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  1. Sounds like spring outside now. I can hear robins but no sighting yet, and the cardinals are calling too. Beautiful sounds that give me a pick me up in the morning.
  2. Trumpeters are larger and have all black bills and tundras have yellow area under their eyes towards the bill. If you see any yellow on the face it’s a tundra.
  3. A chipmunk appeared yesterday! I’m excited, first new live thing for weeks. The birds I had are even gone
  4. Side wall vent, putting any hole the roof of a fish house is a bad gamble. Heck, they haven’t even figured out skylights in real houses yet. Wanderer is right about a vent though, it’ll pay for itself in the Fabreeze you won’t need.
  5. Hoping to hear some reports from you southern Minnesota guys seeing new arrivals soon. This is probably the best time to give the feeders a good cleaning. Plain old dawn and water is my go to, any better suggestions?
  6. VTX reminded me that no 12 volt requires a wall mount furnace that doesn’t require a fan to run. I can fish without power also. And, sorry, I meant converters and not inverters. It’s all food for thought, there’s no right or wrong way. Just be very sure of what you’re doing, a friend and I walked back to his house on the lake to find his converter smoking heavily and melted a bunch of his wiring in his Ice Castle. His 12 volt days are over too.
  7. Easiest way is to just keep a 2 amp maintainer or small charger that works when running the generator then disconnect it and switch to 12 volt. If you want to get fancy with isolators and inverters then I’m no help. I didn’t even even hassle with 12 volt on my build. If you have a big house the weight of the generator is insignificant and battery operated LED’s run forever. Some disagree with me but I have never regretted not having 12 volt. Many many posts with 12 volt problems on here than it’s worth for me. Fires and burnt inverters and panels are never something you should worry about. Some on here are very knowledgeable on 12 and 110, I’m not.
  8. Hawg

    Marcum Quest HD

    Me too, not techy enough to care about a camera update. My old AV scout does all I need a camera to do. The HD’s look great in the store though.
  9. I would think 20,000 would be a little small for an 8x21 house. I’ve only had 1 suburban, never again, I’m a wall mount believer. It also supports my reasoning of not even putting 12 volt in a new house.
  10. Hawg

    2006 video?

    Why the bulk email with that old video in it from 2006?
  11. Hawg

    12VDC wire?

    12 volt converters seem to short and cause way more problems, and fires, than they are ever worth. Then trying to diagnose the problem almost requires you to start all over. Another good reason for a wall mount direct vent furnace that doesn’t require a fan to stay heating. Why split hairs between 12 ga. and 14? Cover yourself if you do it.
  12. Hawg

    12VDC wire?

    I used individual wires in 12 ga. Stranded. My only 12 volt was for truck lights (tail lights, markers, etc). With the weight of today’s houses why not just have a generator with? For quiet time’s, battery operated LEDs last forever.
  13. 1968(great year), I was thinking about all the fish that weren’t getting caught, not thinking winter kill. It sure should help the spring fishing wouldn’t you think? And Leech, I figured you were messing with me, just sure .
  14. Cardinals, a couple blue jays, and a few finches is what I have this winter. Cardinals are sure pretty against the snow.
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