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  1. Rode a little bit Today northwest of Alexandria.....8 or 10 inches on the ground. Felt good to be on the saddle!
  2. At first glance it looked like the light colored dog had antlers..... You can tell deer hunting is not far off when antlers are the first thing you see!
  3. So this was our 4 wheeling destination today. Believe it or not these pictures were taken from the same spot. I was zoomed in for the falls but slipped on mud on the bank and while trying to “save” my iPhone I somehow changed the setting. I liked the mistake photo better than the intended one.
  4. One of today’s 4 wheeling destinations!
  5. Taken this morning with my phone.... Never have the good camera when I need it!
  6. From the window of my truck..... and his cousin?
  7. The wife and I did some 4wheeling today.....social distancing at its finest! Had to share the trail with this guy!
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