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  1. Well put in a few miles with the grandkids and daughter by Orock MN on Sat. Trails were pretty nice but there were lots of sleds out and I'm sure they will be pretty beat up by the end of the weekend! Little guys had a great time driving and riding in the sleigh. Hot chocolate and cookies are always a good ride break warmer! Fun day, God has blessed me well.
  2. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    Actually team lunch buffet at Marnanteli's then back to the next game!
  3. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    Darn week late, we were in Richmond last weekend for grandsons hockey tourney.
  4. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    Wow you got a lot of eatten to do there. What butcher do you use?
  5. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    There yea go Big guy! Nicely done, you got points I'm sure for that one!
  6. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    Now that looks fantastic Dave. Please tell us you made it, and not your Valentine!
  7. leech~~

    Birds Everywhere!!!!

    How many Deer tracks do you have around your feeders or else the squirrels are getting at it!
  8. leech~~

    Saw first motorcycle out today

    Ok saw the first one of 2019 on Brooklyn Blvd today at noon!
  9. leech~~

    Am I Alone Or.....

    You Suk!
  10. leech~~

    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    Why would anyone wear earbuds on a sled and miss that great music already playing? Brraaap, Brraaap! Well unless you have a 4 cycle!
  11. leech~~

    Saved A Snowmobiler’s Life Today

    I had a friend who was sledding with his son up in Outing where the trail goes across Lawrence Lake and comes out on a road on the other side. The banks where high on both sides of the trail and when he came out on to the road some guy was flying down the road on his sled at about 60mph and they collided hitting helmet to helmet. He had to be air lifted and is now partly brain damaged. I never trust a road crossing.
  12. leech~~

    Just Food and Drink

    Looks great, love me some meatloaf!
  13. leech~~

    Electric Auger Multi-task

    Here you go. It's a bit spendy to do the extras other then just make holes though! Jiffy E-6 Lightning Electric Ice Auger, 8" by jiffy 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 customer review Price:$569.99 & FREE Shipping Get $50 off instantly: Pay $519.99 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card. E-Z starting with squeeze of the handle Wide stand control handles ease fatigue Reverse feature eliminates hole skimming Integrated USB charging port for electronics
  14. leech~~

    Electric Auger Multi-task

    Welcome to the forum Nuttinbittin. Can you expand on what you are using now for power? What kind of house do you have and how many lights or other 12V usage items are you trying to power up on a itty bitty USB port?
  15. Nothing to speak of yet. This snow and slush on the lakes are not helping.
  16. Well I was until I burnt a piston at the end of last season. Have it back together but need to do some break-in before I get back on the trails. Just farting around ice fishing for now to get some miles on.
  17. gregg52 did you ever get another sled?
  18. I would love too but I'm pretty sure I need a few more slow speed miles on it. I was out on a lake last weekend and she seems to be running pretty well so fingers crossed!
  19. leech~~

    Garlic Enhanced Spinners

    I tired a white garlic tube jig for Lakers. Nothing!
  20. I worked in Fiberglass building campers, whirlpools, Spas,....... for about 20 years. Looking at the fiberglass work of both boats at the last Boat show I went to. By far I would say the Warrior boats were built a lot nicer with very clean glass work and surface finish. IMO.
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  22. Not hearing much chatter no one riding?
  23. I have seen many Rats summer up ice holes in the winter. One time laying on the ice sight fishing I had one almost hit me in the face summing up my hole!