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  1. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    Um yeah, when their made out 10 lbs of Beef!
  2. leech~~

    2018 Pheasant Report

    "probably 60 birds yesterday" Right! What Pheasant Farm did you go to, Wings North?
  3. leech~~

    2018 Pheasant Report

    In what State?
  4. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    I thought these were Feetita's What for it. "Poof" Someone loves their little magic wand!
  5. leech~~

    2005 Wheelhouse Update

    It looks great! Throw a few nonslip rugs down. It's Winter after all!
  6. leech~~

    Turkey Day Ice?

    Are you sure they just didn't escape the Memory Wing?
  7. leech~~

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    Looks nice. You must have to be real careful with the saw to get clean even cuts and the bases.
  8. leech~~

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    Key words: Tractor vs walk behind.
  9. leech~~

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    Right, like I really need a carpfisherman with a magic wand behind this curtain to cut and paste my outdoor adventurers for me!
  10. leech~~

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    Well your right. I just wish you would stop adding Swordfish! Everyone knows there are none in Red Lake!
  11. leech~~

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    May be when we have that Gas auger-EverReady auger drill off. We can have a blower-shovel off with AlwaysFishing23 shoveling and someones blower!
  12. leech~~

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    Oh it's ok, I'll what for the pictures. Hope their not Photoshop too!
  13. leech~~

    Photoshopped Our Deer.

    It is nice. But, how do we know you didn't Photoshop the Deer in the first place?
  14. leech~~

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    Lol, I get it. Your blowing Sunshine up Moonshines ars!
  15. leech~~

    Single Stage Snow Throwers

    I wouldn't get the Honda 4-Cycle Single Stage. We have one at work and they are gutless wonders. We also have the Toro 2 cycle single stage and that has a lot more balls! IMO.