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  1. I see ads from local banks and credit unions that they finance land and recreational property. For example, the Northstar Credit Union in Cook... https://northstarcreditunion.org/home-loans/ Minnesota is a recourse state, so you can't just walk away from a mortgage anyway, so it probably doesn't matter too much whether you put up the land or a house as collateral, except possibly in the rate, depending on how you do it.
  2. My boat is stored in unheated space over winter, batteries not plugged in. In spring they seem to still be at like 2/3 charge. No major problems. Been doing it that way for 20 years.
  3. Only you need to start calling it a "comal"....?
  4. Just noticed the stick. Did you plug the other holes so it would have to use the one in front of the camera?
  5. Huh. yeahg I have seen definitely not to use honey.
  6. Where did you hear/see that 1 to 3 can cause problems?
  7. Nectar is basically a scam. I have switched to water and sugar, 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 by volume. 1/3 cup sugar per cup of water. Add a few drops of red food color if you want, it doesn't seem to make much difference to the hummers up here in the nort country.
  8. I figured something was wrong with the trailer and it needed to be adjusted or something. That's why I called the mfg. to find out how to adjust the trailer... So we all do that stuff.
  9. The rest of the story is that in 98 when I bought my boat I could never get it on the trailer right. So I up and called the factory down there in Iowa, as I recall. Receptionist transfers the call to like their engineer dude. I tell him my problem and ask how to adjust the trailer or should I get those guide things. He told me I was backing the trailer in too deep, and to only get deep enough to have the back rollers touching. Done it that way ever since.
  10. Don't worry be happy. At least until something happens and you can't get the part to fix it which could be a long time.
  11. I presume the new power head fixed it. Good luck. I still love my Suzuki.
  12. Guy at shorelander told me that I should be sure that the rear rollers are just at the water, no deeper. If that isn't it, then good luck.
  13. When I was a kid, long ago, we used to go fishing and visit an old farmer buddy of my dad. Guy lived on fish lake, West of North branch. Guy used to catch dogfish aka Bowlin and pressure cook them for his wife's cat. Said it looked just like canned salmon. Pressure cooking took care of the bones.
  14. Then why were you spouting off "boiling" and stuff? If you don't do roasts and aren't interested then maybe it is the perfect occasion to ignore the suggestion, since it doesn't apply to you. Now that is about the dumbest, weirdest analogy I have ever heard.
  15. So, you have never even tried it but reject sous vide? It works really well for some applications. Like, do you want a tender venison roast or steak that is still medium rare? Yeah you can braise it and cook the carp out of it to make it tender, but have you ever had a tender piece of venison that is still pink? Sous Vide can do that.
  16. Costco has posted in the store that they are maintaining their same margins and price increases are coming from the suppliers of meat.
  17. You channeling that guy that doesn't come around anymore? Don't show your ignorance.
  18. Pretty easy to trap them. Dog proof trap, live trap, body grip bucket set all work. They don't seem to be trap shy in a backyard
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