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  1. Sure am overrun with dragonflies this year, there must still be bugs in the air. Never seen so many dragonflies, I had a thought maybe all the gnats and other flying bugs won’t land in my grass so the air above the yard is a feast?!?
  2. Once again almost all my birds have disappeared. I had my yard sprayed for mosquitoes, do you think there is any Correlation? Could it be a smell or something to do with the chemicals?
  3. I have a brown thrasher that came back again this year and a bunch of Harris sparrows. I never could figure out what the Harris sparrow were, they are so big I never looked at sparrow pages when trying to see what they were. They look more like a black headed grosbeak. I finally have red breasted grosbeaks again, have not seen them for years in any numbers. So far, so good.
  4. Had a bunch of cedar waxwings, my 1st red breasted grosbeak, and a couple goldfinches in the last few days. No numbers of anything yet though. Also had a couple visits from this young lady. Smallest cubs I have ever seen outside a den.
  5. 70 yds is more than any pellet gun will be any good. These make a different noise than guns, I live in town to with no problems. You can buy sub sonic 22 shells that are VERY quiet too. They only go about 650-700 ft per second but even those probably would not be accurate to 70 yds. I use those on woodchucks, my neighborhood is over run with them.
  6. I have both spring and gas. Definitely get a single pump and even though my RWS springer is more accurate than my gas I would still recommend the Crossman gas that's about $65-$75. This is the sale price and they are always on sale somewhere. Don't fall for the big ugly barrel that claims to be a silencer, it's not any quieter. You can leave a gas loaded forever with no harm and they are easier to maintain. My Gamo is 100% inaccurate junk, it shoots all over the place. The scopes are usually very cheap on the <$175 or so ones but I even tried an upgraded scope on my Game with no success. The pump up ones are just too much work and not that much cheaper. Most all of the single pump ones are 1000 feet per second+.
  7. I’m starting to get more cowbirds than usual now.
  8. Had my first oriole in Brainerd this morning. First Cardinal last Friday.
  9. I know this will be a little controversial, but what birds do you definitely not want around your feeders? Crows and Grackles for sure, any others?
  10. Have a few juncos now, saw a robin fly by, and 1 dove to add to my few purple finches. Oh well, it's a start!
  11. Scare some 50 miles north Eyeguy.
  12. Any word on Orioles heading north yet? I'm still a sterile bird void at my feeders.
  13. Sounds like spring outside now. I can hear robins but no sighting yet, and the cardinals are calling too. Beautiful sounds that give me a pick me up in the morning.
  14. Trumpeters are larger and have all black bills and tundras have yellow area under their eyes towards the bill. If you see any yellow on the face it’s a tundra.
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