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  1. Duffman

    Clean meat

  2. Duffman

    Turtle shell

    I think those clocks will be a tad on the slow side.
  3. Duffman

    What's more aggravating?

    Started this topic a couple weeks ago after hooking into some toothy critter, a couple head shakes and it was starting to come up when I realized my canoe was drifting into the underwater point. As I was backing off the drag a tad and keeping tension with my right hand while paddling backwards with my left, I think the fish finally realized it was hooked, dove under the canoe, spun me around and peeled off drag into the weedline where it dislodged the crankbait. Arrrgh, it's all fine and dandy that it got off, but I just wanted to see what it was and how big. It could have been either a Pike or Muskie. My canoe is around 34 lbs, so I get taken for rides with decent sized fish, and I'm always surprised how far it moves on a hookset. Bigger fish seem to have more control of me than I of them. Last evening I hooked into a decent fish and it went deep, of course my first thought is "Let me see it." After taking me for a couple minute spin in 17ft of water she came up to greet me. Not a monster, but approaching 10 lbs......which is a nice size for a city fish.
  4. Duffman

    2018 gardens

    It's a bad year for tomato blight for me. Trimmed a bunch of the yellow leaves and stalks last night.
  5. Duffman

    What's more aggravating?

    Losing a beast after you have both seen it and fought it for a while? Or fighting a mystery giant that you never lay eyes on to confirm what it is and how big before it gets off?
  6. Duffman

    Crow Lake for opener

    Good luck Wanderer! I've been up to Crow a few times to fish lakers through the ice. Always thought a summer trip up there to chase smallies, lakers, and muskie's would be fun during open water. I'm looking forward to the pics.
  7. Duffman

    Turkey Contest Winners

    This was fun to follow this spring. Congrats to those that scored, and better luck next time to those that didn't.
  8. Duffman

    2018 gardens

    That's a real garden, not a little hobby garden like mine. Ditto, looks good Smurfy. Nope, taken a couple hours apart yesterday. Like fish pics, lighting and angles can play tricks. Deer wiped out the garden two years in a row, so I built the cage. It was all plastic netting at first, but the rabbits chewed through it, so I went with wire down below last year. And with it being so small, it's easy to keep up with the weeds. Thank you Sir! After being cooped up for 6 months of the year, I tend to spend a lot of time out there barefootin' and dinking around.
  9. Duffman

    2018 gardens

    So I show the Old La.........Mrs. Duff the pic and she's like "That pic makes your garden look big.^ Then I show her your comment and the Dandelion Eliminator says "Yea.....that's the first thing I noticed." You see......outside of Thunderdome it's the Ol......Mrs. Duff's domain. I can only do so many stir fry's and fajita's, I'm a pepper sauce garden guy now. True story......... I left the Hobbit door open on Thunderdome one night and had deer tracks in there the next day.
  10. Duffman

    2018 gardens

    18 pepper plants. 2 tomaters 3 artichoke Survived some marble sized hail a couple weeks ago and is really starting to kick in. Well..........whacha got going?
  11. Duffman

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nope, bass fishing in the boat up north. Spied some structure kinda outta place and checked it out. Grabbed the UL with jig/plastic and sore lipped a half dozen 13"-13.5" crappies, let 'em go and moved on. I generally keep 'em in the 10"-12" range when I want a meal.
  12. Duffman

    So is this forum dead?

    Males were on the beds last night on a lake here in the metro. Not my deal, so I let 'em be. Which means I didn't catch much at all compared to last week. Oh well, be a couple weeks before the summer patterns start happening. Already a hint of cottonwood floating on the water though. *booooo*
  13. Duffman

    Canoe Makeover

    It's cured to a hard rubber, but yea, I think it's going to grab rocks more. And I contemplated putting epoxy over the rubber, there are some spots where I got a little on the rubber, going to see how it behaves this year. Both the rubber spray and epoxy are flexible, so they might be compatible. I also got some bubbles and unevenness in the epoxy. But now that I'm more comfortable working with the materials, I might give it another go next spring.
  14. Duffman

    Canoe Makeover

    Yes, the SR's are epoxy based, they also put a layer of fiberglass on the outside of the Kevlar for refinishing purposes. Kevlar doesn't take kindly to being sanded I guess. It was a pain trying to get skid plates to stick and stay stuck to my plastic Old Town canoe. Probably the same problem with plastic Yaks........finding something that would adhere. I also tried something new (to me) with the black skid plates, seen online where a guy used Rust-oleum leak seal rubberized spray. That was six years ago, and he recently replied to me that it was holding up pretty good. So I gave it a go. Couple thin coats, we'll see how they hold up to my use. I can always reapply if needed.