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  1. hey ryan if you want another gunner and dog let me know. i live in norwood and always like getting out hunting with someone new.
  2. stretch

    New guy to pheasant hunting

    hey walleyeking19, there is a ton of land around buffalo that is good land for pheasants. Even if you want to get out for a quick walk you would be surprised on how many birds you can flush without a dog. But if you want i am more than willing to take you out for a day on some land i know of. I have a german shorthair pointer that is very good upland dog.
  3. Made a day trip out to western mn and got my limit at the 2nd place i stopped at. The first spot was a private land spot and all i got up was a really nice 8 pt buck. Then i went to some public land down the road from there and my pointer did a solid point on one and when i went in to get it to flush, come to find out it was a crippled rooster that could barely fly. Well my gsp can fly and caught that bird. Then on the walk back to the truck she did another solid point and i flushed another rooster. So not too bad of a day on public land, I know there were more birds out there but they kept running and it's tough when running solo with 1 dog. Also corn is coming out fast out there and i figure it will be 90% out by next weekend.
  4. stretch

    Camp Ripley 2nd weekend

    A buddy sent me a picture of a really nice 8 pt he shot up at ripley today. He said he has seen very few deer and i think he shot his buck around 2 pm. Hopefully some more bucks will be shot.
  5. stretch

    2014 Archery Hunting Photo Contest

    category 1 My fiance's first buck let alone her first bow kill. Sorry ill edit out the blood and arrow when I get back to my computer. I was just excited about the picture.
  6. stretch

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Here is my fiance's first buck and first bow kill. She shot it at 17 yards. This buck kept pegging her in the stand so i had to switch trees so she could get a shot at it. So how the story goes she was getting bummed out that day since she hadn't seen anything. Then right at sun down the doe's starting filtering past her and pretty soon this 9 pointer stepped into the opening to give her a clear 17 yard shot. I was 40 yards from her in the field and i watched her buck run across the bean field and pile up. She made a perfect heart shot but the arrow didn't pass all the way threw cause it hit the opposite leg. All i know is that i am very proud of her cause she has been practicing all summer and shooting her bow every chance she has and it paid off big time! Now all she talks about is next year or if we could go out of state to shoot another deer.
  7. stretch

    pheasants report

    went out sunday afternoon for a couple hours and found a crippled duck, picked up a bunch of garbage and shot one out on public land. so it wasn't too bad.
  8. stretch

    Deer have vanished..............

    we still have a lot of doe's coming out into the bean field and have had some smaller bucks coming out so far. But i have notice that we have gotten less and less photos of the multiple mature bucks on our property. Now we have 260 acres with 5 of us hunting it and with about a dozen stands out there. Hopefully we haven't pushed the mature bucks off of our land. Pretty much we have it all. River bottoms, oak hard woods, swamp, crop land, crp land and soft woods. Do you think we are pressuring off the land. Oh i forgot to mention this land is in the north metro along city limits.
  9. stretch

    GPS Collar ??

    I have the dogtra 2502 t&b collar and i also have the garmin astro tracking collor and i use them both when i am out hunting. The garmin is the cats meow! Its well worth the investment. I also use my garmin with my buddies coyote hunting dogs and we can track the dogs up to 9 miles away. you wont be disappointed.
  10. stretch

    Vet in St. Michael-Albertville area

    I second st. Michael vet. I have been going there for 14 years and have never had any problems at all. Everyone there is super friendly and i know one of the vets there is a big time hunter and he knows what to look for on hunting dogs young and old. His name is dr. dutton. You wont be disappointed.
  11. go check out sandpines up in avon. His cover is still really good and i know he still has plenty of birds.
  12. stretch

    Flocks breaking up?

    Yes and no. I have been putting on the miles from waconia to all around Monticello and it mixed.
  13. stretch

    Input on the 2014 hoyt bows

    The one reason why i am picking hoyt is because i have a 32" draw length so i am very limited on what i can get. I ended up shooting the charger, faktor and carbon spyder. I spent about a hour just shooting those 3 and i liked them all, but the faktor and spyder were defiantly smoother and faster. So now it's all on trying to choose. I'll probably get the faktor 34 long draw just because it just fit me better and shot so nice. Thanks for everyone's input. I really appreciate it!
  14. So i am thinking about getting back into bow hunting the year and was wondering what everyone thought about hoyt bows, especially the 2014 models. I mainly would be using it for turkey hunting and deer hunting out of a ground blind so i would like a shorter axle to axle length. Any input about them would be great!
  15. stretch

    ATv tracks

    Ya it would probably steer fairly hard but it's hard to say. Call the local bobcat dealer and see if they know how hard the steering would be. I'm sure they have sold a track setup to one of there customers.