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  1. Deer jumps out into the 4lane roadway at night, good luck with that speedy reaction time. Don't over react and put it into oncoming traffic or the ditch.
  2. The higher the population the more that get hit by cars. That, in fact, is one of the factors that the DNR says they use when deciding on population targets. After all, every one of those dead deer is a vehicle repair bill as well as a possible serious injury to the folks in the car.
  3. Because nobody but you knows where that water came from, and you might be lying.
  4. Be a long drive for you to get to Cabela's or Fleet Farm.....
  5. I think that the original owners did the same thing. Now maybe the new owners are being more conservative on ordering, but letting stock at least run down in the off season is only rational.
  6. Heard of it. Started by husband of Sheryl Sandberg. So, about this survey.... Who is the sponsor? DNR? I guess I am just not a big fan of surveys.
  7. does just nailing oranges to the tree work?
  8. Rocky shorelines on Vermilion? That narrows it right down to only like 95% of the lake....
  9. Things that have names I associate with real entities. Govdelivery? Who are they?
  10. I don't click on links I can't recognize.
  11. Out of stuff, or not stocking it? The proliferation of choices recently has been staggering, and the stores only have so much space. The Rochester FF has more space than ever for fishing stuff, but looks like rapala got squeezed a little.
  12. That's great. All I have at my suet is a mob of assorted woodpeckers.. A red bellied, a hairy, and several downies. Probably actually 2 red bellies and 2 hairy even though I only see one at a time. A cake lasts maybe two days.
  13. Wrecking the environment by gathering moss to sleep on?
  14. Seeing the plank brings up a question. Is that cedar that is sold as cooking planks any different than the stuff sold at the lumber yard for various purposes, like siding or roofing or docks?
  15. Yes, Legal. Google is your friend. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/seasons.html
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