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  1. they are here already!!! I'll watch something else..
  2. haven't had a camera in several years so why get one now???
  3. well that pine apple seasoned pork loin came out great!!! tender and juicy all the way!!!!
  4. well got my pork loin marinating in pine apple juice and sitting with the chunks too!! just have to figure which I'm going cook it tomorrow!!! leaning to smoking it!!
  5. I have done them and just injected a mixture of water, salt and butter.. heat it up so it's melted good and inject.. have just rubbed them too.. I'm doing a boneless porkloin with pineapple and am going to inject the juice into it and then let it soak for 24 hours...
  6. that's the one I have, works good too...
  7. that is cool to watch!!!
  8. good to see your post!~!!! nice fish too!!
  9. what a story!!! and memories for ever too!!!! glad all are good safe!!!
  10. I even used root beer..
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