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  1. Hey, your the one who raised a big stink about Walleye. Don't eat um!
  2. Wow, so many pouty, eye haters!
  3. Yeah, they are a bit harder then dropping a 20lbs chuck of metal on them!
  4. Nope, but how does that matter? Let's see yours!
  5. Hope this helps? Maybe you can find a few too! Walleye - US Fish and Wildlife Service https://www.fws.gov › fisheries › freshwater-fish-of-america About featured snippets• Feedback People also ask Where can you find walleye? Here's what to look for: Inflowing tributaries create current in lakes. ... Rocky points and sand bars often hold fish. ... Humps are classic walleye structure. ... Islands and reefs appeal to walleye. ... Sand and mud flats hold yellow perch and aquatic invertebrates, which are food for walleye.
  6. I have but not in about 15 years, since I make it better!
  7. Nope, you got to Goggle Eelpout, burbot or lawyer. I'm buying if you find it on a menu in MN. Not Escanaba Mich.
  8. I have. It's ok. Like it more with just butter and lemon. The pop deals to sweet for me. But, it will never replace Walleye!
  9. Tell yea what. The first time you find a restuarant offering fine fryed or baked slimy green fish on the menu over Walleye! I'm buying!
  10. Never!! Wanderers getting dizzy from working so far off the ground to long!
  11. Yep, just like farmed Tilapia is the new fish, cuz everything else is getting "Netted out"! in the wild!
  12. Dang, all the breeding size Pout must be getting netted up too!
  13. Well that's not true! You can keep all the Carp and Eel Pout you want!!
  14. Once Sugar daddy loses his day job, he probably loses his night job as well!
  15. Zimmer needs to get his head in the right game! He's out of his league in more games then one!!
  16. I'll have to say for the most part when I'm in the woods I'm carrying a gun so not to worried. But if I live up by Ely and out in the woods taking pictures of Ladyslippers! ⚘ I dont think throwing a camera at a Bear or Wolves is much of a deterrent! I wonder if Foss ever carrys? He gets out there.
  17. Wow, do you carry a little backup when your out hiking by yourself?
  18. chaffmj, living in God's country like that. Do you ever get a little freaked out at night going to take out the trash or to the garage thinking about meeting a Bear face to face? Or do you keep the yard well lite? It's kind of odd as much as I hunt I don't seem to worried going in and out in the dark but living there 24-7 you never know when their going to be sitting on the deck!
  19. Perfect! Looks like you left the neck in, did yea take the giblet bag out!
  20. My 11 year old grandson tried his hand at baking a few apple pies for Thanksgiving. Did the whole pies without help. Even the lattest work! Tasted great! Grandpa slipped him a $20 for the good work!
  21. That is a Thing! https://www.thechunkychef.com/homemade-chili-mac-bake/
  22. I always bam up chili I get out or from other peoples recipes.
  23. Actually I do like Wendy's chili in a pinch if I don't have time to make some!
  24. So you doing chili over noodles? Huum. Could work.
  25. Nope going to sons. His job this year. Mine were just for fun and eats!
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