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  1. Lots of cardinals have been congregating around the feeder this winter. 24 of them on the feeder and surrounding bushes last evening.
  2. Daisy chain a ground wire from one light to the next. From the last light in the chain, run a wire to the white wire on your flat plug (trailer side) that connects to the truck. The white wire of the connector on the truck side is connected to the frame of the truck which is tied to the negative post of the battery. Should be solid then. If you can, use dielectric grease on all connections.
  3. Chicken thighs with wild rice last evening.
  4. 2 hrs till some venison chili. Got some good cooking beer to keep moisture levels up and added some of the smoked jalapenos from the garden.
  5. Size "C" battery is around 1.5v, if they are in series the voltage is 15v to the camera. Operation could be iffy at 12v.
  6. I fertilize just once in the spring unloading my compost bins with the stuff that has broken down to a soil looking composition with 2 -3" of compost on top of the soil. The worms eat it and burrow back down and release the goods. Plants love the goods. One year, many years ago I threw in a foot worth of not well or at all composted leaves and tilled them in. It was the worst garden I ever grew. Troubles germinating and growing. I have cedar edged boxes so I tried not to damage the wood by not tilling 8" from the wood. When I would look at the garden mid-season the plants in the center that got the leaves had small spindly plants and the edges of the boxes had nice plants. I learned to add only broken down compost material that year and certainly not in the volume that I did. It took a couple years to straighten out. You may consider renting a tiller. It's a once a year use machine that has a carburator. If you do decide to bust grass with one, get a rear tine tiller. You will get quite a workout with a front tine.
  7. Diamond blade hoe makes weeding pretty easy and quick. You push and pull on top or just under the soil surface to cut weeds. I hadn't seen one before I bought the house, it was in the garage. I looked for years for another, I finally got one on Amazon. Now Mrs. Grainbelt can join me.
  8. @bobberineyesRoundup and treated edging? Is this going to be a food plot? Neither of those products are healthy for you or your loved ones to ingest. Chemical fertilizers tend to damage the micro organisms in the soil which are needed break down the nutrients that can then be used by your plants. Once your soil becomes a miracle grow junkie, you're having to continually add it to get results. I've been using home compost if I have enough or compost manure if I don't in my gardens for 28 years and get bell peppers the size of cantaloupe. Another choice is to let the sun bake the ground with a plastic film but that would intrude on your growing season. An 18" tall 1" diameter chicken wire fencing is all that is needed to keep the rabbits out during the growing season. 2" diameter will let the young bunnies get in. Menards has green fence post with little hooks made just for installing the chicken wire with ease. The price for these materials is affordable but you can certainly dress it up nicer. Veggies out of your new garden will go great with your awesome grilling and BBQ!
  9. You could set your tiller shallow and step it down each pass till you got it the way you like.
  10. Last spring I was able to get 3yr old composted horse manure and spread about 2 -3" deep on top of the gardens and let the crawlers work it in. I didn't till for the first time ever last year, just ran my diamond blade hoe across the top to kill weeds. When I planted my small plants, I couldn't believe the amount of earthworms and crawlers in a hand trowel's worth of soil. The garden did very well last season. If you can find a farm with horses they are happy to share the wealth.
  11. You could smoke some beef chucks and make into burnt ends.
  12. You could smoke Canandian bacon with brown sugar and real maple syrup.
  13. You could wrap mozzarella cut up into sticks with thin cut pepperoni 2 to 3" diameter and cold smoke them. Little bit of cheese hanging out both ends.
  14. You could buy meatballs and put your favorite rub or seasoning on them and wrap with bacon. Cook till bacon is the way you like.
  15. You could try this if you like. Maybe sear over coals with wood chunks added then into foil pan with onion soup mix mixed with beef broth. Add butter or bacon grease if you are up for it. Cover with foil tight, cook till center is 125 to 130. Slice the meat and put it back in pan juice.
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