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  1. I blew out the winter debris from under the bird feeder spread out on the yard. The grackles flock into the yard and clean it up. I am glad to hear that the redwing blackbird had been sighted, the grackles won't be far behind. They can clean my yard and then go away
  2. Bacon? Where's the bacon? What do you have going there? The roasts look great!
  3. For a month? They may have rotted by now. Have you tried to heat the soil with a heating pad and cover with humidity dome?. It helps my success for heat loving plants. You could also google how to germinate with wet paper towels then transfer to soil.
  4. I would start with a smooth 3 ft firm roller and graduate to a medium textured then to firm textured. It will be more painful to start with textured. You can lay on a 3ft head to tailbone for shoulder stretching. Check out you tube for instructional videos for form. If you look up foam roller for lower back pain there is a good video instructed by a cute yoga spinner.
  5. I use a smooth 3ft roller. Chiropractor got me started using one for low back pain. There are many videos on you tube to help fix what ails you. I had a bad knee that I couldn't fold back as far and set on my knees, butt to heels working on something like I used to. The foam roll fixed that mainly from rolling the side of my thigh above the knee joint to just below the hip joint. Really hurt the first week when I started rolling. Now it feels really good when I roll. I was thinking about getting a textured one now but glad I started with smooth. I have fixed my back, shoulder and knee pain using the foam roller. Have a doctor check you before hand internally like with xrays so that you don't amplify a problem. My problems were from muscles where along in life I injured myself and other muscles compensated for the injury and became tight. I highly recommend them.
  6. With Pops brine I found the loins taste like bacon and the butts taste like ham.
  7. I get it, like the woman in the commercial. You are clever.
  8. Fleet Farm currently has Kingsford 15.4lb x 2 for $8. About the same per pound as the summer sales.
  9. I saw around 25 robins yesterday while shoveling. Way up in the big cottonwood. They had a different sounding sing to them which caught my ear and made me look up. Is spring almost here?
  10. The wiring is the same for your house. Yellow for turn, brake and brown for running lights and maybe a white wire for ground or a metal plate that touches the trailer frame. You could run a wire from the right tail light ground wire to the left tail light ground wire and that may be all you need. On my sled trailer that I switched to LEDs I had to tie all grounds together (White wires from each light assy's) to the white wire going thru the trailer plug to the truck. The white wire on the truck side connects to your truck frame. You could use a self tapping screw on your truck for a fresh grounding point for that. The hole lights are probably powered by a deep cycle battery. Not related to trailer lights. They are two wires + - with a switch on one of the two wires to open and close continuity to break power to the LED light from the 12v source. Find those two wires and connect directly to your 12v to see if they are bright. Sounds like the wiring is somehow tied in with your antenna and needs to be isolated from it.
  11. Good find, nothing online about the sale.
  12. Let the liquor do the thinking!
  13. I cooked this up yesterday for my family. I finished it in the oven and it was porktabulas!
  14. Changed it up this weekend. Freshly minced garlic, onion and ginger instead of out of the shaker and 4 tbs of sugar, no pepper. I used more onion, 1/2 large onion for 12 lbs of pork. I used apple wood again. I like it. Had to stay home for work this weekend, Now I am ready to get back out on the ice with a supply of essentials.
  15. They dig a hole and fill it with wood and start a fire in it. When the fire burns down and is cool they line the perimeter of the hole with peas. When the deer come to the edge to take a pea they kick them in the ashhole.
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