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  1. leech~~

    First One

    Saw a Red crotchrocket day before the last big storm.
  2. Do you have a code reader? Try erasing it and see if it goes away? The best investment I made was buying a cheap code reader for like $59 at Fleet Farm. I have cleared codes on 3 different vehicles over the years that I never had to bring into a shop for. Most of them are just hiccups like misfires, once cleared they go away. Most car dealers will charge around $80-90 to do a "Diagnostic". I've paid for the thing 10 times over already.
  3. Thank you sir. Will have to give it a try.
  4. Oh, ok I was hoping for a new Duff special home made?
  5. Dude, he said his wife was back home-lay off!
  6. White chicken chili? You got that written down somewhere you can post for a look-see?
  7. leech~~

    New Bow

    Very nice and best of all. You get to keep your Avatar name!
  8. I think it may be one of those cheap Chinese brands by Spamtinze Co.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Can you post picture or at least list your model and brand?
  10. Dang Dude, you blew my fun! Looks great!
  11. Well real close. Religious persecution site. You should know that better then anyone else!
  12. That there is a thing of Beauty! knopper.
  13. Mind may be going under the tarp next week.
  14. No, it use to be an Outdoors site. It's changed to a Political site now. Didn't you get the change notice?
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