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  1. leech~~

    New Ride!

    Those are zippy bikes! I looked at them but I'm just way to short and put a lowing kit on my 650 just to touch the ground!
  2. If you go to the "Who's on Line" on the left side half way down. Put your pointer on any of the member names, you can see their profile of when they joined. It's just amazing how many hundreds of members that have been on here for 10 or more years and have never made a post yet. Please if your out there reading the site posts join in the fun, we can use your insights on any topic and some new blood! Please, stop Gawking and join in the fun! Don't be a leech~~
  3. Sorry, good point. Asphalt! And if its peeling away, relax it sounds like its not working either!
  4. Geez, is there any brand or type of driveway crack filler that stays pliable and doesn't crack every winter and need to be refilled every spring!! I've tried the stuff from Menards and Home Depot!
  5. leech~~

    New Ride!

    Just picked up a new to me DR650 Dualsport like the old one I had. Got it from a 5' 2" gal that was just way to small to handle it but she kept up with all the maintenance and just put new tires on it. Shes going to buy a little Honda Grom more her size. The thing is spotless and only has 4200 miles on it. I put on a windshield, bags, new seat and wired a USB and mounted a GPS on it. Dualsports are great fun and a great way to get back in the woods during the summer and you can ride there without a trailer!
  6. Never mind. I asked you the same question in the Morels 2018 thread it looks like!
  7. Went out and checked my spots. Looks like things are going to be a little late this year. Not much ground cover growing yet and a bit cold for fungus development. This week of 70 degrees could get the ooze evolving!
  8. Nice bird way to hang in there. Sounds like my last Bird. Belly crawled down a old road to a raise and sniped him when you came over the top.
  9. It looks like your jar is cross threaded on there as well?
  10. The Orioles in our campground mug the hummer feeders!
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