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  1. If you can push it out yourself I would feel safe at 5-6”
  2. Most wheelers start hitting the ice at 6" do you plan to pull it out with a wheeler or yourself?
  3. This fight will happen right after Brock fights Fedor and Rousey fights Cyborg
  4. I have heard nothing but amazing things about the Kdrill
  5. Sure hope so feels like the season is almost over
  6. Nice job havent been out much lately, going to take my daughter out fishing tomorrow in hopes of getting her first fish caught
  7. Made it out a few times since Christmas been very very slow for me seen 4-5 fish all very small and a lot of time between seeing fish. Actually have my canvas house ready to sit on a lake but the rain took all the snow off so wont be putting it out till I have some snow to bank it down its pretty slick out there.
  8. Since I have a wood floor for my hub I used 1/2 PVC pipe and made a hanger that goes over the hole so I can hang decoys, GoPro, spinner etc works great and its just 3 pieces of small PVC.
  9. I would be more fearful of dropping a decoy down a 3x4' hole then the line breaking, every wood decoy I have had hit by a northern they hit low not high so not even close to the line to worry about them cutting the line.
  10. I use 100 pound power pro braid never had any issues with it.
  11. Bummer start of the year but the weather next week looks like ice making weather
  12. I also have a pair of their binoculars and really like them my next scope I plan to get will be a Vortex there pricing is great for the quality you get
  13. Good luck up there guys im gonna be missing another one dang kids get in the way
  14. nice job @Neighbor_guy one of my coworker bought a couple decoys from you at the expo this past weekend. He came up and said he bought a couple decoys and wanted to show me I laughed said I know that guy
  15. 1 or 4 in our group saw small fork and doe Saturday nothing Sunday, brother in law got a decent 10 on Sunday, gonna maybe head out Friday and hunt one last day before the season is over
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