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  1. Cardinals, a couple blue jays, and a few finches is what I have this winter. Cardinals are sure pretty against the snow.
  2. Not me, but I appreciate your honesty.
  3. I don’t think they count the white stuff, just the ice. Don’t worry Leech, joe Biden still has a flip phone.
  4. Just think about how many fish will be extra hungry this spring. Better get the gang next door up for a reunion. We could have a beginners phone seminar too.
  5. Never go thru the channel right in front of the bar, it never freezes solid. Going around the island is fine most years but not sure this year. That’s pretty protected and may have a ton of snow. Call Breezy, they will tell you.
  6. Whatever you do, don’t just drive across the lake without knowing your safe. Ask the resorts. The lake is getting pretty safe now but I wouldn’t do it and I’ve done some pretty risky ice driving in the past. That slush layer, which is scattered around and not everywhere, is scary when you hit it.
  7. Ice Castle has changed so many things over the years you never know where things really from one year model to the next. If they really go to a bolt there’s a million things that bolt could touch but usually wouldn’t screw up the grounding ability.
  8. Yes. Did you add anything inside where you might have punctured a wire with a nail or screw? It could still be as simple as a loose connection so take the light off. Usually a bad ground will screw up both tail lights by signals not working or very dim break lights. I’m betting on loose connection. The pigtail connections are also common to screw up. First, You did clean the plug and truck pins I hope?
  9. Yes, but not the best looking and those cheap striplights are closed units so you can’t get into them. If you just take the light off you might find a loose wire if they aren’t behind the tin. Check the pigtail connections too, and the truck plug and wiring.
  10. Gull is in pretty good shape, didn’t get the first snow. Pelican spotty, it froze early. Lots of slush but Hardening up. That’s from a friend on the lake.
  11. Looks like a very fun rig!
  12. Tom S, just clarify my feeling on your post. Yes, chippers reopen great. But, there is a difference between shavers and lasers. Shavers (ion) reopen extremely well also, it’s lazers(Strikemaster) that have problems. There’s a guy on all these sites that showed lazers could reopen holes too He drilled an 8 inch hole in a frozen 10 inch and reopened a couple 8 inch holes in super thick 4 inches of ice. That’s not the issue, he could have kicked those open! Wait for a couple feet or more after a few frigid days in a permanent. He’ll get thru but struggle and be buying new blades after a couple times. Shavers will glide right thru.
  13. Hawg


    Brainerd area is screwed. Neither the portable or the wheel house has been out this year. I have a bout 4 inches of crud in my driveway that is so slushy that the snowblower wouldn’t even touch it.grrrrrrr!
  14. Probably why I never bought one, the common sense nerve says pass.
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