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  1. Grainbelt


    Maybe if no one was looking
  2. Grainbelt

    What's on the grill

    Homemade maple venison sausage on the smoker. Great Vikings win!
  3. Grainbelt

    What's on the grill

    Kielbasa chunks wrapped with bacon and a brown sugar glaze at the end. Football season is great!
  4. Any Idea if these are edible? I can't find a match. This is from Tuesday on a large ash tree base.
  5. Grainbelt

    What's on the grill

  6. Grainbelt

    Better Pull Up Those Covers!

    My son and I built a couple hoop greenhouses over our peppers, hopefully we'll be able to ripen the bunch of peppers that are left. My son is fine in the pic, just trying to coax our new puppy from under the shed.
  7. Grainbelt

    Just Food and Drink

    I usually don't use tartar but my nephew made some at one of our fish fries and it was delicious. A lot better than store bought.
  8. Grainbelt

    Pork belly bacon

    I like that at Sams, I've gotten cases of pork shoulder for $.40 a pound cheaper. I usually split it with a friend. 8 shoulders in the last case. I am down to my last shoulder, I've been making venison sausage lately.
  9. Grainbelt

    Pork belly bacon

    I get mine at Sams in Maple grove. I don't recall the exact price but I remember it was under $4. I am going to get another couple this week and start the process again. If the slabs are pretty stiff when you pick them up, it may have more fat than you want.
  10. Grainbelt

    Pork belly bacon

    My bacon is cold smoked for 12hrs and has rested overnight. Time to slice some and get into the oven for a nice treat. I coated with real maple syrup before smoking this round.
  11. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    Bacon, did you say bacon? MMM We have a group of friends coming over tonight that have been coming over at this time of season for years. Poppers, beverages, Bags and talking smart is what is on the agenda. I've got two Weber kettles out for tonight. I cut them in half, fill with Romano cheese and wrap with bacon mmm bacon. Hope the kids take it easy on me in bags tonight!
  12. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    That's one lucky secretary!
  13. Grainbelt

    What's on the grill

    Chuck roast tonight. Two will be braised with onion, garlic chives, sage and thyme from the garden. And one for burnt ends.
  14. Grainbelt

    2018 gardens

    Jalapenos are really producing now, habaneros are winding down.
  15. Grainbelt

    What's on the grill

    When I saute our spring asparagus I have in the pan around 60 seconds, just enough to turn it darker green and down the hatch it goes. My crew likes it el done te just right, not mushy.