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  1. I second Bob T's recommendation. I got one on craigs list brand new in box for half price of new many years ago. You get used to the table and miss it when using the regular kind. The upgraded ash catcher just makes life easier, otherwise the ash pan has clips to move out of the way and you have to kind of tilt it when you are full of ash to get it out. The charcoal bag container is very handy. Tool hanger for grill brush and charcoal moving tool. Rack to hold charcoal chimney and half moon shaped charcoal holder. My timer went bad and unfortunately they have discontinued them. I've not tried
  2. The reviews on Amazon for any rings but Kerr and Ball said they struggle to get them on the jars. Just how do you screw that up as a manufacturer? Not sure on the lid quality but both products are overpriced right now. Don't panic buy, lots of time before canning season.
  3. I saw this one early morning, it looked like it was hunting insects.
  4. That would have been a good thing to point out.
  5. Kabetogama walleyes, the darker ones were blackened.
  6. My inlaws and the neighbors that they have at their lake love them. They can step level off most any dock. Canopies are susceptible to wind and damage. They had a wind up there a few years ago that picked up their old pontoon and threw it thirty yards landing upside down. They had sealegs on it and got another set for the new pontoon.
  7. It sounds like it. Does it attempt to accelerate when going from 4 to 8? Does it just cut out at 8 to 10? If it just cuts out it could be that you have an open when dialed into that position. Bad switch. You could ohm out the switch while moving the position from one to ten. Disconnect the foot feed pedal first. You should see the resistance on the meter steadily change in one direction while changing the dial from one to ten. Maybe there is a pin out diagram available from Minnkota for the foot pedal connector. Might be able to put your meter leads there. You can
  8. Check to see if there is a thermal couple on the motor. They protect motors from overheating.
  9. Garden is in and growing. Blueberry bushes are flowering nicely.
  10. Fleet Farm has Kingford 16lb for $7. One penny more per pound than Lowes. It is closer for me so that is where I will go. I don't see Home Depot charcoal on sale.
  11. Good call Cicada, Lowes has two 20lb bags for $17 for their memorial day sale. I'll get some because I'm almost out and wait to see what the 4th of July brings.
  12. Maybe by tomorrow but for sure by Friday the Memorial online sales should show up. Thanks for the heads up @Cicada , they may not be as cheap this year. You are not alone.
  13. If you guys can, try some of this prime rib seasoning on your steaks or any type of grilled meat. It is really good and you can get a shaker at Dehmers meats in St. Micheal. Or online. I buy it by the case and split it with friends and family.
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