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  1. had to look it up to be sure!! too funny!!!
  2. I like it!!!! good for you!!!
  3. St Louis style ribs at Aldi's $2.49
  4. onion soup mix and sliced onion in the crock pot is one way... with tater carrots and a gravy..
  5. interesting!!! they sure do!!
  6. eastern kingbird maybe???
  7. my Grand Pa had one of those!! I now have it...
  8. maybe she went and built another nest and layed more eggs like pheasants do....
  9. I'll bet the water is really runnin again today at the dam!!!
  10. I have always stored my battery's in the garage... unheated on the shelf... last many years each time...
  11. St. Louis style ribs and taters on the smoker today.....
  12. when I smoked some burgers yesterday I placed some sliced onions on the smoker too.. turned out good too!!! next time I do that I take some of them apart so they smoke even more!!
  13. haven't done that sausage on the grill... Now I will have too!!!! dang nice Bobber!!!
  14. thinking male purple finch... others that know more will let us know...
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