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  1. Dang, a grill thread and not one Pellet person chimed in!
  2. The nice thing about the Green egg is by the end of the summer your arm looks like Popeyes from lifting that 25lbs lid over and over!
  3. Try a heat gun or hair drier first. Then move to hotter open flame tools.
  4. In this picture were we hunt. I pulled a nice Tom out of the far right of the field tree line edge in the morning one year. The next year nothing happening on the field edges. Climbed straight up the side of the hill and took a nice 10" beard Tom as he fanned and strutted quietly down an old road around noon on top. It's a craap shoot, it's where they want to be. Good Luck.
  5. Lot's of folks hunting more close to home then traveling to other states. Just like Resorts. Lot's of MN resorts reporting near 100% booked already for this summer because people are not traveling out of state or country as much yet.
  6. Tom If you can find a "direct replacement" for your opener try this. I have done this twice over the years replacing my Craftsman openers. 1) Unplug the power cord. 2) Pull the manual cord handle and release the garage door to close it. 3) Tie a rope around the chain rail and support it to a rafter a foot or two from the opener motor. "to hold it up in place when you unbolt it from the motor" 4) Back the chain tension off to loosen it and take it off the drive sprocket on top of the motor. 5) Unbolt the rail from the top of the drive motor and let it hang o
  7. If just your opener drive unit went out. Why do you have to take down or even mess with the torsion bar or spring? Is it chain or belt drive?
  8. Sounds like it's toast if you got noting at all. I just replaced my Craftsman 1/2hp that was only 4-5 years old. The mother board dies after a while and yea got nothing.
  9. Looks great. But those..............oh never mind!
  10. Bobby, that is hilarious. I called this last night when I posted that you would be by with a gem. You didn't disappoint.
  11. Sure, you may be aware now that not everyone agrees with your political or social values.
  12. He says as he laughs about a 16 year old who had his brains splattered. Your the one that brought us here Sir with your Social Justice statement. Keep that ridiculousness where it's best enjoyed.
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