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  1. leech~~

    .22 shorts

    Sounds like a good plan if your not very comfortable using guns. Do you do any hunting or fishing out there in Connecticut?
  2. leech~~


    If you have season tickets and your not going because your pitcher is not pitching. Please PM me, I'll sit in your seats that game for yea!
  3. leech~~


    This post was started in April and you still have Bats in your belfry?
  4. leech~~

    Simple Tip To Catch More Big Bass On Spinnerbaits

    Yes I agree. Juan.
  5. leech~~

    Japanese beetles

    I agree.
  6. leech~~

    Ants, what do i do?

  7. leech~~


    Thanks for that.
  8. leech~~

    Trichoderma fungi to fight of blight.

    Yes good post.
  9. leech~~

    2018 gardens

    Did a doz Jalapenos poppers for the game last weekend. Mine were a little on the small size this year but were pretty good for the game.
  10. leech~~

    Simple Tip To Catch More Big Bass On Spinnerbaits

    Do you know the simple Tip or not? If not you better which the video!
  11. leech~~

    Simple Tip To Catch More Big Bass On Spinnerbaits

    Nice Try. I an't biten!
  12. leech~~

    Two Week Notice!

    Yeah, we're May 1st to Oct 1st. Have fun, fall is a great time to be around a camp fire.
  13. Well the OP has a Johnson 4.5hp motor and they say they have a lot of parts for old 2.5 and 5 hp Johnsons motors. So smaller may be their thing?
  14. Odd, may be it was just your attitude they didn't like? From their web page: We have over 12,000 engines for parts starting at 1906! Below is a list of common replacement parts for common antique engines. This is IN NO WAY a complete list, Please contact us with any inquiries Scroll Down to see common parts prices. If it is on this list we stock it, or can get it. Also at the bottom of the page we will have a list of older motors that are for sale. If you are looking for a certain motor, even for display only, contact us and we will try to get one. These old display motors make a GREAT GIFT for the sportsman or woman. What was their favorite old motor? We can probably get you one for display at the cabin, or the den! Johnson/Evinrude common parts: 2.5 and 5 hp Johnsons 1939-1951~: