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  1. heard a bit back that on line ordering was having that problem so I'm not surprised keep the print out!!
  2. real nice!! what size??
  3. that's the date of this years decoy show in Alex!!! show up if ya can!!
  4. just don't ask him about mac and cheese!!!
  5. Blackstone On-the-Go 22" Scissor-Leg Griddle OK I know there was talk some where on these units.. what you guys think of this unit??? got Cabela points I want use up...
  6. so ya bought them at Coborns and placed them in the over???
  7. put some St. Louis style ribs in the oven yesterday and boned them out last night and got them sitting in a flavorful BBQ sauce for today, sliders, wraps or how ever!! sides are taters in foil pac. also added onions, bacon and salt and pepper.. then mac and cheese.. did the one floating around the internet.. just cover the pasta with water and add the cheese packet and butter at the same time.. bring to a boil and them simmer til it's done to your liking, then added milk and some more 4 cheese mexican blend cheese.. I did use half and half cause I had it and really tasted good!! all set for the next couple days of eating!!! bring on the new year!!!
  8. didn't I see that on the news too???
  9. don't think I've seen that before either, cool!!!
  10. I been experimenting with my air fryer and am enjoying the results I have cooked with it too!!! have fun papadarv!!
  11. Mike89

    Jaw Jacker

    ah heck I'd rather eat a good northern than a bland walleye any way...
  12. Mike89

    Jaw Jacker

    Pout are the new walleye for some. never had it but always thought I would try it if I caught one..
  13. fresh sliced maters are good on them too!!
  14. it's called cincinnati chile when you use noddle's.. had it the first time many years ago...
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