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  1. Mike89

    New decoys

    march 16th!!!! see ya there !! no worries on the clock!!!! it all works!!! I MC that show if ya show up say Hi!!!!
  2. Mike89

    New decoys

    why would I not be!!!
  3. Mike89

    New decoys

    darn good show too!! it's next March again!!!!
  4. Mike89


    thanks!! and interesting...
  5. Mike89


    but you can still use it right???
  6. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    ATT is the only one that works here.. so that is my reason.,.,.
  7. Mike89


    yup but the price is right.........
  8. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    yup ya did!!!!
  9. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    you boys be right!! but when I say what I have smoked some food or grill some people wants pic's!!!
  10. Mike89


    any of you carvers need some lead??? I have 2 old window weights.. sashs I think they were called...
  11. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    thinking about cricket for a phone.. cricket wireless... off shoot of ATT.... google it...
  12. Mike89

    Who Has Winterized And Stored The Boat Already?

    one week ago..
  13. Mike89

    Just Food and Drink

    thinking about cricket for a phone..
  14. Mike89

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    here all year too...
  15. Mike89

    Master Toasting Bread

    say what?? and who???