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  1. Good luck!! And enjoy the experience.
  2. Now that's an intimidating lineup. This should be a fun summer. RF Max Kepler SS Jorge Polanco DH Nelson Cruz 3B Donaldson LF Eddie Rosario 1B Miguel Sano C Mitch Garver 2B Luis Arraez CF Byron Buxton
  3. Cans and glass bottles may be prohibited, but I once seen guys carrying kegs using a stretcher across a portage. Where there's a will for beer, there's a way.
  4. I'd love that option. But the same could be said for trolling motors. Personally I'd rather hear the faint sound of the drill for a few seconds than somebody taking forever with a dull hand auger. Not a whole lot of hole hopping up there, make the spots count.
  5. Nils/Milwaukee combo here. For how I fish these days, it is all I will ever need. Did get an extension for it, more for hand augering on late season Bdub trips. Shout out to Marine General, usually by the time I think about it, nobody has any. But now I'm rethinking this years trip, we will target Brookies instead. So I am gonna pick up a 6 inch Nils. So having both a 6" and 8" auger with the drill should be sweet. And the nice thing, should your power fail, your trip isn't ruined. Attach the handle and hand auger.
  6. Duffman

    Vikings 2019

    I changed my jersey wearing habit last week, I wore my Chewbacca t-shirt underneath. The Force was with us. And I'm quitting drinking for the first two months of the year with one caveat..........the Vikes make the Superbowl. *shut up liver, you have no say in this*
  7. I don't know, I never even tried them, they are the size of a grape. I figured they were nothing but all super hot seeds in them. I tend to grow a couple very hot pepper varieties every year just to see what they look like, and maybe add a sliver of them to some pepper sauce. Oh, and for drunk loudmouths at yard party's. "I dare ya to eat this!" (and I buy seedlings, never have gone the seed route)
  8. I found them at Cal's Market and Garden Center here in Savage. I'll let you know if I find them there again. You never know what they will have from year to year.
  9. Loco Ornamental Pepper, that should get you started on your search. Good luck. I plan on putting a couple in little pots to spruce up the deck tables this year if I can find some at the local nursery.
  10. Duffman

    In Concert

    What was the last concert that you attended? For this guy, the last two were Queens of the Stone Age.
  11. Watching the Goph's on New Year's day, pretty darn cool.
  12. I'll take a pitcher with the exact same stats that at least shows 1 iota of self confidence over Gibson any day. (wasn't a fan)
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