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  1. Hawg

    Orioles Gone?

    Not seeing any at my home in Brainerd anymore. Catbirds must go about the same time, my jelly isn't getting touched anymore.
  2. Hawg

    K-drill roll call and update

    I wanted a kdrill so bad I could taste it even with a brand new Ion. Now that I’ve had both Ion may be touch heavier but I like it way better. Easier to handle. Both are about the same speed.
  3. Hawg

    Who Made This Heater?

    Thanks Jim, I know they are great heaters. like I said, come November I'll get $35-$40 with no problem. They last forever too. I always thought someone in Minn. made them. Absolutely no clues to the maker on the unit which tells me it wasn't a big company, they would definitely have a name somewhere on it.
  4. Hawg

    Who Made This Heater?

    Dave, not only more room but lots of people build 6 x 8's that aren't fancy so this would be great for them. I'm not dealing with stovepipe any more, I built a big wheelhouse. I couldn't even find one on the E-B-A-Y. Is it ok to say that word now? I haven't posted much since last winter and it could get zapped one time and go thru the next.
  5. Hawg

    Who Made This Heater?

    I agree No Fish. It's more curiosity than anything. I have it at $20 with no takers but mostly mom's looking today so far. I don't care if it sells now, it would sell in 1 day on Clist later in the year I bet.
  6. Hawg

    Who Made This Heater?

    Thanks Mike, I tried Google this morning with no luck.i
  7. Hawg

    Who Made This Heater?

    I'm having a rummage sale and wondering how to price it. This was one of the best heaters made at the time. I have two different heaters to sell but not going to give them away, they will be worth quite a bit more come November. I had this in an 8x10 poorly insulated house and it about cooked you out. As I remember these were pretty expensive. Thanks in advance for any for any clues. There no tags or writings of any kind on it.
  8. Hawg


    Mine were freeze dried.I would think the live ones would die and rot pretty fast wouldn't they?
  9. Hawg

    2018 21’ fish house build

    That looks GREAT! You did right on the wheel wells, diamond plate is horrible to keep up. Mine is getting either POR 15 or bedliner this fall.Keep going, ice comes pretty fast when your trying to finish a build. Plus it's a lot nicer working conditions than Late November. Very good pictures, these build are fun to watch.
  10. Hawg


    Spring only for me, when Orioles first return. Mine never get hit much.
  11. Hawg

    Ants, what do i do?

    Good idea but I have 1 multiple feeder so that’s where the ground birds are. I tried wiping the post down with the repellent but that stunk too. Might need to do two feeders.
  12. Hawg

    Ants, what do i do?

    How do you keep ants off your feeders, especially hummingbird and oriole feeders? I've tried Toro and Raid sprays on the post but it seeks the birds don't like that smell either and i don't see many for a while. Has anyone else experienced that? Any good ideas?
  13. Hawg

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Two red breasted grosbeaks here now too.
  14. Hawg

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Oriole in Brainerd! 1st sighting just now.
  15. Hawg

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I tried nectar, and it worked one year, but not since. Mine kind of turned into a sticky mess and attracted more bees than anything. Good to hear the Orioles are down by you now, I’m 100 miles north of you but the jelly is out. Are hummingbirds on about the same schedule as Orioles?