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  1. folke2000

    Boars stuffed burger bombs

    Where do you buy "high temperature cheese"? Thanks, Folke
  2. folke2000

    Thank you all for the prayers!

    GREAT news for your family......Best wishes. Folke
  3. folke2000

    Thoughts on/about beaver dam tip ups,

    But what exactly is better about them? I am in no way a big tip up fisherman, but would be willing to "get what I pay for" if I can be convinced it's worth the money. Thanks, Folke
  4. folke2000

    lab breeder

    My 5 month old lab is from KT British Labs in Elbow Lake. So far very happy with the dog (if you are looking for that type of pedigree).
  5. folke2000

    Vet in St. Michael-Albertville area

    This is where I bring my dog to also.....been happy there so far.
  6. folke2000

    Looking for a Yellow Lab Pup

    Picking up our new lab on Sunday from KT British Kennels. After a lot of research / phone calls and meeting Kim, I am very comfortable getting the new member of our family from him. Good luck in your search..... Folke
  7. folke2000

    Perm propane tank box suggestion

    Ours is mounted just over the front drop down hitch. We used mesh steel on the bottom for venting purposes. Folke
  8. folke2000

    Boat coming out of storage

    Dave, How about the 'ssippi in Elk River or Dayton? Folke
  9. folke2000

    Rod Blank for Rainy River Stugeon Rod

    Wolfram, Thanks so much for the suggestion...I think I will be looking for the CB80H blank. Folke
  10. folke2000

    Rod Blank for Rainy River Stugeon Rod

    Wolfram, Thanks for your response...To answer some of the questions... I am a rod holder, so would like to feel the bite. I was thinking something in the 8' range, and as I make the yearly trek to the Rainy River for Sturgeon, I would like to keep the blank under a hundred (if possible?) Thanks again for any advise..... Folke
  11. folke2000

    Cool kid catches catfish through Ice!

    Perfect....thanks for sharing the video. Folke
  12. Hey all, I would like a recommendation for a blank to build a Rainy River Sturgeon Rod with. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Folke
  13. folke2000

    Need help on "Feel" rods

    I really like the "feel" of my TB Perch Sweetheart rod. You can't go wrong by stopping in and talking to them if you are in the area. Good Luck, folke
  14. folke2000

    No-roll (flat) lead weights anywhere in town?

    Cabelas in Rogers had them this spring, but I don't know if they still do now. Maybe worth a call.
  15. folke2000

    Lindy River Rocker Giveaway

    I'm in