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  1. Moderators pick the winners of the monthly contests. Yearly contest is up to the members. There's a half dozen I really like, just honored to be included in that mix, Did you find the owner of that Malamute?? *chuckle*
  2. Wish Me Luck Won last January up against 50 other pics with the monthly theme of "Campfires". Now it's up against some serious competition.
  3. Duffman

    NFL playoffs.

    We were all smiles over here last night. Such a satisfying loss. Warmed my heart. Hoping for another couple upsets today.
  4. It's a special kind of sticker, not something coming from your boxes of cereal.
  5. There was a blurb about supply issues with the place that makes the tabs a few weeks ago.
  6. Still have my 8" Lazermag hanging on the garage wall. Fired it up this past summer, surprised it continues to do so with 10 year old gas in it, must be the Amsoil mixture that has kept it from gumming up. But these days I just use either the Nils 6" or 8" paired with a Milwaukee M18 drill. I've also gone the battery route with the lawn mower and am looking to go that way with the snow blower next year.
  7. No, I didn't watch YouTube videos all day searching for someone who would agree with me. I just took 13 seconds copy/pasting a random image from FB.
  8. No idea if it is real, came across it, laughed, and passed it on to you guys. We've got 9 months before we see how any changes pan out. This season was very entertaining, frustrating as usual, but darn near every game was fun to watch.
  9. Cousins is one of the best passers in the NFL.........when given time. He crumbles under the slightest hint of pressure. Improve both the O and D lines to start with.
  10. Our catch the year before was almost all Steelheads, which I prefer over the Kings. And when you go on a yearly trip with a dozen friends, it kind of limits who you can give it away to. The hound eats better than a lot of people, she is a big fan of salmon...........and steak.
  11. After this trip to Lake Michigan 4 years ago, I think it might be another 4 years yet before I'm hankering for anymore salmon.
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