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  1. We had 14 when I checked yesterday. This is the last day for sign up. Let your friends know.
  2. Sign-up by April 1st. It's free and it's all about YOUR turkey hunt. Let's have a little fun Turkey hunting and sharing results here nationwide!!! This is a nice box call.
  3. (Mankind: That word should have new meaning, for all of us today. If you're reading this, let's see your song for the day...
  4. Welcome to FM @Snoop 9114. A lot of knowledgeable folks here. Someone may just give you a hand. Let us know how it goes. Don't be a stranger. Stop in and share your pics and stories.
  5. Great to see you back @Jeremy airjer W
  6. Amazing timing this one!!! The Timberwolf.....I know it seems off...but not really. Well done @PartyWhine
  7. Thanks for reminding folks.
  8. Welcome Fawnie Mountain Outfitters and Michelle, Chelsea, Ken and John. They will share information here. Once they get this rolling they will answer your questions about hunting and fishing in the area.
  9. It's going to be fun. An activity we can actually take part in based on Governors Guidelines for Shelter in Place
  10. I'm lifting, general exercise. A bit of running and a lot of walking with and training my springers outdoors. Getting outside, fresh air and sunshine work wonders. Trying to eat smart too. Focus on things that boost my immune system.
  11. 63,000 visited last month. Folks, if you looking for something to do, have a question to ask, can answer a question or just plain ol want join in with a great bunch of folks, feel free to post away. Who has a pic and story of their last outdoor adventure, BBQ, or fishing trip? Even if you don't have a pic, share your favorite outdoor story so everyone can enjoy.
  12. USING HOTSPOTS HotSpots are a way of supporting communities who are interested in like minded pursuits within our site. HotSpot types There are 5 different types of HotSpots that a member can create: Public - Everyone can see these HotSpots and their posts. Members can participate within that HotSpot without the need to join. Open - Everyone can see these HotSpots and their posts, however you have to join the HotSpot in order to participate. Anyone can join. Closed - Everyone can see the HotSpot, and can see who is in that HotSpot, but only members of that club can participate. Users need to ask a leader of that HotSpot in order to join. Private - Thee HotSpots can only be seen by member of that HotSpot. Users would need to be invited by a leader of that HotSpot. Read Only - These are read only HotSpots that can only be added to by the leader of that HotSpot. Members cannot add content. HotSpots On The Front End. Members can create new HotSpots on the front end (permission dependant), from the HotSpots page, using the "Start a HotSpot" button provided. You would simply fill in the detail required on that page, and save to initially create the HotSpot itself. Here I have created a public club/HotSpot, given it an icon which will show on the HotSpot itself, and also chosen a location. Locations are optional, and will show a map of where that HotSpot is located, if added. Once created, click the HotSpot to enter. Initially, you will be presented with just the home tab, which shows a stream of all activity within that HotSpot. You now need to select "Manage HotSpot" to add more tabs to the HotSpot, such as forums, an images section, Calendar etc. Moderators & Leaders Within clubs, the creator change members of that club to be moderators or leaders. The difference in these is as follows. Leaders - A leader can moderate content and manage members in the club, including making other members leaders. The creator of the club initially, is a leader. Moderators - A moderator can moderate content only. They cannot make any structural changes to the group, nor make any other members leader or moderator. You can change a member to a leader or moderator, from the members tab within any club, as shown in the image below. Paid HotSpots When we purchase the commerce application, you can set up the ability to charge for access to a HotSpot. When this is enabled, users who have permission will be able to create HotSpots for which a membership fee can be paid to join. We control which groups can create paid HotSpots, by allowing this on the HotSpots page of any member group. Below shows the settings for this, including the ability to give the site a commision for paid HotSpots, taxes, and payment types that can be used. This will give an additional option to users who have permissions when creating a HotSpot. All proceeds would be added to the users account as account credit, which can be withdrawn based on the withdrawal settings. Re-ordering Menus You have the ability to re-order HotSpot menus. To do this, select the "Manage HotSpot' option within the HotSpot itself, then select Reorder Menu. Once selected you will be able to drag and drop menu items into the order you would like them to show. This can be seen in the image below.
  13. User-created popup communities for collaboration. HotSpots enable you to create social groups within our community. With a wealth of options, they're ideal for user-to-user collaboration. Public, Private, Open, Closed HotSpot owners choose an appropriate club type to determine how much they share with the wider community. While some groups may aim to be fully visible to the community, others dealing with more sensitive subjects may want to be more hidden, and HSO provides the tools to do so. Become a social marketplace Monetize your community's social groups by allowing HotSpot owners to charge for membership, enabling you to become a social marketplace. HotSpot owners choose how much to charge, with HSO taking a commission to be defined. Perfect for guides, outfitters, regular outdoor event groups, creative producers, lodges/resorts, tackle makers, product producers, consultants, eLearning groups, and anyone else looking to share premium content or services to paying members of our community. Seamlessly integrated HotSpots content is fully integrated into the community - content will appear in users' activity streams, search results, and users get notifications. HSO can also optionally show HotSpot content areas within the main app view, too - for example, showing all HotSpot forums on the Forums homepage. Flexible customization Leaders can customize their HotSpot with a photo and banner image, plus add additional data based on admin-defined custom fields - great for filtering clubs by interest or by giving prospective members an idea of whether the club interests them. Club leaders are also in control of the content areas within their club. They can add new forums, calendars, download areas and image galleries, without needing admin assistance.
  14. Welcome Wheezy Outdoors, Justin & Alice! They will share information here. Once they get this rolling they will answer your questions about hunting and fishing in the area.
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