy

    Leech Tracker indicates he’s somewhere in this area today. Doesn’t look like Len’s preferred habitat.
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