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  1. Rick


    Gophers Record same as Bama's "ROW THE BOAT" Go Gophers!
  2. 1st off, how is you garden looking? What is in season and what have you harvested? Here is the 1st tip. When your tomatoes are growing and a shoot starts growing between the stem and a branch, pinch it off. That keeps the plants energy focused on growing fruits. The 2nd gardening tip I will leave for you to give. Got any?
  3. I saw the Ruger AR 556 pistol. I may need to change my choice to that. Dave, what is your choice based on your own assessment of a combination of YOUR most likely survival scenarios.
  4. If you have cooked a meal over a campfire, what is the best meal you ever cooked and what tip do you have for making it?
  5. Handgun, rifle, or shotgun? Which type, caliber and brand if you have a preference? I choose an AR15. It's light, can carry a bunch or rounds, the 5.56x45mm rounds of ammo are readily available and can do what is needed in a variety of situations from self defense to hunting for food. What do you think is the best choice?
  6. Rick

    2019 Twins

    The Twins won and increased their lead to 3.5 games over the Indians, who lost to the Royals 9-8 in 10 innings.
  7. Great point Del, the distance you travel and where to can definitely affect what you bring. Gotta travel light no matter where to or how far. Might even have something different for a "Get Home bag". 1. Using either bag, if you're going any distance, your feet are important. Spare pair of good socks should be included. Maybe triple antibiotic & bandages as well. If your bugging out, it means your current location is not safe and travel is on foot usually. So what things would you bring with you no matter where you go or the distance? Let's pretend it's an EMP or even if you can drive, you're going to run out of gas or become bogged down at some point and need the bug out bag... What are you packing?
  8. For 2019 here are the regulations regs... Legal big game cartridges: It is at least .220 caliber and has center fire ignition; It is loaded only with single projectile ammunition; The projectile used has a soft point or is an expanding bullet type;* The muzzleloader (long gun or handgun) used cannot be loaded at the breech (muzzleloading revolvers are not legal for taking big game); The smooth-bore muzzleloader used is at least .45 caliber and The rifled muzzleloader used is at least .40 caliber; Muzzleloaders with scopes are legal during the regular firearms deer season and the muzzleloader season. * Note: Hunters are reminded to select bullets that are suitable for taking big game. Most major manufacturers offer either bonded or all-copper bullets that are appropriate for taking big game. Hunters are advised to select a proper bullet design and weight that is suitable for humanely taking big game
  9. Guests too...Sign up, become a member and share here. Especially if your sick of fb.
  10. What items do you or would you carry in your bugout bag?
  11. Let's not forget a crop failure scenario. Looks like the world food supply is going to be down a lot for 2019.
  12. I rest my case. 3 topics, kind of, related to fishing during August in the forum you use for your demonstration.
  13. Please show us the fishing topics here?
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