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  1. Fisherman here that knows how to make things look bigger in pics. Tiny tail.....super tiny. And I had a little help.
  2. A little something to celebrate here. The old lady is out of town!
  3. A yearly tradition at the Duff household.
  4. Duffman


    All but one on here are Buckeye fans tonight. Go Buckeyes!
  5. That's the inside of a red solo cup Smurfy.
  6. Just kinda bored leech~~, thought I'd bring some flavor to the board. Back to paper plate fare, fish taco's with a mango/avocado salsa.
  7. I like a good red chili with steak. And a white chicken chili is a nice change of pace. But this buffalo chicken chili the Mrs has been making for the past two years is number one in my book. Topped with blue cheese.........yum.
  8. I plan on bellying up to the bar, having a couple cocktails and a nice greasy meal while watching sports in crowded stadiums on the tube.
  9. Christmas horseradish glazed rib eye roast..........for the two of us. Yes, the steak sammiches the last two days have been just as phenomenal.
  10. It's good seeing you around leech~~.
  11. Awww..........sweet, enjoy the puppy breath and take lots of pics while he/she is still a pup. It goes by quick. Name? Surprised it's not a Blue Heeler.
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