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  1. The city lakes change so much from year to year. Water levels change so much so quickly from runoff. Water clarity and depth alters the weed beds a ton. Spots completely disappear some years. And that's without the clandestine chemical weed removal that I've discussed with other regulars out there. GPS'd weed lines that just completely disappear. Boat access will always be a pain. Had a good system down but needed a partner. I gave that up 10 years ago. So much easier after I got the solo canoe, literally on the water in under 20 minutes of turning off my monitor's at my
  2. My buddy took out a 150k sonar boom rig on Vermillion mapping it in the Garmin Boat. So.......could be worse.
  3. Duffman

    Wild play offs

    Seeing that I'm a streamer and have zero access to Bally Sports North, missed out on a lot of MN sports. They better get that shiat figured out or The Wild, Wolves, and Twins will continue to lose fans no matter how good or terrible they are. I have been enjoying the NHL playoffs, playoff hockey is playoff hockey.........a good time. I doubt the Wild pull off the win tomorrow, but it would be nice to watch them in the next round. Keep up the good D and goaltending and get a lucky break or two and they just might.
  4. Even with 2 ducks, that's a shiat ton of eggs. Future bass feed. I hope they all hatch and make the jump.
  5. We were fresh out of old tires. I guess my humor continues to be a little to high brow for you.
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