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  1. The goldfinches have really been hitting my feeders hard the last week or so. Saw a red wing blackbird yesterday...thought they were all gone for the season. Have also had a mystery bird showing up occasionally. I suspect it’s a palm warbler.
  2. Gophers just keep getting better and better! Last night had trap game written all over it! I would have never imagined we would blow them out like that! It looked like Nebraska wanted to be anywhere else BUT on that field! Our 3 headed monster of a running game is healthy and looks unstoppable. We have an unofficial bye week against Rutgers next.
  3. I’ve never liked the Nationals, but now I hope they win the World Series just as a slap in the face to Bryce Harper.
  4. I don’t think they’ll regress too much. I think they’ll be the favorites to win the central next year. I don’t think the baseballs will be “doctored” next year either, so I expect homerun numbers to be down all across the league. Kinda sucks seeing all the other series’ go to a game 5.
  5. Well, like I said, “we’ll see what happens next year”.
  6. Gopher nation domination strikes again! If next week’s forecast holds up, we’ll be playing Nebraska in a snowstorm! Unfortunately we probably won’t crack the top 25 until beating the corn huskers.
  7. Some things just never change. Death. Taxes. And the twins losing to the Yankees! It was a fun season. We’ll see what happens next year.
  8. Never mind. They finish with the record!
  9. Much better showing yesterday. Aside from letting them crawl back a little in the fourth quarter, the defense was much better all around. Tanner Morgan’s 96% completion rate is all time big ten record. His 3rd down completion percentage is 2nd in the nation only to Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurtz. Looks like clear skies ahead.
  10. 1 homerun behind Yankees going into final game. Would be unfortunate to not have the record, but it looks like that’s the way it will be.
  11. Glad they came back and won. Would have been less exciting becoming the first team in MLB history to have 5 players hit 30+ homeruns in a losing effort.
  12. James Earl Jones: field of dreams. “I’m going to beat you with this crowbar!” Denzel Washington: training day Forest Whitaker: last king of Scotland Morgan Freeman: unforgiven Samuel L Jackson: jungle fever
  13. My goodness, this team has a horseshoe up it’s rear! Each game they’re looking uglier and getting luckier! Thank goodness it’s a bye week! Hopefully our RB’s get healthy, and they get everything figured out.
  14. Anyone ever fish Lake Ontario before? Apparently I’m going to NY for a wedding next June...thought I would make the most of the trip and get some fishing in. I did a quick search of charters and guides, but just wondering if anyone here has been out that way before? Looking at Thousand Islands and/or Niagara River. A family friendly, multi species outing would be most ideal. Would love to hear some experiences and guide referrals.
  15. Pineda suspended 60 games for PEDS. That sucks! He was really improving as the season progressed...I guess we know why Going to miss him in the playoffs.
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