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  1. I'm all about solid D and launching three's. We shall see if it continues. KAT is a true baller, just a beast out there so far.
  2. Yeppers, didn't see a soul from the time I left the bar in Ely on Tuesday night till I returned to the Lake One access Saturday morning. Latest I've ever gone in the fall, but was still surprised by the lack of people, seeing that it was MEA weekend as well. Best fall fishing I've ever had up there, half dozen nice crappies, another half dozen small pike and over 20 walleyes in 16-18" range. She would love to come along, but I don't have room for her. My first Golden at 45lbs could have fit in between my legs, but this one is a long and lean 95 lber. I figured it was a good omen for my trip when I left the office on Tues to head up north and the Weinermobile was parked next to my truck. lol
  3. Walleye and a crappie that wouldn't go back down. 26ft.
  4. Cripes..........enjoy it for what it is, the Gophs haven't had a start like this in 60 years. Are they a top tier team yet? Nope. Maybe they will be in a few weeks? And maybe they won't.
  5. Here's to hoping that they are indeed back to the non-juiced balls. Then the 2019 Twins will be the best home run hitting team of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!!! *chuckle*
  6. Garver and Max looked like they were nowhere up to speed after their injuries. Crohn as well. Eddie needs to earn the chant. Sano is getting better at recognizing breaking balls, but still has a long ways to go. Buxton instead of Cave would have made a difference. Like I said earlier and it was so obvious that even the announcers pointed it out last night.......no mojo. *sigh* Thanks for an entertaining summer though, it was fun to be a fan. Arraez is the real deal, looking forward to the numbers he might put up in a full season. Hope the other young guys continue to grow. Also, let's hope we have another lucky off season acquisition streak. This time in the pitching realm. We will be battling for the Central again next year.
  7. Just win tomorrow and end the fricken streak please. Two things........ Pitching has always been suspect. The team has talent yet lacks some mojo. I've watched too much sports to think that the series is over. That big boned lady has yet to even hit tomorrow's buffet.
  8. All season this team seemed to bounce back from a loss. Only one 4 game losing streak, and 9 two game losing streaks. That's it. Time to be sharp and cut out the mental mistakes. Even the little ones. Bring it back here all tied up boys! *fingers crossed*
  9. I'd love to be listening to the Twins on the radio a couple weeks from now while sitting around the campfire eating some fresh walleye. I'd also like to see them with 100 wins and the HR record. And I agree, bring on the Yanks!
  10. Congrats Twins, it's been a fun ride this summer, thanks for the entertainment!
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