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  1. Well, they finally showed up today! And it didn’t take them long to go through 2 tube feeders of sunflower chips. That’s what all my extra money will be spent on for the next coup weeks.
  2. If it’s crappies, I use minnow heads. Eurolarvae for sunfish (and trout).
  3. 1/16 oz chartreuse forage minnow. No need for anything else.
  4. Well, back to back losses to Memphis and Orlando pretty much solidified that this team will not make the playoffs. I think it also eliminates any chance of Saunders returning as the permanent coach next year.
  5. Panther Martins are great for trout. They still spin fairly well even if you’re reeling in with the current.
  6. Yeah, the last couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful at my feeders. Then all of sudden today I was bombarded with multiple species! I had 2 hen pheasants pecking around, then later the rooster showed up. There were robins everywhere. The blue jays are back to eating up the peanuts within minutes of me putting them out. I’ve actually been saving money the last couple weeks on sunflower chips, because the goldfinches disappeared. But today I had redpolls out there for the first time of the season. So I’ll have to start working some overtime to afford the food they go through! Have a lot more woodpeckers this winter than last year as well.
  7. Wow, lastnight was brutal. That had to be one of the worst losses in team history. Definitely doesn’t look good on Saunders’ resume for his long term future.
  8. How thick was the ice?
  9. Well, things went pretty well. All the players were sure excited about his first win. It appears that these guys are going play harder, and more inspired due to the respect they have for Saunders. I hope it’s enough to sway the front office to hire him on a permanent basis. I would feel much better with Saunders as the coach, than with Hoiberg.
  10. Good ol’ “mean” Gene Okerland (Jesse Ventura is credited for giving him that nickname). I wish WWE would have given him more gimmick appearances in his latter years. Today’s announcers just aren’t as good as they used to be.
  11. Definitely surprised by that decision, especially coming off of two consecutive blowout wins. Will be interesting to see how the team responds. Right now I’m hoping for UCLA to throw an insane amount of money Hoiberg’s way, that he is unable to resist. I also heard Chauncey Billups name mentioned.
  12. Who cares what Alabama did 10 years ago! Or who inherited what from who! I routinely root against Alabama every game, but also acknowledge that Saban may very well be the best college football coach of all time! So to compare Fleck to Saban is quite silly. Right now, I’m just happy to say that he’s a good coach!
  13. Yep, thibs solidified his departure lastnight with the loss to Atlanta. That was inexcusable! Now the question is, will he survive the season?
  14. I liked Claeys. He was a horrible clock manager! I was upset when he was fired, but very pleased that Fleck was his replacement. Fleck is already proving that he is an excellent recruiter. He’s getting some pretty good talent from down south, and will only be a matter of time when he’s able to out recruit the likes of Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, etc. We’ll have a pretty good team next year. What are your guys’ definition of an elite coach? To me, there’s only 3 or 4 elite coaches out there. Saban, Dabo Sweeney, Urban Meyer (who is retiring after Rose Bowl). That’s about it. There’s maybe a few other guys that miss the cut.
  15. Even if Cruz only bats .240, that’s still a significant upgrade from Logan Morrison! Speaking of which, I already assumed, but twins did decline his 2nd year option, right? We need a bonified lead off hitter now. Unfortunately, I just don’t ever envision Buxton ever hitting good enough to get that spot.
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