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  1. Well Thank God for your wife. Shes a saint.
  2. leech~~

    Rush River

    Very nice. You need to start making Youtube fishing videos with them now like #fish_time does with his kids! You can tell their fishing with Dad and not Mom. Did you help your daughter with her boots Dad?
  3. The hint "heres a hint. Kemps Ice Cream" So there's a Kemps Ice Cream called cowbird?
  4. Nice work. Really clean and bright.
  5. Kemp's Ridley!! Oh wait, that's a sea turtle.
  6. Well we know it wasn't Bill Cosby, he's already in jail for that!
  7. ikr, rabbit turds don't burn no good in high humidity!
  8. I would just try "Trolling" which your main motor on that big boat.
  9. Bienvenido tecasoft2 No hablo espanol.
  10. I am but still out there. I picked up a newer Dual Sport bike and spent the whole day cleaning up the old one. On C/list now!
  11. I wonder if they would be Coastguard approved?
  12. Didn't get to ride much this winter. Screw it, I'm riding!!
  13. Soo, can we take it that your ground blind will be some where close to this spot?
  14. I had already liked it before you opened your mouth!
  15. Ok, but where do you put the pellets in that son-O-bach!
  16. Well I'll be darned. A Rabbit turd smoker too!
  17. Um yeah, your a little late I already liked it last week! Plus I don't see where you put the rabbit pellets in his Smoker?
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