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  1. delcecchi

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    Blue Jays don't chew holes in my soffit But I only have a couple and they don't seem to bother the other birds. One reason might be that they are too big to sit on the perches on the feeders, so they get to scratch for spillage.
  2. delcecchi

    Ehd Found In MN

    Yeah, of that deer farm and the ag boys who allegedly supervise them. Or maybe we will get the story of how it has been around for many decades and nobody noticed it until now...
  3. delcecchi

    Ehd Found In MN

    That's his story and he is sticking to it.
  4. delcecchi

    Headed south???

    I thought that was what it was. Thanks for the ID.
  5. delcecchi

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    I put some sunflower seeds on the deck rail today. The jays would come and swallow like 20 or so, one after the other, and then fly away. In a short while, a minute or two, they would be back and do it again. I think the only reason they stopped was when the seeds were gone. Them, the chickadees, the finches, and the red bellied woodpecker all got some. They didn't last too long.
  6. delcecchi

    Just Food and Drink

    That's a good reason for sure.
  7. delcecchi


    Didn't know about the wheel weight ban... Interesting. Are the shops required to track where they go for recycling? How many they remove from wheels?
  8. delcecchi

    Just Food and Drink

    I went with the Tmobile over 55 plan and a samsung J3 for 99 bucks. Plan is two lines for $70 unlimited data, talk, text. But by all means check out the network coverage in your area. You might be better off with verizon or ATT or even sprint. On Vermilion for example, those of us on the west end need ATT or Tmobile. On the east, it is verizon.
  9. delcecchi

    Nils Master Usa

    Looks like one of those disgruntled customers who decided to post "bad reviews" everywhere they can. Bet they also went on amazon and gave it 1 star..... Total temper tantrum maybe? Any truth about a bad batch of whatever?
  10. delcecchi


    Are those sash weights lead? Best source of lead that I know of is wheel weights at your local independent tire store.
  11. delcecchi

    Just Food and Drink

  12. delcecchi

    Bluejays Everywhere!

    I think there are certain times of year that they become more obvious. They survive winter by caching food in many places, using sticky saliva to keep it stuck. They are able to remember where they put thousands of food items and go back to them. Truly amazing birds. I have enough trouble remembering where I left the tape measure.
  13. delcecchi

    Headed south???

    Looks like this mini nuthatch looking guy came south to Rochester. Has an orange belly
  14. delcecchi

    What's on the grill

    Rain on my grill....
  15. delcecchi

    Master Toasting Bread

    young punk!