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  1. Put up a hummingbird feeder, and within minutes had a visitor
  2. Had a banner 24 hours in my neighborhood! Saw my first oriole, bluebird, and hummingbird of the season.
  3. Starlings and grackles. Luckily the one starling I had in my yard only stuck around for a few days. Eventually, if more show up for extended periods, I will break out the pellet gun. As far as grackles go, they’re easy to drive away, and usually stay away after that. I tolerate red wing black birds.
  4. Saw a rose breasted grosbeak at the feeders this morning. Nice to see them back.
  5. I think the first and third are river redhorse? Second is a white sucker? Last one had bright red tail and fins and was a paler color (and very camera shy), so I was thinking shorthead redhorse?
  6. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve fished for redhorse, so I’m a little rusty on identifying the different species. These are a few different ones we caught on the Croix yesterday...
  7. Rapala tail dancers. The deep divers have a few colors I really like.
  8. So I’m looking at some rapala colors I really like, but they only come in the deep diving variety (15+ ft). I just want the regular divers (12 ft). Is filing down the lip a possibility? Or would that compromise the action? Anyone ever try this?
  9. The grackles have showed up replaced regular suet feeder with woodpecker only feeder. Haven’t put up blackbird proof sunflower chip feeder yet, but will probably have to pretty soon. I’ll still put out peanuts in shell, because only the blue jays eat them. But will probably have to put away shelled peanut feeder away for spring/summer.
  10. Just saw a turkey in my yard for the first time ever.
  11. Once the water temps start creeping into the 50’s, they’ll start waking up. I wouldn’t consider them active until it hits at least 60. Buuuuuut....you could easily go out and catch one right now
  12. I’m seeing swans everywhere! Are these resident trumpeter swans, or tundra swans heading up north? Can you tell the difference between the two at glance/distance?
  13. Does anyone resort to shooting unprotected birds to keep them away? For the first time since I’ve been feeding birds, a starling showed up at my feeders. Now there are 2. It will only be a matter of time until there’s flocks of them. I can keep the squirrels at bay with guards, but it would seem shooting starlings with a pellet gun would be the only option in eliminating them.
  14. I have to admit, I was surprised at that ending! Never considered Negan to be the one that would kill her. Unfortunately, next week’s episode looks like a complete snooze fest!
  15. Went to Wild Goose Lake today, just south of Balsam Lake. Shoreline was still locked up, but ice was only about 15 inches thick, and top half was milky white. Drilled holes all over, and only marked an occasional fish. Their appearance on the vexilar gave me the impression they were stressed out and oxygen deprived. I was hoping this lake would have been rejuvenated after things started melting. Wasn’t the case! Drove down to nearby Apple River Flowage to try and salvage the day. Ice conditions were pretty much the same. After drilling a bunch of holes here, I finally marked some fish. Caught 2 decent perch and a bluegill right away, but then they got lock jaw. I think a Muskie moved into the area, as the fish were still down there, but wouldn’t budge for anything! Most likely my last local outing of the season
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