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  1. Nope. The bucks that come through my backyard and nibble at my birdfeeders seem to only do so at night. My friend and his family got them perfectly legally so far as I know, and I am confident that it is true. SE mn is different because it has a lot more deer than up nort. I see more deer in a week in my yard than I did in a decade of hunting in Pine County....
  2. Yep, only the bucks usually are only out at night here. But if a guy had a doe permit. Or maybe go over by St Charles with a guy I used to work with
  3. I think Lifetime is in the competition as well.
  4. Go fishing after supper in the summer when everyone else is surfing the web... Not much in the way of sports to watch then anyway. (not a fan of baseball myself) I hope it works out for you.
  5. From my experience a few years ago, that is a legitimate concern with their cheaper plans. It certainly is worth asking th them about it
  6. I was serious recommending it as a way to deal with tough meat. I can't help the ignorant responses.
  7. Ignorance or Trolling. Sometimes hard to tell the difference.
  8. Walkie Talkies are just two way radios. They make their own signals, no towers. Cell phones on the other hand are a little more unlikely.
  9. 2.5 to 3 from the wifi isn't going to do very well streaming video, especially from something moving fast and hard to compress like a hockey game and in HD. So the video gets cut down to SD first thing. I have watched movies on a Roku using my Tmobile hotspot and they were ok. Since the TV wasn't the greatest and only like a 40, I'm not sure if I could have told if resolution had been downgraded to SD or not. Is this up North, or in cities?
  10. Typically there are shared resources or links from them to you. Try a different server, usually the test lets you pick a different one from a choice of several. It's like driving from the cities to cook. The speed limit on 35 is 70 mph. But if it is friday nite before opener... you aren't going to get 70 mph. Likewise if one of the links is 1Gigabit but 500 people are doing Neflix and Chill you will slow down. Netflix is really good at dealing with congestion issues. Facebook or whoever was streaming the wild game, maybe not as good.
  11. It's a bandwidth thing. run one of the internet speed check things. Like speedtest.net for example. You need a couple of megabits at least, or more depending on how good the sources compression and bandwidth management is.
  12. My middle finger. Bled like a stuck pig. Totally saturated my handkerchief. If you were here I would show you which finger.
  13. It most certainly is amp-hours related, although the numbers vary somewhat by discharge rate. The RC number on a battery is basically the amp hours at a specified discharge rate. That curve above is for a particular battery. If you multiply the times by the discharge rate, looks like it is for 10 or 11 amp hour battery like the one in a Vexilar. Multiply those currents by 8 or 10 for a trolling motor battery, so like 4 hours at 20 amps instead of 2.4 amps. Basically using one set of batteries for two different voltages strikes me as a bad idea.
  14. All you guys still don't get it. I didn't explain it well enough. There are three batteries, each can hold 80 Amp hours. When the 24 volt motor is in use, two of the batteries use some of their capacity, equal for each battery. So let's say you use 10 amps for two hours. Now you have two batteries with 60 and one with 80. Run all three (36 volt motor) for 6 hours at 10 and two batteries will be totally discharged and one will still have some charge. Any further current draw will potentially damage the two batteries that are totally discharged. Of course the 36 volt motor will probably quit working as soon as two of the batteries are flat, but the concern is there.
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