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  1. have not been out either and congrats!!!
  2. redhorse I thought generally like cleaner waters??? that must be good water there then...
  3. some great lookin birds!!! and great memories!!!
  4. nice selection of different cuts of meat there!!!!!
  5. seen eyeguy's pan of sunnies he cooked in the over the other day some where, but it got me thinking..so last I took some sunnies, oiled them lightly and used cajun seasonings... placed some sliced onions on them and some tomatoes!!! man was that good!!! had the left overs with scrambled eggs this morning!! thanks for idea eyeguy!!!
  6. Mike89


    auto correct and fat fingers!!!
  7. Mike89


    I trust you mean Osakis.. they should be good to go, just go with caution!!!
  8. I just smoked some meat loaf yesterday, not the same but darn good too!!!
  9. how can any one forget this thread!!!!!
  10. Mike89

    2020 gardens

    got a farmers seed and nursery catalog today.. I don't even have a garden!!! darn good colorful pictures!!!
  11. Mike89


    I will ugly after this weekend...
  12. Mike89

    2020 gardens

    or a trap and have wabbit dinner!!!!
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