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  1. Hot and dry equals good weed growth weather!
  2. Like they say. You got to do what you got to do!
  3. Wait what? You live up by LF and work by Anoka now?
  4. Well if you only go there with waders on you'll be ok!
  5. Is this your camper from Ely? I'm sure you are aware that Big Rice swamp is well knew for two flying species. Ducks and Mosquitoes!
  6. Cascade River State park this spring.
  7. Was up at ours for 3 days with upper 90's temps. Spent a lot of time in the lake and in the AC!
  8. Not to say someone on here may not have some ideas but there are many Youtube videos on this. Last fall I picked up a work cargo trailer to use for hunting and camping and had to pull all the decals off the sides. I used a heat gun to get the vinyl off and Turtle wax decal remover to get the adhesive off. Good Luck.
  9. Yeah, I got a little leechie right here for yea pal!
  10. How, cuz you asked them to count their 50 sunnies in English?
  11. Youtubers do it all the time of themselves
  12. Oh ok. I thought with the Johnson on the back you could have jumped into the Merc conversations going on for the last year!
  13. Would that be you? Nice shot setup if so.
  14. LOL, I had a cut out of Obama do the same to me a few times!
  15. leech~~

    Wild play offs

    Oh well, they gave it a good come back effort.
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