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  1. Saw one good one Sunday morning that WAS looking both ways before crossing the road from zone 2 to zone 1. I haven’t put trail cams out but probably should pretty soon.
  2. That’s what I would do but don’t forget to get new seals. Water infiltration probably had a hand in that failure.
  3. Is that a 5 speed or variable speed drive? I know, that doesn’t answer your question but I have a new lower unit for a 12.volt 5 speed you can have to use for parts or put it all back tougher and run as new. I personally think what you’re in for there won’t be worth your effort.
  4. Is this one about the tree filtered light or Mrs. Duff calling you home from the neighbors last night after an unplanned 4th pre-party?
  5. Lil evening cruise with the Mrs. tonight. Lawn mowed, bills paid, things in place for tomorrow. Why not get on the lake and see a little moon rise?
  6. Saucy looking gill along with the water you pulled it from!
  7. I’m going with eastern phoebe after reading about both. Small bird - smaller than how a kingbird is described. It has been for me!!!! Thanks guys!
  8. Name that bird - please.
  9. Had some more random nature viewing today. This time in town in Brainerd. Could’ve had better pics but or daughter called just as I was going to start clicking. Shut me out for the critical moments! A sow and 3 cubs needed to hit the drinking fountain. Sow was at the fountain when we stopped but headed back to woods by the time I got my camera squared away on my phone.
  10. Probably mod, definitely not full! That was a tip my Dad taught me like 40 years ago on his Winchester Model 12. Part of my firearms training as up and coming hunter. I have that gun now. I’d rather he still had it though. If you tried it 3 times it probably teased you like it might stay? Little clearance? If plenty of clearance it could be IC but most guns made back then where mod or full unless it was meant to be a slug gun, which I doubt that one was. Pattern it!
  11. Put a dime on the end of the barrel. If it doesn’t go in, it’s full.
  12. Yeah, I can see the charm in that. Nice looking gun by the way. Great shape for its age!
  13. 2 3/4 inch is a safe assumption. The rule has always been don’t use 3 inch if the barrel isn’t stamped for it.
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