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  1. Have y'all ever heard of sous vide??
  2. The only sun hitting the ground in a 75 yard radius. And it's on the local BMX kids large stick fort.........three days before the Solstice.
  3. This ^^^^^^ I love helping people out, sucks to not know if you actually helped out.
  4. Got home from fishing and the Mrs put me on grill duty. Me...*looks down* "This ain't gonna work." Mrs Duff...."Potatoes have been precooked in the microwave." Me....."This is gonna work." So good.
  5. Duffman

    2020 gardens

    Pepper garden is off to a decent start.
  6. Just picked up the cheaper Garmin Striker 4 for the canoe to replace my Showdown Troller. Have not used it yet, picked up the portable bundle. Will probably get an Ice ducer come winter. The ducer it came with will shoot thru the canoe hull when mounted in a foam block adhered to the floor with some added water. I generally need just the depth, but this will be a step up with the GPS. (Lining up trees on shore gets old ) I'm also curious how it will perform on the ice in flasher mode. As a GIS dude, those mapping features sure peaked my interest, maybe if I upgrade the boat locator one of these years? But for the canoe.....this unit should work great. Good luck with your decision. I know this post probably didn't help ya.
  7. I buy a bunch of steak seasonings and meat rubs, and then mix and match depending what kind of flavor I'm in the mood for. Sometimes sweet, sometimes hot and spicy, sometimes smokey..........sometimes all of that at once.
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