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  1. I work in the propane industry and Modine is a top brand. Very few problems with them and if some should arise, parts are plentiful. A #20 cylinder will NOT work well at all. You will need a minimum of 1 #100 cylinder, but 2 will work best, especially when its very cold. Your best bet is to call a local propane company and have them bring out a 120 gallon tank. The gas is WAY cheaper and they hold about 5 #100 bottels. Another benifit to that is you dont have lug those heavy buggers around.
  2. I just had my french brittanys back knee repaired. The vet in litchfield did the job. Something went wrong and a wire broke and two weeks after surgery he did it again, free of charge. The second surgery was 3 weeks ago and she is doing great. The main problem I had was keeping a 5 month Britt from jumping and running. Dr Dan gave her a seditive to help.
  3. Sorry for your loss. We lost 2 last year in a month and it really sucks. I agree with the rainbows bridge. If you have not read the poem, check it out. www.rainbowsbridge.com/poem.htm
  4. I carry a glock 17. I am trying an experiment. Im over 3000 rounds through it without cleaning and 0 misfires or problems. You cannot beat the reliability of a glock. My wife has a ruger sr9c. Nice gun, but cant hold a candle to mine.
  5. We are a benelli household. I have a sbeII and love it. I also have a monti but am not a huge fan. I like the raised rib on the eagle. The wife shoots a 20 ultralight as well as 2 of the daughters. The boy has an old (my) m1 which still works flawlessly. I have dropped them in the slop, rinsed them off in a lake and run rounds through. With all of them i think i can count misfires with one hand. Shotguns, as with most things, you get exactaly what you pay for
  6. Ive always had 2 dogs and have never owned a male dog. Ive never even heard of any problems having 2 female dogs together.
  7. [quote name='adamwvWe're getting one from the same litter. We're also hoping for a tricolor (thats why we picked Rebel/Pepper). Don't think we're in direct competition though' date=' as I am looking for a male. Adam [/quote'] Did you go down there and take a look at his stock? That Star tri was one of the best looking dogs Ive ever seen.
  8. I really don't know what he gets for a male. Really, for the quality of his pups, its quite a bargain for the females. Give him a call and ask.
  9. From Rebel and Pepper? I will be getting one from that pair also
  10. They have them on the site that starts with an e and ends in a y for 300. The 2500, not the 2502
  11. My kids have picked, prodded, pulled, tried to ride and all the other things that little kids do to my britt and never once a growl. She knows better. If she gets annoyed she will just walk away from them. Once they bite, its all over in my book as much as that may stink. There is no dog more important than my kids!!
  12. I have a dogtra 2502 T&B for my britts. I love the dogtras.
  13. anyfishwilldo


    Id be careful thinking that beagles are smaller. I have witnessed some fairly large beagles that make a very loud noise (bark all the time).
  14. Ive had 2 like that. Both at about 5-6 mos old like to relax when they have nothing better to do. Smart thinking.
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