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  1. For the canoe, it's been a big plus having the GPS, with the tracking on...........man, did I pound a select few spots this past summer. I can recognize bass on the display at certain spots.. And I like being able to see what speeds I paddle during certain conditions. It's been a nice upgrade, user interface is pretty easy to figure out. I'd go with Garmin again if I chose to upgrade the boat locator. Did build a waterproof AA lithium battery box that also holds a spare set to cut the weight of that 12v gel cell for Bdub trips.
  2. Elevation is something us flatlanders aren't used to. Sounds like you had a great experience, and that's all that truly matters.
  3. Duffman

    Vikings 2020

    The only plus to this season has been Diggswho Jefferson.
  4. Cousins, dog sitting for a few days, they get along pretty well.
  5. Nope, I haven't fished Harriet in 25 years. Took me a couple minutes to find that spot on Google Earth. Take that pic from the Lake Harriet South Beach Canon?
  6. Yep, I so needed actual games. I could only watch the replay of Thome's walk off home run game so many times this past summer.
  7. All three Central Division teams out of the playoffs already. This season was misleading, Twins were not as good as their record indicates. But to lose the way they did, ouch. To be a championship team, ya gotta have a fire in your belly. Granted, not having a crowd to fire ya up hurts more than I thought it would, especially in the playoffs. Oh well, let's get through this long dark winter and get our hopes up that a true spring training and a full schedule can be had next year. They entertained me this season, I'm used to the playoff dissapointment, I get
  8. Trip trinkets, including my 2 lb aggie.
  9. Drove by the Spring Lake Store for the first time last week after taking a mattress to the dump. I'm like "Uh oh, Smurf territory." Bear took out the in-laws crab apple tree 3 weeks ago on the south side of Jessie.
  10. Glad to hear all is well. Sugar free gum and candy can also be deadly for dogs.
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