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  1. Duffman


    I usually come into threads like this pretty skeptical, but that looks like a mountain lion to me.
  2. Duffman

    Duffman solo in pics

    It was an okay trip, made the best of it. Changed destination and distance I was willing to travel in those weather conditions. Can't afford to screw up when I'm solo. More of a winter trip feel than a fall trip. After fishing in 17 degree windchill, I found just hanging out fireside a much better option. I think I need to do an actual summer BW trip next year, despite the bugs and crowds. Then I can take the fishing part more seriously. Seen some groups pass by camp, so there were others as crazy as I.
  3. Duffman

    Master Toasting Bread

    Individual results may vary.
  4. Duffman

    Master Toasting Bread

    That's the list.
  5. Duffman

    Master Toasting Bread

    52 is getting there, so I can pick up on the lingo in this thread. And Hardees is on the list, same as Taco Bell.
  6. Duffman

    Master Toasting Bread

    Such the old men thread. Y'all meeting for coffee at McDonald's in the morning? *chuckle*
  7. Duffman

    Headed south???

    Humming bird yesterday in the south metro. Seems like Northern Flickers are moving through in numbers.
  8. Duffman


  9. Duffman


    It's all analytics my friend, same reason for all the infield shifts. Tampa Bay started it with the pitchers.
  10. Duffman

    2018 gardens

    Second round of peppers are still going strong for the next batch of pepper sauce. This time I'm turning up the heat. My artichoke plants look great, but no chokes yet, kinda doubting they will appear before the first real frost. Who knows, they might shoot up quick? But maybe we will have another long fall, picked these November 5th 2016...........
  11. Duffman

    Vikings-green Bay Game

  12. Duffman

    Vikings-green Bay Game

    He's gone. You better have the right frame of mind for that position. And he didn't. Entertaining as heck game. Wife lost it and went outside to do yard work in the 4th quarter. Of course she didn't believe me when I poked my head out and asked if she wanted to come back in and watch overtime. "Whatever, no way" "Are you serious?" "Actually, there's still 30 seconds left in regulation and we can still lose it, but it is tied right now."
  13. Duffman

    Duffman solo in pics

    The Mrs and I along with the hound spent last week up north at the lake for few days and then boat camping for a few more. Chamois makes sure we don't leave her at home.
  14. Duffman

    Flying W/ Vexilar-flasher Battery

    Lithium batteries are what they are most worried about when it comes to flying.