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  1. The beauty is that facebook has limited the guides and outfitters reach. They can get the same 100 to 300 people over and over or pay for advertising and ad reach is expensive on fb. Do you think infomercial is better than noinfo?
  2. I'm considering inviting a bunch of Guides, Outfitters and Home & Garden Professionals to join. Provide information in exchange for linking out to their business. As we do this I would appreciate a warm welcome to them.
  3. Age distribution Affinity of 40% of our users. The other 60% affinity was not identified.
  4. For the doubters on the numbers of users here. I underestimated how big a jump we would get. 52,571 new users in the past month. Here are the Google Analytics numbers:
  5. Ahhhhhh....got it. It wasn't replaced. The post above is an original and more on point. I was confused. Happens easily these days.
  6. There was no editing. That's a pic of the post and a quote of your reply.
  7. Hmmmmm.... this in a Gun Control Freak thread? I think the assessment about you is correct.
  8. Outdoor Report is your weekly snapshot for all things outdoors from across the state. Here is a brief look at what Wisconsin has in store for you this week.With up to 7 to 8 inches of new snow this week, some areas up north have over 20 inches. Most northern parks and forests are grooming cross-country ski trails with some in good to excellent condition. As of this week, the only open snowmobile trails on the travelwisconsin.com Snow Conditions Report are in Ashland and Iron counties. Many northern lakes are ice-covered, but many are unsafe as the heavy snow cover is keeping the ice from freezing solid.Muzzleloader deer season ended mid-week and gives way to a statewide antlerless-only hunt that runs through the weekend. Deer are keying in on food sources such as acorns and standing corn. .
  9. I see you still haven't got over the election. Not a Trump fan but don't our representatives have something better to do than waste their time and our money on a fruitless quest to overturn that election...especially when we have one coming up in a little over a year.
  10. Gun Control Freaks and Control Freaks. What's the difference.
  11. Rick


    From Big Dave2: Except you of course, Big Dave2, who definitely cared enough to respond.
  12. Rick


    Alabama got lucky to play a weaker Michigan team and Minnesota will have to face the team better than Alabama, Auburn. Poor Alabama doesn't get a shot to finally get a win against the Gophers and break the Minnesota Gophers unbeaten streak against Alabama in real games.
  13. Rick


    I love it when Alabama fans are so worried about getting beat by the Gophers that they start making up excuses for a LOSS to them!
  14. Rick


    When we beat Alabama you can bet we're going to absolutely crow about it. No matter how many quitters you have on your team or who dreams up whatever excuses!
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