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  1. The homerun derby that is the 2019 twins season continued lastnight! Holy cow is this team fun to watch! First time in MLB history a team had multiple 5 homerun games before June 1st.
  2. Will be interesting to see what the wolves can do with the 11th pick. If we could get the same success out of that pick that we got out of Josh Okogie, that would make a huge impact. Also, I seen that the wolves are interested in Juwan Howard as the coach. Honestly, I like that better than bringing Saunders back. As a former power forward, Howard could really make an impact on KAT.
  3. First oriole of the season this morning. Really liked the nutty butter.
  4. I had an all day pass today, so I decided to make the drive up to the upper reaches of the Namekagon River. Boy was I humbled! Not a single bite! Water was pretty high though, and the current was really racing through. There’s definitely some potential. Maybe I’ll try it again in the fall. Ventured to the lower reaches, thinking I’d find some good summer smallie spots. Could be good times on a hot summer day.
  5. Have 2 pairs of yellow rumped warblers that showed up a few days ago. They really like the nutty butter suet cakes.
  6. Got out there at about 6 this morning. A little chilly, but can’t complain, considering the rain that was in the forecast for the past week never showed up. River was low and gin clear. And I found out it may be time to retire my waders both feet sprang a leak. Only so many times you can patch them up. Continued to fish despite wet, very cold feet. Caught 21 trout, biggest was 17 inches, 2 were brook trout. LM bass husky jerk, salmo bullhead, and black/green panther martin all produced. If any of you decide to hit up the Rush, and catch a brown trout with the aforementioned husky jerk in it’s mouth, that’s mine! Was going to be my last fish of the day. There must have been a nick in the line...time to use a florocarban leader.
  7. I’m in St. Cloud for Easter weekend, and decided to check out nearby Little Rock Creek. I had very low expectations. There’s a few easements, and a nice little wildlife management area, but the creek really isn’t very fishable. Water was pretty high, and banks were flooded. Overhanging brush would make fishing impossible in summer. Didn’t catch anything. Wasn’t disappointed though. Now I know not to bother again. Was still a nice morning for a walk in the country.
  8. Haha. So, her boots kept falling off so much (several sizes too big), she eventually put them on the wrong feet. I tried telling her that, which is always a losing battle on my part. I thought maybe, that if they were on the wrong feet, they would stay on better. They did not. This is the best time of year to take kids out trout fishing. No leaves on the trees, brush is still dead and matted down, so casting and walking are super easy.
  9. Had a couple hours, so I brought my 2 younger kids out to enjoy the nice afternoon. River is a little high yet, but still pretty cloudy. I guess it was flooded pretty good yesterday. Rain must have washed in lots of food, because every trout had a big fat belly. I caught 5, and my son caught 1 (all browns). All of them on a largemouth bass colored husky jerk, which is my new favorite trout lure. Me and the kids finished the day covered in mud, and had a great time!
  10. JBMasterAngler

    Rush River

    Made my long awaited return to the Rush today! Never bought a WI license last year, so it was extra special getting back there. Was also excited to find out my waders didn’t leak Caught 3 brownies, lost 2, and also a little brookie. Managed to catch a bird also! I believe it was an eastern phoebe. Poor guy flew right into my husky jerk as it was airborne. Reeled him in quickly. Luckily he wasn’t hooked, just got tangled up in the lure.
  11. I drove by a couple creeks in Washington County, nobody was fishing them. Old Mill Creek was pretty dirty.
  12. I saw countless dozens of pelicans while driving along the st. croix today. Also saw a blue heron.
  13. Yep, just got confirmation, they are indeed fox sparrows. Saw them doing the aforementioned feeding style.
  14. The sparrows in my yard look like that, except they had more distinct markings on their face. I’ve had fox sparrows before. I like watching them feed on the ground, they jump up and scratch the dirt with their feet.
  15. Was a bonanza at my feeders today. Dozens of Juncos, gold finches, red winged blackbirds, robins, and chickadees. A new group of birds were out there today as well, I think they were song sparrows. Fun watching all the craziness.
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