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  1. Went once a few years ago, never again!
  2. JBMasterAngler


    I’m still holding out hope that Wisconsin gets absolutely trounced by Ohio State (which is likely). And that allows us to get into the Citrus Bowl. If Alabama goes to the Outback Bowl, you can count on the practice squad showing up to represent the team, as every draft prospect will sit that game out to “prepare” for the combine.
  3. Outback Bowl most likely. Although, Citrus Bowl isn’t out of the question. Better than expected season. Just sucks that both losses came against the 2 teams I hate the most!
  4. Well this game sucks! Ever since we punted on 4th and short instead of going for it, we looked worse and worse as game went on.
  5. Wow. Eric Decker. What a letdown that was.
  6. What’s everyone’s guess on who the celebrity guest picker will be? The possibilities I came up with were: Lindsay Whalen, Ryan Saunders, Richard Pitino, Joe Mauer, Antoine Winfield. And John Legend as a long shot guess. Whalen being the most likely. I seen online that Ric Flair or Brock Lesnar are possibilities also.
  7. Gameday will be here next week! As cool and exciting as that will be...I have absolutely no ambition to attend! The initial thought sounds fun, but I really don’t want to stand around in a crowd for 3+ hours, in the cold and snow, watching sports casters that I can’t even hear Anyway, they should move up 2 spots in the rankings. Could’ve been 3 spots had the refs not given Oklahoma a gift 1st down to end the game against TCU. Apparently the committee must really want the sooners to get that 4th playoff spot.
  8. Well, not as lopsided as I would have liked, but a good win nonetheless. Penn State is about to lose, so we’ll move up at least 1 spot in the rankings, pending the outcome of other games. Was nice to see lots of gopher fans on the road.
  9. Looks like Morgan will start today. I’m not so sure he should play at all. He’ll need to be 100% for us to beat Wisconsin.
  10. Well, they only dropped down to #11 in the AP poll. That’s not too bad. They better show up to Northwestern next week ready to crack some skulls! Just a win isn’t going to be good enough. They need to dominate!
  11. Well that game went about as expected. Was worse for me, because my directv went out, so I had to listen to the game. Couple plays I wish they would have done differently...go for the touchdown at the end of the first half, instead of field goal. And when it was 4th down midway through the 4th quarter, they should have kicked the field goal instead of going for it. Was fun having a top ten ranking while it lasted. That loss guaranteed gameday won’t be here for Wisconsin game.
  12. #8 in the playoff rankings. As a long time gopher fan, this has truly been a dream season!
  13. Congratulations to Rocco Baldelli for winning manager of the year!
  14. I got out enough times to keep me happy in the spring. But after that, I never wet a line in a trout stream again. I even got new waders in the summer that I haven’t even tried out yet.
  15. Gophers move up to #7 in AP poll.
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