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  1. I should have known the price was too good to be true. It barely goes thru a niger seed/finch feeder and all the round seed just ends up on the ground uncracked. Fleet sells one that says "better than 100% niger" and that goes fast, but it's more expensive than straight niger. My Garden Finches have been scarce the last few days so the safflower seed has slowed down some but still going thru at least 1 tube feeder a day. Maybe I can afford to feed myself and wife if the slowdown continues. It's been an expensive but fun winter. I still have Cardinals galore, which is nice.
  2. Oops, you’re right Del. I have deer too and feed corn to them. Birds are fighting for perches many times throughout the day. I’ve been trying to coordinate the frenzy times With those major/minor feeding activity tables but so far not much similarity. It gets REAL crazy at times.
  3. Still going thru 2 whole full size tube feeders of safflower seed and 1 nigger seed every day!
  4. If that’s why you want an electric auger then foget it. Simple answer to your question is NO. That’s not the battery people talk of.
  5. My similar tail light problem drove me nuts. Turned out to be the ground wire on back of the truck side plugin.
  6. I agree they aren't purples, definitely house finches.Thanks again.
  7. Finally found my bird books! Purple finches winter south so they are probably house finches, BUT, both Audubon and Peterson's books don't show Minn. as the house finch range.?.?
  8. That's probably them, thank you.
  9. Thank you, looks like I have a ton of them and not the goldies, I'm kind of disappointed. There's quite a bit of difference, I must have been fooled by the yellow on the siskins. It's been a while since I had either. I'm still looking for my bird books to identify the others. It seems the older I get the better I get at hiding stuff from myself! Thanks again, Mark
  10. Eyeguy, do you have a picture of a winter goldfinch and a pine siskin? I'm not 100% sure I know the difference. Any idea what the birds are I posted about with the colored backs? Those are on the safflower seed heavy, not on the niger at all. I wish I had a lens to take a picture to show you.
  11. All of a sudden, the last week or so, I can hardly keep up filling the feeders! Redpolls by the hundreds and goldfinches so thick I fill the niger seed feeder every day. I thought Purple finches went away in the winter but I have something that looks just like them too. I also have some little finch type birds that some have either pinkish red backs under the wings or some are orangeish. Any idea what they might be? Those along with all the cardinals, nuthatches, and assorted others have me wondering what I'm going to spend my money on, their groceries or mine. I've got 4 times more birds than I had all last summer but I'm not complaining, they are a hoot to watch fight over the perches.
  12. Just be sure to look underneath so you have the center of frame beams to cut the hole.
  13. $15/$30 annually? That’s crazy when gps and maps in the boat are what most people use. I use it mostly as a toy just to get a handle on a new lake, or spot (get it close) an ice house. But for $30 a year, I’ll just take my GPS Or use my current program. I would pay the fee one time, but annually is nuts.
  14. I’m a little confused on which upgrade they want us to do. Is it the boating app? I’ve always liked the good old $15 Minnesota Canada app I bought a few years ago, but now they keep saying upgrade?
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