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  1. leech~~

    Fall Colors

    That's why they make 4 wheelers and Snowmobiles!
  2. Just keep some pepper spray by the grill. It works as well on Steak as it does Bears!
  3. I'm talk-en the green cable loo-ken thing in the picture you big gum shooter!
  4. Don't let the DNR catch yea with your snare out!
  5. But, I already have the one for the guy with the oldest, rustiest canning jar bands on the planet!
  6. New Jersey Mike, welcome to the forum. Thanks for the field fix ideas.
  7. leech~~

    Vikings 2019

    This is where: Big Dave2 HSO Legacy Member Don't know much about football, huh? Doesn't matter if we have a good QB. We're a running team!
  8. Pete, welcome to the forum. Do you do much hog hunting around Chicago or do you travel to other states to hunt your hogs?
  9. I wonder how smoking eggs then pickling would be? Or pickling then smoking? Huuum
  10. Part of the issue with Duff hiding out in the BWCA with his water straw is any Government left standing!
  11. leech~~

    Vikings 2019

    I could careless about Cousins but hate to see Diggs and Thielen just being used as blockers and bait all year! We didn't have the Minneapolis Miracle from a running back! https://youtu.be/18A9j5Hp0O0
  12. leech~~

    Vikings 2019

    Well then helll, 10 balls a game is Great, I guess. Wonder what the per ball cost is for that? $80,000 ea?
  13. leech~~

    Vikings 2019

    I don't know. Earn their pay? Ask Tom Brady!
  14. leech~~

    Vikings 2019

    Point is: As the second highest paid QB in the NFL it's pizz poor when your coaches only give you 10 balls to throw a whole game to the two best receivers in the NFL. "Defense, takeovers and running backs is a huge part of any football game" I said that!
  15. leech~~

    Vikings 2019

    Went to the opener game yesterday and it was Fuuun! But this, needs to get better fast! If it wasn't for defense, take overs and our running backs we had nothing! Our $85 mill guy needs to make some plays to the two best receivers in the NFL! At least our kicker did his job! Passing Yards. ATL M. Ryan 33-46, 304 YDS, 2 TD, 2 INT MIN K. Cousins 8-10, 98 YDS, 1 TD
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