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  1. Will it ever get back within it's banks? It's been at flood stage forever.
  2. Gibson has yet to look confident. It would be nice to see the moxie that some of teammates have rub off on him. It will be interesting once Sano returns, hopefully he can put the bat on the ball like the rest of the team. Just keep me entertained boys, the boys of winter (Wolves & Wild) failed to do so.
  3. Outside of the office today.
  4. With catsup? BBQ Sauce my man, BBQ Sauce.
  5. May 2nd and the Twins have the best record in the AL. Now if they can just get some fans in the seats.
  6. Duffman

    2019 Gardens

    Still need to clean mine out and turn it over. That's on this weekends to do list. Will probably plant soon after and risk a little frost. But I'd like to get it started sooner than later.
  7. Now you know where I got the idea to add some cheese. She knows, but last time while she was out of town, I ate out or succumbed to Pizza Rolls.
  8. The bride and I celebrated our 27th anniversary with dinner out. 16oz ribeye pan seared with Cajun spices. Placed on a bed of caramelized onions and topped with melted gorgonzola. Served with parmesan garlic mashed potatoes. I'm just a basic meat and potatoes kind of guy.
  9. My rods have been rigged for opener for a couple weeks now.
  10. So far, the boys are fun to watch. Let's hope they keep it up all summer.
  11. I bet that was loud.
  12. Come on leech, you should know, you've been around forever. :) Kemps Ice Cream........"It's the cows"
  13. I guessed cowbird right off the bat, and then talked myself out of it. Then the hint a little later.
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