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  1. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    dang that looks darn good!!!!! my mouth was watering watching it!!!
  2. Mike89


    dog is good too, did not know it then, but when I was over seas and had some and found out later.. it was the last tome ... would not say try it cause they are my friends....
  3. Mike89


    try them before you knock them....
  4. Mike89

    Running Ac From Garage Outlet

    depends on how many things are off the out let too I would think..
  5. Mike89

    What's on the grill

    all I think has to be done is pre cook the bacon 1/2 way or so!!!!
  6. Mike89

    What's on the grill

  7. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    it sure tasted good and I can say that!!!!
  8. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    said the guilty guy!!!!
  9. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    I won't buy him any them!!!! he can use his rusty ones!!!!
  10. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    I do and it's just not on dem things yet!!!
  11. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    as most here know I don't have a camera or a smart phone.. yet anyway!! then I'll have to learn how use them!! LOL!!
  12. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    sweet corn on the smoker and ribeyes on the grill last night, with tater salad... good eats...
  13. Mike89

    Fishin report for Lake Iwanttobethere..

    I'll 2nd that.... rest in peace...
  14. Mike89

    Who Made This Heater?

    those are good heaters, price wow!!! don't remember the brand either.. look up "fish house heaters" who knows...
  15. Mike89

    Unruly nighcrawlers

    simple, place a screen over the top....