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  1. How was the trip Randy? Went well I hope.
  2. Could really use a good wilderness story right now. Start at the beginning. "we drove north out of the cities" I'll hangup and listen.
  3. Nope wasn't me. Was there someone running around with their shirt off?
  4. Wanted to share this tip. My Vex transducer cable developed a crack in the cable right at the head from doing a lot of hole hopping when you just pick up the unit and go from hole to hole with it hanging and swinging. I had the same crack happen in 2 of my Aqua view cam cables where water then seeped in down the cable and into the cam head shorting it out. I bought this Aquaseal wader repair adhesive to try. I cleaned the ducer head and cable really well with alcohol then kept putting small layers from the ducer head up about 5" inches up the cable to build up a nice seal.
  5. Wish I knew? Was a picture off a ZUMO gps ad.
  6. Not my sled just love this picture and would love to be there, looks like a perfect trail. Is there any interest in getting a ride together out there? Some of the old gang moved or sold their sleds, but there is some great snow this year. I'm just a even pace, not Brisk pace trail rider.
  7. Well, may be your wife will tell you to turn all the lights off and lay on the floor to watch the sparks fly!
  8. I told you to turn all the lights off and lay on the floor!
  9. I think what the DNR does works pretty good. Start shooting everyone in a 5 mile radius of any one found with it!
  10. I hate RV heaters! No room to do much of anything to get at them. The only way I could see my igniter was to shut all the lights off and lay on the floor peeking up through a little space in the cover. Plus running down all the things that have to work just to get them to work from the tank back.
  11. Have you got this yet Rick? I was teaching my 3 & 5 year old grandsons how to fish on the dock. When my daughter who is 30 said, Daddy why didn't you ever teach me how to fish! WHAT! She was being funny because she knows I tried.
  12. Some pretty heavy snow upnorth this winter. Hope that new seal coating I got put on this fall holds up and No leaks this spring. The number one thing everyone at the campground say to each other when they meet on opening weekend. Any roof leaks?
  13. Pretty much Suburban, Dometic AtWood Are the main RV furnaces out there.
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