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  1. I've got some nice photos of Grizzlys on the Russian. We were using the pinks caught out on the ocean as bait for lingcod. A close to 2ft minnow for fishing, you know that you aren't fishing crappies! Maybe we would have had better luck with heads.
  2. Nice fish! My wife and I are going to Alaska mid july for two weeks of fishing. Starting out of Seward and hopefully finding some Halibut like you got there and then off to Sterling to see if the Reds are running on the Kenai. One trip out of Seward a couple years ago the Silver salmon were like torpedoes 20 ft under the boat while halibut fishing. I kept the first two halibut I caught so I could start catching silvers and pinks sight fishing. What a great time! The captain then took us to a 40ft rock pile and we filled out on rockfish in about 15 minutes. The fish out there is delicious! We are really looking forward to next month.
  3. That looks delish @Smurfy, I had the same idea last Saturday evening, we had corn on the cob instead of asparagus. We have been eating most of our asparagus raw before it has a chance to get in the pan. Never tried it raw before this season. It's quite tasty just snap it off in the garden and eat it, it's crisp and tender and has a pea pod taste. You still get the aroma.
  4. The mallards have been hanging out for some time now. It's fun to see the drakes doing fly by's to check for hens in the yard.
  5. If you haven't, you may want to put in some V shaped clips to secure the bottom of the fence. They have nothing but time to check your work.
  6. It got to 38 degrees and they did ok. Plenty of heat in there with the sun to warm them back up. Jalapenos, bells and habanero. Planted a couple mortgage lifters on the north end.
  7. Not sure what this bird is called. It only wanted grape jelly. The orioles were thick on the feeders, there were a dozen at a time in the crappy weather. This was in douglas county.
  8. I put in my tomatoes and peppers last weekend and built the greenhouses. All week it was nice and toasty in there. I opened one end to vent mid days. They were thriving nicely, leaf tips up. It is suppose to drop to 34 here tonight. 4th year blueberries in front. I pinched blooms the first 3 years. Finally get to try them this year. My rabbit fence is 18" and the snow was deeper. The rabbits put blueberry bush tips on their menu, all vegetative growth below the snow didn't get touched. I am going to re-fence taller around the blueberries by fall.
  9. I just found another patch while cutting up a dead tree next to a swamp in a pretty open area. Big fat stalks from last year.
  10. Wilson? I got my garden boxes ready 2 weeks ago but haven't put any seed in yet. 30's at night. Maybe this weekend for the cool weather stuff.
  11. 1 x 6 untreated red cedar bds cut to 15" for the weber has worked good for me. You can get lots of cooks on one board. It's a lot cheaper than getting them at a grill store. The salmon looks good!
  12. I blew out the winter debris from under the bird feeder spread out on the yard. The grackles flock into the yard and clean it up. I am glad to hear that the redwing blackbird had been sighted, the grackles won't be far behind. They can clean my yard and then go away
  13. Bacon? Where's the bacon? What do you have going there? The roasts look great!
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