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  1. Maybe compression? Easy to check.
  2. I googled it for you. One thing mentioned was that it is difficult to get the smaller openings, like for the idle, clean. Soaking was recommended. That was first thing suggested. Compression check was another. The starting procedure seems unusual so that might mean something.
  3. Hope he motors back so we can find out whether the problem went away.
  4. Could you sneak up behind them and get a picture from outside? Or, use the flash at an angle maybe with a baffle to cut off one side of the cone? And no, I haven't seen any at our place. Did see one on the siding once.
  5. I was thinking about while it was running around the lake. I guess I'll wait until we hear from Dave how the "clean gas and run around the lake" works out.
  6. If you are going to fleet farm..Big and Tough 41% glyphosate.
  7. I guess our ideas of electronics differ. Could be a fuel problem for sure. Maybe some little hole in the carb is blocked.. How to monitor spark on a motor like that is a good question. Timing light ?
  8. The fresh gas and run it around the lake sure might work, or might not. No electronics in a motor like that, magnets and coils and breaker points all on top of the block under the flywheel. Fresh gas and run it around, maybe with a good shot of seafoam or something is certainly the first thing. If that works, make a thanks offering to the deity or principle of your choice. Or not. I'm less sure than you are that it will be ok after that. Still could be carb, some little idle passage plugged even though it was cleaned. I guess we will find out fairly soon.
  9. Plugs, points, tuneup, 40 year old coils. That's not complicated. After that it could get more difficult
  10. Since it has a magneto the spark could be weaker at low speed, where the motor has problems. Bad plugs would do the same thing. Crankcase seals could also be an issue. I wonder what would turn up googling old Johnson 6 won't idle.
  11. Idle speed adjustment? What do those have for an ignition system? Pull the flywheel and check the points?
  12. He already said that 2-4-d doesn't work. Round-up might work in an appropriate situation. extension might be best bet for identification and maybe even treatment suggestions. After all there seem to be bunches of pesticides that work on various problems without getting on the average dude's radar screen.
  13. You might want to contact or check out the U of Minn extension... https://extension.umn.edu/weed-management/weed-identification
  14. Pick them up with your hands, put them in a bag, paper or plastic, drive to a nearby waterway and release them on the shore. They don't bite and are good for the environment.
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