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  1. Smurfy, I’m thinking my mystery birds were House Finches more and more. Maybe I didn’t get the right pictures. When they are mixed they look incredibly similar. I think Purples have a touch more definition in their wings but body shape is a little different.
  2. Hawg

    Jaw Jacker

    Not on Mille Lacs anymore! It never ends.
  3. I had something new today. I have a few house finches on my feeder that are the orange variant. Never knew there was such a thing, really pretty birds.
  4. I had a 6x8 like that. Built a trailer under it, re sided it a couple times, added a V, painted it numerous times inside and out, and a ton of other “upgrades”. Finally weighed about the same as a cent truck! I loved that shack.
  5. I have squirrels so big Cub would be proud to sell. You guys don’t tell Boar or I’ll have a stand in my back yard with a Weber burning underneath it. BIG NEWS - this post got me up to “Rookie” !!!!!!!
  6. I had a bear about a week and a half ago, I just slid open the window and talked to him and he walked away. I have a few Junko‘s, a ton of Blue Jays, still a couple zillion purple finches, and some of those brown things I’ve been trying to figure out for three years and still don’t know what they are. I know they’re not birds, but are you guys seeing any chipmunks? I had them all over the place. I even had one that would follow me around the yard on my riding lawnmower when I was cutting grass he was so tame. But I haven’t had a chipmunk around for probably 2 1/2 weeks.
  7. 1 junco yesterday. Woodpeckers, all sizes, everywhere and blue jays slicking my black seeds daily.
  8. After all these years I just earned a one year newbie badge!!! WOW. I joined in Dec 2009, any other honorees here?
  9. I thought he learned his lesson on that over bearing dump but still saw it again recently. When helping people build a house they need to know where to get stuff the sponsors don’t sell. Doesn’t pride come before bankruptcy?
  10. I sure wish this site would get busy this year like in the past, it WAS the best ice site. Nice to see LRG still lurking once in a while.
  11. Miltona a makes better frame for a couple hundred more. The old guy was VERY up front about the differences. Mine is the better one and 8 years old now w/ zero problems. Do they make the bushing ones yet instead of the old 2 pipe pivots yet? If not look into the bushing kind (J&S?). A lot less rust cleaning out every couple years.
  12. That Lowe’s link was for panels, don’t you want individual boards? Menards have 2 qualities, one being about $3 or $4 more. The better one is worth it. Plus it seems every package has a bad piece or two. Menards let me bring the bad ones back, just tape them in bundles of 6 like they came. I’ve never seen this stuff at HD and we don’t have a Lowe’s, but I was very happy with the Menards stuff.
  13. This picture Eyeguy posted on here way back in2019 makes me wonder if all those really are purple finches.
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