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  1. I was a little surprised how the animals showed little fear towards humans out there. Even the Moose, they paid a little attention when near, but no fear whatsoever. But when we seen a mama moose and calf headed our way out hiking, we skedaddled the other way. Don't need to be stomped into a puddle of Duffmeat.
  2. We were back home on the 4th, stayed at West Tensleep Lake campground June 30th-3rd. Funny that you were there, my co-workers best friend was also in that area last week (they hiked the same trail we did a day later). Such a small world at times. Despite the pre-mature gray on the hound and her very mellow demeanor (which I dig), she just turned 7 this spring. I'm guessing your little feller ain't so little anymore? I can't even remember how long ago it was when we hooked up for catting through the ice. Maybe we can find some time to hook up again? Open water or ice, keep it in mind as the days, months, and years roll by..............quicker and quicker it seems.
  3. Right near the WY/SD border. We were headed to Hot Springs SD for a night. There were a few cells around, but that cloud caught our attention. Heading south on 85, it was still to the west, but by the time we caught up to it, it had just crossed the highway. It was pretty impressive when darn near right under it and folks were pulling over to watch what may happen. I pressed on not knowing the area and thinking of safety. But kept an eye on it as it moved east and we moved south/southeast. About 10 minutes later I proclaimed in a very excited voice "It's happening!!!". Pulled over, watched the show and took some pics. It was a quick one, but man...........so cool to finally see a twister. This is all I found on the net about it......... July 3rd. 5:27 P. 2 Sw Dewey- Weston County WY Multiple Spotters Reported A Tornado Southwest Of Dewey Beginning At 427 Pm. Tornado Was Up And Down Through At Least 440 Pm. (Unr)
  4. Not only did I see my first tornado, but I also caught my first Tiger Trout. Fun trip to the Bighorn mountains of WY. The moose were plentiful, and we had a laugh at the mule deer that walked within 10ft of the sleeping hound in camp........a startled *woof* sent it on it's way. It came back a couple times, I'm pretty sure it was just teasing the dog for fun.
  5. Headed out to WY last week for some camping and fishing with the little lady and the hound. On the drive back I was able to cross off an item on the bucket list.
  6. I agree about Sano, looks like he is slipping back to his old habits after looking decent when he first came back. They have been suffering from lack of timely hits, something that was going so well for so long. Still entertaining to watch, and with the long ball always in play, you just never know when they are truly out of a game. The All Star break might be something they need right now to get back into the groove.
  7. Two losses in a row, they are done. Bring on Vikings training camp!
  8. Fished a south metro lake on fishing opener, was far from alone in doing so. I only had a couple hours before I had to return for a early mother's day celebration. One bass on a jerkbait....17"? Fished another couple metro lakes the following week, one lake was a bust, so moved to the next. Caught some fish on rubber worms, seemed to be awfully shallow, when I checked why, there were some males on shallow beds. Can't see them from the canoe unless I'm right on top of them. Figured I would give them a break until post spawn. Fished from the boat up north on Memorial weekend. 50-52 degree water, so everybody was in pre spawn mode. Caught a dozen Largey's on senko's fishing an emerging bullrush line next to deeper water. No size to any of them. Switched to the cabin lake the following day and caught a few on spinnerbaits, largest was 18". Going to try the metro again today after work, I see that the cottonwood is waiting for me (Grrrr). I'm hoping the bass are in post spawn locations by now.
  9. It's time to let Cleveland know that they are not getting back in this race. Twinks got jobbed in the ESPN power rankings this week.
  10. This team is for real, buckle up folks, it's gonna be a fun ride the rest of the season.
  11. Will it ever get back within it's banks? It's been at flood stage forever.
  12. Smoking the ball.
  13. Gibson has yet to look confident. It would be nice to see the moxie that some of teammates have rub off on him. It will be interesting once Sano returns, hopefully he can put the bat on the ball like the rest of the team. Just keep me entertained boys, the boys of winter (Wolves & Wild) failed to do so.
  14. Outside of the office today.
  15. With catsup? BBQ Sauce my man, BBQ Sauce.
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