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  1. Find out how much it would cost to put another frame under it before walking away. Wheelhouses don’t come cheap these days. It might be worth the effort/expense. Good luck!
  2. Grabbed this from the “other” site.
  3. I guess it’s just you and me @smurfy! You’ll blend right in at the access on 6. I stopped in just to check things out. One other guy already there. We chatted. Two more guys showed up for a check. I was the youngest one of the four. All of us standing there in our socks and crocs. Nice to swap between driving and pulling on waders. I mean, maybe waders are manly enough to make it real?
  4. I think they’re ugly as h::l too but they’re comfy and the most convenient footwear I’ve ever had. Mickey Mouse boots - yah, that lasted a half a winter for me.
  5. I think every male over the age of 40 has a pair.
  6. I thought I was done too but I snuck out one more time. Will pull the dock tomorrow I think.
  7. You’re having entirely too much fun up there, ya know…
  8. Too late! I found a dump bag on the north side and a recliner n stuff on the south side! Can’t even chop decent grass there with pit stoppers stopping by!
  9. They look great! Hope you enjoyed every bit of that dinner. I had a hunch you weren’t feeling good again and am sorry that was true. Best of luck with your chemo. I hope you have many, many more fine dinners on the deck with your wife. I guess I’ll add: we did halibut and potatoes on the grill last night but the only pic I took was from the patio while I was grilling. I was also trying to soak in the evening as much as possible.
  10. Leech on his way to buy a $100k boat???
  11. Too bad the vid didn’t load. 146 would be kinda cool to see. Looks like you did pick up some tasty parts anyway - 2 parts fat and 3 parts cholesterol! Man of your word!
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