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  1. Scary. Let us throw more money at the problem. OHHHHH ! I Got Goofyness to add so lets get to it. Back in the game.!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In a way that is true. Though, another way to look at it is one huge company buying up everything in sight. Rapala was acquired by the japan based Shimano a few years back. This is not a good thing. We will, as a consumer, suffer. The acquisition of Rapala is proof, if you have noticed the increase in prices of lately. Jimminy crickets new raps are just under $10. Take a stand boycott or suffer the consequences. We are the market take control.
  3. Yes your wet. I get your complaint. Apparently you feel entailed to feel your are entitled to an area you staked out. Talk about rude and unreasonable! Dang!Get over it and grow up and get yourself some police tape to rope it it off. People like you make me want to screw with you. You take this forum to complain about another angler is pretty low in only to benefit yourself in the guise of ethics. That's low. Yes! You may have this great come back that you think vindicates your position with supporters but what have you accomplished? An enemy? Any guide/resort that takes claim by insulting a fellow angler will be ousted in my book. You have been ousted as being unreasonable to other anglers and I dont believe you should be a guide to others as your ethics do not benefit the sport of ice fishing.
  4. Lot of great music comes out of Texas. Spent a summer in Austin 6th street was a wild scene for music to be in the mid 80's. I'm sure it still is. Talk Texas T Bone Burnett name going to come up eventually
  5. Now if you can get the muppets to cover your music you know you are big time legend.
  6. Dang! This year I am using some water bed heaters for keeping the soil warm while germinating tomato seeds. Well I waited till last Saturday to start them and this morning they are already sprouted, that was fast.Those heaters are nice kept the soil at a constant 75 degrees, I constantly checked the soil with a digital thermometer at the beginning making sure there was not going to be a period of a spiked temperature which did not happen. I went over board on the tomatoes again. Oh well looks like people will get free tomatoes again this year.
  7. Can someone explain bear hunting to me? I feel this is a fair question to ask. It helps clear up preconceptions that may be out there. I feel the responses were very thoughtful and insightful in answering the question for the most part. If we don't ask these questions how are we to understand? I have always been fascinated with bear hunting never done a bear hunt but have been entrained by the stories over the years by friends that do bear hunt. With that said; What drew me to the thread was every time the thread pops up on the right column out of the corner of my I it reads "Can anyone explain beerhunting to me." that dyslexia of mine gets me every time.
  8. Another George What a fun rockin show to see.
  9. Joe Jackson another 1988 awesome show
  10. I had some salmon cakes last night from some left over smoked salmon pretty much the general stuff but I left out the Old Bay and added some chipolte hot sauce to the mayo. Gave a nice accent and added smokiness to the salmon. I also used a reserve of the chipolte mayo to drizzle a little over the cooked cakes. Man were they tasty.
  11. They do have just phone service it cost $20 bucks more than what I am paying now. When all this buying up other companies started they are saying the same thing now as they did then and that is this will make plans cheaper and better coverage. Well they were half right but I have yet see the prices go down and from where I am sitting the price may go up 50%
  12. I sure hope AT&T lets T_Mobile costomers stay with the plan they have but it sounds like they may not. I just want a simple service, no internet or texting, plan and paying $20 more for what I'm getting now just is not justifiable.
  13. Here is an incredibly gifted song writer and singer. I cant say I am a fan of those that she writes for but the 4 non blonds were great. Man she could belt it out. Linda perry
  14. Dont get to hear much of Drive By Tuckers except on the Current radio. Heres a fun Group
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