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we are 'the leading edge' I Share on HSO
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  1. I'm thinking it will be small, but who knows!! just glad to see it too!!!
  2. decoy show in Alex Oct 23rd 9 to 4!!! just got the notice!!!
  3. if yer around some one making it be carefull!!!! as Glenn says it can take yer breath away!!!
  4. oh yes more than once too!!!
  5. must be hitting all of us!! and over 19 years here for me...
  6. well I my wild rice fattie on the smoker!!! 3 # of meat and about 6 0z of cheese in the middle and over 2 1/2 # of bacon...
  7. and I'm going to try that with as loin too!!! looks darn good!!
  8. going to be doing a wild rice meat loaf later this week, bacon wrapped of course!!
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