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Dog Names


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Look at your family tree. Call the family genealogist. See how far back you can trace the lineage. Use the first name, or better yet, nickname of the earliest ones you can find. Good stuff back then.

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For me, I bought my dog on the 1 year anniversary of my dad passing away, so i wanted a name that would remind me of him. He loved John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movies, so I tried to remember dog names from those movies. I believe The Duke had a dog named "dog" or "girl" something like that, but i decided to stay away from those. I went with Josie from "The Outlaw Josie Whales." If I had gotten a male dog I would have definitely gone with Winston. he smoked Winstons so I thought it would have been fitting. If I do ever get a male dog in the future, Winston will surely be the name. So one way to approach it is to think of some of your favorite movies and the characters in the movies and go that route.

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My two labs 1 Yellow and 1 Black are Chase and Rip

Thier registered names are

Round Lakes Chase Em Down and Round Lakes Rip It Up!

We keep giving one of our buddies greif about him yelling at his dogs all the time and so we told him we are going to name his next dog ROOSTER so when we are in SD and everyone is yelling "ROOSTER ROOSTER ROOSTER" that he will really be messed up! HEHEHEHEHE

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Had a GSP named Baron,

Labs named: Corks, Aggie, Suzie, Scooter, Breeze, Mako, Hobo, Mess, Chug, Nora, and Cash.

Cocker named Chaser.

I still think the best name for a lab is 'Dammitt'! As in Dammitt "sit"! or Dammitt... "get over here"! or on a cold water retrieve of a big goose... Dammitt! "fetch it up"! hehehe

Good Luck!


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has a Golden Retriever named Copper Jr. named after his father, Copper... Was thinking for a while for name til Copper's master suggested Junior... and it all clicked... Would love to keep a male from Copper Jr's future litter and name him Copper III... I did think about using MacGyver if I decided to keep two males...

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