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  1. SM is in the game now too. Good- it has a pilot point. Bad- it has Lazer blades. Probably won’t be good in a permanent house for reopening holes. I sure wish Eskimo would wake up and add a point.
  2. LED lights and newer tv will use very little electricity but unless your house is foamed tight from roof to floor do not even think it. You will be very slow to get to temp and have a tough time keeping it there. Buy a used small VENTED propane heater and be safe and warm. Used ones have to be at rummage sales for 50-100 bucks. Then buy the thru the wall or suburban style when you can afford it.
  3. It took me almost a year to get those flying squirrels out of my attic about 20 years ago, never did figure out how they got in and out. My birds seem to have all but disappeared. Hope it’s nesting time and they’ll be back soon. Stupid catbirds keep slurping up my grape jelly though.
  4. skrimp somewhere else but get a vented heater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sleeping in it once is too many times and risky, not to mention the moisture dripping from the ceiling and down the walls, the windows you'll never see out of without a squeegee, the mold that will form next summer, the sore throats, the headaches and most of all-the funeral expense. Even if you have to get a less expensive heater with a stovepipe it's better and safer. You can run the pipe out the side walls and attractively patch it later. It only takes a couple hours to start feeling the effects of CO2. Be Safe.
  5. May be too late but nailer plates where you ran wires through studs are cheap insurance. Ice Nuts are easy, cheap, and work great for winches. Plus you have cranks for backup. Electrics can be a pain.
  6. Doves this week in Brainerd. We must be close to northern winter range because I never see them during the winter.
  7. I went from"can't afford to feed them" to about nothing! Happy to still have 4 or 5 pair of Cardinals though that stayed all winter. I think I might have seen a purple finch but not sure.
  8. I should have known the price was too good to be true. It barely goes thru a niger seed/finch feeder and all the round seed just ends up on the ground uncracked. Fleet sells one that says "better than 100% niger" and that goes fast, but it's more expensive than straight niger. My Garden Finches have been scarce the last few days so the safflower seed has slowed down some but still going thru at least 1 tube feeder a day. Maybe I can afford to feed myself and wife if the slowdown continues. It's been an expensive but fun winter. I still have Cardinals galore, which is nice.
  9. Oops, you’re right Del. I have deer too and feed corn to them. Birds are fighting for perches many times throughout the day. I’ve been trying to coordinate the frenzy times With those major/minor feeding activity tables but so far not much similarity. It gets REAL crazy at times.
  10. Still going thru 2 whole full size tube feeders of safflower seed and 1 nigger seed every day!
  11. If that’s why you want an electric auger then foget it. Simple answer to your question is NO. That’s not the battery people talk of.
  12. My similar tail light problem drove me nuts. Turned out to be the ground wire on back of the truck side plugin.
  13. I agree they aren't purples, definitely house finches.Thanks again.
  14. Finally found my bird books! Purple finches winter south so they are probably house finches, BUT, both Audubon and Peterson's books don't show Minn. as the house finch range.?.?
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