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  1. Pretty much just peppers and vinegar. With some lime juice, salt, half dozen garlic cloves and I threw a shot of tequila in it and let it simmer for and hour and a half. This was after smoking the cut up and deseeded peppers. Food process before and after the simmer. Strain it, and I have a dozen 5 oz hot sauce bottles showing up in the next day or so. Will be able to fill 6 of them with this year's batch. Tested it on some wings today, exact same color and texture as the Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce I also had. I'll throw it on tacos, burritos, add it to chili.
  2. Not a chance with this guy. This dude is always about style. You'll never find dem dam ugly Mickey Mouse winter boots on my feet either.
  3. Heck no. I am a fan of truffle fries though.
  4. Came across this poster for a movie today totally randomly, and it triggered both a smile and a memory from just a few weeks ago.
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