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  1. leech~~

    Grackle problem

    You got a picture of this contraption? I may need to get one too.
  2. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    I don't Dave. Just want you to feel good about your new grill and move on. Let's get back on to smoking and grilling stuff with what ever anyone has and stop the little jabs. K. My new smoker. You can do different meat in every drawer.
  3. leech~~

    Nordic star model 41150-a

    JD5150, Welcome to the forum. You have a what? It's got to be pretty old. Does it say Ice King anywhere on it?
  4. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Well Rib Wizard. Lets hear it?
  5. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    That's why they call it Low and slow. To much heat for to long at the end dries them out.
  6. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    That's great. Hope Dave can get over a little ribbing on his grill and this thread can get back to "Time for a smoke" May be start a Pellet Grill-Smoker only thread?
  7. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Waaaa, Leech said pellet grills where a bit costly which hurt my feelings and I have been whining like a 300lb cry baby over and over for about a month now! Your causing a Toxic post Dave let it go. Yes pellet grills are wonderful! Feel better. Please!
  8. leech~~

    Gutter covers?

    Info off the net. Bees and Gutter Guards You won’t want to barbecue or lounge with a book with this over your head. Often gutter guards become a virtual apartment complex for wasps, who attach their paper-style nests under the cover. This can make the living areas around your home very uncomfortable, particularly near entrance ways or by decks and patios. No one likes when their outdoor event feels like it’s been invaded by bees or wasps. Everyone winds up feeling on edge, fearing they’re risking getting stung. Bees and gutter guards are a bad combination for homeowners. It’s hard to manage controlling or ridding yourself of a colony. It’s very difficult to get a spray under the cover to kill the insects. Most often, the system needs to be removed, cleaned of all colonies and then reinstalled to get rid of all the nests.
  9. leech~~

    Gutter covers?

    My Father-in-Law god rest his sole. Put Gutter helmet brand on his house. The sheeting right over the top of them in heavy rain does happen and bee's love to build nests in them. I go up and spray bee killer on them every year and then spray the the nests out with a hose for my 82 year Mother-in-Law who still lives there after the person mowing her yard now kept getting stung.
  10. leech~~

    Time for a smoke

    Dave, for God sakes it's been about a month since I expressed a thought on the cost of pellet grills. Grow Up! Some of the best BBQ in the world comes out of old 55 gal drums. Get over it.
  11. leech~~

    Engel bait coolers

    Actually I have been suking as a walleye fisher person as well this summer. Since I keep my leech's and crawlers in the frig up at our camper all summer my wife hates looking at them wigglen around and told me to put them in a paper bag! I picked up one of these which has a Styrofoam liner and it helps keep the bait cool out in the boat as well and makes my sweety a lot happier! I have kept leechs alive since Mem weekend as well in it. Frabill Worm and Leech Lodge Bait Bucket.
  12. leech~~

    Engel bait coolers

    So your saying Great cooler not so hot fisherman?
  13. leech~~

    River otter

    Probably just an older timer. You know how they get about their fishen spots! Great pictures.
  14. leech~~

    Lake minntonka

    Geez, whats the rush? Take A save some gas and enjoy the slow cruse on the lake. Hard to bikini watch at WOT!