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  1. Sounds about like us. If anyone messed with my wifes Halmark channels. You may as well find a new wife! And I'm getting to old to break in a new one!
  2. Nord's? How many filet you got in there? Just trying to count up your limit?
  3. Nice! But you didn't lug all that in a canoe?
  4. Not! No little girl plastic clogs here.
  5. Pulled the boat and lift for another season this weekend as well.
  6. Thats sad. The butcher I knew wasn't crabby when I first met him years ago. I wonder what made him that way? Oh well.
  7. Melding your meat is a very pleasing step! I was told by an old butcher!
  8. AUUG, why does every thread on this site turn to shat after a while?
  9. leech~~

    Is it weird..

    Suposs, you still have your Christmas tree up too?
  10. Looks like the Elk racks at Jackson Hole!
  11. Try these folks out. Looks like they have a few ice house in their fenced yard right now. Crystal Welding Address:17601 113th Ave N, Maple Grove, MN Phone:(763) 428-8281 Business Hours Monday – Friday: 8AM – 5PM
  12. Duff, Duff this hurt my feelings!
  13. LOL, I GOT ZAPPED on bobs post. I didnt think there were any Mods left? Duff must still have the powers!
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