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  1. That's a cool looking pepper. I got some pepper seeds from Cambodian friend from work that were beautiful plants like that one, small and really hot. I dug them up and overwintered them inside and put them back out the next year. They got about chest high and full of peppers, quite pretty.
  2. Amine 400 at fleet farm works well. I hadn't sprayed my yard in 5 years and had a variety of weeds spread out. I sprayed my yard Saturday morning and it knocked down everything including the little bit of creeping charlie which surprised me at this time of year. .5% dilution worked for me. 4 teaspoons per gallon of water
  3. Actually they are on the poo, horse poo! Composted 3 years from a friend with 25 horses a couple miles from my home.
  4. Great growing season! The top of my tomato cages are around 6.5', the black cherry usually goes a couple feet beyond before they start to topple over. My bell peppers are over waist high and producing ripe fruit.
  5. Well that is some great news! Thanks for the tip, we are going to check that out.
  6. We are starting in the chugach state park hiking and kayaking for 2 days, sort of in your area of Eagle River? Then to Seward staying at the military resort. We will fish out the last half of next week there. We are taking a couple charters to Montigue island area and a six pack half day run for silvers around Resurection bay. Then we are off to Sterling for our second week where we rent the basement of a house to stay at and fish out their backyard on the Kenai. I am looking forward to a stop in Soldotna and stock up on gear at the hardware store. They have it all. Good luck to you and your family!
  7. It sure has been a good season weather wise. I haven't had to water since shortly after I planted.
  8. @BobTI am guessing cutworm. A little info for you. https://extension.umn.edu/yard-and-garden-insects/cutworms I used to cut ice cream pail bottoms out and place around new plants about an inch into the soil. My plants closest to the grass got it first. I haven't had any issues since I built raised beds about 7 years ago.
  9. Nice pics! My wife and I fly out on Sunday, someone at work just got back from out there and said they did well catching silvers out in the ocean.
  10. The speeds that you show are enough for streaming, the roku stick is not their best streaming device. I use Roku 3 and used to have your bandwidth with no problem.
  11. The greenhouse experiment this year has paid off for me. I got to plant about a month earlier than I usually do.
  12. They sound like they got cold, I planted too soon years back and had the same thing. I bought smaller new plants that out performed the stunted ones. It took about a month before they started growing again. The heat at the end of this week should help them out.
  13. Just top them with burgers and wala!
  14. I've got some nice photos of Grizzlys on the Russian. We were using the pinks caught out on the ocean as bait for lingcod. A close to 2ft minnow for fishing, you know that you aren't fishing crappies! Maybe we would have had better luck with heads.
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