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  1. Good job, it looks great. Just curious, did you caulk around your windows? I was told there was no need by the siding guys but I have to believe the water has to go somewhere as it runs down the sides.?.?
  2. Wish the God dang blue jays migrated, they use their beaks to sweep seeds out of the seed feeder, i think the squirrels are paying them (or Antifa ).
  3. 7 more inches of snow expected here today, the birds are struggling to find ground seeds. Anybody getting any unusual birds migrating thru? I have a ton of Purple Finches, Juncos and some sparrows I don't recognize but they must be booking tickets south soon to I would think.? Hope we get a little decent weather before winter but the forecast is low 30's for the next week. I've been blowing a path for spreading seeds the last 2 days for the ground feeders but hoping this melts as fast as the Tuesday snow did so that's not needed. It's way toooooo early.
  4. Oops, sorry I didn't look closer at your pictures. Holes are ok as I didn't see how you insulated the floor. I prefer foam but insulation of any kind is a must. I would reconsider your door location and large storage (bathroom?) area in the front. That's a lot of floor space to take out of a house your size. Site is screwed up and won't let me modify my last post. Look up Lip Ripper Guy's posts, you'll get 100's of good ideas. That hole in my bathroom/storage wall is where I put a tv, it takes up zero space from inside house.
  5. Got brakes? If not, get em. Your holes look a little close to the wall by your wheel boxes, you might have to trim the sides of your hole covers. I did the same thing, not a big deal. Why all the room up front with o hole? That’s a great spot to slit up between a door & hole And a bathroom. Be sure the door hinges toward the front. Good start.
  6. It’s been about 4-5 years since I’ve been in my old open stand. I’m a heat and thermopane window guy now. Talking to my partners in camp we had to stop and think when we saw them last, I know we had quite a few back in the open stand time. You’re right about being very scarce around here now they agree.
  7. We get them around Emily, one landed right on my gun once. Landed on my stand railings many times. They do seem to be down in numbers the last few years.
  8. I'm still loaded with Purples and lots of Doves but Orioles and Hummers are history. Talked to a couple friends who said the same.
  9. Migration has to be starting soon, what a weird summer. What order will birds start to disappear in? Orioles go pretty early, right? I like watching the northern birds migrate thru too.
  10. I didn't realize until I dumped it into a container, then the sticks and grassy stuff was evident. And the color is very dark on much of the seed showed too. The Kaytee brand was pure white and crisp. I looked up what it possibly meant on the net and it explained much of the cheaper brands are older less attractive seeds, seconds in the food world. I could really care less about looks if it's good seed but they said a lot of times it's also softer seed that the birds can't crack and eat as easily. I have a lot of unopened seed under my tube feeders so that is very possible. I have so many purp
  11. Last summer I posted about Enchanted Garden Gourmet Finch Food being junk, it wouldn't even go thru a finch feeder and birds ignored it. Seed that did go thru the feeder just ended up uneaten on the ground. Well, I fell for the brand again. Enchanted Garden Safflower Seed- It's full of sticks & the seed is just plain dirty. I didn't notice the brand when I bought it at Menard's or I would have passed on it. Twice burned, I'll be more careful from here on.
  12. My little yellow birds grew into Orioles! I guess I never noticed them when they were that young before.
  13. I thought mine had a little more of a wing bar than the Tennessee, more like a Pine, but We're on the right track. Lot's of those Vireos are close too!?!?
  14. Like in JBs post, I’m starting to think they are Warblers. Havent been around the last couple days though. What happened to this year, we are already talking about southern migration?!?!
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