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  1. Wisconsin is often useful as an example of what not to do...
  2. delcecchi

    What's more aggravating?

    I'm in the camp that says they are pretty much the same level.... Especially if the line breaks rather than them just coming unhooked.
  3. Nope. Saw the original post, and since I have been following the issue near here in Rochester, beginning with the Pine Island outbreak, and now the ones near Preston etc and reefing on the deer farmers for bringing it into the state I decided to participate. I'm not sure if it was on HSO or another site but I was critical of the so-called expert brought in from Texas (he also did work for Wisconsin) by the deer farmers to spin the issue. Personally I believe that farming deer or elk and/or importing live deer or elk from out of state ought to be banned since recent events have shown that the industry is incapable of avoiding the introduction of cwd into previously cwd free areas. I'll be glad to go back and find the old threads to prove it, if you need convincing. Here is one... No idea where the picture came from, not at original link
  4. The chart was from January of 2018, and included the results from the 2017 Fall (deer season) testing which had 6 cases. So, is it watch and wait or do something? One point about whether CWD could affect humans... In UK, they found that there was enough variation among people that some could get mad cow and others couldn't. So makes me wonder about that rat testing that kicked off this thread. Did they test all the variations of human proteins that could be affected?
  5. Your implication was that CWD is not a problem, since the texas deer farmers' guy says it isn't a problem for humans and the last survey didn't find any new instances. Why are you carrying water for the Cervid farming interests?
  6. Looking at this information I wouldn't declare the issue resolved...(thanks deer farmers) 6 cases last fall in SE mn.
  7. If you are talking about southern minnesota, there were animals in the wild that had CWD. And the DNR used sharp shooters since hunters didn't reduce the population enough. This same strategy seems to have worked in the area around Pine Island MN where the wild herd was infected by farmed elk. Now we have a couple more outbreaks in SE MN and in Crow Wing County most likely due to infected deer on deer farms. If you want to know what doing not much results in, read up on Dane Co Wisconsin and surrounding area.
  8. delcecchi

    Pickling Pike

    Less Sugar?
  9. delcecchi

    Smoked Pork Loin

    If it were me I wouldn't use beef, maybe chicken broth to keep it moist. Collect any drippings to add to it.
  10. delcecchi

    Time for a smoke

    Oh. RL_sd wrote a long post about cooking pork loins. And you commented about it, something about better cuts? But you weren't talking about loins but something else? OK,, maybe you could clarify more next time. Or even this time. What were you talking about after all?
  11. delcecchi

    Time for a smoke

    Pork loin is pretty much one of the nicer cuts of pork. Tenderloin might be better. In any case the flavor is sort of mild and takes well to smoke or other enhancers.
  12. delcecchi

    Humminbird helix

    I would agree with Purple. Just add an inexpensive unit of your choice for the maps. You could even use a cheap tablet with the navionics app on it for the mapping, if money was an issue. You can buy a 7 inch generic (RCA) tablet for around 50 bucks. A few bucks more gets a holder.
  13. delcecchi

    Bird id help.

    Did it go down the tree headfirst?
  14. delcecchi

    Found the new rbw home.

    Good pictures. Mine are living in a slum tree compared to the deluxe one yours are in.
  15. delcecchi

    Time for a smoke

    Such as it was. That's why the weed reference, and the deadpan response.
  16. delcecchi

    Time for a smoke

    No, that is THC. Liquid smoke is made by capturing condensate from actual dmoke. The smoke ring is caused by carbon monoxide, and can be simulated by sodium nitrite in the rub. Now for my question... once the meat is wrapped, why not just put it in the oven, and then no babysitting?
  17. delcecchi

    Canoe Makeover

    Interesting idea for the skid plate. I would be interested in your experience with them, and especially whether they slide or grab when hitting a rock. Buddy and I have a le tigre 17 quetico if I recall the model correctly. So the skid plate is of interest.
  18. delcecchi

    Canoe Makeover

    Aren't most yaks made of some sort of Polyethylene? Would epoxy stick to that. Souris River on the other hand uses epoxy to make the canoe if I recall correctly.
  19. delcecchi

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I just discovered our redbelly home in the dead top of a box elder by my former garden (abandoned due to varmints and fishing)
  20. delcecchi

    Spring Is Upon Us

    For some reason there have been no birds today, unlike the past week. Did they all go up north for the opener? I even put out some oranges near the grape jelly to see if anything will eat them this year.
  21. delcecchi


    Yes it is possible that the soil burned the plants, just like the grass where a dog urinates or if you drop too much lawn fertilizer in one place. Or there could have been a fungus or something. I have had plants that I transplanted rot right at the soil line and die. Called damping off. Also could have been bad plants that had been stored or handled improperly.
  22. delcecchi

    Spring Is Upon Us

  23. delcecchi

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Found this lying deceased on the patio. Any identification?
  24. delcecchi

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    I'll vote to acquit if I am on the jury.
  25. delcecchi

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Permethrin treat your clothes