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  1. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    That's too bad, did your garden get dried out at some point? You had a pretty good start to the season and had a jump on my garden.
  2. Grainbelt

    Canning time

    I've been dehydrating these smoked lovelies on the porch. They can bring a tear to your eye!
  3. Grainbelt

    Time for a smoke

    First batch of the season, my morning eggs love this stuff! Two full racks.
  4. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    Love this time of year
  5. Grainbelt

    Shredded Turkey

    Shredding the thigh and leg works well. I cook them without a foil cover till 160 degrees with butter in the pan to help brown pieces. Then add lipton onion soup mix, sage, rosemary, garlic or just broth. Whatever you like. Cook covered till it is fall apart usually around the 200 degree mark. Here's a couple old photos. Aaron Franklin does a great tasting breast foiled with lots of butter on youtube. It's very good.
  6. Grainbelt


    You could use the meat mixed with pork for sausage or ground jerky.
  7. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    This mornings pick. My father in law gave me a recipe to try. Cut tomato in half, make several slices on the interior but not through the skin. Drizzle olive oil, sprinkle Snyders prime rib seasoning and Parmesan cheese. Cook indirect on the grill on foil at 350 degrees for 45min. It will be a good side dish for the venison loin we are having today.
  8. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    Sunflowers are about 12' tall. My wife makes tasty seeds out of them.
  9. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    I planted plenty of peppers. 10 Habaneros, 40 jalapeno, 10 bells. MMM
  10. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    Time for poppers this weekend!
  11. Grainbelt

    Smoked eggs

    There is a tray also that will smoke for 11 to 12 hours there also. Fill it half full and you will have what a tube will offer for smoke time. I use a full tray for cold smoking peppers and bacon. Of course you don't need to that long a smoke for eggs but you have choices.
  12. Grainbelt

    What's on the grill

    Looks like a great summer time meal!
  13. Grainbelt

    Time for a smoke

    You could try cooking at a lower temp next time. Too high a temp can yield dry ribs, too low can yield greasy ribs.
  14. Grainbelt

    Gutter covers?

    I have steel screen that a friend who sidelines in gutters installed. They have been up for 4 years and I haven't had to clean out gutters since. I checked the downspouts during the heavy rain today and they were flowing nicely. My roof is quite messy with all the debris from the trees but the gutters are good.
  15. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    You could try epsom salt. Google for info. Magnesium deficiency perhaps? I have no blight yet.