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  1. from the smallest one to the big ones too!!!
  2. Mike89

    2020 gardens

    sooo what is your point????????????????
  3. Mike89

    2020 gardens

    happy hour it is!!!!!
  4. Mike89

    2020 gardens

    got to love HH!!!! me thinks I will get into the beer tonight again too!!! bring on HH!!!
  5. Mike89

    2020 gardens

    or were that bored!!!
  6. ya still have time I'd say...
  7. sounds like Oct. 17th will be the date for the decoy show in Alex this fall!!!
  8. just seen a pair of sand hill cranes!!!
  9. went down to Sauk Centre this morning, seen trumpeter swans!!! about 2 dozen!!! and red tailed hawks every where!!! still no sand hill cranes yet...
  10. no these were to far away. but I'm guessing trumpeter...
  11. this morning watching the north end of the lake I saw 2 swans flying to open water!!!
  12. sure hope he gave ya some credit on the show!!!
  13. well I heard from a very good person that there very well could be a decoy show this fall!!! I will let ya all know as I hear things!!!!
  14. the show has been cancelled..
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