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  1. Not the most clear, it’s a zoomed screen shot of a video while he scurried away! Chubby little guy.
  2. You are probably right about that! Make sure the bore is nice and clean before you put it in. If it were me, just for some redundancy I would think about making some type of retainer bracket utilizing the two bolt holes on either side of it. Or possibly just oversize washers utilizing those same two holes that could overlap it on the edges. Might be overkill, but I usually tend to try to alleviate possible reoccurrences.
  3. If it’s not a press in fit, I’m wondering if (part #41 bolt) has a shoulder on it to hold the plug in place.
  4. Did you ever figure out what the part was? Im still interested in seeing the actual part that came off if you can post it.
  5. When we were in our 20s my buddy had one. He smashed up his 440 TNT free air sled so we took the motor out of that and put it in the Elan. Turned it into a wheel standing death machine! Didn’t last long.....
  6. Some very interesting fog this morning.....wish I had a camera with instead of my phone.
  7. Its possibly neutral safety switch location, this is what the switch looks like but without year it’s still hard to say. Bolt pattern looks right, but the other picture shows something without wiring. Found another picture but without a year I can’t identify it. Part number 21 in the lower picture.
  8. The links don’t work for me either ! Can you post a picture of the part also? are the two outer holes threaded?
  9. Did some snowshoeing today... perfect day in the woods!
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