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  1. Well, now Cleveland will be playing the likes of Houston, Boston, and the Yankees, while we play Chicago, KC, and Detroit 26 more times. Why on earth did they give Kepler the day off last night? They seriously couldn’t have waited until tonight? I can’t really say for certain that Jake Cave single handedly lost the game for us, but his performance in the 2nd inning alone, made it quite difficult for the twins to win.
  2. Swap the wild bird seed for sunflower chips. Goldfinches love it!
  3. Minus the 3 game losing streak, they haven’t even been doing that bad! The Indians have just been absolutely lights out the last several weeks! Is it just me, or does it seem like they’ve played Detroit like 12 games in a row?
  4. Lead is down to 4 games. Oh boy!
  5. Was pleasantly surprised to wake up and see the news of Leonard signing with the clippers. And also trading for Paul George! That’s like a double kick in the pants to the lakers! Lakers were able to use all that extra money to at least fill out their roster. Not great players, but a significant upgrade to settling with 2nd round draft picks, which was the original plan if they signed Leonard. There’s actually some parody in the west for the first time in 5 years! Lakers, clippers, warriors, jazz, nuggets, and rockets all have a chance to make it to the finals. Can’t wait to watch “undisputed” on Monday. Skip Bayless is going to have a field day on Shannon Sharpe.
  6. Wolves won’t be going to the playoffs anytime soon. We are making some good moves with the limited resources we have though. But until Wiggins is gone, we’re hoping for high draft picks. If Kawhi signs with the lakers, what’s the point in even having a regular season next year? Last year the season went exactly how everyone thought...warriors went to the finals, and would have won if not for the injuries in the playoffs. I can’t stand LeBron, so I hope Kawhi stays in Toronto.
  7. Season 5 sucks so far! But just out of curiosity, would walkie talkies still work several years into a zombie apocalypse? In other words, would there be a signal for them to use?
  8. That’s how trout lakes go. All of the best designated trout lakes are up in the Grand Marais area. And even a lot of those lakes get fished out by the end of summer. If you really want to get into trout fishing, buy a Wisconsin license and hit up the streams in Pierce County. You won’t regret it.
  9. Upsize to #2 mepps. They cast much farther than the smaller sizes. With that being said, most (if not all) the trout have probably been caught out of the lake. If there is any trout left to be caught, I’d make sure to be there early in the morning as soon as the park opens.
  10. These feeders are only partially blackbird proof, as they can still poke their heads in and peck at the food a little bit. I don’t use the suet one much, because only downy woodpeckers can fit in there.
  11. This feeder is blackbird proof for the sole purpose that only woodpeckers and nuthatches can eat upside down. I purposely angle it this way so it’s easier for the pileated woodpeckers to hang on.
  12. I finally put out the blackbird proof suet feeder. The juvenile redwing blackbirds have recently moved in and have been gorging on the nutty butter. Never had any grackles so far, hence the reason I’ve waited until now to swap feeders. They haven’t been hitting the sunflower chips much, so I’ll hold off on swapping those feeders for now.
  13. I like the move we made lastnight. I think Jarrett Culver could have the same impact as Josh Ogechie. Give us some much needed depth. And we dumped a tiny bit of salary without sacrificing too much in Dario Saric. Will still have to wait until next year when Teague’s contract expires, to have any room to sign any quality free agents. No chance for the playoffs next season, so tank perhaps?
  14. Usually a series against the royals is what a team needs to get back into a groove. Indians are playing better lately. I sure hope this isn’t 2001 all over again. I heard they were interested in Bumgarner. I hope we pass on that, as I just don’t think he has his stuff anymore. I think a solid closer would be more important than a starter.
  15. Another first in my yard, an indigo bunting. Like the tanager, was also the first time I’ve ever seen one. There was also an eastern phoebe dancing around in the air. I suspect it’s the same one I hit with a rapala while trout fishing on the Rush River last month. He’s finally tracked me down and seeking vengeance.
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