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  1. JBMasterAngler

    2018 Twins

    Whatever trades they might make won’t be to make a run. It’s going to be to rebuild. I guess there’s still some interest in Dozier from a couple teams, but otherwise, we don’t have much trade value in anyone. I’m just still hoping we finish .500.
  2. JBMasterAngler

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    The popular speculation is that the lakers are taking this season “off”, and waiting until next year to sign a big name or 2, one of which could be Butler. Personally, I don’t think there’s any chance Butler re signs with the wolves (he already turned down the first offer), as long as Wiggins remains on the team! And at this point, Wiggins is untradable.
  3. JBMasterAngler

    Grackle problem

    Well, I bought a “blackbird proof” suet feeder, and it works great! Downy and hairy woodpeckers are able to squeeze into the openings. Blackbirds couldn’t get in, but they could still peck away at the edges of the suet. I made a minor change in the position of the feeder, and it fixed that problem. This morning, I was happy to see that pileated and red belly woodpeckers were still able to feed from it as well. The only likable bird that hasn’t been able to eat from it was the grosbeaks.
  4. JBMasterAngler

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Wolves don’t have much money to spend, so we’re basically looking at the same team, minus Jamal Crawford. Already talks of Jimmy Butler signing with lakers next year.
  5. JBMasterAngler

    Grackle problem

    Well, I left my feeders empty for a few days, which drove away the blackbirds and grackles. Then put out nyjer and safflower. Chickadees wasted no time coming back. A pair of cardinals showed up this morning. No signs of goldfinches yet. Might take them a day or two to come back. I won’t be putting up any suet cakes until the blackbirds and grackles fly south in the fall. Which is unfortunate, because I liked watching the woodpeckers visit.
  6. JBMasterAngler

    Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Alright Timberwolves, LeBron optioned out, it’s time to pony up and make him a deal!
  7. JBMasterAngler

    2018 Twins

    Well, I had given up hope that the twins would win the division quite some time ago. But now, I’ve lost hope that they’ll finish with a .500 record. I’d say it’s time to start gutting the team out, but we don’t have anyone trade worthy! Rosario and Escobar are the guys I hope they decide to build around. Time to cut ties with Sano, he’s going to be a career underachiever. I think Buxton is tip toeing the line also. Dozier is toast! Mauer is more likely to retire. I also think it’s time to part ways with Molitor.
  8. JBMasterAngler

    Grackle problem

    Grackles, and to a lesser extent, red winged blackbirds, have taken over my feeders. They’ve pretty much scared everything else away, and they eat up everything I put out. Anything I can do to get rid of them? Aside from thistle, is there any other bird seed they won’t eat?
  9. JBMasterAngler

    Ants, what do i do?

    Buy an ant moat. Feeder hangs underneath it. Ants can’t cross the water. While I have never used this, I used to put my cup of grape jelly on a small plate, filled with water. Never had a problem with ants. So, in theory, the moat should work just the same.
  10. JBMasterAngler

    What's more aggravating?

    Definitely feel better when I can see the fish. The mystery fish that still haunts me to this day actually happened to my wife, about 12 years ago. We were fishing from shore below the dam at leech lake. And she hooked into something big! At the time, she was as novice as they come, so I’m coaching her how to fight the fish for a few minutes. Because of the way the shoreline was, I decided I couldn’t hand grab the fish, or have her swing it to shore, so I made a mad dash to get the net out of my truck. Curse that place for putting the parking lot so far away from the water. When I got to my truck, I heard the scream that can only be made from a fisherman who just lost a big fish. Being a lifetime fisherman, I had just assumed she knew the basics of playing a fish. So I figured she would keep a tight line while I was getting the net. She did not. She just held the pole and basically let the fish swim wherever it wanted, until it threw the hook, or it just fell out. I’m convinced it was a big Muskie, but we’ll never know.
  11. JBMasterAngler

    Grackles fishing

    When I was a kid, we used to have a pond in our yard. We would keep fish and minnows in there. The grackles would clean in out! We had to resort to putting a cover over it.
  12. JBMasterAngler

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Found a cardinal nest in one of my shrub bushes. Cute little gray fuzzy things. I tried to take a picture, but my camera phone sucks, and I didn’t want to bother them. I’m so glad I spent $20 on a cardinal nest box, only to have it sit empty.
  13. JBMasterAngler

    Miscellaneous Trout Stream Report

    Well, I didn’t have any intentions of trout fishing today. Infact, I went to the Zumbro River to fish for smallies. I did not know the river would be so high...very high! I only caught 2 smallies and a pike. And they were all hanging out in the mouth of a flooded coulee tributary, where there was no current. I went to a little trout stream nearby and caught 3 little brownies. After stopping at a couple more spots on the Zumbro, only to find them unfishable. I decided to swing down to whitewater, since I am literally never in this area! To my surprise, the whitewater was very high and muddy also, both the north and south branches. I found a bunch of cool looking places to fish though. Which of the whitewater branches, is considered the better fishing?
  14. JBMasterAngler

    Spring Is Upon Us

    Had 2 pairs of rose breasted grosbeaks in my yard. That was cool. Another cool sight...I look out at my feeders, and all in the glance, I see the black/white of a woodpecker, the orange of an oriole, yellow of the goldfinch, and blue of a blue jay. Was a nice smorgasbord of birds!
  15. JBMasterAngler

    2018 Twins

    All of a sudden they’re looking pretty good. Nice to see Rosario swinging a hot bat.