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  1. Heart with bloody knife was a little over the top, seems to me. Perhaps trying for shock value? Got it too.
  2. Just an interjection, if you have been following the issue of Moose vrs Deer in the NE Minnesota area. You may now return to whatever you were going to say about deer and snow. As I understand it, cold and snow can be hard on the deer population. Although, judging from the evidence in the spring at our cabin it hasn't hurt much the past few years. Anecdotal evidence and all that.
  3. Got a neighbor with a lawn tractor sitting in the yard as well. Front yard at that.
  4. Just cut the bottom out of a 5 gallon pail and put one of those seats on the top.
  5. Sorry for not seeing this until now. He was filling pounders from a 20 or a 30 in his garage. Something started to leak an apparently propane is heavier than air so it ran across the floor, until the electric heater they had going made a spark. I think they had the door up but I'm not sure. He got a new truck out of the deal.. Pretty sure it was one of those deals to refill the disposable pounders. But I don't know for sure. Did bring some excitement to the hood.
  6. Not to the lawyers and bureaucrats. Besides it is reusable, just like a metal water bottle.
  7. A well made high quality light down bag by a reputable known manufacturer will be pretty expensive. I would buy at a retailer if one is around so you could actually get in the bag. I found that some mummy bags are just too narrow for me across the shoulders and chest. I use a Sierra Designs bag. I find down more comfortable and to have a wider temperature range. I think model is "rip van wrinkle" but looks like they don't make that one any more. I too would go warmer, I would choose like a 20 degree bag, unless you know you sleep warm. Not being warm at night can ruin a trip.
  8. Last winter by AMSD as promoter Jorma Kaukonen (probably spelled that wrong) formerly of Jefferson Airplane and currently part of Hot Tuna. Pretty good but it was just him and all the songs sounded similar. Prior to that it was Vince Gill and the time jumpers in Nashville, went to see wife's cousin Marlin and we all went to see it.
  9. Must have been on the outside because otherwise he could have put NM under the insulation. Just trying to figure out why he did what he did. I am assuming he had his reasons since seems like conduit would be more work and expense than Romex.
  10. He isn't insulating the block? Just thought of this.
  11. I did a brief search, and looks like there are several alternatives, but this is way outside my area of expertise. Exposed wiring seems like a strange choice but to each their own. It did look like there is special wire that is recommended for conduit. Not sure if it is required or not.
  12. Sorry I missed that totally. So, surface wiring? Then I have no idea what code is.
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