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  1. Nice post, fun to watch. Good job Papa! I really enjoy homemade ideas when they come to life.
  2. Lots of doves still here. It's kind of fun to watch the young ones come with their parents. The young ones hardly ever seem to be at the feeder alone.
  3. I never learn. Last week I was going thru a jar of grape jelly every 2 days, went and bought 3 more jars, and the Orioles are gone. Oh well, it doesn't spoil.
  4. Must not have been very good operators if they had all the IC trailer business and still went under. IC probably bought them at too small of a margin. Were they decent trailers or more marginal IC dump?
  5. There's a thief in a red truck squaring up to steal your house in the one picture, better chain it down
  6. He's not going to get a prom date if he doesn't start getting a little better looking.
  7. You still have time for a front and back window. Worth a thought?
  8. You guys seen this? Thanks rl-sd for posting it. Looks like a break thru idea, hope it works.
  9. Glad you posted the warbler. I have so many nuthatches I may have had these and never even noticed. I be more observant now.
  10. What is the little bird under the woodpecker? That's like mine isn't it? House sparrow?
  11. Why not just foam the floor instead of insulate it? I think you would have a firmer floor. Did you use POR 15 or regular Rustolium type enamel? Just my 2 cents but I wish I would have used a regular house door instead of the traditional FH door, the stupid things always freeze up on a tight house as it's about the only place air comes in if you leave the heat on long enough. A vent or cracked window fixes that but they have their frost up problems too.
  12. Eyeguy, I left the camera out for 1 day and had 800+ pictures, some very good photos but lots of tube feeders blowing in the wind too so those went to the other end of the feeder for a couple days. Then in a moment of stupidity I x'd out of the wrong window and poof, all gone. That's a bad angle for focus, it's just my game camera dangling about 1 -1 1/2 foot away on a piece of junk angle iron at a bad angle but it worked for my purpose. I had it on 8 MP, I'll try further away and 10 MP. I will say it does look pretty dumb. I had lots of clear worse looking pictures of the bird from hell but they got deleted.
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