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  1. just seen a green heron!! watched it hunting along the shore line!!
  2. seen martens today
  3. next Leech will find a bow tie!!!
  4. so she didn't chili the other day???? like you wanted her to do!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. seen a grey heron last night!!! of the season that is!!!!
  6. sounds like to much weight on the axels then maybe????????????? just askin..
  7. Miltona Mn has a shop that makes frames
  8. very interesting process for the weber!!! looks darn good!!
  9. seen that recipe some where else!! looks darn good!!!
  10. I have the ash catcher and I like it!!! just my 2 cents......
  11. oh I have a couple!!!
  12. man are the black birds thick today!!!!
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