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  1. Nick Foles and Case Keenum...your NFC Championship game quarterbacks...
  2. Got Burpee yesterday, and Burgess today. Trying not to get too excited as it will be four months before we put anything into the (currently frozen, snow-covered) ground.
  3. I've been eyeing that up for a while now, too. I keep thinking I want it...and my wallet keeps telling me I am out of my mind. The Emperor Scorpion version is pretty sweet, too.
  4. I was already registered. It worked fine this morning. I'm in.
  5. I'm trying right now too, but it doesn't seem to be working. I log in, then try to go to fill in the bracket, and it says I need to log in. Vicious circle...
  6. No borders indeed. I grew up in Minnesota did a lot of fishing there. Moved to South Dakota. Did a lot of fishing there, but also went back to Minnesota and did some fishing (as a dirty non-resident). Then moved to Minnesota, and did some fishing as a dirty non-resident in South Dakota. Then moved back to South Dakota. I fished as a resident and non-resident in South Dakota and Minnesota alternately for 20 years. Now I am a resident of Nebraska, and will be fishing as a dirty non-resident in both Minnesota and South Dakota over the next several years. But I'm the same guy...only difference is the design on the license plate and the dollars I paid for the fishing license. Resident/non-resident...doesn't matter. We are all just trying to enjoy some fishing. Let's get past this notion that the state someone happens to be a resident of makes some kind of difference.
  7. Jarrod32

    Olympic Hockey

    The only team to win a medal in each of the last three Olympics? Finland. Finland is also the only country to win medals (though admittedly no gold) in five of the last six Olympics. No one else can say that. Not Russia. Not Sweden. Not Canada. Don't dismiss them as a pushover. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, the three world powers in hockey are Canada, Sweden and Finland. The US, Russia, and Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic are the second tier.
  8. Jarrod32

    Olympic Hockey

    A bit of trivia...while the USA/Canada semi-final is a rematch of the 2010 gold medal game, the other semi-final between Sweden and Finland is a rematch of the 2006 gold medal game. Tre Kronor!
  9. Jarrod32


    They couldn't get themselves ready to play the Oilers with the playoffs on the line...I don't know how they can get ready to play Chicago. Play the young guys a lot, give them a taste of playoff hockey. Squeaking in to the 8 seed is well below the talent level of this team. Everything else fell into place for them...all they had to do was beat a not-very-good Oiler team, and they would be the #6 seed playing Vancouver. But again, if you can't get yourself up to play a bad Oiler team with the playoffs on the line, I don't know how you can expect to handle playoff-intensity hockey. They are going to be owned by the Blackhawks. I hope the Wild win a game...just avoid the sweep, please...
  10. Jarrod32


    Wild and Columbus are tied at 53 points; Wild hold tiebreakers. Columbus has one game remaining; Wild have two. If the Wild win one of their two games, they are in. Detroit is at 54 points, with one game remaining...they can get no more than 56 points. If the Wild win both, they get to 57, and leapfrog Detroit for the 7 seed. Aaaaand...the Sharks and Kings are at 57 points each, and they each have one game remaining...against each other. The Wild could tie the loser of that game. Wild would hold tie breakers over San Jose, but not LA. So...if the Wild win their last two (and they are winnable games), and LA beats San Jose...it looks like the Wild would get the #6 seed on tiebreakers with San Jose...and get the Canucks in the first round...
  11. Yeah, even if there is still enough ice, it is going to be pretty messy on top and really hard to get around...and with forecast highs around 70 degrees on Friday and Saturday, whatever ice is left is going to deteriorate quickly...
  12. I've never fished that lake, and there is no public access. Although it is bordered on the north by road/right-of-way, so you may be able to access the lake off the road. Most of the information I have is that there are no walleye, but you can find bluegill and largemouth bass. Other than that, I don't know a great deal about this lake...
  13. Many of the lakes are getting some traffic and some paths/trails are being established. Use caution, though, as it is easy to get stuck if you get off the path...
  14. Others pretty much covered it. I would suggest Lynn or Bitter. My experience on Bitter this winter has been good quality perch, but not the quantity. Waubay can be really hit-and-miss. If you get on 'em, you can have one of the best days of fishing you have had. But the next day, you can go all over that lake, drill dozens of holes, and get squat. Lynn and maybe Roy are going to be consistent. And as has been mentioned, there are no closed seasons...walleye and northern (along with crappie and bluegill) are all fair game.
  15. Yep...I get to quite a few of the Wings games...
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