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  1. Mulch around plants is a big help. Plus it improves the soil. I would also recommend cutting down the size of the garden to some thing you can handle and enjoy. Years ago I had three gardens - vegie, flower, tree - that I maintained. When I moved to my current spot we cut back. But it still gets to be work. Get out in the morning when its cool and the birds are singing. Plant some of it into perrenials like asparagus, raspberries, and rhubarb that can just be mulched. Also remember that there are lots of wonderful farmers markets around nowadays. Our garden is just for fresh lettuce, tomatoes, string beans, onions, and some broccoli. Cabbage too. I just went to a farmers market at noon and picked up sweet corn. Good luck and have fun!!
  2. graingrower has it right, I've been on both ends of the this, both raising and buying 1/4's, I always figured 65% hanging weight from the live weight. Then you still have all your bones, figure another 25%-30% drop, depending upon your cuts. You need to find out from the butcher what the live or hanging weight is and what kind of critter is was, beef or holstein, market steer or skinny cow. Sounds like it was on the smaller size, a true market steer is going to start out at 1200 pounds. Another tip if you're buying a quarter is to buy '1/2 of a 1/2', you end up with a quarter but you get some cuts from the front quarter and some from the hind quarter. I love buying a quarter!!! You know where its coming from, you can get it cut the way you want - 1 inch steaks, 1/3 pound hamburger patties, two to package, 3 pound roasts, etc. Its not cheap but when you see sirloin steak in the store for 6.99 a pound, it works out. Plus you have to plan ahead and get your frozen packages out a few days early. I took Fridays hamburger patties out of the freezer this morning!!!
  3. Thanks eyeguy!!! And I'll try to get a picture of my two labs drooling while I'm taste testing.
  4. eyeguy, Time to make some jerky, got a frozen loin in the freezer, thinking of thawing it out and starting the dehydrator this weekend, a couple of questions: 1) Above you stated 1/4 inch thick, is that still your recommendation?? Do you use a knife or slicer?? 2) In the pics above it looks like you lay it out flat, sprinkle the rub on, and then throw it in a big glass bowl?? Why not just leave it flat in the tupperware? 3) How long do you marinate it? 4) I'll probably try the Hi-Mt mixes, does adding the pepper make it very hot?? Thanks!!!
  5. Bump. What I thought was my wife being to rough on the pup was a problem with her jaw, see my post on craniomandibular osteopathy.
  6. You can say that again. Sounds like they had been after this guy and watching him for quite awhile, you'd think they make sure everything was 100% correct so they'd have an airtight case. Its a head shaker... Some DNR heads should roll!!! The supervisor of that area or whoever agreed to the GPS on the truck to start with. And as far as putting a GPS on a persons vehicle, sounds like a dangerous maneuver to me!!! If the guys dog barks or he heard them, the best case scenario would be that he'd call the sheriff, worst case scenario is he comes out with a shotgun.... Who is at fault if someone gets shot??!!
  7. Steak looks nice and pink but I'm not sure about the 'sear', it almost looks burnt to me and I hate anything thats black and burnt. To each his own I guess. Made the mistake of ordering 'blackened catfish' once and hated it, thought later what was I thinking, you don't like burnt food!! Must be from eating burnt toast as a kid, as in mom burns the toast, scraps off the burnt part -- kind of -- and then butters it and says eat it. Nowadays if I burn toast I toss it and start over.
  8. Dotch, nope, didn't consult her. She's actually pretty easy easy to cook for, just have to make sure her steaks aren't too bloody and she does tend to whine about the fact I cook too many potatoes but hey I'm the cook and the cook likes potatoes!!! Mmmm maybe thats why she'll add something to the menu, which pizzes me off, if you want to add something to the menu, add it when you make the meal!!! Or she'll whine about a can of corn, "I like frozen corn better". So its the side dishes that she might whine about but never the meat. And she'll volunteer to make a salad but I have to tell her just a salad not a Mongo salad, I want to eat some of the meat and potatoes that I cooked. So I let her do whatever side dishes she wants to do and they'll be leftovers.
  9. Went down to the freezer last night and dug out some meat for the weekend meals, time to get it thawing out in the frig. Took a whole chicken out for Sunday, its big, about 7 pounds, the other chicken thread got me motivated to get the rotisserie out on Sunday, it'll take until then to thaw out. For the Saturday night supper took out some hamburger patties. Friday night supper is going to be a beef roast, I'm off Friday, I like to have supper waiting for the wife when she gets home, its easy to throw into the oven on time-bake, with lots of onions -- I still have some left from the garden last year and they're starting to grow, time to use them up!!! And of course some spuds with the roast. And since I'm off Friday, I always like to celebrate being away from work, so I took out some venison steaks. Me and my doggies will be sitting on the deck at noon Friday eating them hot off the grill!!! Life is good, especially if you're a carnivore!!!
  10. reinhard, what kind of a grinder do you have that will grind up those soft wiggly chicken breasts???
  11. I don't think I've ever seen that kind before!!! I only have about 8 other McCormick flavors (love the Montreal steak seasoning on steaks) I'll have to find this one and try it. For chicken I alternate between the Montreal Chicken and the Herb and Garlic mixes, they're both good.
  12. Read that other link on grilling chicken, he made a good point on doing the chicken first on the cool side and then on the hot side later to crisp it up after the fat has rendered off. Thats the thing about bone-in chicken thighs, sometimes you do have to render the fat off - but that extra fat/moisture is what makes them good!!! I might have to try a spatch-cock chicken some day but with that rotisserie, the constant turning which is self-basting, and the pan of water underneath, they turn out very moist and cooked through-out. And the chickens nowadays are so young that it doesn't take that long, most are done in under two hours. I keep a thermometer handy and start checking after an hour. That brining thing is debatable in my mind, not sure if its worth the extra time and effort. I've done it both ways and have never really noticed the difference as far as a moist chicken. Then again I watch my chickens like hawk and make sure I don't overcook. I may have to do two chickens side by side, brine one and not brine the other.
  13. One question, people always talk/rave about 'spatch-cocking' a chicken or turkey, doesn't that dry it out?? Whats the advantage of doing it that way?? As I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons I like doing my chickens whole is that the white meat stays moist. All this talk about chicken, and watching the warm weather forecast, think I'll take a chicken out of the freezer tonight so I can rotisserie on Sunday.
  14. I needed a new Weber last year and then added the rotisserie attachment. I love doing chickens on it!!! Its a little more work to get it set up but then its just a matter of sitting back and watching it (and the birds) with a cold one in hand. As far as chicken goes, we grew up eating lots of chicken and I still like it. Growing up, in the fall every Sat morning we'd have to go grab eight chickens that mom raised and butcher them. We ate a lot of chicken.... I've always preferred the white meat but not if its dry!!! For that reason I like my chickens cooked whole, whether its in the oven or on the grill. Nowadays I buy whole chickens from a farm lady and bake them in the winter and grill them in the summer, we get a good Sunday meal and also lots of leftovers for sandwiches during the week. I do watch the chicken sales and will buy packs of bone-in thighs or legs, they're a nice change of pace and again they provide good leftovers. I have one of those baskets that goes on the rotisserie, works good. We also buys the bags of chicken breasts and skinless thighs, both very good but don't overcook!! All you need to do is get it so the juice doesn't run red!!! Dry white chicken you might as well just plan on dousing it with barbecue sauce or mix with mayo for chicken salad. Lots of ways to cook, either barbecue sauce at the end or McCormick seasons work. The boneless pieces also work good for a mid week grill sessions on the gas grill. Whenever I grill I do lots so I have leftovers for later meals. Did I say that I like chicken??
  15. That sucker will make a lot of alligator on a stick for the state fair!!! Sure glad we don't have them around here!!! I'll take wood ticks and mosquitoes any day!!! My water loving labs agree also!!!
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