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  1. Harmonica Bear


    Well - JJ and Mofro did not disappoint. Blew the doors off the joint! It was seriously, really good. I think I still have my groove on!
  2. Harmonica Bear


    That’s not a bad description. Haha! Definitely looking forward to the show! The weather is a buzzkill, but the show must go on. FYI - you can stream his new album from his web site with Spotify. Pretty darn good if you like that kind of music.
  3. Harmonica Bear


    I bet the 4onthefloor show was good, wish I could have seen it. JJ Grey and Mofro tomorrow night at the Varsity. That should be a good show. been wanting to see him for years.
  4. Harmonica Bear

    Share good music

    PartyWhine... You'll like this one
  5. Harmonica Bear

    Share good music

    One of my new favorites. The Alabama Shakes. Aretha meets Janis or something like that. Brittany gives me goose bumps... Grace was the last one to do that.
  6. Harmonica Bear

    German recipes

    I 2nd the Rouladen as well. My favorite dish by far. I also think German potato salad is a must.
  7. Harmonica Bear

    Tips for a pups first season

    3 words: Patience, patience, patience.
  8. Harmonica Bear


    I so want to get out... Unfortunately I am cooking in a rib contest this weekend. Next weekend for sure! Can already tell that the dog knows the season is approaching. He's had a little more pep in his step the last week or so. Can't wait.
  9. Just a reminder: We are having our annual rib contest this Saturday. If you want to enter, ribs get doled out @ 7:00, judging is around 3:30. Serving to the public @ 4:00, buck a bone. 20 teams are already signed up. The more the merrier. It is supposed to be a beautiful day. For those that just want to eat I would recommend getting there before 4:00, they go fast! Feel free to stop by and say hi. Our set up should be by the gun in SW corner of the parking lot. FYI - if I knew how to post the poster I would. ISB can you do that again?
  10. I like the mornings as well. I think the birds are more calm and relaxed. In the places I hunt most times, by the end of the day the birds have probably been moved once or twice already and seem to be a bit more jumpy. Just my observation.
  11. Harmonica Bear

    Week 23 Winner

    That's what I'm talkin bout! Might even make the chase if I keep that up!
  12. Harmonica Bear

    PING Harmonica Bear

    Thanks Chad!
  13. Harmonica Bear

    PING Harmonica Bear

    Yes we are having it again. It is September 15th. I know, I know it is the grouse opener, I voted against it haha! But it is on. I will post some details later. Or maybe ICB can post it, he printed the posters.
  14. Harmonica Bear


    I've tried alot of them over the years. Franziskaner is my favorite.
  15. Harmonica Bear

    pheasant vest

    Filson - might as well have the best.