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  1. I did a float trip down the brule once, but never fished it unfortunately. If I’m able to venture up there in 2021, I’d attack it the same way I do the trout streams in Pierce County...small husky jerks!
  2. My gold finches have almost completely disappeared! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s saving me a fortune on sunflower chips! Just feels weird not having to fill up the feeder every other day.
  3. I wonder if he thought the “SNL Jeopardy” skits were funny? How’s your mother, Trebeck? The penis mightier
  4. You guys should be praying they lose every game! Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes in April!
  5. Unfortunately it looks like the jets and giants have the same idea.
  6. Anyone still have hummingbirds around? I haven’t seen mine since last week, so I’m thinking they left for the season.
  7. Was just in Marcell area for a few days...didn’t see any. Lots of blue jays. Seen a few magpies too.
  8. What’s the farthest south you’ve ever seen gray jays? My brother in law has property just north of Cloquet, but I’ve never seen any there. I see plenty in Grand Marais and Ely. But I think the farthest south I’ve seen them is in George Washington State Forest, north of Grand Rapids.
  9. I haven’t seen red wings in a long while. Felt it was safe to put out my regular suet feeders today. Goldfinches have really put on the feed bag! I’m going through sunflower chips faster than I can afford!
  10. Is the sugar water slower to ferment, than nectar? Or does it ferment at all? I’ve had it out for a week, and they’re still loving it! Just wondering if I should be refreshing it at all.
  11. Didn’t look like an oriole at all. Never seen them at my feeders, just in the tree. They are smaller than the finches and chickadees.
  12. What are you guys seeing for warblers in your yards? Caught a glimpse of a yellow bird, that clearly wasn’t a goldfinch. Was able get a couple decent looks at it, but it would not hold still. I’m thinking Nashville warbler. Are those common in Minnesota?
  13. Switched to sugar water today, and it was a success! Saw a hummingbird buzzing around my pine tree, then landed on a branch (never seen a hummingbird NOT flying before), then buzzed over and helped himself to a drink
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