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  1. This guy sits daily in a 70 ft pine right next to my deck!
  2. South Fork Crow River coming out of Otter Lake in Hutchinson, still pretty low…
  3. Took the grandkids to the sunflower fields…..
  4. Today’s bike ride (24miles) on the Rice Creek trail.....
  5. A view of the Coon Rapids dam you don’t see often!
  6. This guy was a couple hundred yards behind my cabin yesterday.
  7. This good lookin little guy was staring me down on my walk tonite just a couple blocks from my house.
  8. Took a quick run to Florida......lots of boomers rolling in.
  9. Wife and I hit the jackpot last week. Low to mid 70s, low humidity, and trails were not dusty since they had rain a couple days before. Best of all .....no bugs. On another note, we saw the single largest deer I’ve ever seen, literally dropped my jaw. A massive doe! My wife said she thought it was a horse... Here is her favorite pic of the day.
  10. Taken on the Blind Lake ATV trail.
  11. Did you do the walk around hike? If not, here is the back side!??
  12. Not a nuclear attack.... sunrise off my cabin deck!? Another off the dock...
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