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  1. that's easy to understand....
  2. ya never know she might be there at the decoy show!!! and chaffmj he would get booted if he showed up at her place!!! by the way the show is march 16th!!
  3. looks darn good Grainbelt!!!!!
  4. sure do just hit the post first so I just copied and pasted!! the old way!!!
  5. I've been posting on here since Feb. 4, 2002 - since the days of the Great Red Lake Crappie Boom. I met several of the members on here in person back then, but most of them are gone now. Big Dave has me beat by one day, and Del is a relative newby in that respect, but he's the only real "old-timer" on here.... got me by 6 months!! someday hope to meet more of ya folks...
  6. lookin good bud!!!! there's still time for ya to send some this way!!! LOL!!! your family and friends are lucky for sure!!!
  7. I been single for 4 years now!! well almost... after the wife passed away I stayed single.. somehow that changed the last few months!!!
  8. I am making Christmas jerky packs for gifts by request so where do I send my request??!!! enjoy them good eats!!!
  9. leech got me wondering too.. 18 years on here..WOW!!! congrats leech!!!
  10. Mike89

    Prime Rib Seasoning

    never injected prime rib, never seen the need when they are so good just seasoned on the outer layer...
  11. Mike89

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    smoke flavor is a like or not thing on some things, so I understand.. I like prime rib any way generally.. I'm going to do a small one for us on Christmas... on the smoker...
  12. Mike89

    Prime Rib Seasoning

    sometimes I just use course ground pepper and sea salt, other wise I have a small locked and a small town store that make a real good one too.. I also tried smokey mesquite seasoning that I get from FF, back forty brand.. just saying that is what I do depending on what I feel like or want!!
  13. Mike89

    Directional Tires?

    so do H-D!!
  14. Mike89

    Directional Tires?

    now now!!! seen many other brands do that!!!
  15. Mike89

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    I've done them on the smoker and really enjoy them!!! do the low temp smoke for awhile then bring up the temp to say 250 maybe and then slowly bring the meat up to your desired temp, pull it, let rest and enjoy!! should not be to heavy on the smoke either.. and yes maybe get a small ham for the kids... where and what time should I be there!!! good luck!!!