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  1. To young to be retired whats up with all this Wandering? Didn't you just come back from Musky fishering?
  2. Leads me to another story out there. Three of us walking the river bank looking for good pools to fish came across a baby moose in front of us on the rivers edge. Cool, look at that! Didn't seem to see the other baby moose just in the brush from the way we just came, or the very pizzed off mommy Moose standing right behind us! The river bank at that spot was about 5 foot drop so no way out of the 3 way stomping but to slowly about-face and try to get back the way we came! We didn't make Outdoor life-This happened to me. So we made it!
  3. Lol, that reminds me of a time fishing the Yellowstone river. I had climbed out on a large snag of dead falls to cast. I heard a noise behind me and thinking Bear, I turned to find a small Doe walking out to me! Scared the dump out of me but she just wanted to make friends! I gave her a few marshmallows and could hardly get rid of her.
  4. What did your Wife proclaim? Do you have for brains, drive!
  5. Been out to God's country many times but always stuck on shore with no canoe. Great pictures and the weather looked great too!
  6. Try turning up your air conditioning and type slower!
  7. Yeah storms are neat and all but, where them camping and fishing pic's?
  8. rl-sd are you drinking before lunch again? You replied to me but that wasn't my picture!
  9. So what is the name on the bottle in case Google needs to happen?
  10. What's the BBQ stuff playing peekaboo behind the water glass there?
  11. Went to the big one in Forest lake and new one in Brainerd. They seem to be laid out nicer and have a lot more items. But, I have an RV so not only the fishing and hunting stuff I can use some of the RV stuff also.
  12. vapertrail, Welcome to the forum. Do you peel back the husk then put on the red pepper flake, butter, minced onion, a splash of honey and pull it back up before grilling? Or how does all the wonderfulness get into the corn?
  13. Mainly small straight raps to keep the drag down. Hate it when the works comes popping back up!
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