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  1. Hawg

    Ants, what do i do?

    Good idea but I have 1 multiple feeder so that’s where the ground birds are. I tried wiping the post down with the repellent but that stunk too. Might need to do two feeders.
  2. Hawg

    Ants, what do i do?

    How do you keep ants off your feeders, especially hummingbird and oriole feeders? I've tried Toro and Raid sprays on the post but it seeks the birds don't like that smell either and i don't see many for a while. Has anyone else experienced that? Any good ideas?
  3. Hawg

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Two red breasted grosbeaks here now too.
  4. Hawg

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Oriole in Brainerd! 1st sighting just now.
  5. Hawg

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I tried nectar, and it worked one year, but not since. Mine kind of turned into a sticky mess and attracted more bees than anything. Good to hear the Orioles are down by you now, I’m 100 miles north of you but the jelly is out. Are hummingbirds on about the same schedule as Orioles?
  6. Hawg

    Pivot Points on Ice Castle

    Do it Every two years and change the cables at the same time.
  7. Hawg

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Papadarv, sorry, I misread your post. I thought when you posted before you were taking the pivot apart 3 times a year. That’s what I do every other year and grease it up good. As far as zert vs zerk, I know it’s wrong to say zert but that’s what I’ve ( and many others) always called them. I still question how much good they do in this application. Each side of my house now has 3 on top and 3 on the bottom of the pivot. I’ll let you know if it was worth the time to Install them in 2 years.
  8. Hawg

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    It’s todays project. I have to think Something is built wrong if it takes 3 teardowns a year. Grease zerts yes but not 3 complete teardowns.
  9. Hawg

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    Papa, how many years did you have it before it rusted tight? Just curious, i do it every 2-3 years and it never got that bad
  10. Hawg

    Have Ion-Want k Drill

    The chipper blade seems to a plus for the Kdrill but I've never had even a slight problem reopening holes with my Ion's. The torque on the drill and the pressure to hold on seems to be highly underestimated with the Kdrill by most. I like the handles on the Ion for stability. Remember that we are splitting hairs, the Kdrill and the Ion or any of the new electrics are all a huge improvement over gas or propane. Too many people that used the old Strikemaster 12 volt piece of garbage seem to be gun shy of electrics but their time has definitely come.
  11. Hawg

    Do Grease Zerts Even Work?

    LRG & 1lessdog, the different greases are usually for spinning bearings or friction applications. I’m wondering What extra good do the grooves do? Our application is more for anti seizing / rusting prevention right? Seems the Permatex Anti Seize makes as much sense as any and avoids the black glob mess too. Is it thick enough to stay in pivot without leeching out? I do mine every 2-3 years and I hate doing it, super messy. I usually use a wire brush and drill get corrosion cleaned up also.
  12. Time to grease the pivots and replace cables on the house for next year. I was thinking of 4 more zerts on each side around the pivot but then started to wonder if they even work. It's a Miltona trailer so construction is great but there's always a lot of corrosion every 3 years when I clean out the pivots. I've always thought they were a false sense of security, what do you guys think. I just don't think the grease travels around inside well enough. I'm also curious what you use for grease, I'm thinking thinner is better.
  13. Hawg

    Fl 18 transducer

    I got rid of my Proview in my FLX28 and bought another 12 like the 18’s have.
  14. Hawg

    Fl 18 transducer

    That's the best one IMHO, hated Pro view and Tri view is overkill.
  15. Hawg

    Fish House rv Build

    It’s heavy, but incredible product. My ex partner in another business is a partner in Space Age.