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  1. You could do this if you put in an isolator to isolate the 2 battery when using the 24 V. You would have to run wires for each motor separate and not have a loop system.
  2. John, you are the king of +1. Got anything to share from the area you live in Bali. Deep sea fishing??
  3. These cam's really show how many fish are down there looking but never hit!
  4. Let's see responds to very old thread-check Says some not related craap-check Vague meaning less name-check
  5. You drove by as they are all full and can't take any more? Or just not time to stop?
  6. You can do a quick rough check of prices by going to their sites and just look up a few things they all make like Summer Sausage, Smoked brats, etc and compare prices. Some are like night and day.
  7. What ever one you try make sure you call ahead. I found myself running all over one year trying to get a deer in.
  8. There's a Market in Emily MN, St Michael MN, Roger's MN, Anoka Meats, Mcdonalds meat in clear lake, Thielen Meats of Little Falls MN & Pierz. Just to name a few that I have heard off that do good work.
  9. leech~~

    Vikings 2019

    Hey Vikings. Rudolph, remember Kyle Rudolph! Guys been wasted all year up to this game!
  10. leech~~


    Are you New here? BD2=Bama!
  11. leech~~


    This is going to be a Fun season I can tell!
  12. leech~~

    Stream Therapy

    Well it's got no streams like that and after this weekend I don't think there are any Deer there either!!
  13. leech~~

    Stream Therapy

    Better start wearing an Orange Hat at lease Len. "I thought he was a Buck?"
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