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  1. I haven't been there in a few months but I want to say they were under 1.29 for boneless and cheaper for bone in.
  2. Does anyone else go to Restaurant Depot in Brooklyn Park? They have awesome prices and this is one of the only locations that doesn't require the public to be a member. Seems cheaper than Costco/Sams on a lot of items like ribs, pork butts, etc.
  3. Reinhard, I'm going to do a a smaller 5# batch of beef sticks. I have the Cabela's sweet and spicy mix and I'm going to use 80/20 beef. How much powdered milk would you suggest adding per pound? I'm going to use a tray style dehydrator. How long would you suggest and what temp? Can you add extra fresh jalapeno, etc without any risk of going bad? Thanks!
  4. I make a similar one, I add diced onions and for a double batch, I use 3# 80/20 beef, 1.5# of pork sausage and 1.5# spicy or hot pork sausage. It's a crowd pleaser.
  5. I was at Cub Foods in Champlin today and they had the "Managers Special" for $3 off of each steak on some NY Strips left over from the weekend. I picked up 9 of them for around $3.50-$4.50 a steak. All were at least 3/4# or more. There was a bunch left. I'm not a huge fan of re-freezing steaks, but I'm going to eat OK this weekend. Going to do a surf & turf with some Red Lake walleyes!
  6. I used 1# of jimmy dean or whatever pork sausage, flattened out in a square. Ham, swiss, banana peppers and pickles. Roll it up and wrap with a bacon weave. I put it in the fridge for an hour or more wrapped in saran wrap to help keep the shape. I really want to try a pizza one. I've seen some where once it's finished, you wrap it in croissant and bake it to give it a crust.
  7. These are some "Cuban" fatties that I've made a few times. It's like meat candy.
  8. I've got the 40" and it has wheels on the back and also a handle on the back. I could have sworn that the 30" had the same. How about one of the square furniture movers with the wheels on the bottom?
  9. I just made this again today with the bacon added and only wild rice. I also mixed in 2 tbsp of butter at the end and it's even better!
  10. You can get adapters that have usb on one side and lightning on the other for $15. Would it work if you put a flash drive into that?
  11. I just found one at JR's tackle in Brooklyn Park. Stopped there after Fleet Farm was out of stock.
  12. The 5c seems cheap. It has a plastic case. It's basically an iphone 5 in a plastic case. The 5s has the metal case, faster processor and some small camera updates.
  13. Not sure if this would help or not. What about starting it at home first and get it up to temp. Maybe it would start better at the lake.
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