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  1. Seeing the plank brings up a question. Is that cedar that is sold as cooking planks any different than the stuff sold at the lumber yard for various purposes, like siding or roofing or docks?
  2. Yes, Legal. Google is your friend. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/seasons.html
  3. I have made it by grating roots I purchased at a grocery store (byerlys in Edina just off France to be specific) After grating it is mixed with vinegar to stop the heat from degrading as I recall.
  4. I like it since I can cook anything outside and not smoke up the cabin. Between that, the weber, and a sous vide in a collman cooler I have it covered. Unless it is raining or snowing, then off to the crescent or south switch.
  5. I got a 3 burner camp chef with griddle at costco for the cabin.... Liked it so much I got one for the house.
  6. It can be fun and interesting to check out alibaba (china's amazon, sort of) for fishing stuff.
  7. I have a griddle for my camp chef 3 burner. Works great. No lip on the front so grease will run off into a little trough, https://www.campchef.com/stove-accessories/griddles/professional-flat-top-griddle-16-14.html They also make a flat top unit.
  8. This is from the morton tender quick page. Not clear whether this is just lawyer stuff or real Could be due to tender quick being a mixture of sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate, while pink salt #1 is only nitrite. Pink salt #2 is nitrite and nitrate like tender quick. Tender quick is .5% nitrite and .5% nitrate. Pink salt #1 is 6.25% nitrite. #2 is 6.25% nitrite and 4% nitrate. Looking quickly at a curing recipe at https://blog.modernistpantry.com/recipes/the-cure-for-what-ails-you-makin-bacon-with-prague-powder/ I get the feeling that tenderquick isn't strong enough for the job. They use 5 parts salt to 1 part pink salt for a rub, or about double the amount of nitrite in tender quick.
  9. I thought that too, but I think the hybrid is further down....
  10. Hanging around Rochester all winter, or until I left end of January anyway. Come in and clean up under the tube feeders at twilight.
  11. Sounds like the kitchen stove is your best bet on those kind of days. Gas grill would be second. And don't forget the microwave.
  12. Here is my attempt. Gas grills are easy and convenient and they will get the job done for stuff like burger or sausage. Or steaks. In my experience they flare up more than my Weber Kettle. Gas grills are safer on a deck that charcoal. Never used a pellet grill but it seems like a pellet grill has many of the advantages of a gas grill while providing smoke. When I had both a gas grill and a Weber kettle, used the weber most of the time. Mostly a matter of which one you think you will use.
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