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  1. Tullibee, We have 80 acres inside Superior national Forest and have had to go through the Tresspassing sign thing many times. Technically every NO Tresspassing Sign needs to have contact information on it. Every one of our signs has our name, phone number, and address on it. If the signs you found do not contain this info either they weren't aware of the sign laws or they are not legal signs and they obviously don't want anyone knowing who put the signs up. Carrying your plat book is a good idea in case you run into the "owners" out there. There is a chance you are on private property and just aren't aware of it. One year on our land we had a guy sitting in one of our stands that was smack dab in the middle of our acreage. We approached the guy and explained to him his location and he refused to accept he was on our land. Long and short, we let him finish his hunt and told him not to be back. he never came back.
  2. My dad used to say the samething. It should take a minute to turn your head. he also said it should take me 20 minutes to walk 20 yards. three steps and stop.....three steps and stop. But I think this was more to get it into our young heads that speed means nothing in the woods. take your time and be observant of your surroundings. I agree with wanderer. Be smooth with your movements and you shouldn't spook anything, and if you do, then they were watching you the whole time anyway and already had the upper hand on you. I also rarely have a deer come up on me with out me hearing it first, but the couple deer that did sneak up on me happened to be a couple large bruisers. Two years ago during muzzie season I was working the grunt call. I swore I heard motion a few hundred yeards out in front of me, which I'm very sure I did hear. After a couple minutes of nothing I brought the gun back down from shoulder and relaxed. As soon as I did this, I hear a snort behind me. I turn, and 40 yards away staring right at me was a huge buck. Our eyes were locked. Well I'm sure you know who won that staring contest.....let's just say he was gone before I could even think about lobbing a shot off at him. Then there's the other side of the story. I hate to admit how many bucks/does I've taken with a pop and a smoke in my hands, chewing on a granola bar. But all in all, I try to be as still as possible, but more importantly try to be as quiet as possible. If you move try not to make the stand squeak or make any other sounds. I think out of the three ways of getting busted by a deer, sound is the first. First Sound, then Sight, and thirdly smell. That's just from my experience and is my $.02. It all depends on your stands location, surroundings, etc.
  3. We do the receipt thing for food, but propane, generator gas, misc. supplies are pretty much covered by my brother and I. We own the property but we have three uncles and three cousins that join us at camp. The deal we had was, they help us build the shack and then they can use it free of charge whenever they need to. So we figure the time they put in building and hauling materials covers them for life. Sometimes the guys will give us a few bucks here and there for propane, but we don't ask for it. The uncles wanted to buy into the shack but we wouldn't let them. It gets to be a lot of problems when too many people own something together. If one guy doesn't have money to pitch in for repairs, or if a guy wants to sell his "shares" it ends up ruining relationships and burning bridges. So my brother and I end up getting taxed more, but it's worth it to keep everybody happy.
  4. Doesn't really matter when you're a master-grunter like myself! I just call them in when I'm ready for some action. HA!!! No, but seriously, I have done well at all times over the years. My last two bucks where both in the afternoon. The reason I know this is because I ran out of daylight tracking both those deer and had to recover them the next morning. I do that a lot though. Only one deer in my 19 years of hunting have I not recovered, but I have put on many miles tracking. Each year I say enough is enough and if I don't have a perfect kill shot I'm not pulling the trigger. But when you see that mess of horns walking out of range knowing you'll probably never get a chance at this guy again, how do you not let one fly? I've struggled with this question my whole life .
  5. My brother and I have 80 acres in section 115. Heading up Thursday around noon. Gives us a day of kicking back, grouse hunting, and patrolling the neighborhood.
  6. Ah yes, deer camp. Greatest time of year. This year we have a new addition to boot, so that's always fun. I got a good deer camp mystery that I'm sure others of you have. It's a mystery that has never been solved and I think more attention should be paid to. How come after a night of card playing nobody is ever down money? Everybody seems to be up money the next day. 8 guys playing cards, and all 8 guys are up.....the math doesn't work but somehow it happens. ha
  7. Thanks guys. The owner was as happy as a clam. He was supposed to head back to Colorado on tuesday but decided to stick around until he found his dog. He said he put 170 miles on the road yesterday searching for his dog. We all think a little fate played into this one. 9 out of 10 guys would have just kept driving had they seen a dog on the road. For some reason my coworker decided to stop and check him for a collar and well the rest is history. I love dogs too, but to be honest I probably wouldn't have stopped. I mean, picture driving to work at 6:00 in the morning, pitch black out still, running late for work, and having to swerve for a dog on the road and then making the decision to stop and check on the animal. That takes a special kind of person. I hope we can all take something from this that makes all of us a little more compassionate. FYI: The owner did say both his dogs are chipped. Our vet in town didn't have a scanner so we never got him checked, but we were discussing bringing him to Virginia to get scanned if an owner didn't turn up soon. I think I may get my dog chipped as well. It's not a sure fix, but it can't hurt.
  8. A little side note to add to this which really upsets me. The owner of this dog called the Virginia Humane society twice on Wednesday to see if they had found their dog and the Humane society said no and that they hadn't heard anything about it. Well we called the Humane Society at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday to inform them that we found this dog, then the owner calls twice and they say they don't know anything about it. That down right burns my hide. No wonder it's so hard to find lost dogs, poor quality of service to say the least.
  9. Great news! A local person in town that had heard we found this dog called us today and said she heard on the Ely radio station someone looking for a lost GSP. She took down the number and called us. We called the number, which was a Colorado number, and left a message. The guy called us back and ID'd the dog to a T. He had been worried sick looking for him. He had gone missing tuesday and we found him Wednesday so he was only missing for a night. The guy has two GSp's and they both wandered off together. The one came back about 5 hours later but this one, Parker, didn't come back. The guy said Parker is the one that never wanders, it's the other one he has to watch. So he figures Parker simply couldn't find his way back. So anyway, they have been reunited and all is well.
  10. We thought about the same thing, and about releasing the dog where we foudn it. But, we think this dog has been on the move for at least several days. After calling around town we found somebody who spotted the dog about 10 miles from where he was picked up about thirty minutes earlier. Also, the dogs pads on his feet are worn raw. He has been on his feet walking the highway for along time to wear the pads down to red raw feet. The dog stayed the night at my coworkers house who found him. We're still hoping to find the owner. We've called several papers, sheriffs, city police, humane societies, etc. Hopefully somebody tries to find him up here by calling one of these places and then they will get a hold of us. We had our whole office staff calling around yesterday and searching the internet for lost dogs posts. No luck yet.
  11. So far, no luck. A Vet will be stopping by the office later to scan him for a chip. This dog is definitely a GSP. Very well behaved dog. The pads on his feet are practically worn off in some spots. We think he has been running for several days. He's sleeping in my coworkers truck right now. Very tired dog to say the least. Probably been trying to find home for several days now. He ate a little dog food, but wouldn't drink any water. he doesn't even want to get out of the truck now. We tried to let him out to see if he needed to use the bathroom but he didn't want to get out of the truck. Not scared at all, jsut very tired. Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure somebody is missing him. We contacted all the Humane Societies around us but no luck yet. I've posted here and anothe site in hopes of finding the owner. Ask around people, and see if any of your buddies have lost a dog. Thanks again!
  12. A co-worker of mine picked up a dog running along side the highway this morning in Cook, MN. He has the dog in his truck right now until he can find the owner or something. No collar on him/her, I didn't ask him if it was male or female. Very friendly dog, I believe is a GSP. Short hair, short tail, long legs, light brown with some white speckles. She jumped out of the tall grass onto the road just as he was passing. Almost hit her, but swerved and stopped to check on her. So he opened his door and she jumped right in and laid down in the back seat. None of us have ever seen this dog before so we don't believe she's local. Definitely somebody's hunting dog that must have gotten separated from her owners. Any help would be great.
  13. It sound sliek everybody hit the nail on the head here. It's not a tach or prop, per se, problem. You are simply trimming your motor up too high. I would bet the same thing happens when you corner/turn hard. All of a sudden your RPM's jump and speed is lost. Once again, you've lost grip. An SST prop will tend to allow you to trim higher and less likely to lose grip due to it's rigidity. An aluminum prop has more flex and at WOT would most likely lose grip sooner than the SST would. I know your 19" takes longer to get up on plane, but if it isn't severe I would run that prop and save your motor. Or just make sure to pay attention to the noise of the engine. When the RPM's kick up, then trim down right away until you "feel" and hear traction again.
  14. That was definitely a sign if there ever was one. Better thank your guardian angel. I don't mess with storms anymore. Several years ago we rented a boat up on Crane Lake to head up into Lac la Croix (we didn't want to run the I/O up the river). Anyway the boat we were renting had just came in the day before from the same trip. So we get to the boat to start loading up and notice this big blood stain on the floor that had tried to get scrubbed out. We talked to the owners and found out what happened. The people who rented it the day before were up on La Croix and out on the water when a storm was off in the distance. The storm was still a ways out, and they figured they had plenty of fishing time left. Well, one of the guys in the boat got struck by a bolt of lightning and his feet is where the lightning grounded to the boat and ended up blowing the guys feet off. I hate to be graphic, but it's what happened. Of course the guy didn't make it which obviously is a sad end to whole deal. But it just shows that even when lightning isn't present or the storm is still a ways out it can still be dangerous. It's hard to pack up when they're biting but it's just not worth it.
  15. Thanks, Brownie I will do that. I am always open to advice. Protrapper: sorry for kind of hijacking your post.
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