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  1. Saw some at Costco last fall. Keep an eye out if you go there.... Lots of cool stuff around Christmas.
  2. Nope, back in Rochester. No bears to bother my feeders only deer, racoons, and possums. Deer came this afternoon, she was frustrated since I moved the feeders higher since she emptied them last. So, she walked off and munched on my apple trees a while then meandered off.
  3. We got some cardinals, and had 3 bluejays at one time. They are hitting it hard. No pics, phone doesnt' get the job done.
  4. Usually machines have a label telling what they are for.... Except for some of the weight things that are obvious, like that cage for doing squats.
  5. Rochester has greatly expanded firearms and fishing. If anything is getting hit it is the farm supplies... Just my casual observations.
  6. Since paint doesn't like to adhere to Aluminum, perhaps it is merely a case of poor prep and priming of the aluminum surface. A small particle of something ferrous that was stuck to the aluminum would do it too.
  7. I don't recall reading it from you, but maybe. The info is in various places. That's why the "Texas Crutch" works.... As for Reb and name calling.... No Problemo. I be secure in cooking and other matters.
  8. The "stall" is said to be due to the moisture being pushed out of the meat due to the muscle fibers and protein reaching about 160. The water goes to the surface and evaporates, cooling the meat or at least preventiing it from heating by absorbing energy due to the latent heat of vaporization. Once the moisture stops, temp can go up, or if the meat is wrapped to prevent evaporation...
  9. Fencing to keep out various varmints. It seems there are few areas that aren't over run with rabbits and deer. If you are lucky, no racoons.
  10. I have an terrova with Ipilot, (not link), I lay the trolling motor in the bottom of the boat which is stored in covered storage. It has been fine for several years. Gets darn cold up around Cook. No problem. On the other hand I bring my depth finders and transducer home and store above freezing due to bad experiences with Lowrance transducers in previous years and ambiguity in documents about my elite 7s I have two
  11. I retrieved the allen wrench I dropped in the lake while tightening a set screw on the boat lift. Does that count?
  12. interesting accessory on the weber.... what is it?
  13. I got home from up nort, and put a couple of sunflower seed feeders out and refilled one suet feeder... And put some water in a flowerpot sauce on the deck rail, and here they come. Didn't take them long....
  14. If there is a real catastrophe, where you gonna bug out to? What kind of event are you bugging out to escape?
  15. Just listening to a podcast talking about the oranges in Florida. Basically going away from an unstoppable disease. Irish potato famine due to a fungus that destroyed the whole crop, and that was all they had to eat, thanks to their English conquerors.
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