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  1. Just a seasoning packet. Adjust the recipe as you see fit. A late summer batch with fresh sweet corn off of the cob works pretty well.
  2. Back to simple, but still tasty. White chicken chili hanging out in the crockpot today.
  3. That meal was supposed to take place last April with another couple at our house, then some dumb blizzard got in the way. They had their kitchen remodeled in the last year, so we were invited over to cook dinner at their place. Great meal, but oh so rich.
  4. Bordelouse wine sauce topped Beef Wellington. Lemon garlic risotto and a crab tower with avocado + gazpacho salsa salad. Why yes.........the old lady is back in town.
  5. When you see a thread on the right (Foam Rollers), and think "boat trailer thread". Serious case of cabin fever setting in at my place.
  6. Hey now.........I was bacheloring it this past weekend, hence the paper plates and meals that were 90% protein.
  7. Double Gloucester with Blue Stilton topped ribeye.
  8. They were still a tad frozen, dry spices on and baked for 25 minutes at 365, broiled for 4, should have been 3. Torched a bit, but not too bad and I like a char on wings. Pulled them and let them cool for a few minutes. The glaze holds better on the cooler spiced crisped skin. Then glazed them and put them back in for 20 at 320. Gotta be careful of all that sugar burning. I use a lot of flavor, so I only spice and glaze one side. It was a tasty batch, I dipped them in buffalo sauce before inhaling.
  9. Sling Orange here, plus Amazon and Netflix. There are times that I wish I had ESPN and The Big Ten network, but I've been able to live without. Have trouble getting Kare11 on the man cave TV antennae, so I head upstairs when there is something to watch on there. Still get weekly junk mail from Direct TV begging me to come back after 5 years.
  10. 13 years ago I had my heart set on a Lund, I went with an Alumacraft because I could rig it out nicer with the money I was allotted by my better half at the time..........no regrets.
  11. I'm guessing not much. I know the one pounders threads can start to rust in a humid environment, but am not sure if that would be an issue if still attached? I know nothing about propane augers, is there an oil tank to keep the engine lubed? And if so, does it need to be refreshed or drained every once in a while? It's not like you need to worry about bad gas gumming up the system. Mostly, I'm just replying to give you something to read TJ. Hopefully somebody else will chime in with more knowledge.
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