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  1. Getting rid of silly town is a great start. With the stay at home order it was good timing, a lot of repetitious complaining was on the menu there. I'm pretty sure nobody new cares for that, especially when they chase one another into other subjects on the site.
  2. Chasing the wifey poo around the house...good times! Otherwise the same as you.
  3. I like to use a heat mat to keep soil temps up and in a humidity dome until a couple days after hot peppers sprout. I've not grown Reapers but found this. "First off, like many super hot peppers, the Carolina Reaper plant takes much time to germinate. I have seen some seeds not show themselves for as long as a month."
  4. I got this in an email from Mother Earth News on the 21st. You are not too late to try again. I bet you will succeed this time, after all the third time is a charm! Your Personalized Planting Reminders Here are the planting reminders for your location for the next two weeks: Sow under cover or indoors: Asparagus Broccoli Cabbage (Summer) Lettuce (Leaf) Onion Peas Pepper Tomato (Large) Sow outdoors or plant out: There are no plants which need to be sown outdoors or planted out at the moment.
  5. Had some older venison roast that I trimmed and ground up into jerky. Used Spicy Cowboy mix from Curley's sausage kitchen. Got nothing but time lately.
  6. I had purchased a used 80k btu house furnace for my garage only to find out it was against code to put in there. Combustible fumes at floor level was the reason why. I sure liked the radiant tube heaters but did not have enough height to install. They heat the objects in the garage, and can bake paint on the car if installed too low. I ended up with a forced air ceiling mount, larger than needed to heat quickly when I need to use the garage. I don't heat if I'm not out there.
  7. I forgot to mention to poke your ribs with a toothpick or meat thermo to determine if the ribs are ready to come out of the foil. Should feel like poking into room temp butter.
  8. I cook my ribs for a couple hours until the rub stays on when I scratch with my fingernail. Generally around the 160 degree temp. Then I foil, apple juice or not they seem to turn out about the same for moisture. Then back on the grill till they firm up and not wet like when they come out of the foil. The 3-2-1 is just a generalization, all ribs are different how long it takes to get them the way you like.
  9. The sun in your window was bright, sounds like your bulbs may be going dim. Led grow lights work well, keep them about 2' above seedlings. They are bright, if you get these lights too close they will burn your seedlings.
  10. Sockeye and halibut for dinner last night with wild rice and beets from the garden.
  11. It all depends on the load you intend to be using. The higher the amperage draw the thicker the wire you will need so it doesn't overheat the wire. Led's use a fraction of an amp. 12 gauge is for heavy draw and is what I use for an extension cord from the generator to my house.
  12. Scorched earth from Alien landings?
  13. Lots of cardinals have been congregating around the feeder this winter. 24 of them on the feeder and surrounding bushes last evening.
  14. Daisy chain a ground wire from one light to the next. From the last light in the chain, run a wire to the white wire on your flat plug (trailer side) that connects to the truck. The white wire of the connector on the truck side is connected to the frame of the truck which is tied to the negative post of the battery. Should be solid then. If you can, use dielectric grease on all connections.
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