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  1. that is my thoughts too!! hit grouse and they hurt like all heck!!!!!!!!!! riding since 1975 and been very lucky!!!! some before that, but I was more into it after that...
  2. sure as heck hope one of them never plays chicken with me when I have the Harley running down the highway!!!!
  3. simple food today, just smoked taters and burgers on the pellet smoker..
  4. Mike89

    First One

    got mine home today, went for a short ride first!! wasn't dressed for the weather but it was great to be back on it!!!!
  5. looks darn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy!!!!
  6. seen that too, yea he made islands and then planted stuff on them!!!!
  7. where's the red stuff???? looks good!!!!
  8. just think what they can do with the big bottles!!!!!
  9. heck I stopped in tracks to make sure I heard right and then seen them!!!!
  10. heard some loons tonight and seen them too!!!! sweet!!!
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