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Birds Everywhere!!!!

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All of a sudden, the last week or so, I can hardly keep up filling the feeders! Redpolls by the hundreds and goldfinches so thick I fill the niger seed feeder every day. I thought Purple finches went away in the winter but I have something that looks just like them too. I also have some little finch type birds that some have either pinkish red backs under the wings or some are orangeish. Any idea what they might be? Those along with all the cardinals, nuthatches, and assorted others have me wondering what I'm going to spend my money on, their groceries or mine. I've got 4 times more birds than I had all last summer but I'm not complaining, they are a hoot to watch fight over the perches. 

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Here are some pics I took last week of some of the birds on our deck feeders.   Male purple finch.   Red breasted nuthatch with the purple finch.   Male goldfinch.

Birds have been coming back to the feeders in the last week in abundance. And apparently an owl fed overnight on a little opossum and left me a present on the deck.    

Had a bunch of cedar waxwings, my 1st red breasted grosbeak, and a couple goldfinches in the last few days. No numbers of anything yet though. Also had a couple visits from this young lady. Smallest c

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Eyeguy, do you have a picture of a winter goldfinch and a pine siskin? I'm not 100% sure I know the difference. Any idea what the birds are I posted about with the colored backs? Those are on the safflower seed heavy, not on the niger at all. I wish I had a lens to take a picture to show you.

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Thank you, looks like I have a ton of them and not the goldies, I'm kind of disappointed. There's quite a bit of difference, I must have been fooled by the yellow on the siskins. It's been a while since I had either. I'm still looking for my bird books to identify the others. It seems the older I get the better I get at hiding stuff from myself! Thanks again, Mark

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Yeah, the last couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful at my feeders. Then all of sudden today I was bombarded with multiple species! 


I had 2 hen pheasants pecking around, then later the rooster showed up. There were robins everywhere. The blue jays are back to eating up the peanuts within minutes of me putting them out. I’ve actually been saving money the last couple weeks on sunflower chips, because the goldfinches disappeared. But today I had redpolls out there for the first time of the season. So I’ll have to start working some overtime to afford the food they go through! Have a lot more woodpeckers this winter than last year as well.

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Finally found my bird books! Purple finches winter south so they are probably house finches, BUT, both Audubon and Peterson's books don't show Minn. as the house finch range.?.?  

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house finches hang around here all winter and would be rare to see a purple. purples pop thru spring and fall and sometimes a few hang around in the spring for a while. love seeing them. i dodnt think there is a good map for the house finch, they are probably all over the us by now

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40 minutes ago, Hawg said:

Still going thru 2 whole full size tube feeders of safflower seed and 1 nigger seed every day!


How many Deer tracks do you have around your feeders or else the squirrels are getting at it!  😉

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2 hours ago, Hawg said:

Still going thru 2 whole full size tube feeders of safflower seed and 1 ni*ger seed every day!

Careful with your spelling there, dude.  You never know who is reading....

Maybe that is why the packages seem to now all say Nyjer seed instead of niger.  😀

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • If anyone checks in here and has any reports, light us up! 😄   I don’t know how many ducks are left in MN with the recent cold snap but there has to be some.  Last weekend we shot a 3 man limit in western MN.  Mostly spoonies but saw 10 different species and harvested 5 of them.   I thought I had two really nice GWT teal drakes but I’m not 100% sure I should mount one.  So early in the season and they still have some pin feathers.     Is that chair at the top of the pic?  Why, yes it is.  My buddy has a sweet set up with some old chairs I gave him.   Feet still got a little cold but it was a super easy watch over the dekes.   Tonight at home I went down to my blind for the last 20 minutes to see what might be flying.  No gun.  NO PHONE!  4 hooded mergansers flew by and 6 GWT settled in pretty much at my feet. The two drakes were really nice - probably nicer than the two in the pic.  One coot was hanging around with them.    The no phone/no pics was probably the best duck call and deke spread ever. 🙃
    • I have fished this stretch for what seems forever. Two hundred yards downstream I caught my first trout at age five. I am certain that I was given one of my lessons on stream by my father on this stretch. He typically gave a "what is that" speech at least once during an outing. The lessons varied from what kind of tree or wildflower was streamside to being a good steward of the outdoors. His lessons taught me to love the places trout lived. He held them in high regard, They were almost holy places to him. He was not a religious person. When he spoke on stream it seemed like a sermon almost. My mom required me to go to church often and my Dad's speeches seemed like they came from the pulpit. He always told me to take it all in and always respect the outdoors.  This summer I was wading up this stream. The weeds were too high to walk the bank. I took a good friend with me to my special stretch of water. I wanted to share this place with him that evoked such strong memories of my father. My dad left me over half a century ago but his spirit lives on when I am on stream. I had a special hole that I wanted to show my friend. I was bursting with anticipation prior to getting there. My mind was replaying ancient memories almost like a slideshow. I remembered the first time there with my dad. I was five years old again. My trip to the past was abruptly terminated. Our trek had a hurdle. It was a wow moment. There in the tiny head water of my stream of time there was an obstruction. What had caused this to happen? It had endured countless rain events, even huge floods through its lifetime. I was certain my dad and I had walked in these same tracks decades prior. At first I was sad looking at the giant felled tree. My mind was rushing to and fro from years past. This tree was for sure older than me and it now laid across my stream. I paused and gave it the respect it deserved and pressed on to my final destination. Call it a metaphor or ramblings of an old gray trout slayer but it is a prominent memory in my book of life.
    • The camera gets turned toward me ever so often
    • had robins Monday but nothing today..
    • Robins are gone as well as most other birds. Think only the locals still here.
    • Woody seems to be a great guy and knows the lake really well from what I have followed.  He used to post on here, and I would follow his summer adventures, and boy did he seem to catch fish...and BIG fish!  I don't think you can go wrong using Woody!!! 
    • I found I had to go to Chrome to see the site correctly now.  My old internet explorer was displaying the site in ways I could not navigate.
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