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  1. Hopefully I will be able to take a deep breath and look at the sun...
  2. Treadmill and a few dumbells. I'll be walking outside in decent weather. Luckily the houses are spread out enough that I can maintain "social distancing". I never used to see many people while walking in the neighborhood so we'll see if that has changed. I've also got some deferred yard work to do if things ever dry out.
  3. Oh, one other anecdote. I have had my phone not talk to the bluetooth in my toyota. Rebooted the phone and it started working again, for what that is worth.
  4. Mist net, let the good ones go. Euthanize the starlings. https://www.nixalite.com/product/mist-net Starling traps... https://www.nixalite.com/products/bird-traps
  5. My daughter has a 3 car attached garage with one of those hot dog type heaters. Opening the door for a short time and then closing it doesn't seem to have too much effect. The problem with heating up from 40 to 55 or so that will take a while is that the floor and walls and the contents are all cold and take a while to get up to temp. so the air might be warm but heater will need to work harder because of all the cold stuff in there. If I did the calculation correctly, heating the air takes about 200 btu per degree or 3000 btu for 15 degrees F. If your furnace puts out 60k (75 k input) that is 5% of an hour's worth or a couple minutes. Seems like not much, but it doesn't take much energy to heat 9000 cubic feet of air. Please feel free to check my numbers, since I did the arithmetic in my head and I could easily have misplaced a decimal point.
  6. Sounds like a good way to go to me. Take a long time to make up the difference in price.
  7. I used to use regular shop lights. But the more light the better. Just ask your neighborhood grow operation. Just be careful not to cook the seedlings.
  8. delcecchi


    So, that's the solution. Camera on tripod aimed at feeder, sit by window at dusk, sip a beer and keep clicking the remote...
  9. delcecchi


    Get a good camera put it on a tripod and just shoot a bunch of pictures, bursts even. Bits are free. Shoot a thousand pictures if you need to. Guys, do the modern DSLR cameras have a remote control function so a guy could sit inside and look out the window and trigger the camera sitting outside?
  10. delcecchi


    better than I would have gotten....
  11. Might throw a little bleach in the bucket too. Probably a recommended method on the web someplace if you wanna look for it.
  12. So, looks like theoretically you would get 5000/3500 times as many holes, roughly 50% more. The cost increase, using the retail price for the cells, would be $300.
  13. Well, are conventional Lithium ion batteries good enough? How much more expensive are these? Would people be willing to pay an extra $50 or $100 to save a pound or two, or to be able to drill an extra 30 holes?
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