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  1. 1 junco yesterday. Woodpeckers, all sizes, everywhere and blue jays slicking my black seeds daily.
  2. After all these years I just earned a one year newbie badge!!! WOW. I joined in Dec 2009, any other honorees here?
  3. I thought he learned his lesson on that over bearing dump but still saw it again recently. When helping people build a house they need to know where to get stuff the sponsors don’t sell. Doesn’t pride come before bankruptcy?
  4. I sure wish this site would get busy this year like in the past, it WAS the best ice site. Nice to see LRG still lurking once in a while.
  5. Miltona a makes better frame for a couple hundred more. The old guy was VERY up front about the differences. Mine is the better one and 8 years old now w/ zero problems. Do they make the bushing ones yet instead of the old 2 pipe pivots yet? If not look into the bushing kind (J&S?). A lot less rust cleaning out every couple years.
  6. That Lowe’s link was for panels, don’t you want individual boards? Menards have 2 qualities, one being about $3 or $4 more. The better one is worth it. Plus it seems every package has a bad piece or two. Menards let me bring the bad ones back, just tape them in bundles of 6 like they came. I’ve never seen this stuff at HD and we don’t have a Lowe’s, but I was very happy with the Menards stuff.
  7. This picture Eyeguy posted on here way back in2019 makes me wonder if all those really are purple finches.
  8. Smurfy, NOPE! Over 1000 pictures yesterday and none of the ones I consider bigger than the purples. These are game camera pictures from a camera dangling from a piece of angle iron so not the best. Do you agree these are ALL female or young purple finches? At least I can start there.
  9. Some of these have a very prominent red stripe over their eye. They aren’t in any of my books. Just killing my safflower. Have to see if I can get a picture.
  10. My book and the internet says English and House are the same thing. ——-The House Sparrow is perhaps the most adaptable and prolific bird species on the planet. Often called English Sparrow, its scientific name Passer domesticus is Latin for small, active bird belonging to the house. It is native to Europe and has spread to all corners of the world.Apr
  11. Smurfy, they might be English I’ll have to get my book out. I was never sure because they are a little bigger than purple finches. I put up some pictures way back on this thread but everybody kept saying female grosbeaks. If they are they’re all lesbians because I’ve yet to see a male?
  12. I’m going thru a jar of grape jelly every two days now for orioles. I know they are one of early birds to head south, makes me wonder if they are putting on the feed bag to go south because of the drought? Starting to get lots of house sparrows which seem to dominate the safflower feeders. Less purple finches may be the results?
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