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  1. Hawg

    The Ads, Wow.

    Hard to even read pots with all the pop ups and banners! It’s very frustrating! Another coffin nail?
  2. Hawg

    Rattle Reels

    I’m a Lindell guy.
  3. Hawg

    Wheel House build

    Be sure the bungee is the stretchy kind, some are way to stiff.
  4. you guys are both south of me
  5. Is there any type of birds that will still be migrating thru central Minnesota this year? I didn't even get Juncos this year unless they are still coming. Everything gone but the winter regulars, cardinals, a few blue jays, and those stupid long neck woodpeckers. Those little house finches went from emptying 2 tube feeders a day to zero, about an inch down in the tube a week. Those things all left together it appears.
  6. Hawg

    Wheel House build

    Good eye Leech! Price tag says $10. Beer can crusher?
  7. Hawg

    Wheel House build

    One more tip/suggestion. These stretchy bungee cords for a door spring stop that annoying rattling and slapping noise the spring things make for a door holder. The window I put in are readily available and handy to see in that direction or who's at the door. Very easy to cut in with a Stanley knife too. Beautiful house, be very proud! I'm still curious to know what the gadget is above your fire extinguisher.
  8. Hawg

    Wheel House build

    What’s that gadget above your fire extinguisher? Knife holder?
  9. This is my OLD post. I went with Nutz too. The easy crank guy never answered the phone or returned repeated emails. Nutz guy answered and price on his winches was very good, he even offered me free parts to fix a winch I had on my boat!
  10. I welded my IC Nutz to a socket and painted it orange. I still like to use the winch to go down with the house. I have a Fuel and even with that quality and power it didnt like lowering the house. The Nutz guy is a hoot and the product works great.
  11. Chaffmj, that hasn't happened yet in Brainerd.
  12. Regardless of brand, you should always pull the axles every 2-3 years and clean the rust and grease them. Galvanized cables work fine if you change them when you re grease them. It's an absolute must.
  13. I Drilled holes in mine.
  14. Lots of doves still here. It's kind of fun to watch the young ones come with their parents. The young ones hardly ever seem to be at the feeder alone.
  15. I never learn. Last week I was going thru a jar of grape jelly every 2 days, went and bought 3 more jars, and the Orioles are gone. Oh well, it doesn't spoil.
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