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  1. seen your pic in the outdoor news!!  looks like you're having fun!!!   

  2. nice but need a closer pic I think... good for you to see it!!!
  3. had one like that til it broke, metal one now.. easy to clean!! late wife always had some pennies in it.. said it helped keep it clean... they are still in there!!
  4. try some!! I have smoked the taters in the past and made tater salad with them... good stuff!! smoked hard boiled eggs too!!!!
  5. the bird bath wasn't to bad but I gave a full cleaning this morning to get ready for the heat wave.. the birds seem to be happy!!
  6. made a tater salad Saturday, but added some liquid smoke to it.. man did that taste good!!!
  7. that is cool as heck!!! would love to see that but oh well!! pic's are great!!!
  8. so what is the skull in the back ground??? I have my thoughts...
  9. and yes Glenn if ya would have been in the area I would have shared with ya!!!
  10. well I did them your way... I did the baby backs for just over 4 1/2 hours and some pork steaks for 2 1/2 hours... both were very good... going to do that again some time soon!!!! see even ol dogs can learn some thing new!!
  11. still have all the different birds here.. orioles were here last night.. with their young ones!!! blue jays, cardinals and all!! they will be back!!
  12. scored some baby back ribs today, going to try one Friday your way... maybe throw some pork steaks on the smoker too....
  13. the amish just down the road have sweet corn tasseling out.. and it's 3 feet tall and not much higher than that...
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