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  1. Seems like more turkeys around the house this year.....
  2. Happened upon a rafter of 11 turkeys on my morning bike ride....
  3. Took a little run to Grand Marais. Upper Gooseberry falls...
  4. Screwing them in will allow the belt to drop slightly deeper into the sheaves which will in turn will give you more slack in the belt. You won’t really see it drop unless you turn the clutch a full revolution, which means he will have to rotate the track with it. When you screw one bolt in it pushes the sheaves apart, then you just screw the other two in until you feel them stop, then lock them all.
  5. There isn’t a screw missing. If you look inside there are threads but they are for the tool you screw in to change the belt. The tool should be in your tool kit. The belt should ride approximately 1/16 to 1/8 inches above the sheaves on the driven clutch when it is adjusted correctly.
  6. Was just up in the Goodland/ Hibbing area and the trails looked Great! I’m sure they had very little traffic on them with the recent cold weather. Anyway..looked great for now with what I saw from the highway.
  7. Cold fog this morning over the Big Sandy dam! -17 degrees!
  8. Only if he comes back through my yard.
  9. Not the most clear, it’s a zoomed screen shot of a video while he scurried away! Chubby little guy.
  10. You are probably right about that! Make sure the bore is nice and clean before you put it in. If it were me, just for some redundancy I would think about making some type of retainer bracket utilizing the two bolt holes on either side of it. Or possibly just oversize washers utilizing those same two holes that could overlap it on the edges. Might be overkill, but I usually tend to try to alleviate possible reoccurrences.
  11. If it’s not a press in fit, I’m wondering if (part #41 bolt) has a shoulder on it to hold the plug in place.
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