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  1. Yep, just looking for updates on what he's been up to.
  2. You may have to post some new pic's. The ones from 2013-14 don't seem to be showing anymore?
  3. Lol, pulling over an old bigger sled motor was like kick starting a old Harley!
  4. My first sled when I was 15 was a 1967 Ski doo olympic 10hp that went about 15mph. The next year I won a brand new Ski doo TNT 340 free air. Which did about 80 mph. Braaaap!
  5. Sorry to hear that about your wife, Dave. I guess I was referring to your late post viewing last night after you posted this and didn't check back.
  6. Looks like Dave's more worried about Bama and silly town. Then parts falling off his ATV?
  7. What year? Did you try looking at YouTube?
  8. Loaded up and heading to Brainerd lakes area in the morning for some fishing and hopefully some riding.
  9. You know I only pay attention to half of what anyone says on here-right!
  10. Understandable. So was that chunked blue cheese on top of the chili?
  11. Looks great Duff. I made a big pot of Venny burger chili last night as well. No pic's didn't know we were have a cook-off? Is that blue cheese you put on top? May have to try that.
  12. Got the tarp off, started up and did a few circles around the yard today. About 10" inches of pure powder! Getting closer to getting out. Happy New Year!
  13. What brand do you have now? My Char Broil electric seems to work pretty well and the nice thing for this time of year, it has a remote you can set and check from inside the house. I bought the stand for it and put a wheel set on it to roll it around.
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