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  1. The window on AIX that I read Usenet News on was.... I started on computers with punch cards, then moved up to a 2260 and MTMT (multiple terminal monitor task) which was an IBM Rochester homegrown thing for running terminals attached to the 360/65 we had at the time. Actual first computer I ever used was a CDC 1604 at the U of MN.....
  2. delcecchi

    Garmin Gps

  3. In the worst case, the population would have to be held at a low level for a few years, like maybe 5. I still haven't seen much indication that prions in the dirt are an issue in actuality (as opposed to theoretically).
  4. Don't worry, the deer farmers will get to you too. Ideally, from a disease control perspective, we would reduce the deer population to some minimal level that has a good chance of having no CWD carrying animals left and then allow the (clean) population to rebound. That seems likely to be politically unacceptable but it is the only thing that will do the job from what I know. Or we could just feed all the venison to whatever group you don't like, and see what happens....
  5. delcecchi

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    Not only me... But reverse sear is close.
  6. As I recall, the area in Dane county (around Madison) was where the initial Scony outbreak was. They had a lot of hunting leases and private landowners who had done a lot of stuff and perhaps even imported breeding stock and didn't want all their big bucks killed off to stop the disease. And as well, the Wisconsin DNR hired that guy who supposedly was an expert who told them CWD was no big deal, it had always been around etc etc. I remember reading the studies and reports some years back around the time that CWD was found near Pine Island, imported by Elk Run. I'm sure if anyone wanted to read them that they are still online. Here is an interesting article from 2015. Discusses some of the history and Wisconsin DNR actions... http://archive.jsonline.com/sports/outdoors/follow-illinois-not-wisconsin-to-slow-spreading-cwd-b99560237z1-322353591.html Also look up James Kroll, who for a time was the Wisconsin Deer Trustee... From another article on the issue
  7. Deer Farms. Then, direct contact between animals. Saliva exchange, French Kissing and sharing feed. Not much evidence that I have seen of deer catching it because some other deer peed on the ground last week. I would be interested in any information to the contrary if anyone has it. State needs to exercise eminent domain to enable them to radically reduce deer populations in the infected areas with or without the consent of private land owners.
  8. delcecchi

    Prime Rib Cooking Debate

    Sous vide is best. 24 hours at 130 followed by 15 min in oven at 500 or WFO, or over a ripping hot fire/coals to get a nice crust. Second choice is classic reverse sear. Put it in the smoker (with a little smoke if you choose) or the oven at like 250 until an internal temp of maybe 125, then sear in the manner of your choice. I'm not sure about the smoke thing with rib roast. sort of ambivilent. fence[PoorWordUsage]er. Problems can arise if some folks don't like beef that is pink or red.... keep the grill fired up to sear their slices. If you boil it, shame on you. Boiling is at 100 degrees Celsius . Sous vide for beef is at 55 degrees (Celsius). One advantage of sous vide is that you can cook it a long time to make sure it is very tender without turning it into pot roast.
  9. delcecchi

    Best Hunting in MN

    Make sure your land is nowhere near any deer farms. Deer farms spread CWD.
  10. Especially the hand harvested wood parched stuff from Nett Lake. MMMmmmmm. Best eaten pretty much straight, little butter and salt.
  11. I am just not convinced that by the time you put it in sausage that the difference between the various grades of wild rice would be detectable. On the other hand there are those to whom cane sugar vrs beet sugar is a thing. I guess my blue collar tongue isn't up to snuff for foodie stuff. Terroir and all that stuff is pretty much out of my range.
  12. For eating, I like the nett lake hand harvested, wood parched. Sort of spendy though to be putting in sausage. I think generic commercial stuff would be good enough for sausage. Maybe the broken stuff even.
  13. delcecchi

    New Handheld Gps

    Isn't that another antique device? A double joke. Well played.
  14. delcecchi

    New Handheld Gps

    Using the. Map my walk app to go down a bike path and back again, lines are right close.. Basically the same chips in both devices.
  15. delcecchi

    New Handheld Gps

    I never got off the track. Except for some special circumstances, a smartphone is a superior choice for gps navigation. The prices for specialized devices by Garmin and others are totally absurd considering that most people these days already have a better device in their pocket. Garmin even charges for updates to the maps or for maps of different areas. And for your car, don't waste money on one of those LMS car devices, your smartphone with waze or google maps is superior all the way. Waze provides real time peer sourced traffic and hazard information.