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  1. Maybe you could shave it thin across grain and stick it in the slow cooker. Or dice up and slow cook in chili.
  2. Hey Booboo I found a picinic basket!
  3. Sounds like they may have been planted and it got too cold for those heat loving plants. I'm pretty sure that is what you had Smurf as you were in the same boat as me when it got to 37 degrees with plants in the ground. I've had this garden for 27 years now and I have planted too early before. Cold plants go dormant for a long time, best if you can replant if that happens or wait till beginning of June to put them in the ground. I had the little greenhouses over mine and it got back up into the 90's inside during the day after the cold from the sun. I had one tomato plant in the NE corner that got too cold that night which still did good but not as well as the others. In the pics the tomato on the right is the one that got cold. Overall things are producing well.
  4. One thing they recommend is to clean your grill of built up grease before use. I could see where that would be pretty important on a gas grill where you could have a runaway inferno. The plates hold heat under them igniting excess grease.
  5. We stayed at Eagle's Eye Vacation Rentals. the owner's name is Ron and he is a great guy. He has three aluminum docks with grid floors so you can see through them and watch salmon swimming along shore underneath of you. It was fun having a fire on shore and fishing till midnight without lights. We caught some fish there but the real productive spots were on the inside turns of the river where the water doesn't flow quite as fast. My wife and I want to fish Homer, thanks for the recommendation we will try them. Catching either of the two species would be a blast. A lady staying where we were went out king fishing on the Kenai for her first time and caught an 84lb king for her first fish followed by a 45 lb. She was pretty jacked up that night! While fishing out by Montague two humpbacks surfaced near the boat blowing out from a deep dive. I was on the bow of the boat and they came up back and left of me, I didn't anticipate such large creatures popping up out of the water that close. Nice job on the Caribou!
  6. I got them from grillgrates.com. They have different sizes for different grills. Anodized aluminum spreads heat evenly and flare ups are not an issue. Good for steaks also. I got their spatula with fingers that fit between the ridges so you can lift up on the fillets instead of pushing a spatula under them. Keeps filets from busting up and falling in the grill. I season both sides of filets, spray cooking oil on both sides and on the grill grates. No sticking. When we were in Anchorage we ate at Momma O's. Great grilled fish there, I watched how they cooked it and used their method. Crappies and walleyes are on the agenda.
  7. We had a fun trip out in Alaska. We ran into a negative tide out of Seward and the current was so strong we had trouble getting 4lbs of weight to the bottom for Halibut. We ended up fishing 100 ft to 35ft up close to Montague island. We got about half the halibut that we were hoping for. I did hook into something really big in 35ft and it was everything I had to hang on to the rod. 5 minutes later the hook ripped out with some fish mouth meat on it. I am going to plan future trips checking the tide schedule and make sure it isn't negative. The Sockeye run timing worked out good for us and we caught a bunch out of the Soldotna and Sterling area on the Kenai. The house we stayed at on the Kenai in Sterling worked out great for us.
  8. It's the same physics as a dehumidifier. Moisture draws to cold. My door is open and closed a bunch, kids and people in and out dragging snow. The moisture goes to the cold which is around the door and windows. It doesn't bother me it's just a fact of nature, extreme cold is just something to deal with.
  9. Pretty tough to get away from freezing up like you mentioned. I just open the door once in a while and vent out humidity. I bring a hammer and blunt chisel to knock the ice out of the door jam and I usually give up on the windows. They generally freeze up overnight with the curtains in front of them.
  10. That's a cool looking pepper. I got some pepper seeds from Cambodian friend from work that were beautiful plants like that one, small and really hot. I dug them up and overwintered them inside and put them back out the next year. They got about chest high and full of peppers, quite pretty.
  11. Amine 400 at fleet farm works well. I hadn't sprayed my yard in 5 years and had a variety of weeds spread out. I sprayed my yard Saturday morning and it knocked down everything including the little bit of creeping charlie which surprised me at this time of year. .5% dilution worked for me. 4 teaspoons per gallon of water
  12. Actually they are on the poo, horse poo! Composted 3 years from a friend with 25 horses a couple miles from my home.
  13. Great growing season! The top of my tomato cages are around 6.5', the black cherry usually goes a couple feet beyond before they start to topple over. My bell peppers are over waist high and producing ripe fruit.
  14. Well that is some great news! Thanks for the tip, we are going to check that out.
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