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  1. All I'm getting right now is sparrows and a few peckers. Nothings hitting the nyjer seed at all?
  2. I think Archerysniper was trying to show a perfect arrow shot taking out the heart. Most that Bow hunt would see that. Most non-hunters wouldn't see that the animal went down fast and didn't suffer long. Very human shot.
  3. Had the day off so took a little run up in Orock MN, in the Sand Dunes forest. There were a few folks around on sleds but I never saw anyone on the trails other then at the Refuge bar for lunch. The trails were very good, a few rocks in the corners but not bad. Got off the main trail a few times and found some areas not ridden in yet. Met the groomer on the way out. Perfect weather for a ride.
  4. Just change it to Abortion photos. Their fine with that, we're good to go!
  5. Since I Deer hunt and snowmobile I'm always a little torn when there's a lot of snow during a winter.
  6. Yeah, sorry but I don't pray for snow that far north. It's wasn't me this time!
  7. IKR! This whole winter so far has been plans started and scrapped because of the weather. I have MLK day off and thinking of heading up by Orock to buzz around a bit to get the sled on some snow and grab a burger at the Refuge after.
  8. Thanks for the report. Hope the slush hardens up-Hate it.
  9. Another sparkly thing with hooks to jig up and down. Can't hurt to try it.
  10. Nope, but I do have a camera I carry.............So!
  11. Yeah, you and mike89 keep using the cell phone excuse for not having fish pictures!
  12. Steven, Welcome to the forum. That sucks but 10 years on a hose is a good run. D-Rock is the best for getting people back fishing, I get all my parts there. Oddly, I thought they only handled Strikemaster parts and repair? Good to know they could still help you out.
  13. Do you think old Herby will be out there? He's a Sportsman.
  14. I'm a polite person so I was waiting for yours first.
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