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  1. I have no problems with 4 wheelers in the woods. However, there is absolutely ZERO excuse for a four wheeler to come down a trail where there is a truck already parked at the head of that trail!!!! Being a walker with a dog I get in 4-5 trails a day, now I'm down to 3-4 with the days growing shorter. 4 wheelers can get to twice as many a day or more. Why would you go down a trail you know for sure there is a walker on it right now? That's what's most amazing to me about this situation. It's called Hunter Etiquette or Common Sense or Being Courteous
  2. This happened to me 11 years ago. My dog lost an eye and a good portion of her lung capacity. My vet told me to get on a plane to Mexico. $10 a pill here in the states. $4 a pill in Fort Frances. $1.25 a pill in Mexico. We were taking 4 pills a day. Do the math, you will see it is an extremely expensive cure!!! I had a friend cross the border from San Diego pick up a 6 month supply and mail them up to me. My dog hunted the last 4-5 years of her life with one eye. Didn't really affect her ability until the last year. Blasto is a Killer no doubt. By now your dog should be well on his way to recovery since he is half way into his meds. GOOD LUCK!!
  3. duckbuster

    Mean dog

    Something like this happen to me roughly 20 years ago. Neighbors dog up at our hunting shack kept crossing the property line until one day he put my young dog on her back right in front of me. I calmly walked thru the trees to his cabin and told him what happened. I politely told him if it ever happened again I would kill his dog, Period. That was the last time I had an issue.
  4. If you still leave in Fargo you do have a piece of property as nice as Kelley Farms. It's called the North Dakota Retriever Club and can be found off Hwy 10 just west of Glyndon.
  5. Yeah, and they can also be a huge determent. It works both ways, also you have no control over corrections when relying on old gus to teach your baby. Be real careful when using the older dog.
  6. Enlighten us somewhat on how the 7.5 YO is going teach the new one?
  7. You spent 2800 for how many weeks? I get nearly 4 months of training for 3200 which includes birds. This was also my first hunting dog. Nothing has been more rewarding then having a well trained dog. Both obedience and hunting. Good training is not cheap but worth every penny IMO. I put my dog through the intro to birds and guns at 5 months which is a 2 week program. It was about $500 with birds and the at 8 months I put her through the Intermidiate Gun Dog/ obedience program which was 10 weeks and about $2800 with birds. Again not cheap but well worth it and I am very satisfied. Good luck with the pup!
  8. I use Pet Plan's Silver policy. I have not had a claim yet, knock on wood, but have not heard any bad reports. GOOD LUCK
  9. 218 790 3348 ask for Brad. Tell him his friend from Waconia told you to call. MODS, if this is out of line I do apologize.
  10. duckbuster

    ACL help

    Mesabi Animal Hospital in Hibbing MN. The U of M refer lots of people to this vet for this procedure. GOOD LUCK. I'm sorry this has happened to you.
  11. No, I was trying to avoid Grady altogether which was not that easy believe it or not. Thanks to everyone who has put out some great one liners and quotes. I certainly appreciate the help and input.
  12. For the purpose of naming my new puppy I am looking for lines from the first 2 Rocky movies from Mick, the trainer. I am ONLY looking for quick little one liners or phrases you thought were unigue or funny that came from Mick. I appreciate the input and help!!!
  13. RangerJack, That's just a little inside thing between Bruler and me. I trapped for 10 years, I know all about the Conibear, in fact it was my trap of choice along with snares when I did my sets for Beaver. I'll let it go at that. I don't want to upset the OP as I did earlier.
  14. I couldn't agree more. End the FREAKIN MADNESS!!!!
  15. Dues to possible frigid temps this weekend 1-20 the trial has been cancelled.
  16. Train the dog, do not let the dog train you. GOOD LUCK & keep us posted
  17. We flushed more Woodys than grouse though. Pack steel shot and do it "surf & turf."
  18. I see you found the RTF. How did you get by Chris to allow you NOT to use your name instead of a "handle"
  19. When you say expensive, do you mind if I ask what that means in terms of the puppy price?
  20. Get him on as many birds as you possibly can. It is no different than taking a young kid fishing. If the kid catches lots of fish his interest and learning curve is excelled, same goes for your young friend!!!
  21. For future reference, You start with the HOLD then go to the FETCH. The "Drop", "Give", "Release" command comes when doing the HOLD. Force the wooden dowel into his/her mouth then press up on the bottom of the jaw while softly saying "hold". To the OP, don't worry about your 14 week old chewing up the pigeon and as others have said, don't worry about the force fetch until the puppy teeth are gone. GOOD LUCK
  22. I have been down this road and it is no fun!!! As an earlier poster mentioned open sores that won't heal and the eyes. My dog had both. The end result was a lost left eye. The optho gave me a prescription for Sporonox and told me to catch a plane to Mexico. The pills were roughly 10.00 ea in the states @ Target, 3.25 ea up in Fort Frances, Canada and 1.25 in Mexico. I wired a bunch of money to a friend in San Diego who crossed the border and bought it over there. The exact same packaging from the exact same pharm. company with 3 very huge differences in price. 4 pills a day for 6 months, do the math and as another poster mentioned it is very expensive. This happened to my dog at the age of 51/2. She survived and went on to hunt very well with the one eye for another 6 years. The Blasto did have a great affect on her lungs, especially in her later years. GOOD LUCK with your episodes!!
  23. As soon as you get them home start with a balled up sock down the hallway or in the basement. Keep the sessions short and successful. Start your sit/steady training as well, each time you feed give the command to sit with a gentle push on the [PoorWordUsage]. As time goes on you do this but you make him sit for a moment and lengthen that moment as time goes on before he gets to leave the sit position to eat. GOOD LUCK!!!
  24. Looking for opinions on this subject. Is it better to buy a newer car with high miles? or Is it better to buy an older car with low miles? Thanks
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