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  1. Wanderer

    Trail Cam Recommendations?

    @Scoot Yeah, pretty quiet on the subject here. I did find other brands of cellular cameras to look at. Some brands I’ve never heard of but with better reviews. Knowing I would need a cellular subscription to operate one is kind of a turn off for me. I’m not managing a large operation. I think I’ll look more into trigger speed and sensitivity along with black flash and IR detection to help reduce false trips from blowing branches and grass. Thats as far as I’ve gotten so far.
  2. Wanderer

    Getting antsy

  3. I’ve been thinking about changing out my mallard, woodie, and teal deke anchors to Texas rigs and came across the Lifetime anchors that seem like they could be a better option. The reviews were good. I think I like the idea of the weight staying put and the decoy being the part that is sliding up and down the line instead of the weight sliding. I see I can order them ready to go or get a kit and reuse my old anchors and customize my line lengths. I need to debate that option a little more. Does anyone have experience with the Lifetime rigs vs Texas?
  4. I’d like to pick up another one this year. Since it’s been several years since I’ve really shopped the market, I could use some recommendations. I’ve leaning toward making the leap to a unit that sends pics to my phone but after reading some Spy Point reviews I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Are there other cellular cameras to look at? Any one with a cellular camera have any feedback on positives or negatives? If not cellular, what current brands and models are a good bang for the buck? I have an old Moultie I’m really happy with for battery life and reasonably happy with pic quality. I like good battery life but would like a more reliable and quicker trigger. Thanks!
  5. Wanderer

    Who Made This Heater?

    That unit might even serve well in a small insulated garage for winter time shop type work.
  6. Wanderer

    Getting antsy

    @snagfinder Hope your mount comes back before Christmas! I dropped off a head for a Euro mount last November and haven’t been called on that yet either. Much longer wait than normal.
  7. Wanderer

    Wrist Slings

    I will always have one on my bow. I hold with an open grip also to lessen the twist I might induce with a closed grip. I’ve also noticed a difference in where I’m letting the pressure balance within my open grip. My shots fly a little different if the pressure is mainly between my thumb and forefinger or balanced across my whole palm. Clean follow through allows the bow to start to drop forward, not necessarily “jump” out of your hand.
  8. Wanderer


    My wife says the same!
  9. Wanderer


    No need to disguise the taste that much. I fried them to MR in olive oil, garlic powder and sea salt. Finished with a shake of Montreal Chicken seasoning. Same as would quickly prepare other upland game. We gave a couple to the neighbor for his dog training. Same thought process for me. They are darker than dove but not too far off. I needed to try eating them to keep my interest up for “hunting” them. Now that I’m good with that, I have a new hunt to enjoy. If I don’t eat my game, I have a hard time taking the effort to kill it.
  10. Wanderer


    Everyone thinks pigeons are “dirty”. I guess I had to get over that idea too. It’s not like they have manure sticking to their feathers and toes; they look like a game bird. Other critters that feed (and water) in the same places pigeons do: Mourning Doves Turkeys Ducks Geese Sandhill Cranes Pheasants Deer Others... Other critters that live in the same barns where pigeons roost (and make the barns look and smell the way they do). Chickens Turkeys Pigs Cows Sheep Goats Llaamas Emus Etc.... I think you know where I’m going.
  11. Yes. Pigeons. I was invited to join a friend to help with pigeon control on another friend’s farm yesterday. What a fun way to spend a summer afternoon! We didn’t just flush em from a barn and pass shoot the whole time. Nope. We made a decoy set, put up a blind and whacked em the final approach to start. My friends custom pigeon dekes. Test set in his driveway. He added a couple spinning wings to the set and it was game on. This was his second time out to the same farm and the birds have wised up already but the population has been reduced by 70 birds in two visits. The farm owners are pleased. We were welcomed back of course and sent home with fresh corn on the cob and a huge cabbage. I offered to share our bounty but they declined. The thing is: we breasted the birds and I cooked them up for my family with the corn on the cob when I got home. My first time trying pigeon and the family tentatively tried some as well. The result: bring more pigeons home; they’re pretty tasty. Anybody else shooting them?
  12. Wanderer

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    Agreed! They’ll need to provide a pretty darn good reason why not, in print.
  13. Wanderer

    What did you do to your Camper/RV this week?

    The verdict: BOTH axels will be replaced under warranty. No help on the tires though. I might have to try to convince them otherwise.
  14. Wanderer

    Smoking rock bass

    Yeah, pickeled pike is pretty common in these parts. One of the best smoked fish I’ve ever had was carp. And I’ve had some really good smoked salmon but nothing like that candy carp. Glad and to hear the Rockies turned out good!
  15. Wanderer

    Smoking rock bass

    Haha! Never in MN!