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  1. Interesting, I found some info online about it. I went to Rosemount HS.
  2. At the rate things are going..........probably attend my first Vikes game at US Bank. But I'm kinda with Del on this one, walking through the grass barefoot and being able to truly smile once again would be very nice.
  3. Not sure which bridge you are referring to. The old swing bridge across the MN River? Only lived here in Savage as an adult, so I don't know where the cool kids used to hang out.
  4. The old Dan Patch RR line. Fitting for today's apocalyptic feel.
  5. I so miss sports. Was really looking forward to this season. Household chores and yardwork aren't the same without baseball on in the background.
  6. I'm kinda wishing I went the seed route this year, for no other reason than to give myself a little hobby during all of this. And who knows if the garden centers will be even open in a month or so? Good luck with your crops folks!
  7. Swans from last weeks dog walk. No other migrants yet, local mallards and geese on the swamp.
  8. I defended Babe on here once. One of his shows was targeting the Smallies spawning in the bay just south of the Casino on Mille Lacs. When the show came out, everybody on here was accusing him of targeting before the season opened because of the lack of leaves on the trees yet. Seen them filming the day after Memorial Day as we drove back from the cabin, even at a couple hundred yards away, he was easy to recognize. Was hoping to spy my truck in the episode.
  9. Was up in the Bdub a few days ago, your usual Ravens and Whiskey Jacks, some grouse tracks on the portage. But what was unusual were the Crossbill's, they had a field day with our pee area. The salt maybe? They were constantly around in a flock of ten or so, even witnessed some mating. The males were all dolled up.
  10. It's good to see you around leech~~
  11. I see what you did there. It is a brain teaser to experience that in a little over two weeks time.
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